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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Looks like Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio may be teaming up for the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby!

The two actors shared dinner with director Baz Luhrmann and his crew at NYC’s The Lion on Tuesday (November 2), according to reports.

Baz is set to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s classic book to the big screen with Leo reportedly playing the lead as Jay Gatsby.

Though Amanda Seyfried was rumored to be given the role of Daisy Buchanan, Blake is “being strongly considered,” reports Us Weekly.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Blake Lively as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby?

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Credit: Bryce Vickmark, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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240 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!”

  1. 1
    Dan Says:

    The Great Gatsby… I CAN’T WAIT.

    The novel is so awesome and Leonardo DiCaprio is just as awesome!

  2. 2
    [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L] Says:

    …meester who?!? ahahahahahaha …blake owns.

  3. 3
    boots Says:

    too young, be better with someone closer to Leo’s age

  4. 4
    eileener Says:

    I think Us Weekly relies on publicists for a lot of their stories, and this one looks like it came from Blake’s. ;) Nikki Finke / Deadline Hollywood already said Blake is in the running, but I wouldn’t put her ahead of anyone else. She looks the part, but if a bigger name movie actress wants the part, she probably doesn’t stand a chance.

  5. 5
    jackbradleyjennings Says:

    she is no daisy. she uses her boobs to act. not good news AT ALL

  6. 6
    lol Says:

    Blake= fake boobs, fake hair, fake nose, bad acting

  7. 7
    Kirsten Says:

    I love the book. Hopefully the movie will be just as great.

  8. 8
    leo fan Says:

    terrible photo. Leo looks like a bulldog and Blake looks at least 35

  9. 9
    Gehenna27 Says:

    I would prefer Amanda as Daisy. Blake would make a good Jordan i my opinion

  10. 10
    hey Says:

    lol great that Leo and Baz are getting this Gatsby project moving!! It’s not for certain that Blake got the part but she sure seems like a strong contender!!

  11. 11
    whatttt Says:

    That is a horrible picture of Leo…. his face looks old and bloated..

  12. 12
    Jay Says:

    She’s the worst actress ever!
    Please, don’t!

  13. 13
    hey Says:

    @Kirsten: y
    yes i hope the movie is really good. They have alot of pressure on their hands but i’m sure Baz and leo will do a great job!!

  14. 14
    noooo Says:

    leo is oldddddddddd

  15. 15
    Wanda Says:

    I don’t think Blake should be Daisy!

  16. 16
    ewww Says:

    Blake looks wayyyyy older than 23.. wth??

  17. 17
    Hi Says:

    Blake is grabbing at straws…she was terrible in the Town and is horrible on Gossip Girl…she prob had to screw Harvey Weinstein to get that meeting…ugh. Hopefully Natalie Portman will get the part

  18. 18
    Jills#1 Says:

    horrible pic of leo. He looks like he is pushing 50 and has a horrible squinting problem. His girlfriend Bar Refaeli is way too hot for him. Leo got lucky lol.

  19. 19
    Natalie Says:

    Why does Blake look like a 40 year old woman in that picture?! Anyway, I don’t think she’s that great of an actress to play such a role. Stick to Gossip Girl, please!

  20. 20
    excited Says:

    I’m very excited for this movie. I like all of Baz Lurmann’s movies so i think he will do a great job on this.

  21. 21
    JC Says:

    She’s hot but I don’t know if she’s right for this. They need a more acclaimed actress who won’t be blown off the screen trying to act opposite DiCaprio.

  22. 22
    Sian Says:

    Leo will do an awesome job on this movie!! He is the best actor of his generation!

  23. 23
    Jessica Says:

    No, please, no Blake Cheater Lively. that ho.

  24. 24
    Leo fan Says:

    What an exciting movie project. I wish all the luck to Blake for getting the part!

  25. 25
    brooke Says:

    The Great Gatsby is my favorite book! I cannot wait for the new version. Blake is the perfect choice for Daisy – I hope she gets it over Amanda! Leo would suck a Gatsby though! I’m disappointed in that pick. There’s no way he can outdo Redford’s Gatsby. =/

  26. 26
    Sian Says:


    it’s not for certain that Blake is casted. I think in the end she will not get the part. Baz is just workshopping different actresses with Leo at the moment.

  27. 27
    Lindley Says:

    Leighton Meester is the best actress on Gossip Girl. I’m not saying Blake isn’t good, but Leighton there’s something about her. Anyway, Blake would be good for this part!

  28. 28
    forgotten Says:

    uh, what, you decided to remove the fact the Great Gatsby has ALREADY been made into a movie, starring two huge names, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, in 1974?

