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Willow Smith's Performance on The Ellen Show -- Watch Now!

Willow Smith's Performance on The Ellen Show -- Watch Now!

Check out Willow Smith‘s debut performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!!

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith rocked out to her smash hit “Whip My Hair“.

Willow kicked off her song by singing “Only Girl In The World“, a song from one of her idols, Rihanna.

We absolutely can’t wait to see Willow and Rihanna rocking out TOGETHER.

Willow Smith’s Performance on The Ellen Show — Watch Now!
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    i see they gave her the same auto tune as RiRi

    nice tune, but she still too grown for me to like her

  • valy872

    Wow!! she’s great and has an amazing voice!!!

  • Someone

    Love this song!!

  • missy

    JJ you appear desperate! thumbs don’t work AGAIN

  • Denise

    Terrible. Please no more Willow Smith!

  • SO Sad

    Say What?
    Whip it Willow. She is even more in tune on a song that Isn’t hers!!!
    Ahem! Take Notes she that has No Name!
    Such Confidence!

  • sillyme

    There was something disturbing about it…can’t put my finger on it. Guess I’m still not comfortable with the age thing.

    That said, the girl has guts and must be very confident to be able to get up there and do that at 10 years old. Voice was pretty good, too, for the parts she sang live. Will be interesting to see how her voice changes when she gets to her teens.

  • boston61

    What’s disturbing are the millions of dollars her parents have poured into this little girls career. And, we are supposed to believe she is not being coached by well paid adults? What’s disturbing are the millions of talented people who end up just rotting and dying because they did not have rich well connected parents. This is obscene.

  • TXpert

    This is a cute little video for little kids love it.

    Willow is NOT rubbing herself, dancing on a pole at the Nick Awards in front of kids like Miley Cyrus or singing about her romantic exploits like Taylor Swift.

    She is a little girl who approached her parents about being in a business they are already successfully involved with. And why not. Willow HAS talent and I can see why Jada and Will are backing her.
    It’s a song about hair and being proud of your hair and dancing to the is cute and appropriate.

    When she starts humping, grinding twisting and shaking like Beyonce or Ri-Ri then we have problem…until then…she’s doing her thing…she’s got the money and her parents are OK with it…so what.

  • Dan

    @TXpert: I’d rather see Miley Cyrus trying to be who she wants even though people expect differently than Willow Smith being who she isn’t for attention. You think she’s stylish or knows what she’s even singing about? She’s being told what to do and when to do it.

    JustJaredJr… I heard it’s useful for WIllow Smith fans.

  • S@n

    Wow! what say? talented girl, very young and who has to know what’s best for her are her parents, not me!

  • TXpert

    Willow is a little girl who sings around the house and sings in front of her entertainment type family…so why wouldn’t they allow to her do what she wants.

    Jada talked about that in an interivew. It’s their child, money and they can do whaterver they want.

    Justin Beiber made it when his Mom sent his video to YouTube..Miley Cyrus followed her Dad around on the road…what’s the difference here?

    Will and Jada are a successful, rich black couple and their children are following them in their footsteps and that pisses off jealous people.

    These kids truly have talent..doesn’t matter how they got there.

    I made the distinction between Miley Cyrus “suggestive” performances and Willow’s which are innocent.
    I happen to LOVE Miley’s Cyrus’ voice and she is also very talented. She too got a taste of the biz from being on the road with her Dad…if she were allowed to sing…why not Willow.

  • Kai

    You ghost face losers are just jealous, yeah shes black ,cute, has talent, and No its NOT auto tune, deal with it and shut the F up already

  • q8yGirl


  • jane

    seems like a little girl who’s watched way too many Rihanna videos and now decide ”hey i got money, my parents are famous, why can’t I be like her?” unfortunately when journey starts like that, it rarely ends well.

  • Jaden Smith

    Back up dancers were better to look at than her..she doesn’t have any stage presence. Just like Rihanna. She seeds lots of dancers and stuff going on in the background for support and to look good. She will not make it in business..Just telling it like it is.

  • CanadaGirl

    This is a catchy song. I really like it. The performance was great, and she demonstrated that she has the pipes at the beginning of the performance. She can out sing both mom and dad. I thought the dance routine was fun and age appropriate. Who cares if her parents are famous…?! If they have the connections why not use them.

  • Abby

    I know she didn’t sing the whole thing live but I have to say the parts she did sing live were pretty damn good for her being only 9 years old.

  • Helena

    Smash hit? Seriously Jared, you’re trying way too hard to sell this kid. Stop trying to make Willow happen as Regina George would probably say.

