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Rachel Bilson: Lingerie Lady in Los Feliz

Rachel Bilson: Lingerie Lady in Los Feliz

Rachel Bilson and a gal pal enjoy an afternoon of shopping on Monday (November 1) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress stopped by a lingerie store where she made a purchase and left with a small bag.

Rachel was recently asked what pieces would be in her wardrobe if it could consist of only five items (no limit to the number of accessories).

She told InStyle, “I’d have a fantastic pair of flattering skinny jeans, like Citizens of Humanity‘s stretch ones. A basic white T (mine are from the brand Market). A blazer, perhaps a boys one from Brooks Brothers. A go-to black dress. And a really good neutral sweater.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing a stripe cropped crew tee by Monrow.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson shopping at a lingerie store in Los Feliz…

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rachel bilson lingerie 02
rachel bilson lingerie 03
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Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • family lawyers melbourne

    she looks refreshing and dashing, big fan

  • Kate

    Gorgeous girl.

  • cute

    she looks very cute here..

  • brenda


  • homeless rachel

    jared i dont know why u like to post about her every day?? is she paying u well????

  • homeless rachel

    fugly X83962158943518963491516389491636189361389 infinity

  • alice

    Jared totally knows that the gal pal with Rachel is Jill, Rachel’s bff and the wife of Josh Schwartz. Josh S. is the only person who continues to give Rachel work. JJ had several dozen posts devoted to how Rachel was helping prepare Jill’s wedding to Josh and now she’s just a gal pal?

    Shouldn’t Rachel be working on her scenes and going to acting class instead of shopping again. Or is her role in that movie with Kate Bosworth so small that she can spend several days of the week shopping.

  • Leslie

    Can’t wait to hear more about the movie and the tv series.

  • Tina

    I read on OLV that she was supposed to be working today. Instead we only seen pics of Kate B and Krysten Ritter. So I take it Rachel didn’t work but was shopping instead.

  • sterling

    She will be just “extrassing / hacktressing” on that straight to DVD movie. Midge(t) cant act & much more can’t memorized lines as she’s already brain-damaged. The most she gets w/ it is less than 10 speaking lines most of w/c are “monosyllabic”.

  • periwinkle

    Presenting once again… Bratchel’s OLD / ORIGINAL homely face w/ her very “visible” fat-flat nose & full cheeks/rounded face.

  • offtheproperty

    How dull is Rachel? And why can’t her family get her a new job? The paparazzi are the only ones taking your picture anymore so you should at least smile.

  • chauncey

    @#9 &10
    A D-lister (an-all-time-D-lister actually) supporting a D-lister cast on a seemingly straight to DVD movie – oh such an acting career!

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    I guess she wanted new lingerie for Hayden, now that they are back together.

  • Kelsey


    I knew someone was going to go there. Funny that no one can find any “real proof” but still people choose to speculate and/or believe that. I swear some of you are so gullible it’s frightening. lol irl. I think I’ll go and create a Twitter account and just start tweeting stuff and see how long it takes for it to get here.

  • @ lillibelle05

    You just sounded & think like a 5 year old. Goodluck on your “Scientific Theory”.

  • Kimmy son


    Maybe someone will “tweet” about it with no pics so you guys can let your imaginations run wild some more. lol. Or perhaps another tiny blurry pic will do? lol irl

  • it worked

    liilybell05 just said that to see who would get bent out of shape because she said it, and look how fast three of you all fell for it, lol!

  • http://boots boots

    What a life, this woman is an utter joke, a complete waste of space

  • juniper

    Look at these tall, lean & banging bodies on set…
    Kate is apparently 5’7″ while Krysten is 5’9″ and if the oc-smurf would be mix-up w/ them, she’ll be like an “emaciated Snooki”. Good thing she’ll just go side-kick-king on this as obvious that she’s NOT really on the lead cast but just Kate & Krysten (the “real” BFF on the movie) who’s already filming…

  • Jasmine

    @periwinkle: Let’s see a picture of your fug face. I’m sure even with a ton of surgery you’ll probably still look like sh-t.

    Rachel’s a pretty girl–was then and is now. I can’t stand her and the obvious PR crap pulled on this site everyday for her mediocre life, but she’s still a good looking girl.

  • sidony

    …… is about two best friends who have to deal with life after one of them gets pregnant.
    Yap, the plot that its just about the “2 BFF” (KB & KR) still stands mighty high as its most likely that its really the original plot & would stays that way. Probably Douchel would play a clueless nanny same as to her legendary OC role as one “clueless-brat-idiot”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Shouldn’t she be working with an acting coach to help her improve her limited acting skills and perhaps learn her lines for the only job she’s got??
    Maybe she bought a push-up bra hoping it will help her get some work!

  • annie

    hayden, back with that frog ,right.

  • kosher

    Oooh she’s like Blake Lively (both are blah-looking yet have huge noses) and now obviously a product of “thank you doctor for my new nose”.
    But why does she left her t*ts?! It badly needs surgery as well as its already flat & sagged…

  • tennille

    She is a big butt joke. Just freakin’ look at her : “continually to sink deeper & much deeper”.

  • Brightside

    Why isn’t she establishing a bond with her ‘co-stars’? Sounds like Kate and Kristin are taking the effort to bond but Rachel can’t be bothered. Either her part is smaller and not as important as theirs, so she doesn’t need as much time on set, or (in a case of three girls) she’s relegated to the role of gooseberry!