    Forget Blake Lively, she can be ok, I think Di Caprio is one horrid choice for that role. He certainly can’t fill Robert Redford’s shoes, that’s for sure. This is at best a remake of a movie, not certainly “bringing the book to the big screen”. That has been done (and in a great way) already.

  29. 29
    mari Says:

    seems like the insider saying she’s strongly considered is her publicists pushing for her. seriously?when will hollywood stop pushing her down our throats? she can’t act for **** and when she does it’s a full on caricature (the town)

  30. 30
    leo fan Says:

    @forgotten: leo can play absolutely any role and make it believable. he is a fantastic actor and I know I said he looks like a bulldog (which is true) but he’s the type of actor that doesn’t have to worry about his looks because he’s just that awesome. He’s no brad pitt. Brad Pitt has to have major overhauls on his face or the whole celeb/gossip/movie world shuns him… all looks no talent.

  31. 31
    eileener Says:


    I don’t have a strong opinion on her as an actress, but the article itself smacks of publicist speak — her publicist. “Strong contender” and all the rest makes it fairly obvious. She is pretty though, and would look great in the period clothes.

  32. 32
    N Says:

    She will fail as a decent Daisy.

  33. 33
    Angie Says:

    @N: i agree, i don’t see her as daisy at all.

  34. 34
    mari Says:


    she would honestly suck in period clothes. her only appeal is her body and hair. and imagine the hair and make-up, it needs a natural beauty with a stunning and soft face. Blake is too harsh looking in the face and too dependent on her hair to look good.

  35. 35
    slr0328 Says:

    Blake is attractive but I do not see the depth of talent to pull off the leading role for a movie like Gatsby.She should stick to TV.

  36. 36
    lolo Says:

    No. Anyone but Blake Lively to play Daisy. She’ll butcher it.

  37. 37
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Blake – no, no, no. Natalie Portman – YES, YES, YES.

  38. 38
    CanadaGirl Says:

    What did we do to become so fortunate? THREE Leo posts in two days.
    *CanadaGirl bows to JJ* Thank you.

  39. 39
    Erin Says:

    blake should play jordan!

  40. 40
    polkat Says:

    she looks old in this pic

  41. 41
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Daisy is small, delicate and refined. Blake, although beautiful, is too many things that are wrong for this project: modern, young, tall, broad, etc.
    (I’m tall so don’t think I’m a tall hater)

  42. 42
    SMH... Says:

    @CanadaGirl – Natalie Portman is getting tons of Oscar buzz for “The Swan,” (which I can’t wait to see) and certainly has the acting chops to hold her own opposite Leo. Of the names that have been bandied about thus far, she’s the best choice, I agree.

  43. 43
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Agreed. The more I think about, the better the fit seems. I didn’t think there was anyone credible or worthy of the role around 30-ish, but I forgot about Natalie. I can’t remember who recommended her name in past threads, but you were spot on.

  44. 44
    Botox Melbourne Says:

    I am looking forward the partnership they have. good luck blake

  45. 45
    eileener Says:

    I love Natalie Portman, but I think she might make a better Jordan. Or maybe I’m just too stuck on the Mia Farrow look for Daisy. ;) How about Rachel McAdams for Daisy? Another actress I’d love to see Leo work with.

  46. 46
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I like that combo too, @eileener: . Rachel is good too. I’m not sure if she can play ‘vapid’ well though. Love Rachel – she’s from London, Ontario.

  47. 47
    Jasmine Says:

    I can’t stand Amanda Seyfried so anyone is better than her.

  48. 48
    BWaldorf Says:

    GOD NO. I don’t usually mind Blake but she needs to grow as an actress before being handed heavy parts like this. She means well and I’m sure in the future she might be okay, but right now she clearly can’t handle anything outside of the Serena Van der Woodsen range. (The Town, anyone?)

    There are plenty of other talented actresses in Hollywood that don’t receive as much media attention as her, but more critical acclaim (Rachel McAdams, Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman.)
    -Amanda Seyfried shoudl play Daisy. She has the acting chops to pull it off and most people seem to like her. Also she fits the character description more than Blake.

  49. 49
    Diane Says:

    I think Blake will do good as Daisy. She has the look for it. I think she’s a better choice than some of the other names people are listing.

  50. 50
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Actually, @eileener:, what do you think about Rachel as Jordan and Natalie as Daisy? I like that role assignment much better. I don’t like the idea of NP being reduced to a smaller role, and I think that she can handle the multifaceted characterization needed to portray Daisy.

  51. 51
    Ashlee Says:

    The role of Daisy requires a lot of subtle acting. I don’t see Blake being able to do that.

  52. 52
    gatsby Says:

    I think Blake and Leo will look cute together onscreen.

  53. 53
    JC Says:


    Look cute together on screen? I think they’re aiming for something a little better than a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy with this one. You don’t get Leonardo DiCaprio to go out and make a cute, brainless date movie.

