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Kate Bosworth & Krysten Ritter Stroll to Set

Kate Bosworth & Krysten Ritter Stroll to Set

Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter share a laugh as they walk to the set of their new film, BFF & Baby, on Monday (November 1) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress stars opposite Krysten and Rachel Bilson in the story of three roommates who do their best to maintain normalcy after one of them gives birth to a baby.

Late last week, Kate attended the Night of Stars in New York City to honor Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler designers!

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kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 01
kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 02
kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 03
kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 04
kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 05
kate bosworth krysten ritter bff and baby set walk 06

Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • TXpert

    Isn’t there more to life than this?

    JJ…don’t need to see KB or Leann Rimes, Rachel Bilson.

    What’s fine-ass TIMOTHY OLYPHANT up to now…OR Charlie Hunnam??

  • pretty

    kate looks stunning!

  • Cleo

    No fan of hers, i prefere her boyfriend but in these photos she kinda don’t look so bad…

  • curious

    Why is Bosworth photographed every day?
    She’s not Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes.

  • @ curious

    She pays JJ. Angelina Jolie & Katie Holmes don’t have to.

  • LA

    @Cleo: She appears to be sporting a weave so she looks less bald than usual.

    I don’t get what the women see in Ryan Kavanaugh but to each their own.

  • MovieGirl

    Kate looks stunning in these pics!

  • jeeves

    Krysten Ritter is adorable. Bosworth not so much.

  • jeeves

    Krysten Ritter is adorable. Bosworth not so much.

  • Bailey

    Love Krys! She is so beautiful.
    Nice to see her get some recognition.

  • Clue


    She never looks bad from a distance, most people don’t. It’s in the close ups you see the premature aging that she has tried to combat with botox, collagen and peels. If she looks this bad at 27 and has to do so much work on her face already, what the heck is she going to look like at 37?

  • kaching$

    Another paid post.

  • cute

    They’re cute girls. Ritter has actual talent.

  • Clue
  • becca

    I read this so low budget they’re using their own wardrobe and asking people to donate music.

  • powder

    Where’s Bilson?

  • Nickie

    At least they finally got Kate to trade in those ugly brown boots. They probably had to pry them off her smelly feet.

  • MovieGirl

    Well, I see those worthless skanks from WoS are infesting another KB thread

  • just saying

    @powder: She dropped out. Just Jared is playing the 3rd roommate.

  • Wilson

    @LA: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • my3cents

    Krysten Ritter is very pretty. Kate Bosworth doesn’t look too bad here. She looked terrible in that orange dress the other night.

  • Santos

    This will go direct to DVD.

  • slanted view

    @just saying: Good one, just saying! Seriously, three posts in what, four days? Jewelmint need a fix or something? What’s with the desperation? Can’t speak for Ritter, but Bosho – god, stop with the posts. She’s actually beating Bilson at this rate.

  • Movie Watcher

    The cast is all B to C List and Lauren Conrad is making a cameo. It will never be released in theaters. What a waste for the actors who have talent. They deserved better co-stars than Bosworth and Bilson.

  • nicole

    That is why Kate got the job because it is low low LOW budget and needed it desperately!! Donate wardrobe and music! Ha! With Bilson too. Ugh…why is Kate always on JJ and not more A List actors and actresses. Don’t get it at all.

  • Cant please…

    U b**ch that she doesnt work, and then when she does u still b**ch… She cant win either way! No matter what she does alot of u r still gonna hate, and that says a damn lot more about ur own selves than it does her!

  • LisaM

    Um…..So what???

  • Bored

    Is she still wearing a costume? An albino praying mantis!!!! Scary woman.

  • So Divine…..

    @MovieGirl: No I thinks it might be a couple of the wanna be ASkar fans from Skarsnews wangstas, who try to do it all gangster style by intimidating people or it could be the Yuku wanna be, one in particular and she knows who she is, the one that posted his tax returns and has fought everyone in other threads regarding Alex. Start that ish somewhere else, coward!!!

  • So Divine…..

    @So Divine…..: Well dang Movie girl, u must be in one of those categories, imp…<LOL

  • So Divine…..

    @So Divine…..: Well dang Movie girl, u must be in one of those categories, imp…<LOL

  • Bored

    OMG! Her legs next to Krysten’s!

  • Brightside

    ‘Three room mates who do their best to maintain normalcy after one of them gives birth to a baby’….Thanks for that, JJ. I’m glad you mentioned that it was a BABY that one of them was giving birth to….otherwise I would have started to worry a bit. You know you could have stopped at the giving birth because most of us would have been able to work the baby bit out for ourselves.
    This movie sounds terrible. It sounds like the worst kind of airheaded, brainless, bimbo based rip off of Three Men and A Baby ever conceived and I imagine that, when it comes out, the critics will say exactly the same. If it ever comes out!

  • Skye

    Kate looks great here and I hope that 2 pi** off and drive away all Askar’s crazy obnoxious fans frm WOS that he stays with K.B, marries her and fills her belly over and over with baby Skars…

    With fans like them Alex doesnt need haters and his whole fandom would be better off without the embarressment their ranting causes! I’ve never heard a group of bullies who need 2 get over themselves more than them CRAZY A** BI***S

  • Ella

    You know, it’s amazing that KB doesn’t end up on any other blogs with the amount she’s papped. I guess she doesn’t have the funds to pay them, too.