    I still have unpleasant shudders every time I read about this film’s plot concept. No matter how much it’s pushed it still comes across as a rather stupid rip-off of Three Men and a Baby! That worked because it was three inept bachelors who had a baby thrust upon them. It was humorous and enjoyable watching three men with no experience learning how to cope and bond with a young child. Where is the humour involving three women? It sounds detrimental to women and there is nothing funny about portraying women as unable to cope with bringing a young life into the world. Another Hollywood movie that depicts women as weak, selfish, feckless creatures unable to cope with a natural life changing event, and one for which they are biologically suited to handle. I really can’t see anything good about this movie and I expect that the critics will say the same.

    It disturbs me that Hollywood portray women this way! Most of us who are mothers cope admirably with motherhood and thoroughly enjoy such a wonderful experience.

    Let’s hope that this movie isn’t insulting to the ability of women every where to cope with and nurture children, even ones who aren’t their own.

  • Viper


    Most of those concepts about kids and child birth come from MEN who lack a womb. So they invent what they think is Labor and Delivery scenes which in mo make it look corny. Now Three Men and a Baby was great like you said b/c it centered around men who know nothing about handling kids, Confirmed bachelors who liked the playboy life. Not to mention the men were hysterical together.

    I heard that BFF & Baby this as such a low budget the cast is wearing their own clothing and they asked for donated music soundtrack.

  • Brightside

    It’s listed as being written by Kat Coiro and Krystin Ritter (both female)! So why would two women pen a comic screenplay that depicts women as comically inept in anticipating and rising to the challenges of motherhood? It’s bad enough that men depict women as struggling to cope with completely natural, biological events when women have been shown, scientifically, to cope with a variety of situations far better than their male counterparts. It’s even worse when it is women themselves who are denigrating their own sex. This isn’t humour…this is sabotage. It simply reinforces the Hollywood image that women are weak, selfish and inept at coping with life changing events and using those misconceptions as a poor attempt of humour.
    As I said, bad enough when men assume this….far, far worse that women do too and think it’s amusing.
    It only reinforces current Hollywood stereotypical male thinking when women in the industry should be doing what they can to change this.

    Also…how big is Rachel’s part, hmm? I came across this…
    Her name isn’t even listed so it could be that she has replaced Kristen Johnston and as the order is usually listed in character importance then she would not appear to be as involved as the two main co-stars Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth. Anyone else know if this is the case?

  • Brightside

    Shame about Kristen Johnston if that’s the case. She earned a B.F.A in drama at New York University. That took a lot of hard work. Anyone know if she’s still attached to this regurgitated bum-fodder of a project?

  • Ugh

    Desperate presswh07e back at it. JJ must have gotten his monthly check and it didn’t bounce. I can’t believe her tired fashion advice, which is at least 30 years old now There’s classic and then there’s boring and she just gave a receipt for a boring look no matter what accessories you put with those clothes. They are things she wears and as she’s been dressing to bore and unflatter since 2007, we can see that she still hasn’t learned anything. Wearing a low cut tee shirt when you have small sagging boobs just shows off the small sagging boobs and all those skinny jeans have ever accentuated is her saddlebags and football shaped @ss. At least she took those awful faux fur trimmed boots off that made her short legs looks shorter.

    This girl isn’t rehearsing with either star of this direct-to-DVD film or learning lines because she can’t remember lines. She works exclusively off cue cards. They can’t be words with more than 3 syllables (and that’s pushing it.) She’s so dim on taking direction and finding her marks that she had 3 sets of retakes for her 5 minute section of NYILY. She can pose and look vague and that’s all the fool can do but that’s enough if you are related to half the HW industry, don’t object to the casting couch, and keep begging your BFFs for jobs you couldn’t get on a bet anywhere else. The way she milks her relationship to Jill and Josh Schwartz is despicable. He no doubt gave her the pilot for the stupid derivative retread of the Ghost Whisperer to shut his wife up. Everyone who saw Jumper knows she can’t act.

    I doubt she’s back with Hayden or he’s seeing his bf in hotels on the side already because the paparazzi caught him at 230 am out back of one the other day. He looked like either his bf or his drug dealer (or both) gave him a rough time. But maybe he likes it that way.

  • whhyyy

    what has this chick done in the past 5 years to continually be shoved in our faces on this site? honest question.

  • PW

    Krysten and Rachel on the set –

  • PW

    Kristen Johnsen, Krysten Ritter on set –

  • PW

    Sorry, the above should be Kristen Johnston.

    Official Twitter for the movie with lots of updates –

  • Asama

    ya….who wants to see her lingerie shopping? not me!

  • Brightside

    JJ has more posts on Kate and Krysten getting cosy on set but still none of Rachel.
    Thanks….so the other Kristen (Johnston) is still attached to this low budget flick….but where’s Rachel Bilson on it? By the twitter acc. she only seems to have shown up once. What is her role? It seems to be a small one and overshadowed by Krysten and Kate who would seem to be playing the real stars although with such a low budget it’s unlikely that any of the cast will be getting well paid for this.
    If this comes out in October/November of next year…I can smell roasting turkey for next thanksgiving.

  • Viper

    I thought this was supposed to be some TV show she was connected to I know that Ghost Whisper is one of them just thought I heard this was a TV show as well. But even if it isn’t there isn’t much hope for this movie no more then it is for Waiting for Forever.

  • PW

    CAST pic: Rachel, Kate, Krysten and others.

    Bilson, biggsjason, krystenRitter, FallonGoodson, Kirk, GeoffStults,+Johnston shot great club scenes @Colony. Extra thanks to @royaltyrope (10:47 AM Oct 26th via web )

  • chauncey

    A supporting sidekick on TV…. STILL is a supporting sidekick on (DVD type) movie – such an acting career!

  • maya

    Big fan of u Rachel and of Hayden and Adam

  • Lupe Magaziner

    Cant wait for my graduation ceremony

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