  54. 54
    Diva 4eva Says:

    hmm since Blake was meeting with the director and crew it looks like Blake has a big chance of getting the part.

  55. 55
    Nikki Says:

    As much as I enjoy both of these actors, nobody can outdo Robert Redford and Mia Farrow in the original version of this film. The film was elegant and beautiful and it’s one of my favorites.

    I love the Great Gatsby story and I sincerely hope that Luhrmann doesn’t butcher it like most of today’s Hollywood remakes end up getting butchered.

  56. 56
    Sweettreat Says:

    i love Blake!! I hope she gets it… I think she already did.

  57. 57
    gatsby Says:


    Blake rules deal with it. They will have a great on screen presence.

  58. 58
    JC Says:

    Okay. You’re 12. I get it now.

  59. 59
    hahahaha Says:

    Blake Lively?! now that’s a laugh. I guess ol Baz is gonna camp up The Great Gatsby.

  60. 60
    um Says:

    US WEEKLY is in no position to be talking about casting. Who the he ll do they think they are?

  61. 61
    wtf Says:

    Mia FArrow RUINED The Great Gatsby that why the remake is happening.

  62. 62
    Jordan Says:

    I like her but they need a better actress for this movie.

    Natalie Portman is better choice.

  63. 63
    shelly Says:

    Hell to the Naw ! What about Emily Blunt ?!

  64. 64
    RKsgrl Says:

    No to Lively, Amanda Seyfreid. Not thrilled with Scarlett Johanssen or Rebecca Hall, either. I like Michelle Williams, but not for this part. Natalie Portman is my choice of the actors mentioned for Daisy so far.

    Speaking of Leo movies, the Chicago Sun-Times had this background info on Devil in the White City. It looks like it already has a director and he’s raring to go. I wonder if Leo is really going to shoot three movies next year? I suppose this is what he meant when he said he wanted to focus on his work and not miss out on any opportunities!,CST-NWS-SNEED03.article

  65. 65
    mariam Says:

    Blake would be perfect for Daisy. i’m excited for this remake!!

  66. 66
    wth Says:

    leo is too ugly for Gatsby. Gatsby is supposed to look sophisticated not a disgusting slob like Leo.

  67. 67
    confused Says:

    Doesn’t blake already have the role? It sorta seems this way if she’s going to dinner with everybody involved with the movie…….

  68. 68
    @confused Says:

    i guess we’ll find out if she got it in a couple weeks. I like Blake and i think she’ll do great!

  69. 69
    GG Says:

    I always thought if anyone on that show had a chance at making would of been Leighton :(

  70. 70
    mwah Says:


    Blake seems to be making a good career for herself outside of Gossip Girl. She has great potential..
    Not everyone can transition well from tv…

  71. 71
    mathieu Says:

    noooooo , me dont like ! they are plenty actresses more talented than Lively …

  72. 72
    serile Says:

    Blake will make a gorgeous Daisy…. now Leo… i’m not sure Leo can pull off Gatsby…

  73. 73
    Frank Says:

    The talent that is getting Blake roles has nothing to do with her acting.

  74. 74
    Kevin Says:

    She has the look for Daisy ,hope she can act

  75. 75

    Daisy was supposed to be around Gatsby’s age? I like Amanda Seyfried and in the role but she’s too young. Why not Kate Hudson who proved in Alomst Famous she could act? Blake is crap we know she gets these high profile roles because it’s not her acting!

  76. 76
    blake Says:

    Blake is a fantastic actress and i know she will do an outstanding performance as Daisy.

  77. 77
    yeash Says:

    meh, haters to the left.

    I think she could do great as Daisy.

    Blake is gorgeous :)

  78. 78
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Okay, first we had to deal with the Bar-flies now the Blake-bots. Wtf is happening on this thread?
    We posters don’t decide if she gets the role- BAZ DOES, so posting that she’s great ISN’T getting her the part.
    How many parents and publicists can one thread take? Craziness.

  79. 79
    kristin Says:

    I think Blake would be good against Leo. Definitely a better choice than Scarlett (can’t act at all), Natalie (boring) and Michelle Williams (good but not right for the role). I like Amanda Seyfreid but she comes off so young and Blake can play older (and better against Leo).

  80. 80
    Jokergurl Says:

    I agree with JC Leonardo DiCaprio is very powerful actor, and not just anybody can be opposite of him on screen I think a more established actress should get this role.

  81. 81
    Payday Says:

    A great big pass on this one. There is no way in helll that Leo Dicraprio can erase the memory of Robert Redford as Gatsby. Do directors have no imagination in choosing their actors anymore? There are plenty of actors that would be better suited for the role. I’m sick of seeing LDs bloated toad face everywhere. It’s overkill, dammit.