  • Clue


    You forgot to mention the whole charm of Three Men and a Baby was that 3 bachelors with no inexperience with children learn how to nurture,care for and put a baby as their #1 priority. This lame brained plot will probably show 3 dimwits who can’t change diapers , fix bottles and of course, accidentally mistake breast milk for regular milk. They’ll struggle with dressing the baby, night feedings and all else that accompanies having a baby while trying to maintain their single girls lifestyles. They’ll have a fight, the mother will either leave on her own with the baby or get back with baby daddy, thus leaving the other two bereft of newly discovered joy of motherly love/ instincts.They will all have matured greatly at this point. ….Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah……….

    Yet another clever and original Lifetime movie of the week.

  • Bored

    @Clue: HAHA great comment!

    Plot revealed. Maybe, maybe for a boring sunday watching tv, never to rent or go to the cinema.

  • lake86

    i think this is the first time i’ve seen her smoking.

  • Clue


    I hope she really likes Sweden. But you do know anorexics have a really hard time getting and maintaining pregnancies? I hope she gains at least 20 lbs to help the babies development. Perhaps they’ll have twins, or triplets….No even better as much as she likes attention she’ll go all out with fertility drugs and pull an Octomom !!! That’ll really put her on the map!. Then maybe they’ll be a reality show and we could have all the fivehead babies in matching outfits as she tries to look smugly into the camera all the while realizing this is where all her grand schemes landed her.

    The sad thing is that I wouldn’t put this past her.

  • RandomGirl

    Is it like the “cool thing” to hate on Kate Bosworth? because I notice on all her threads she gets really abusive comments?
    for god sake this is like a form of social bullying, when someone leaves a nice comment you get hated on by you crazy pyshco girls.
    Well I’ll leave a nice comment and say Kate look nice here.

  • v

    @Skye: You know the only one I see “bullying” is you! If you don’t like the WoS site, then DON”T GO THERE! See easy solution. : )

  • Steve

    What’s next girls? are you all gonna post comments like “I wish she was dead” it wouldn’t shock me if I seen a comment like that posted here. Are you girls seriously demented? you wish her dead too?

  • Ella

    @RandomGirl, I don’t know if it’s the cool thing, but last I checked it was a crime to express an opinion about anyone one way or the other. I happen to think that KB is famous for the men she dates and is lacking any real talent. I don’t care for Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Rachel Bilson, either. As soon as any of the above produce a quality product, be it a film, jewelry line, book, etc, I will happily support them. It’s not bullying to say you’re not a fan of someone, and most of the more negative comments come from people supporting KB. Get it right.

  • cindy c

    if she does smoke that would account for her not eating and gaining alot of weight. when i was dumb and smoked i was like that and real skinny. but i thought alex didn’t like smoking guess the bj’s outweighed that. her only talent per say. and yes i may be a hater and a crazy ass bitch but at least i admit it not like some of the kiss asses here who pretend they like this fameho.

  • The babies!

    @Clue: love it.
    From past kate’s post:

    “a healing rabbit @ 10/31/2010 at 9:54 pm

    Funny game!!
    They would be average height, medium brown hair, green eyes, huge heads, tendency to balding, tendency to drug dependency, not very smart, long torso, girls would have broad shoulders and narrow hips, they’ll have to work up a lot to get more muscle mass… cute babies!”

  • Clue


    Kim K is cool. She’s never pretended to be anything other than she was. Her only real mistake was the sex tape. She and her sister have lives outside of their men. I can’t imagine that Alex would be able to pull that crap with any of the Kardashian women…they would cut a Swede. I like that they use their business sense and ingenuity to create/align themselves with successful business junctures. At the end of the day there are no rumors of Kim K being a Ho, man stealer or party girl. She doesn’t even like to do drugs or drink…and that flawless skin will attest that she’s doing something right.

    Btw, how many times do you see her on JJ??? Probably not as much as this person.She has a successful reality that she included her entire family , plus many great business ventures and doesn’t need to famewh*re. She ACTUALLY gets papped.out and about without using PAYparazzi. Not to mention at all the events that pay her big bucks to show up. Who’d ever pay Beigeho to show up anywhere but at some hotel/motel room?

  • Ella

    @Clue, maybe you’re right, and maybe I should cut KK a little slack. However, like Paris Hilton, she’s launched a career without any real substance. I never accused her of partying or whoring, because I don’t believe that to be the case. I, for one, think she’s pretty beautiful. I simply prefer talent to people who are photographed for simply being well-connected enough to make it on to the tabloids and reality TV. I mean, how many people other people out there own clothing stores without making it onto the cover of US Weekly on a regular basis.

  • AS

    Kate looks fantastic. BTW, she is doing this film as a favor to the director, who is the wife of Alex’s costar/friend from Straw Dogs.

  • Lovekate

    Kate looks even more beautiful than usual, love it when she smiles.