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Demi Lovato Enters Treatment Center

Demi Lovato Enters Treatment Center

Demi Lovato has checked into a treatment center to get medical help for “emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time,” can confirm.

The 18-year-old pop star left her international tour with the Jonas Brothers early this weekend and “has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help,” says a spokesperson.

“[Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future,” adds the spokesperson.

TMZ was the first to report the news.

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  • Halli

    Good luck . I guessing anorexia.

  • luvd80s2

    before people start with their hate I wish Miss Lovato the best. let us remember people she’s 18 and yes she’s in the public eye but hateful comments don’t make a situation better.

  • Dan

    She seems like such a nice girl, hope she gets the help she needs, but it is a tad irresponsible to choose a time she’s on tour to go.

  • lalala


  • Ashley

    Wow I thought she was the normal one. Hope she gets better.

  • menna

    hmmm….i knew this girl had issues.

  • lauren

    this is sad:(
    I hope she’s well soon,she seems strong enough to get through whatever this is!
    Early treatment will hopefully help stop her from self destructing later on in life ,like other young stars have in the past(and present).
    All the best to her!

  • lauren

    this is sad:(
    I hope she’s well soon,she seems strong enough to get through whatever this is!
    Early treatment will hopefully help stop her from self destructing later on in life ,like other young stars have in the past(and present).
    All the best to her!

  • DramaQueen15

    Get well soon Demi =/ ♥

  • Lovatotic

    Would people open their eyes and leave her alone for once in their life.. She has been bullied ALL her life! No she’s NOT taking drugs cuz if she were you would see it in her stamina and in interview so STFU TO ALL THE HATAZ THAT SAY THAT! And no she’s not suicidal!! Get a life and just please still if you dont like her jus pray for her safety and return!

  • Henry 9th

    get well soon!

  • Dan

    @Dan: It’d be more irresponsible to TRY to do the tour while she’s in a critical condition, she is doing that for herself… true fans would understand that if she needs some time to treat herself she is in every right to do it. Get well Demi, fans love you and will pray for you and for you full recovery.

  • obobobobo

    What is she doing here , she is junior

  • angela2

    I think its for self harming. I’ve seen pics where her wrists are sliced up, which she claimed were from rubber bands.. a lie. Hope she deals with her issues…Oh and HOW is it irresponsible? MAYBE touring and all the stress from it triggers whatever shes going through. Irresponsible, give me a break. If her fans think that, she has some selfish f***ing fans. Good for her for getting the help she needs!

  • bella

    demi que te mejores pronto , eres maravillosa y una gran artista , cuidate y sigue fuerte que todo tu gente te va a esperar , la salud es vida y tu demi cuidate ,no escuches a los que no tienen vida y solo hablan por hablar ,me siento bien orgullosa por ti ,cuidate y saludos siempre un fan latinoamericano que te admira mucho y se que a nivel mundial todos te amamos

  • namesareoverrated





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  • demi fan

    @Halli: Demi is not skinny so stop hating on her when you can pray for her

  • caro

    drug? fighting with Ashley Greene? get better girl

  • Anonymous

    Another Disney star bite the dust. Who next Miley ???? Britney, Lindsay, check… The only decent Disney stars are Hilary and Raven.

  • lovelydee

    I wish her the best and I hope
    she makes a full recovery.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s a very sweet girl. Very grown-up, well-spoke and beautiful. I think she feels the pressure of Hollywood and dating and such huge career responsibilities at such a young age even more intensely than most young stars do. Her talents are still developing. Take your time Demi.

  • vinny

    This girl is rich as hell…bought herself a multi million dollar home, bought her parents million dollar home. And that was when she was 16. This girl got some issues. When u become rich and famous that young, most people can’t handle it. Apparently she cant either. Can’t decide if she wants Twitter or not…I wouldn’t kick her out of bed tho. Maybe that’s what she needs….a good pounding.

  • Tony

    First of all they’ve said it’s not drugs.

    I don’t know what it is, but I do hope Demi gets whatever help she needs.
    She’s a really great performer and one of the young stars I really like.
    She seems like an awesome, sweet person, who unfortunately has a lot of haters.

    God bless you Demi, hope you get better soon, much love.

  • Brittany

    i wish her and her family the best and i know she will get through this. i dont think it was drugs..i think it was really stress problems…i still love demi and hope she’s gonna b okay

  • Anonymous

    The need to be a ban on the whole Child star stuff because most of them lives do not end up well. Let the kids have a normal life before they become famous. Wee see it every day on the news.

  • Rob Mooj

    Another mental breakdown ??

  • angie

    I am sorry for her but this is totally Disneys cover for she is doing drugs. I really thought she was a good role model and hopefully she can bounce back from this.