  82. 82
    Amy Says:

    Great new for Leo. I not sure about Blake, I don’t think she’s a good actress ( from what I’ve seen), and it will be akward to me to see her opposites Leo. But who knows…

    And I don’t want to hear any romance rumors please, thanks.

  83. 83
    v for Says:

    why does everyone hate her? ive never seen her on tv but she was great in the town

  84. 84
    people Says:

    Leighton is the one with the sextape and somehow blake gets called the ****?

  85. 85
    Celia Says:

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want her anywhere near Leo. First Ryan and now this…who’s next? Brad Pitt?

    I can’t take it. Is she supposed to be a serious actress now or something????

  86. 86
    Nick Says:

    Why didn’t the article mention that this is merely ANOTHER adaptation of “The Great Gatsby”? The last one starred Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, and Sam Waterston. I like Leo, but he seems a little old for Gatsby now, I think.

  87. 87

    According to some people Natalie Portman is boring and too deep (whatever that means please don’t repeat it cause you are making a GREAT fool of yourself.), Tobey Maguire is not that good actor either, Amanda Seifried is too youg and Blake Lively – well she is better looking than bar and that’s why definetely no-no.
    You guys don’t even like Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor, you don’t like him at all – but only because he is dating Bar he is perfect. When they broke up there were tons of negative comments on him – how he wasn’t that good looking, overrated as an actor, etc…
    Oh, god, this is sooo ridiculous I can’t even laugh. They are so stupid, ignorant, uneducated people – and the worst of all -they aren’t even ashamed to admit it.

  88. 88

    Natalie Portman:
    Oscar nominated: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
    for: Closer (2004/I).
    BAFTA Film Award -nominated
    Golden Globe -nominated once, won once
    MTV Movie Award -nominated
    Saturn award- won
    Teen Choice Award -won and nominated variousa times
    Do you happen to know a movie called Star wars – very boring movie indeed!

  89. 89
    Angie Says:

    lol I see that Leighton fans are still bitter as ever. Blake is and always will be the more famous one, get over it.

  90. 90
    huh?? Says:


    just because you like Natalie Portman doesn’t mean everyone else has to. She’s not my firs pick either, and I agree that she’s too serious ..she doesn’t show enough emotion in her roles imo. She always has the same expression on her face most of the time. Sorry if that offends you but everyone is entitled to their own opinion .. I would much rather see the role go to Scarlett or Rachel… I don’t know what you’re talking about but most of the people here are fans of Leo, so I don’t understand what you’re so upset about…

  91. 91
    Emma Says:

    Oh this screams Rachel McAdams.

  92. 92
    Steve Says:

    Whoever gets these roles will never measure up to the original. I think Leo is a great actor, maybe he could pull it off. But Blake Lively…, I think there’s potential she’d win a razzy for this one.

  93. 93
    luella Says:

    @huh??: I agree. Im not a fan of Natalie but that doesn’t mean I want her to die in a pit of fire. Honestly people don’t respect different tastes.

  94. 94
    mucchi Says:

    Blair Waldorf fans are crying their eyes out.

  95. 95
    00009 Says:

    @Celia: Oh sweetie she is friends with ryan ONLY. Fan girls dont be jealous cuz your ass will never marry ryan or leo.

  96. 96
    frofsky Says:

    Its sad people resort to calling other women ****** and other vile things because they are successful AND beautiful. What a shame.

  97. 97
    LilWayneLover Says:

    @noooo: Oh and you won’t get old?…dumbass!

  98. 98
    Phoebe Says:

    My gosh! There are so many haters here. Come on guys! She’s a good actress. She doesn’t use her boobs for anything. Don’t be jealous and PLEASE mind your own business..

    People are so insecure of her. GET A LIFE!

  99. 99
    Diana Davis Says:

    i think someone like renee zellwegger would be a great daisy buchannan or even anne hathaway as a blonde. i like blake and all just don’t see her as daisy is all.

  100. 100
    Harry Says:

    Blake is perfect

  101. 101
    mix10 Says:

    i’d prefer amanda seyfried! sorry blake fans, but blake really can’t act!

  102. 102
    Fiona Says:

    If Blake plays Daisy, that’s one big risky role. You can’t effed up with Leo’s movie. You just can’t.
    Soooo many people watch his movie with high expectations and if people judge you are not good, you are not goo actress forever.

  103. 103
    Abbey Says:


    maybe they call her that because she had an affair with Weistein to get roles…and it’s so strategical to dump Penn now….

