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Suri Cruise Wears Pink in Prague

Suri Cruise Wears Pink in Prague

Katie Holmes carries her daughter, Suri, as they explore the city of Prague together on Thursday (September 23) in the Czech Republic.

The 31-year-old actress and her 4-year-old daughter went toy shopping around the city for the day! Dad Tom Cruise is in town shooting the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Over the weekend, Suri dressed up as a princess and went trick-or-treated with Katie!

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  • bebe

    Weren’t these photos taken weeks ago? Why are you posting them now? Tom is shooting in Dubai now. On the other hand, there were some adorable photos of Suri trick-or-treating in princess costume with Katie. Why don’t you find those!

  • ?

    Is she a little old for Katie to be carrying her everywhere like an infant? Such a pampered child.

  • Dan

    Must be nice to go to Prague, let alone at age 4. I’m 21 yet I’ve never been… sigh.

  • Carla

    Katie, there are other things to do in life other than go shopping. There are museums, galleries, old monuments and beautiful displays of archiecture and nature in all these wonderful places full of history that Suri has had the luck to go to before she’s even reached the age of 5. And yet that child has probably only ever seen the Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuiitton stores because of her shopaholic, empty-headed zombie of a mother. Such a total waste. Sometimes money is wasted on the rich.

  • rainbow

    ^what a ridiculous comment. You can see that they went sight seeing at the local villages and markets. It’s not like they’re shopping at a mall.

  • boston61

    This kid ALWAYS looks like hell!! Dress your freaking kid Scientologly loving Katie. You gave your the name of the hometown of a man responsible for hurting tons of people. You need to apologize.


    The Holmes’ Guide to Parenting:

    Bare Feet? Check!

    Bare legs in 40 Degrees? Check!

    Nightgown worn as shirt as brat won’t change clothes> Check!

    Flimsy costume skirt as outerwear in formal European City? Check!

    Ungroomed? Check!

    Uncombed hair in rubber band atop hair? Check!



    “The local villages” ?? !!

    Prague is akin to Paris or London, not a village. People in Old Europe dress properly, not like hobos.

  • junebug

    these are from september… jj’s an idiot

  • Maruschka

    We don’t do trick or treat in the Czech Republic. I bet when people opened the door to them they were like WTF??? It’s not part of our tradition…

  • Suri Jackson
  • Dumb woman

    Katie is an idiot. Trick or treating in a foreign country? Does she think EVERYONE follows America’s dumb traditions? Halloween is no big deal most everywhere else.

  • bebe

    @Dumb woman:
    No, you’re the idiot who can’t realize the photos were taken weeks ago. She was seen trick-or treating in L.A.

  • rainbow

    @TIM GUNN:
    whatever, my point was that they are clearly exploring the beautiful architecture, not shopping in some bland mall.

  • bad legs

    Katie should always wear skirts, her tree trunk legs are horrid. We all have our positive and negative body parts, and should dress around them. I, for example, hate my beefy arms so I wear long sleeves. If one has elephant legs, they should dress accordingly. And Suri? She is going to be a monster when she gets older, what out for the brattiest of all brats.

  • annie

    I think Katie and Suri are both beautiful. Suri has Toms eyes. beautiful mix of Tom and Katie. There is a very pretty pic of Suri trick or treating, her little face and smile are too adorable.
    There’s also another pretty pic of Suri checking out her princess dress for Halloween, in a childrens store. Too pretty for words!

  • Star Fox

    Mind your own kids, #2.

    She’s visited museums and historical sites before, #4. Why don’t you worry about taking your own kids to those places and leave other parents alone.

    Critics only see what they want to see, #5.

    They’re not trick-or-treating, #12. Where would you get that idea?

    Ever thought she’s not shallow and doesn’t care about what other people think, #15?

    You don’t have a crystal ball so you can’t say that she’ll grow up to be a brat so matter of factly.

  • TiTi

    Suri is sooo gorgeous, unlike that ugly boy face Shiloh.

  • TiTi

    Suri is soo gorgeous, unlike boy face weird looking Shiloh.

  • Kai

    Suri is sooooo gorgeous, boy face Shiloh cant even compete with her.

  • Sheri

    It’s hard to tell what the season is here….Suri has on a heavy jacket,(fall/winter), spring dress, and bare feet (summer)??? Got all the bases covered, I guess.

  • jared & tom = true love

    why is jj post ancient pics instead of suri’s ultra-sorry halloween costume from yesterday? is he sleeping with tom?

  • humble

    Katie must think that everyone has to believe that Suri is a princess lmao

  • Disco Woman

    Katie, you are a sucky parent and have zero class!! Put a decent pair of shoes on your kid and quit carrying your spoiled brat everywhere!! With all the money you have one would think you could at least comb the kids hair!! Snap the hell out of it Katie, your creating one hell of a monster!!!

  • Lollipop

    What happened to the $6,000 princess costume that they bought for Miss Priss Spoiled Brat??!! Here is she parading around in one of many of her costumes. Oh, and btw…Katie you look like total crap!

  • Lollipop
  • to boston61

    for once, i think that katie has managed to dress her child somewhat appropriately. not by much though. as for Scientology, i know very little about it. what i do know is that is on very strange religion. however, i happen to be a firm believer in the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of religious association. in other words, as much as Scientology may annoy me, and you, katie is free to choose for herself and she is not required to apologize to anyone for what she believes. just as you and i are not required to apologize for what we believe or don’t believe.