  • nina

    People who post hateful comments are sick *****….
    What’s the point in bashing and hating someone who is already down? Seriously people, grow up… Fortunately, there are more positive comments than negative
    I don’t really know what she does, but she seems like a sweet girl, I really hope she gets better… anybody with their right minds would do the same!

  • Clue

    Hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Vanessa

    I just heard she quit twitter! :(
    rumors are saying fans kept tweeting about that untalented a.s.s Joe Jonas and that media hoe Ashley Green.
    She’s not feeling too good this while now, her fans are on her case too.

  • briana

    i really hate when media puts stuff like this out, and only gives you half the information. if youre not gonna just come out with it all, dont bother, because now everyone is going to make their speculations and create rumors. these people are digging their own holes.

  • kate

    I recall rumors of cutting!

  • JohnFreeman

    “Wow I thought she was the normal one. Hope she gets better”

    In hollywood, there is no such thing as normal. YOu think Selena Gomez or anyone else on nick or disney doesn’t feel the pressure? I feel for her. I really do. She’s only 18 and already in rehab? We live in a sick messed up world.

  • Tony


    There’s a difference between rehab and treatment for emotional issues.

    Sites are calling it rehab because it makes for a catchier and more shocking title.

    They say it’s due to physical and emotional issues, meaning it’s probably something like an eating disorder or maybe cutting.

    While those are not healthy things, it’s nowhere near the stuff people are sent to ‘rehab’ for like drug addiction.

    They’ve denied it’s anything drug related ,and I believe that.

    Hopefully she’ll make a full recovery from whatever is bothering her.
    God bless ya Demi.

  • JohnFreeman

    @Tony: Well whatever it is. I hope she gets well. It may not be rehab, But like you said, it’s certainly treatment for emotional issues she’s going through.

    And i’m not religious, but I’ll pray for her.

  • bella

    What is wrong with you haters? It must be nice to have such a perfect life that you can be so condescending and self-righteous. Demi has been a positive, wonderful role model for girls. She has handled the pressure she has been under with grace and class far exceeding her age. Once again she has shown her maturity by knowing when she has reached her limit and is seeking the help that she needs. My thoughts and prayers are with her. I have no doubt that she will come back better and stronger than ever!

  • Sean

    emotional issues = coke fiend in Hollywood. These young starlets never learn. Anyone who’s around the club scene in LA knows all of this is going on.Most of these girls aren’t even discrete about it either.

  • Status Quo

    Poor baby…I actually like her. Ugh, damn you Joe Jonas! Ha, but seriously, if she suffers from depression, I feel for her. Depression really is tough. Oh well, she’ll bounce back as a stronger woman.

  • Ella

    Wow, this is too sad. I’m wishing her a speedy and full recovery!

  • regrets101

    Personally, I want to point all fingers at that freakin Joe Jonas. First, he tells the world HE is the one who dumped her (couldn’t leave at we broke up…HAD to tell everyone he was the one to do it). Second, starts a serious relationship with another girl. Third, brings this girl to every effing concert he can.

    Seriously, who could take that. I know Demi has said she’s over it and it has taught her a lesson etc etc but honestly, no one can just overlook all the things she’s had to so far.

    Especially when it is your best friend who’s doing this to you. They were best friends for the past few years..and to have him hurt you can hurt more than anything else…he should have been considerate of her feelings.

    At this point, I really really am not liking jonas at all.

    Obviously, there must be other issues (besides jonas) going on…we all know Demi has not had it easy with her dad leaving/talkin to media, bullying, friendships etc etc…

    My heart goes out to Demi. May God bless her.

  • http://pleasebeminenj Angie

    Argentina is going to sing for her. Hope she gets well soon. She doesn’t deserve that :(

  • alice

    get well!

  • Tony


    I’m not one to bash any celeb, I find it petty and stupid, so you won’t see me saying stuff like this in public much, but I agree.

    Don’t ever expect to hear me say anything positive about Joe Jonas or Ashley Greene.

  • ummright

    Hopefully she’s faking it and this was the only way she could get off that dreadful jonas tour. Something is wrong with the way that joe is going through every young girl in hollywood and dumping them then parading the new girlfriend around.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Eating disorder from thye pressure of being a corporation and supporting a whole lot of people, including immediate family.
    Depression w/. cutting,etc.

    Pick one of the above.

    I wish the girl no bad will, but why don’t she and her folks simple, have her get treatment and QUITshow business!!!

    It aint’ for them all.
    Her life is worth more.

  • Jenny

    I wish her the best. I know she’s a strong girl.

  • Koree

    Biggest Tear Face =,( Get well Demi; You’re one of my idols and I wish you the best and I hope you get better soon.

    This is good that she is getting help, unlike some stars who are just going down a terrible path no matter how many chances they get (cough,cough Lindsay)

  • Koree

    and I’m glad JJ said treatment center and not rehab

  • naomi

    I love her but i knew she had problems! she’s a freaking drama queen!