  104. 104
    french Says:

    I don’t like Blake, i think she is ugly and she is a bad actress

  105. 105
    angi Says:

    Great choice! I love Leo he is in a league of his own. IMO one of the best actors out there…. Blake is young and regardless of of the other comments she’s a not bad actress, (I’ve seen worse) as long as the chemistry is right between them I think she can pull off being daisy.

  106. 106
    Jen Says:

    Look-wise, I think she would be great. Acting-wise, not so much!

  107. 107
    sheil Says:

    -According to New york daily news, Scarjo as Daisy:

    Scar-Jo’s rivals are said to include Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively, but our source says the voluptuous vixen auditioned for Luhrmann opposite Leo DiCaprio (who will play Jay Gatsby) at a digital film studio in SoHo on Monday and was “very happy” with how it went.

    Afterward, paparazzi shot Leo and Baz having lunch at Cafe Gitane. Johansson didn’t join them, but hopefully she’ll be in the frame when the cameras roll.

  108. 108
    Rich Says:

    Rachel McAdams as Daisy Buchanan, she can keep this a billion dollar film. Blake Lively would make this a billion dollar movie, but the character Nick is actually more important than Daisy.

  109. 109
    Dasha Says:

    Bad choice i think, i don’t really know Blake but i don’t see her playing this role, Leo as Gatsby is an amazing choice though, this man can play everthing, i can’t wait to see this movie.

  110. 110
    betty Says:

    I don’t know about blake but whats really important is the combi of Blake and Leo. That lunch to see if they connect I can see that better the with Amanda S. I think Leo is a great actor and he has the charming factor in his roles, yes Robert is a different charm more romantic than Leo.

  111. 111
    arie Says:

    oh please don’t choose blake as leading role,,she even can not act,,so stupid,,watch the town!!ughh…scarlett johansson is better 1 million x than this ugly donkey face girl…………..oh no!!

  112. 112
    Laura Says:

    Amanda is a much better choice. Blake doesnt look like she is from the roaring 20′s..but Amanda can pull that off. Hope the right people are Leo-perfect!!! I can’t wait for this movie either way!

  113. 113
    ++Logan++ Says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, BUT putting Blake in The Great Gatsby is a very, very bad idea. Clearly she got this part with her looks. Leo on the other hand has been in the industry for years and has been in countless hit movies, so he is an obvious choice.

  114. 114
    arie Says:

    amanda is better than blake…blake can not act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid

  115. 115
    luke Says:

    oh please no she’s such a lousy actress!

  116. 116
    me me me Says:

    i don’t like natalie for this part. she is a great actress, but daisy is just too weak of a character perhaps for her. blake – awful choice (even worse than seyfried). michelle williams? rachel macadams even perhaps?

  117. 117
    ... Says:

    If Blake is gonna be Daisy I`m definitely NOT going to see this movie even though I like Leo as an actor. She is so not right for that part and I doubt I could suffer through a whole movie watching this annoying `actress`.
    But if the DailyNews article is correct Blake doesn`t have the part yet – dinner or not. Scralett is a much better choice than Blake but I really would like to see Natalie as Daisy.
    The truth is ALL the actresses being considered for this role are way too young next to Leo.

  118. 118
    ??? Says:

    I assume that Baz and Leo met all the actresses considered for the role but the only time it made it to the gossip sites is when Blake Lively had dinner with the director and the leading man. I bet this publicity works for this newly single wannabe actress. Her being Daisy is so absurd that I have to question Baz and Leo`s sanity even for considering her. This has to be a joke!
    Daisy should be someone closer to Leo`s age.

  119. 119
    karen Says:

    Now we know why she dumped her bf. She thinks that she could have an opportunity and date Leo.

  120. 120
    ohplease Says:

    Amanda can act???? since when? did you see mean girls? how impressive…… and um sorry I dont want to see her fat pale, bug eyed face. she does not fit the part at all. Rachel McAdams would be an exquisite choice. beautiful,talented and suits the classic look to perfection. Blake she is a star in the making.
    People assume she is a *wh*re over Leighton bc she is tall,tanned and blonde. plain jane brunettes with fat doll faces like leighton are more relate able than a girl like Blake, lol lets face it.

    I would love to see Leo dump Barf for Blake.

  121. 121
    lol Says:

    Wow, it seems like a Leighton-hater is here. LOL!
    Blake as an actress is a joke. She is annoying without any talent except for her girl. Leo seems to prefer women who base their careers on their implants ( Bar and Blake )… Leo and Blake a couple? Yet another joke!

  122. 122
    lol Says:

    * except for her girls.

  123. 123
    F@me M0n$t3r Says:

    Is Blake 30 years old? looking haggard for a 24 year old.
    too much surgery.

