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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: L.A. Daddy Duties!

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: L.A. Daddy Duties!

New dads Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka run errands on Friday (October 29) around Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actor left a sports center while David, 35, made a quick phone call as he filled up his gas tank at a station in Studio City.

NPH recently tweeted that he’s already learned some of the joys of fatherhood – “I think sleep deprivation is making me punchy,” he wrote. “Night night.”

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  • AJ

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Congratulations on them both! They’re going to make amazing parents!

  • Andrea

    I just feel bad that their daughter will never have a mom to talk to, how awkward when she reaches puberty :p

  • Nattie

    I hear that! I had all brothers! thank God I had a mom! I couldn’t imagine having two dad’s!

  • SMH

    LMAO @ the two republican cunts above me trying to start ish. As if gay fathers aren’t capable of having sex talk with a daughter. Gay dads =/= insecure straight men.

  • Danielle


    You are obviously A MAN. Girls need mothers ESPECIALLY when they are teenagers!!! A girl who must grow up without a mother. It’s a hard, tough challenge for a girl.

  • itziar

    Having a family with a father and a mother doesn’t guarantee anything.
    Children need LOVE, didn’t you LEARNED this from your mother?

  • Brightside

    Depends on the mother! As a teacher I’ve met plenty of mothers who make their daughters lives a misery. From the drug-addict mothers of a council estate in the UK to some seriously controlling types in South Africa who will not even allow their daughters to date in their late teens and are liable to beat them if they catch them so much as talking to a member of the opposite sex.
    You obviously had a mother you could talk to but I’ve met plenty of young girls who would rather, and feel more comfortable doing it, talk to their fathers.
    Not every mother is a good mother and not every mother’s influence is a desirable thing in a child’s life.
    There’s no reason to assume that the child will miss having a mother if she had two wonderful, loving fathers.

  • Susan

    You are not supposed to use your cellphone while you are filling your car up. Sparks from the cellphone can ignite the gas fumes. It has happened a few times that I know of. I hope the kiddies were not in the car. Just so that you know.

  • ok

    David is very hot.

    I am not worried about those kids. Gay men are great fathers and the kids are lucky to have them. Well, I am sure there will be some aunts or grandmas in the girl’s life so no problem there.

  • may


    please speak only for yourself. i was raised by two fathers, no mother in the house. i didn’t find it a tough challenge. as a matter of fact, my brothers and i turned out just fine thank you. for the record, my fathers had female friends who i could talk to if i wanted to. next time before you make such foolish comments you might want to talk to the children involved first.

  • Kate

    I was raised by straight parents, but I had all of my period/sex talks with my dad. My mom was raised in a family where these things were not discussed. In fact when I told her I had gotten my period for the first time, it was as if something had happened to her rather than me. My dad stepped up and made sure I got whatever I needed. In fact when I was in high school I was periods so bad it would make me physically ill, while my mom chose to ignore it my dad made me an appt with a gynecologist so I could get help. A friend who got her period after me was afraid to talk to her mom, so I helped her. Mothers don’t have a corner on the market of parenting girls. Dads are just as useful if not sometimes more when mothers are in denial about their daughters growing up. Not to mention the availability of female family members and friends. I’m sure that Neil and David will be sensitive to the fact that they need to be prepared for that.

  • Perla

    @may – their kids are babies so if they could talk to them, it’s not like they’d say anything. Plus every personality is different, I’ve known people who have said they’re fine with same sex parents, and some that arent. Alot of them put up a defence at first because alot of people are agaist same sex marriages, so they say had a good life, which they probably did, and thats because they loved the two parents. But in the long run they end up saying they DO wish they had a relationship with the Woman who birthed them, Or if its a man thats lacking, their biological Father.

  • Angie

    OH yeah like the majority of people’s families are like that! That just is so awkward for me to hear about you and ur dad, not that its a bad thing, i’m glad you had someone to talk to, but I would of felt so weird if MY dad tried to help me. And thats really how the MAJORITY of straight families are. And I think thats how it should be anyway. Now same sex families, I have no clue. Never knew a person who grew up in one. If someone feel’s bad for someone else’s situation, stop judging it and just pray for them, like ya would any in other situation.

  • Ella

    Not necessarily true…. I lived with my father from the age of 13 and I’ve talked with him about all the big things in my life, even th awkward things. It’s all about the relationship with theparent, not who the parent is :)

  • Noli

    The relationship with the parent in Effected by who the parent is!
    If it’s a dad- it’s different. If it’s a mom- it’s different!!

    And for all of you:
    Two Moms≠Two Dads≠ A mom and a dad!!
    They are all very different from one another, they effect differently on their children. And it’s not just about the ‘parents’, it’s about the child’s personality and character as well! ’cause it’s A Relation-ship!

    I’m not saying what is better, cause you can’t guess, but it makes a difference. The ideal, obviously, is to have one mom and one dad, but the ideal is pretty hard to get most of the times…

  • J. Ryan


    okay just to play devil’s advocate here how can you say that all gay men are great father’s… gay men can still be egocentric or dominearing. i find it hillarious that when the right makes a generalization or an innocent comment everyone is up in arms but if someone on the left does it its perfectly honest and true.

    before i get bombarded let me say that i am a gay male who was raised by a mom and a dad… i bet neil and david are fine parents, it just annoys me when people get attacked for having a differing viewpoint.