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Portia de Rossi Talks Coming Out

Portia de Rossi Talks Coming Out

Portia de Rossi chats about coming out as a gay woman in this video from The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday (November 1).

The 37-year-old actress shared that growing up, she’d had to hide her feelings of wanting to date other women.

“Having to hide something like that just ruined me,” Portia said. “It really, really killed me because even though I’d gotten to a point where I wasn’t ashamed of it anymore, I was doing it for financial reasons. I was doing it so I’d have a career because there were no lesbian TV actresses or actresses ever in history!”

Portia also shared that her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, motivated her to come out.

Portia de Rossi Talks Coming Out
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47 Responses to “Portia de Rossi Talks Coming Out”

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  1. 1
    sessilee Says:

    wow it bothers me that being a homo is soo accepted now a days we need to keep praying because the devil and his agents are at work in hollywood and al around, take a stand my brother and sister being BEING GAY IS NOT OK!!!!!! and God is coming again lets keep prayin for these sick and weak mind humanbeings that they can change there ways and repent THANKS BE TO GOD

  2. 2
    jro Says:

    I have never commented on a post before, but I find it so shameful that someone would come onto an entertainment blog and post such senseless things. I also find it ironic that people who make derogatory statements about gays and lesbians often have the worst grammar.

  3. 3
    t Says:

    good for her being brave enough to be herself in a world where unfortunately that’s a scary thing to do.

  4. 4
    Cha Says:

    Fair play to Portia telling her story! Its great to see that she overcame all that and is really happy today with Ellen! She is so beautiful on the inside and out!

  5. 5
    blueheavengirl Says:

    Good for her for coming out. Glad it made her feel better, and now she seems happy. Love comes in all sorts of forms!!

  6. 6
    boulette Says:

    I have never commented here too, and I ‘m French, so sorry for my grammar but sessilee, I can assure you that there is nothing wrong for being gay, and I do think you have to be seriously ill for posting these hateful comments. You can have your own opinion, but please don’t hide behind God. God doesn’t think you like you, and me neither.

  7. 7
    Atheist Says:

    Sessilee, how about you do everyone a favor and keep to yourself while waiting for “god” and let the rest of us live our lives?

    At least you can always look back (right before you become dirt) and know that you made peoples lives better by keeping your horribly cruel and judgmental mouth shut.

  8. 8
    sessilee Says:

    look at you fools the devil and his agents are laughing right now because he knows that none of you have pick up your bibles and read God words. shame on you!! if he wanting homos on this earth he would of taken adams ribs and created another male but he didnt he made eve a women!! therefore men should not lie with other men and women she not lie with other women. u think youre doing this world a favor by spreading this deadly messege that BEING GAY IS OK WELL ITS NOT!!!! so before u start talken crap maybe u should pick up your bible and read it and pray for these people and your salvation because God is coming soon!!!

  9. 9
    British Says:

    I know nothing about her, other than that she’s Ellen’s wife…but I have so much respect for her and admire her courage in not only taking that leap in coming out, but then to talk about it for the whole world to hear.

    She’s an inspiration to other women, and men, struggling with their feelings.

  10. 10
    sessilee Says:

    @Atheist: i will be praying for u 2day so that u will see how good God is and that he loves u so maybe u can turn your life over to him and start today by spreading his words THANKS BE GOD!!!

  11. 11
    zzzz Says:

    THANK YOU, Portia, for hour your honesty and strength to happily live your life the way you were born to live it. To everyone else, don’t worry about sick hypocrites like #1 sessilee-based on the voting system here, she is greatly outnumbered. It is sad that people like her don’t recognize that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice, but rather a gift from God, as we are created in his image.

  12. 12
    Glamourous Says:

    Good for her. This is an important message,especially right now as so many young gay teens choose death rather than life because of bullying and hate-mongering.

  13. 13
    to sessilee Says:

    Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor”? Perhaps you should be spending your free time spreading kindness and love, rather than spewing venomous hate? Or are you yourself possessed by the devil? Sure seems that way based on your own pompous, rage filled words. Remember:pride is one of the deadly sins.
    And who would want to join your religion if you are its ugly , hate-filled representative? Not me.

  14. 14
    sessilee Says:

    @to sessilee: I do love my neighbors that is why im am trying to spread God words so my neighbors can be save when God comes again to judges us so i hope u will do the same:)

  15. 15
    blackandwhite Says:


  16. 16
    anon Says:

    Whenever I read comments from so called Christians like Sessilee it makes me ashamed to be a Christian. The God that I worship is a loving one and not one that advocates hate towards any of his children. Sessilee, you should reread your words and realize that your heart is filled with so much hate that there is no room for love and that doesn’t sound too Christian to me.

  17. 17
    lylian Says:

    Do you think we should pay attention instead to African American women and their sick eating disorders instead?
    No? if not then why insert the word “white” into your comment? Just to get attention huh?

  18. 18
    Dan Says:

    Portia de Rossi is amazing, I love love love Arrested Development. She plays other roles as well now, she’s so talented. In case anyone didn’t know (@blueheavengirl:) she isn’t actually “coming out”, she’s just explaining how it felt when she did.

    Portia de Rossi is the life partner of Ellen Degeneres and they both make a great couple. To those bashing them, feel free to, it’s a free country, but remember that you’re the (possibly) overweight (closeted) insignificant tool behind a computer screen while both Portia and Ellen are highly successful women who do more for the world than you can do in 500 years.

  19. 19
    Victoria Says:

    I love Portia and Ellen, and I’m glad she decided to talk about it all to the television viewers. Maybe if just one person struggling listened to her and connected with her and really felt what she felt, they would no longer hide out and ” be themselves.”
    And to @ SESSILEE ~~~~ There are NO words in my vocabulary for you that I could possibly use. Maybe, ” pity, sad, ignorant, uneducated and
    Unchristian.”. How do you live with others with that kind of thinking ?

  20. 20
    anna Says:

    @sessilee: you actually believe that’s how we were created, who’s the crazy one here? ever heard of Darwin and the theory of evolution? anyway, good for her! she is beautiful and she has a wonderful life and they are both happy! I don’t get how anyone can undermine another person’s happiness because it makes them feel uncomfortable..crazy world!

  21. 21
    haha Says:

    i thought she always was out? never knew she was in

  22. 22
    brought me to tears Says:

    just watching clips from the episode doesnt comprehend the amount of pain and struggle this woman went through. Portia personally is my hero above everyone else. watching the whole episode will bring you to tears

  23. 23
    anna Says:

    it is ok to be gay. what it’s NOT is people like sessilee.

  24. 24
    miapocca Says:

    Is Oprah planning on coming out..she keeps up with this and her trips with Gayle and thats what comes to mind!

  25. 25
    Zor_ElKara Says:

    @sessilee: Maybe instead of reading the Bible, you should have payed more attention to your grammar lessons… It’s people like you that make Christians look like such fools. Maybe if you had a little compassion people would be more drawn towards your faith, however since you seem to be filled with more and more racist bigots these days, thanks but no thanks.

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