  124. 124
    caleb Says:

    I really like the Great Gatsby and think Baz would make a great movie and I also think Leo would be good if not great. He has proven himself to be a decent actor but Blake on the other hand would be a real disappointment to any fan of the book because she cant act to save her life. Yes she is beautiful and Vogue and Ben Affleck seem to want to push her down our throats with how great and down to earth she is but its getting tiring. It is sad that to become high profile now a days all that is required is beauty and expensive clothes for everyone to become A list as Blake has. How superficial we all have become that talent is not what gets you any where in life. There are the Scarlet Johansons, Blake Lively, and Megan Fox’s of this world that get far on what? all because the media overhypes them and tries to convince us how great they are >NOT

  125. 125
    Brad Pitt Says:

    Ewwwwwww! She can’t act to save her life. She has no class at all!

  126. 126
    rhymes Says:

    Blake is definitly a better choice than Amanda. She just looks classier and would suit Leo much better.

  127. 127
    hahaha Says:

    Yeah, Leo is getting old and this 20-something wannabe looks way older than her real age is so they would be a great pair. Leo likes women who look much older than their real age ( = his girlfriend, Bar is the best example ). Blake can`t act at all but it seems she has a good PR team. Blake as an actress in a movie like this = a little girl trying on her mommy`s clothes pretending to be an adult. Someone should wake Cinderella and send her back to the Gossip Girl set. That`s exactly where she belongs.

  128. 128
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    i think him and BS (bar) might be broken up. she looked like crap in the supermarket pics and like she’d been crying.

  129. 129
    scarlet Says:

    scarlet johanssen would be perfect! blake doesn’t have enough experience and i’ve never watch gossip girl but she looks like someone you’d see at the local 711.

  130. 130
    michelle Says:

    i love blake, she has great style and totally fits the movie.

  131. 131
    SparklingTwinkle Says:

    leo and blake left dinner together! bar is now history;

  132. 132
    xx Says:



    The director’s “whole crew was there,” the source says, adding that DiCaprio and Lively “didn’t leave together.”

  133. 133
    hahaha Says:

    So what? Us Weekly says it so it`s true? What puts that tabloid over Lainey? Us Weekly got stories wrong before so how can you say it so categorically that it`s not true? It`s all tabloids so take it easy! lol

  134. 134
    alexis Says:

    i hate blake lively, amanda seyfried is a much better candidate imo!!!

  135. 135
    Annie Says:

    I wish Blake would remove that ugly mole next to her nose – Soooo distracting.

  136. 136
    Becky Says:

    Sorry, but her whole head should be removed. Blake irritates me so much I find it impossible to watch anything with her in it. If she gets the role that would mean Baz completely lost his mind. Definitely not a go see movie for me.
    But either way with this dinner she gained a lot of attention and publicity that will forward her career in spite the fact that she is not a good actress.

  137. 137
    Sarah Says:

    What’s with all the haters? Is everyone judging her from two things; Gossip Girl and The Town? She’s not very good in Gossip Girl but that’s mostly because her character is an idiot. I thought she was alright in The Town but not that best. Can’t you just give her chance? Jeez.

  138. 138
    SparklingTwinkle Says:

    Blake said on letterman hat Leo was her highschool crush.
    yes, it was no dinner for two but they did leave together. but i think it’s just an affaire, blake is not really his type, shes not excotic looking and has fake bubbly boobs.

  139. 139
    Lea Says:

    lmao @ everyone in this post.

    I don’t know much about her but based on watching her appearances on Letterman and Fallon, she seems really sweet and fun so I don’t get the hate?

  140. 140
    bb Says:

    Don’t know much about BL to be honest. Don’t watch gossip girl over here much

  141. 141
    @138 Says:

    Interesting, your description ( not exotic looking, has fake boobs, no charisma ) perfectly fits Leo`s girlfriend, Bar.
    Blake is not an actress just a wannabe.

  142. 142
    THE BEST Says:


  143. 143
    caleb Says:

    She seems nice and charming but people dont like her because she cant act. It is difficult to see someone advance in such a way as Blake has and the attention she gets when she is a very bad actress but thats the way it goes these days their is genuine talent and then people like Blake who have to dress to get talked about and then they become fashionistas and slowly invade the business. Hopefully she is not cast because the book is great but the sad truth is Baz has cast a dull actress before, ie NICOLE KIDMAN in Moulin Rouge and Australia. She is the worst actress out there. Baz has bad judgement, taste, you get the point. He will end up casting her and praise her but when the movie rolls around fans will be disappointed with how she butchers the role. At least give it to Seyfried she has progressively gotten better as an actress or Portman. Please not Lively or Scarlet

  144. 144
    caleb Says:

    She seems nice and charming but people dont like her because she cant act. It is difficult to see someone advance in such a way as Blake has and the attention she gets when she is a very bad actress but thats the way it goes these days their is genuine talent and then people like Blake who have to dress to get talked about and then they become fashionistas and slowly invade the business. Hopefully she is not cast because the book is great but the sad truth is Baz has cast a dull actress before, ie NICOLE KIDMAN in Moulin Rouge and Australia. She is the worst actress out there. Baz has bad judgement, taste, you get the point. He will end up casting her and praise her but when the movie rolls around fans will be disappointed with how she butchers the role. At least give it to Seyfried she has progressively gotten better as an actress or Portman. Please not Lively or Scarlet

  145. 145
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Aretha copped a plea deal and won’t be heading to court to face Leo.

