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Kate Bosworth: BFF & Baby

Kate Bosworth: BFF & Baby

Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter joke around as they prepare to shoot scenes for their new project, BFF & Baby, on Monday (November 1) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress was spotted earlier that day hanging out with Krysten in an long-sleeved cream dress.

Before working on this film, Krysten was shooting Amy Heckerling‘s Vamps, which also stars Alicia Silverstone and Justin Kirk (also in BFF & Baby).

FYI: Kate is wearing MiH Jeans ‘London Boy Cropped’ jeans in Cape wash.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth taking a break from BFF & Baby

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kate bosworth bff and baby 02
kate bosworth bff and baby 03
kate bosworth bff and baby 04
kate bosworth bff and baby 05
kate bosworth bff and baby 06
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Photos: Famepictures
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  • pretty in pink

    She is wearing a weave.

  • Sci


  • my3cents

    Kate looked cute in yesterday’s pics. Not so much in today’s.

  • Sweet Pea

    Krysten Ritter is really pretty.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Weeds

    They can’t afford to pay for a soundtrack but the photographers find the movie high profile enough to shoot twice in one day. Something doesn’t add up.

  • lololol

    @Sci: Nope, second! lol

  • Who??


  • Eon

    I think this will go straight to DVD. They have no major stars in the title roles.

  • A healing Bunnyk

    Where are the pics of the Beigeworth throwing up the food?
    no papparazzi in the girl’s room?

  • xcited

    X17, KB’s pap agency of choice, was also there.

  • shoe bunny

    Isn’t Rachel Bilson supposed to be in this movie too?

  • uh oh

    This sounds like a clunker.

  • Tanter

    Why are there so many pap shots from a movie with no big names?

    And gosh, she actually eats :O Who knew!

  • dragon

    Krysten is talented and should get better roles.

  • truly

    @pretty in pink: Thanks, I was wondering why Katie’s hair look so long. She seemed to be shedding at the Scream Awards.

  • groovelicious

    Where’s Chris Martin?

  • always

    The title sucks.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    this girl Bosworth is so ugly… what’s the appeal?

  • MovieGirl

    @dragon: Check facts!!! Krysten co-wrote this movie!!!

  • poetay

    is this the girl who was in superman? now she’s doing direct to video movies? sad.

  • poetay

    @MovieGirl: that’s sad too. she seems to mainly do low budget comedies when she’s not doing tv.

  • Wilson

    @pretty in pink: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Movie Watcher

    @MovieGirl: And co-writing a movie automatically means it’s good? Martin Sheen’s sons have written themselves many crappy parts in shitty films.

  • Vanessa

    sounds like a crappy movie…it’s been done before. movies about babies are seriously outdated! xD!
    and with Kate Boswh0re and Rachel Bilson? sounds like a nightmare movie. it’s bound to fail.
    Kate’s clothes are literally hanging off her, that’s so unattractive!

  • PW

    Krysten and Rachel on the set –

    Official Twitter for the movie with lots of updates –

  • Calico

    I simply do not see the appeal of Kate Bosworth. She isn’t all that pretty and she can’t act. Simple as that. Krysten Ritter is a very pretty girl, but what has she done? I remember watching her on a Gossip Girl episode once, but that’s it. And where is RB? (dun dun dunnnn). Isn’t she supposed to be in on this, too? Oh, I do believe this movie is going to be a flop. Interested to see how it turns out, though. Oh boy.

  • KB bye bye

    wow they even got LAUREN CONRAD to star..this may be the next Godfather or Dancing with Wolves, epic film with consumate performers……..

  • Brightside

    Co wrote with Kat Coiro, who is also directing I believe. The movie is very, very low budget. Want to bet that this one sinks without a trace?

    I do not understand the people who say Kate Bosworth looks pretty. Her looks leave me cold. She always looks as though she has been skinned and left for dead. So pale and lifeless. So waxy. Her features aren’t even good. Don’t get me wrong, I love beauty in women and admire so many beautiful womenfor their visually amazing looks as well as their talent. Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway etc are incredible but Kate Bosworth just doesn’t have it. She doesn’t look human and I’m not convinced she has talent. The Warrior’s Way has done nothing to add to that.
    I’ve heard the saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and often wonder whether those who think Kate Bosworth is beautiful are in need some kind of laser surgery. She is weird looking.

