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LeAnn Rimes: 'In The Spotlight' Tomorrow Night!

LeAnn Rimes: 'In The Spotlight' Tomorrow Night!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian cuddle up as they appear on In The Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville.

The couple chatted with Robin Roberts for the special, airing Wednesday (November 3) at 10/9c on ABC. In The Spotlight takes viewers into the homes and private lives of country music’s biggest stars!

LeAnn will speak for the first time on camera about the end of her marriage, her new relationship with Eddie and her childhood.

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leann rimes eddie cibrian in the spotlight 02
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Credit: Rick Rowell; Photos: ABC
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  • Sandra

    Thats a beautiful picture. I’ll be watching and I get a peek into her home

  • honeybunch

    Oh fantastic. This is a do not miss kind of show

  • Get it straight

    Go girl and set the record straight. So tired of all the misinformation and disinformation. Love you LeAnn!

  • honeybunch

    Looks like it will be an informative and fun show

  • honeybunch

    @Get it Straight – You are so right I don’t get in here too much because I got tired of the low types that visit these boards. Nice to see some positive Happy images

  • Kimberlie

    Gorgeous photos of Le. She’s got the sunniest smile and upbeat personality.

  • henri reiki master

    Heard Edd’s X got a DUI last Fri. That’s a big problem in Cali. A good lawyer needs a call. I admire LeAnn’s strength and vocals.

  • Getricia

    WoooHoo can’t wait. I want to see this live, not through Tivo. Hope I can be there. Love Ya LeAnn

  • leannfan001

    I’m in. This should be fun. Great to get a somewhat inside scoop.

  • SelmaSais

    Nice. I will record this one. Anyone know of a good online guide for using Tivo? The instructions are so convoluted it makes my brain hurt. I messed my last attempt up and recorded 3 hours of stuff. At least what I wanted was in there.

  • paws

    looking forward to the interview tmrw. night & I don’t care what any of the detractors or media spinners say, I love LeAnne

  • Getricia

    @SelmaSais Go here: – because it all depends on your recorder. Use the customer service and the quick start guide

  • blair

    Wewe trolls out in force!

  • blair

    @Sandra… yeah, Ed & Mr. Ed…

  • honeybunch

    Anyone know how much time they will spend with each guest. Is the whole show with Leann or is it just a 3 minute section for many different artists?

  • honeybunch

    Oh noooooo. The creepoids have shown up. It was so nice without them

  • Getricia

    @honeybunch I wish I knew the answer to your ? in #15. Anyone have a clue?

  • blair

    I don’t think you do have a clue…lol.

  • leannfan001

    It doesn’t matter if its 5 minutes I will be there.

  • amica123

    big fan of both THANKS JARED for the coverage

  • Odin

    JJ comes through for the fans (and antis) again. Big Thanks.Miranda is a cool lady and I like Le too!

  • Annie

    What’s up with people who choose partners who look like an opposite-sex version of themselves? So narcissistic.

  • lizbith

    The copy says 10/9c on ABC what about cable in mountain time? Guess I need to search TV guide. Hope its on in Idaho.

  • babou

    Lee-Anne is really unnattractive. Waking up to her squinty face everyday, yuck. But Eddie is squinty-eyed himself and since he’s unemployed with no work in sight, I am sure he doesn’t mind looking at her weird face day in and out as her money is making it easier for him LOL.

  • designedforspeed

    I trust Robin but she doesn’t get the final say when editing

  • LH

    “All Access Nashville” – how often is she in Nashville?

  • my guess

    If this is a 1 hour show,I’ll guess probably 10 minutes give and take with each “star” + commercials.Maybe not even that seeing as there are 5 country stars(LeAnn,Brad,Miranda,Kellie and Carrie).Some might get more screentime than others,though.

  • miapocca

    is she stupid…because nothing in hollywierd lasts and to speak about this and open you vjayjay up tp anew median will only have them poke it with steel….I cant say I wish her well, karma is a bitch and she is setting herself up big time!

  • cacey

    IT is funny how Lean comes hear first and gives her self good remarks with 10 diff. names…SO PATHEYIC, HOME GIRL HAS NO FANS. FUGLY HUSBAND STEALER. Country music STARS? This HASBEEN has not released any good music since she was feuding with her parents.. So LET’S take the word star out and let it just say COUNTRY TRASH!!!!