  146. 146
    CanadaGirl Says:

    TMZ’s take:

  147. 147
    Speed Says:

    I remember there was a pic of Bar with Blake for the little angels benefit Ball. They probably all know eachother. Bar Refaeli is so pretty. Maybe Bar should be Daisy?? It would be cool to see real life couple Bar and Leo on the screen together!! Has Bar ever acted before!

  148. 148
    Speed Says:

    I remember there was a picture of Leo’s girl Bar with Blake some time ago. I think Bar Refaeli is so pretty. I think Bar has the look for Daisy and It would be cool to see a real life couple play opposite eachother. Has Bar ever acted before?

  149. 149
    bibbo Says:

    i don’t know if Bar has ever acted before.. don’t know much about her career and what not. But she sure is really pretty… but i bet leo wouldn’t like the idea of working with his girlfriend in real life. That is weird for an actor. i know others have done it but still…

  150. 150
    gretchen Says:

    Blake looks really old for her age but then Leo is like pushing 40….. i think Blake can fit the role of Daisy… i liked her performance in The Town..

  151. 151
    hearty Says:

    Leo’s girlfriend Bar Raphaeli(sp) is a supermodel. The Daisy role should go to an experienced actress. ya she’s pretty but most important is finding someone who can act lol.

  152. 152
    RachaelPdIT Says:

    @hearty: s

    Lots of actors start out as models. Look at the actress that is replacing Megan Fox in Transformers. That would be interesting if Leo and Bar starred in a movie together. However, as it has been said is Bar even really interesting in acting…

  153. 153
    eileener Says:

    RE: #147

    LOL lone Bar fan, you’ve just exposed yourself to those who haven’t had the displeasure of running into you and your many aliases yet as totally delusional and it only took one post. ;)

  154. 154
    haha Says:

    why does Leo look like a bulldog in that pic. He sure got ugly over the years…

  155. 155
    omg Says:


    i was thinking the exact same thing! i want my Jack Dawson back (that was the height of his hotness)

  156. 156
    eileener Says:


    Millions of women disagree with you. But who cares, he’s got talent and that never gets old. What is really old is the Bar troll spamming every Leo thread. I’m sorry your girl doesn’t have much of a career to talk about, but you only make yourself and her look like a fool with your constant spamming.

  157. 157
    lollolo Says:

    if bar looks at these threads she’s prob steamed over this one! seeing the headline and pic of blake and leo and the word “date”…. hahaha.

  158. 158
    Barf, You Ignorant Sl*t! Says:


    You know what never gets old? Exposing Barf as the dumb as a box of rocks racist that she is. Here ya go, Barf troll, your girl in all her redneck glory

  159. 159
    Sienna Says:

    Bar is super gorgeous and she kind of looks like Blake. Well in terms of looks alone Bar would be a better choice than Blake. But Blake wins in terms of acting experience.

  160. 160
    sxx Says:


    he looked gorgeous in Inception. i love mature Leo. i dont care about bar, blake… they are boring girls.

  161. 161
    jjones Says:

    When did Bar come in to the equation? That chick is hot but is she even in the running? With Leo already in the lead i doubt they’d get his girl to co-star with him lmao.

  162. 162
    glamqueen Says:

    No to Natalie Portman (overrated) No to Rachel McAdams (eww) No to Bar (she’s a supermodel, plus she’s dating leo uhhh of course people would think leo is playing favourites if his girlfriend is choosen… stupid decision!)

    I say Scarlett is the best(most experience, gorgeous, and talented)

  163. 163
    ??? Says:

    Bar is a supermodel? Really? Since when? When was her last high fashion magazine cover or when did she walked the runway for a high fashion designer? When was the last time she had a major campaign that would qualify her as a supermodel? I must have missed something…
    When did Bar come into the equation? Ever since her obsessed fan started blabbing about her on this thread. Bar couldn`t score the lead in Transformers 3!

  164. 164
    Barf, You Ignorant Sl*t! Says:

    You can tell the Barfbot is super nervous about Leo being in the company of gorgeous, TALENTED women. She’s dissing great actors like Portman and McAdams in favor of the only *MARRIED woman in the bunch, Scarlett, or Barf. No one but the Barfbot would bring Barf up, and even she knows how ridiculous she sounds. She can’t even get decent job as a model anymore.