  • The Divine Miss D

    Why is KB being pushed down our throats along with all 4 of her fans and Movie Girl, ughhhhhh!!!. JJ please find other noteworthy talent. She is so blah.

  • Peanut Gallery

    ***major yawn***

  • You Too Can Be KB

    1. Starve yourself/ binge & purge/ do coke until you are a walking skeleton
    2. Bleach your hair until it has the consistancy of straw
    3. Shave your hairline until your forehead is 3 times the natural size
    4. If you have brown eyes, buy a blue contact. Blue eyes, buy a brown.
    5. Have your face botoxed regularly & your lips injected with collogen.
    6. Wear cheap jewelry made in China
    7. Wear hideous hobo clothes to big for your frail body
    8. Practice smiling smugly
    9. Have your publicist call your Swedish Manboy & the paparazzi
    10. Show up at said pap location and protest the unwanted attention while smiling smugly.

  • helena

    KB is sooooooooooooo pathetic…sad :/

  • tinkerbell

    she look horrible in high heels too! D:
    there is not an outfit on the planet that could make her look good, i wish she would gain a little bit of weight or something! does she think looking like a skeleton is attractive? you can be curvy and hot too. u don’t need to be a size zero

  • KeysLover

    You can’t polish a turd. No matter how many pictures you take of it eating cheeseburgers.

  • L

    @pretty in pink: She’s wearing extensions.

  • awww

    look, she’s pretending to eat.
    I get it. She heard that Miranda (aka Mrs. Orlando Bloom) has been craving cheesburgers during her pregnancy, so she decided to eat them too!!
    of course, she doesn’t have Orlando making runs to In&Out for her like he does for his wife, so she just has to make do.
    that, and Miranda doesn’t throw them up the minute no one is watching, either

  • LisaM

    She is the most boring, dull, talentless person in Hollywood!! I simply cannot stand her!! I was very surprised though to see her actually eat something, she was obviously starving. She practically inhaled that cheeseburger!!!

  • Francesca

    KB and KS are adorable together!!! Would love to be on that set. Looks like fun.

  • Francesca

    Oops – typo – KB and KR are adorable.

  • anon

    @Brightside: I think she actually was pretty in the surfing movie all those years ago. She looked bright eyed and healthy. If she worked out to look fit for that part, I don’t see why she doesn’t get a gym membership and try it again. It would get her more parts and help her career immensely–she might even get some positive publicity, instead of all this paparazzi garbage.
    I suppose it’s too late now, she probably doesn’t have it in her after all the wear and tear she’s put on her body. Really sad, because she’s still quite young. Working out and eating right to get buff would be much smarter than starving and botoxing. I actually think she might not live to be old with all the damage she’s doing to herself. Sad.

  • Ella

    That outfit with those shoes is just hideous. I do see she got a weave (and thank goodness because usually her hair is awful), but did she do something to her teeth? Get veneers or something, maybe? Something about her mouth/cheeks has been looking off for the last couple weeks.

  • muppet show
    She’s probably kicking herself that she lost out on one to Alex Skarsgard, although the fact that he’s been with Kate Bosworth for so long just makes him seem inadequate despite all the evidence otherwise.

  • muppet show
    Like I’ve always said, Kate Bosworth doesn’t have an eating disorder and isn’t too skinny; the girl’s weight is just naturally like that. Heck, all of the girls I date are like that. But then again, I only date models and starving actresses. Anyhow, it’s nice to see that Kate enjoys a good piece of meat. Enjoy!

  • muppet show
    Sounds like a prestige project, and, well, f-ck the boyfriend, that is what you can always throw back in Bosworth’s face. Because Bosworth definitely does NOT get those kinds of parts.

  • Annie

    Great nautical stripes Kate – perfect for the woman who is full of lots of different seamen. NASTY.

  • Westie

    When she isn’t working – they hate. When she is working – they hate. Get a life or crawl back to the scary forums you came from!

  • The Divine Miss D

    @Westie: all it means is that they don’t like her, but of course u know that by now.

  • Annie

    @tinkerbell – she’s thin, but I wouldn’t like her however fat or skinny she might get. It’s her freeloading personality I don’t like.