  • Vanessa

    i don’t understand why this isn’t posted on JJ Junior? u have the Twilight cast who are in their twenties over there! and you have this trainwreck who is 9 years old posted here? o_O
    someone wants the ultimate spotlight! D:

  • Miyu

    So cute <3

  • Who’s Paying Just Jared?

    This site has changed over the last year and it is not good.

  • Kirsten

    She actually has a good voice and she is a decent performer. I think she’s a cute girl but it’s hard for me to support a little girl who acts like an adult.

  • Q.

    Cute! She seemed a lil nervous, But it WAS her national debut, She was on point though!
    She was so adorable when she Finnished, She was so relieved and excited! Hehe!
    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her..,.

  • Koree

    i find it ridiculous and pathetic how many people post negative comments on JJ posts for Willow. and all the positive comments get thumbs down, u ppl are jealous!
    shes not your child so don’t worry about her parents way of raising her.

  • Tracy

    her voice is not bad, she has stage present, she is not pretty but she has style. I think it’s good start.

  • Amber

    Wow that was really good! I hope she has a long career because I can see her doing some great stuff! Lets just hope she doesnt turn into a slut!

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    For you bashers stop being jealous at least their parents are talented , respected and successful and their kids seem to be well adjusted. Both kids are talented . Her novelty sung is cute and must be a hit the way it has taken off. Willows parents are old school and will keep their kids in check.

  • kevin

    can u say lip-synched! and she just stood there..

  • ava

    First time seeing willow smith and I find her annoying…

  • elle

    What in here doesn’t sound like RiRi?

  • anon

    It’s not being a “hater” when you find it disturbing to see a small child being more focused on being a celebrity than on being a normal kid.

    It’s sad to see this kind of intense media push for a very young child on the same day another young girl is admitted to a treatment center because of the pressure of fame.

    Just because a kid wants something, it doesn’t mean caring parents should buy it for them. If your kids want to eat ice cream all day, you don’t let them, not if you love them and want them to grow up healthy.

  • Jaz

    Sorry but any child can do that if they got connection and the right people.
    I’m still not seeing whats so special about her other than she’s Will Smith’s daughter.
    He voice seems ok. I know as time pass it will get better and she’ll sound amazing or more experienced.
    The performance was nice, but I felt I saw this style before (Idk). They didn’t really put her in the spotlight to show how good or unique she is.
    What I saw was great dancers (very talented) dancing and a little girl singing her best to the song. (not hating) but it seemed like a dance contest and her group was one of the contestants. They did AWESOME! but I didn’t find it special or unique. – (My opinion)

  • me

    Umm…vanessa u shud be ashamed of urself coming here in all your old age..and calling a 9 yr old a train wreck….stupid…pick on somebody your own size…rubbish

    willow is working hard and remember this is her first performance and she did a very good job….if her 1st performance was good wait until you see her performances 2 yrs from now :)

  • someone

    If she didn’t have famous parents, we would never have seen her.

  • Rattle-Snake

    Smith’s Family = Jackson’s Family 2.0

    when Willow hits 40 she’ll want to play with dolls and purchase a compound like an Amusement Park

  • steven davis

    a star is born…this lil girl can sing and dance and has great stage presence..ANYBODY who has anything negative to say is jealous,miserable,racist or just plain hateful!!!! she has proven she can sing live WITHOUT music…hit every not flawlessly…not studio helped!!!! now ppl are resorting to petty insignificant rude comments on this little CHILD…CHILD!!!! i wished my parents took an interest in my passion and was able to help me achieve them with their money and connections…will and jada are doing well raising their kids..parents are suppose to help develop their kids positive desires…will smith was the first rapper to win a grammy..he did it without cursing or degrading u think he will allow his children to disrespect themselves and others for a quick buck??/hello? he is already rich…get a life and stop trying to destroy others’….

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  • Tammy Lee

    I don’t have time to comment on the negative comments that are posted, but I do have time to comment on a little girl that has a dream like so many of us. I remember Will and Jada saying, “I tell them all the time: ‘Mommy and Daddy are rich. You all are broke.” I guess Willow and Jaden decided to make their own money!!! I’m inspired by this whole family and not because they have money, but how their family is grounded. Some day I believe Willow and Jaden will be bigger than their parents, and not because Jada and Will are getting older, but because their kids have started so much younger. I LOVE watching and hearing about anyone that is doing positive things. MUCH LOVE SMITH FAMILY!!!

  • TrueStory


    She is using Auto-Tune, you can hear it, Also if you look at who her production team are, they’re some of the biggest names in Auto-Tuning….Sorry to burst your bubble, but better to know the truth than believe a lie.

  • TrueStory

    @Koree: To be fair, people are entitled to they’re opinions and it’s not your place to call people jealious, Some of the comments concern her age, some concern her credibility, None seem to be about being green eyed.