  • Lavito

    Mind your own business and stop reacting to negative comments #17 Star Fox
    Why should we expect Katie to take care of Suri’s hair when her hair always looks unkept. The only time it looks good is when she has a professional do it for her. Katie maybe if you stopped carrying your daughter her shoes would break in and not hurt her feet and have to take them off. Who goes barefoot in Prague, what a brat all the locals probably think. I agree on the comment about Katie’s legs, OMG, they are really ugly, she should wear baggy pants so it won’t be so obvious.

  • yup yup yup

    @Suri Jackson:
    I agree. She’s definitely Josh’s.
    I actually think she is getting quite cute. Now if her mom would buy her some loafers or lace-ups so that she stops taking off her shoes, maybe she’d walk more. Cobblestones and dressy flats don’t go well together.

  • chaonaine

    Years ago, during doing Mission Impossible first and second Tom was with Nicole , Bella and Connor in Prague and they used to go at night to the city because they were afraid of paparazzi catching them.

  • luci

    chaonaine: the difference is that Katie and Suri were purchased with the expectation that they would draw attention to Tom and his loving family unit. I’d be willing to bet that the marriage contract even stipulates that Katie be out in public and accessible to the paparazzi a defined amount of time. That’s why she looks like crap and miserable most of the time. Tom forgot to include requirements about her physical appearance other than weight. Wasn’t there some drama after Katie had Suri because Tom thought she was too chunky?
    …ahhh that’s love for you.

  • Victoria

    With all of the costumes and shoes we have seen this child in, Suri had to have a NEW costume ? What about donating some of their old ones to underprivileged children or have an auction on E-Bay and sell some of Suri’s clothes for charity like other celebrity Mom’s? Her clothes closet must be Hugh, as well as her playroom. I doubt her shoe closet is full, because she never wears any! I have a bet with my neighbor, that Suri is carried through the age of 12.

  • Disco Woman

    Totally agree! So much money is spent on this child it’s a disgrace! Who in there right mind would spend thousands/millions on a wardrobe for a child? How pretentious of Katie and a pitiful waste of money. Katie is a clueless wackjob who doesn’t have the sense to give back to society. Shame on you Katie!

  • rainbow

    Oh Please most children buy new costumes for halloween even if they aren’t rich. The comments by that you critics make just get more and more ridiculous.

  • Barb

    Why do they carry this child everywhere?

  • LoLz

    Well, it’s quite simple actually, Suri probably likes to hump Katie’s hip when she carry’s her.



    “Whatever”, the word choice of ignorant dregs.

    Your point, ISN’T a point.

  • Laura

    Why is she carrying that big child. She is almost 5 years old

  • lane

    What is with the bump on her forehead? It’s always there… weird?

  • rainbow

    @TIM GUNN:
    I love how you have this know-it-all attitude. I said “whatever” because I didn’t think it was worth it to argue about something that was so trivial. But since you obviously don’t want to let it go…..Are you saying that there are no villages in “old europe”?

  • Suri Jackson

    It’s really not so weird since Joshua Jackson has the same bumpy forehead. I think Josh is gorgeous and he appears to be a terrific guy, but regardless, Suri is most likely going to opt for bangs; and possibly a nose job in her late teens. No offense intended to anyone.

  • empire
  • Suri Jackson

    awwww…poor Suri. I gave thumbs down to the photo. Your sarcastic comment was true.
    Super sized sad face for the train wreck that was every part of that photo. Does Katie really think the dark leggings are attractive? I can’t even begin to comment of the rest of what she was wearing.

  • LA LA

    How is it possible for a person to function like that? Katie needs some type of help, and fast!
    Is she self medicating these days?
    I second the poor Suri sentiments.
    Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie!!! Shame on you!! So if you put shoes on Suri, then she doesn’t get to wear pants or a skirt or something? Are financial times that rough in the Cruise household?
    “Tragic” is the only word I can really think of to sum this up.

  • annie

    @Empire & Suri Jackson
    little girls dresses go up like that all the time, only there are no paps around to take pics of it. There is nothing wrong with Katies parenting, it’s the paps you should be complaining about, and JJ for printing those pics of a 4yr old child.
    Where are all those people who say that little kids shouldn’t be stalked by the paps ……….oh yes , of course that only applies to other celeb kids, not Suri. How silly of me!

  • bebe

    @LA LA:
    She’s obviously wearing a dress. It came up as she was picking suri up. I think it’s odd that empire saved that pic from months ago and felt the need to repost it.

  • annie

    @ tim gunn
    You really believe you’re something don’t you!
    Pretending to be so cosmopolitan, so high on etiquette, and fashion.
    If you were any of those things, you wouldn’t say 1/2 the things you do.
    You give yourself away Tim for what you really are. Check!!!!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Does lil Surie own shoes or does Katie refuse to put them on her lil feet?

  • LA LA

    There’s an easy solution. It’s called PANTS!
    You’re an idiot to make excuses for Katie. She is the sorriest excuse for a mother that I have seen in the public eye, with the exception of “reality” tv stars and octomom.

  • lane

    Check!!! This out annie. Tim Gunn is just telling it like it is, true and to the point. Face it annie, Tim G rocks!