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Matt Bomer & Alex Pettyfer: NOW or Never!

Matt Bomer & Alex Pettyfer: NOW or Never!

White Collar hunk Matt Bomer and I Am Number Four stud Alex Pettyfer are joining the Andrew Niccol-directed film, Now.

Pic co-stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried and “takes place in a future where the aging gene has been turned off, and life as measured by units of time becomes the currency.”

We love this cast!!!!!

Deadline also reports that Alex is also on a short list–along with Aaron Johnson and Max Irons–for Bryan Singer‘s Jack the Giant Killer.

FYI: Alex is currently dating Glee starlet Dianna Agron.

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  • Helena

    I like how you posted their most erotic pictures.

  • scary
  • Carolyn

    Yea Alex!!!!!!! Go Pettygron!

  • http://j ivanka

    woaah definitely gonna watch it

  • Zell

    Matt Bomer on a large screen – what more could you ask for? Amazing looks, talent, class. He has it all, cannot wait!

  • Dan

    I’m glad some new talent (relatively new) is being given a chance, hopefully the film doesn’t bomb and is a major stepping stone for larger things to come.

  • Rob

    The night White Collar premiered, I knew Matt was going to be a big star. Great to see that a nice man and class act can be successful in show business. So rare today.

  • Chenko

    I thought the film was called. IM.Mortal or something like that..

  • Cinema

    @Helena: LOL !

  • Amber

    Isn’t Timberlake also in a scifi about no aging with Olivia Wilde? I didn’t know he was in a different one.

    Regardless, SO happy to see Bomer get a major role in a big movie. I first loved him on Chuck, and his Neal Caffrey is effortlessly charming on White Collar. His talent is too huge to be just on television. Hope this film will lead to more meaty parts and more exposure.

  • Jenn

    Bomer is too good and dreamy for TV. Great news!

  • N

    So excited for this movie, can’t wait to see it! Big fan of Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyfer.

  • Billy

    the beautiful Bomer!

  • Dan

    @Amber: This is the same Sci-Fi film with Olivia Wilde… they just changed the name.

  • kimi

    I’m so glad for Matt :D Hope he makes it big in HW!!

  • dieselpolo

    so this is going to be a pretty people movie…

  • Henry 9th

    Justin Timberlake. He is everywhere, sick

  • Amber


    Thank you. It threw me off because they mentioned Timberlake starring with Seyfried instead of Wilde. Yeesh, this movie’s gone through so many name changes, it’s hard to keep track.

  • Henry 9th


    Yep. “I’m Motal”
    They might have changed its title now. Kinda “Gattaca”-sh. I hope
    Justin won’t ruin this.

  • Henry 9th

    I’m a huge fan of Alex Pettyfer. He and Bomer would be one good looking talents in it. Justin Timberlake will be looking like an ugly miserable trash, an actor wannabe! lol

  • Henry 9th

    I’m assuming that Bomer and Pettyfer are probably casted for “immotal” good looking rich people parts while Justin is struggling for aging fast.

  • Darren

    Olivia is still in the movie. Good luck to her.


    I love Matt Bomer. He is a great actor and a beautiful person.

  • Trent

    Bomer has raised the bar on what talented and hot means for other actors!

  • Karen Jay

    What a surprise to see Alex cast in this promising looking picture. Alex Pettyfer seems to be one smart kid – he is doing quite well – a production deal, a short list on Jack the Giant Killer, a tent pole and Beastly –

  • http://jj2 Dani

    Does anyone know how good Justin Timberlake is…?

  • Redo

    Matt will really raise the quality and credibility of this picture.

  • http://kjj Mandy

    You have to see this
    Matt Bomer is Incredibly AWKEWARD, shaking…. is he using some drugs or so afraid of being accused of his sexuality on live streaming interview? WOW. I mean….WOW.

  • Gena

    Just watched the crimefighters live – Matt was his usual elegant, inteligent self. Wish other actors were this real and genuine.

  • Rachel

    @Mandy: Wow – tonight on this posting you are Mandy. Why do you constantly make this stuff up on JJ using different screen names? “Mandy” is in need of a life!

  • Kris

    Matt is perfection.

  • Belle

    @Gena: I loved his holloween story as a kid – so sweet.

  • Cliff NYC

    It’s really nice to see an actor who is so charitable. Matt Bomer works all those hours taping and still does such great work with charities.

  • Pat

    Alex and Matt will really amp this film up.

  • Pat

    @Mandy: Sweetie since the stars are given the questions ahead of time, hardly an issue – he was delightful as usual. Who is paying you to plant this stuff? Matt should know he is big when the kooks come out on the blogs.

  • http://kjj Mandy

    wow….. i mean, WOW Speachless

    # 30 @Rachel You are the Psycho!!!

  • http://kjj Mandy

    #35 @Pat
    >>the kooks come out on the blogs

    What is this?
    What a bunch of psychos fans, or the one with “using different screen names”

  • Pat

    @Mandy: You may want to check your spelling on your planted posts!

  • http://kjj Mandy

    >tonight on this posting you are Mandy.

    >Why do you constantly make this stuff up on JJ using different creen names?

    >Who is paying you to plant this stuff?

    > on your planted posts

    Get a life, ….no you can’t have such a thing, PSYCHO!!!

  • Glenn LA

    Wonderful crimefighters interview and video on How can someone that looks that good be that nice of a person – truly refreshing in this business.

  • terri

    I enjoyed the Crimefighter Interview and Matt Bomer came through as a very nice guy with a big heart. Very talented actor and can’t wait to see him more on the big screen (keep doing White Collar too).

  • Amber

    Bomer’s always nervous in interviews and public appearances. Regardless of his private life, he’s just shy outside of his roles. Ed Norton’s the same way.

  • Clark

    @Amber: So true and always so sweet and classy.

  • Amee

    my impression of the crimefighter interview was how Matt and most of the other actors were natural and nice while one of the actresses seemed to want to constantly perform and one of the actors came off quite arrogant.Matt looked great as usual.

  • British Latin American

    Two such beautiful men together in a film!

  • Rob

    Well….. Gay Anal…………..and Matt Bomer