  • cacey

    IT is funny how Lean comes hear first and gives her self good remarks with 10 diff. names…SO PATHETIC, HOME GIRL HAS NO FANS. FUGLY HUSBAND STEALER. Country music STARS? This HASBEEN has not released any good music since she was feuding with her parents.. So LET’S take the word star out and let it just say COUNTRY TRASH!!!!!

  • Helga

    She is so ugly!

  • blair

    @cacey….leann probably set it up with jj that she gets the first 12 posts & the real posters can comment after that…lol!


    No fabricated PR pitch can save them now.

    From D- List to Z- list.

  • candie00

    I’ve enjoyed following their saga and I’m a voyeur when it comes to the inside of the stars’ home. Even if I didn’t like them (but I do) I’d watch just for a look-see inside.

  • honeybunch

    @my guess – Thanks I hope they give them at least 10 minutes each. Could you hateful people go crawl back in the trashcan you crawled out of. Some folks have such a sorry life. Truly pathetic.

  • leannfan001

    @myguess Where did you find that info?

  • blair

    Go suck on a lemon, wewe.

  • centaur

    It has been a while since we had some fresh LeAnn input. I hope she shines. She sure did on America’s Got Talent. That was a much better performance than the CMT awards one, that was only OK. I know she won’t be performing and that is even better because we get some real LeAnn this way. Love to LeAnn and all her fans. You too Eddie. One lucky dude.

  • centaur

    Just went through a bunch of these posts. Man, you people that don’t like her have some sort of mental problem. If you don’t like someone a normal person would just avoid the subject. You must be punishing yourselves for some failure in your lives or you are just hired scum that can’t get a decent job because you freak out regular people so bad you can’t stay employed. Get a life. Enjoy life. Quit hating it will help your snake belly warm up. LOL

  • blair

    Must have taken you a while to go through all of wewe’s juvinile posts, but I’m sure you had nothing else to do.

  • Lemons

    Thx for your concern for the health when recommending a suck on a lemon. That works very well for calming a queasy stomach(a little fresh ginger w/it), I use it on my salads in place of vinegar (better for ya) and one can always make lemonade.

    Good to see your concern for others.

    Good also to see LeAnn and Eddie looking so happy and beautiful together. Since Carrie is your preference you should flood her threads, also. Beautiful day!

  • karenina

    Her house looks gorgeous. Too lucky! She looks pretty healthy and radiant herself. Eddie seems shy but like a strong silent protector type of man. I’ll be watching the show.

  • centaur

    @blair took about 3 minutes max, not intense writing here … What the hell is a wewe? You need to go to the bathroom … Can you Speak English or are you an ESL dropout? This isn’t twitter. You can type if you want.

  • RodC

    Taylor S. will sell 1M copies of her album in one week. Jessica has a 300M company and will top bill NYC’s Thanksgiving Parade, plus a new Christmas album coming out. Carrie U. is shooting a new film and continues to be a country diva.
    What about LeAnn? Has her single even sold 10,000 copies? If not for paid PR would she generate publicity at all? Has she won any award lately except for the dubious Worst Dressed in the CMT awards? Has her concerts not attracted more bugs and dust if not cancelled? Just being real!

  • Lemons

    It’s ok if an artist isn’t on top, they can still pull in a good living. LeAnn was on top when Carrie was a nobody. They are always trading places and that is life. LeAnn has a gifted voice and many people will remain fond of her and always jump at the chance to hear her in concert and buy her material. Many artists are cheating (or worse) right now but not getting caught and people still adulate them not realizing it. Most folk don’t care about the private life if they admire the artist’s gifts. Heck, bet there is hardly a faithful big league sports figure out there. Can’t hide in a cave because the world doesn’t please me.

  • Lake

    I think she’s talking to Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood as well. Don’t know if there are any others. I like Robin, she’s always so positive.

  • Career is done

    Career done for this homewrecker! She pays to be in the news, and for the wrong reasons!

  • lily

    these are some good comments….centaur’s last is cracking me up….guess that person hasn’t been following along…thank you thank you JJ for this…can’t wait to see Eddie with LeAnn tomorrow night…

  • leannfan001

    @Career is done The home was already wrecked before she even showed up. LeAnn went in and rescued the only repairable adult in the home that was wrecked.

  • LHM

    Bg’s fan club is quite the motley crew, eh? who raised them? I’d be embarrassed were they mine. And the PR stunts, go quietly if you want to be a do-gooder.