  165. 165
    Genna Says:

    this is hilarious. The israeli media are joking around that Bar should hide her wardrobe from leo in case he brings the Hoover role to their love life lol

  166. 166
    Genna Says:

    this is hilarious. The israeli media are joking around that Bar should hide her wardrobe from leo in case he brings the Hoover role to their love life lol. But then they mention that Bar has nothing to worry about hehe. The israeli media have a good sense of humour!.

  167. 167

    and here we go again BRIGHTSIDE is on a roll again guys stay tuned for about 1000 posts from her every few seconds brightside is the troll dont they have that nappy hair that sticks up in the air? hahaha yes they do BRIGHTSIDE IS THE ORIGINAL TROLL OK THIS IS HER KNEW NAME GUYS GOT IT ‘BRIGHTSIDE THE TROLL’ USE IT’

  168. 168
    ;) Says:

    of course she has nothing to worry about. who would wanna wear her hideous clothes? i doubt even a cross-dresser would wanna have those? just think about that brown disaster she was wearing in la? you know that completely unflattering grandma dress. lol

  169. 169
    11th hour Says:

    Genna did you notice the comments?
    “Of course he does not like Bar…..” and “The Bar did not love him.” Got to love those Israelis.

  170. 170
    lol Says:

    It`s seems like it`s computer time in the looney bin again so this `brightside freak` is posting again.

  171. 171
    ;) Says:

    @11th hour: it`s genna you are talking to. she is a bar fan so she notices only what she wants to notice. obviously she chooses to ignore those hilarious comments … lol

  172. 172

    @ 168 – 171 wrong ***** a fan of LEO D. youre the one talking 90% of BAR R. here why if its leos thread go to her website and bash her there this is about LEO NOT BAR got it? get it? TROLLY ******

  173. 173
    @172 Says:


  174. 174

    uh ohhhhh hit a nerve brightside is typing in caps hahahahaha who needs help? sybil? my last post is the truth and you know it and cant handle it why are you here bashing BAR R. if this is LEOS thread? is it because youre insanely jealous???? yes it is but my post is the truth to bad deal with it

  175. 175
    @172 Says:

    Your ESL is showing.

  176. 176
    @174 Says:

    Why are idiotic bar fans bring her up all the time and over and over again if it`s Leo`s thread? But I assume for someone like you ( extra low IQ ) is fine. Hit a nerve? Sure, whatever makes you help sleep at night ( besides your medication of course )! LOL!

  177. 177

    @ 176 ok troll brightside whatever floats your bloat everybody knows who is right and who is sick and you are the sick one just look at how you post allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time every few seconds its sick pathetic youre a very sick person and need help who comes on a thread like you and does this allllllllllllllll the time please youre a waste of ppls time

  178. 178

    right!!!!!!! agree brightside is the sicko here we see her posts we will post her as BRIGHTSIDE IS THE TROLL

  179. 179
    @177&178 Says:

    Take your meds, looney! Give some to your bar fan friends as well! LOL!

  180. 180

    @179 keep proving yourself sicky again by mentioning BAR R. obsessed sicko everyone sees

  181. 181
    jordan heels Says:

    I feel the women is very beautiful

  182. 182
    dr brown Says:

    Hi Team Leo!
    (Friendly waves and good vibes to SMH, CanadaGirl, Brasil, Red Velvet, Tinkerbell, Leo Dicaprio Fan etc). I really hope that they get this Daisy thing right. Adapting a classic is risky enough let alone one that has had a famous adaptation already. I have no preference as to whether the part is played by an established hollywood player or an unknown but whoever plays Daisy (especially opposite Leo as Jay) needs to be an ACTRESS. The Great Gatsby should not be something that you break your teeth on.

    Either way, Leo seems to have a lot of brilliant stuff coming up which I am really looking forward to and should result in a lot of screen time :)
    I wonder what order the projects will be be done in? I read in the Chicago Sun times that Michael Shamberg (who is currently producing Soderberg’ ‘contagion’ and will be one of the producers on devil in the white city) said that the hope is to get to work on the project asap. Of course, Leo may have to change his physicality for Hoover. So, who knows what way around the projects will be done. But I am looking forward to them nonetheless. Have a lovely weekend. xo

  183. 183
    Red Velvet Says:

    Thank for the shout out dr brown.
    I really hope they get the right actress for Daisy too, because sometimes even though the movie is good and majority of the cast is fit, if one of the main is totally mis-casted, the movie will be a total disaster. Like john wayne as Genghis Khan, for me it’s WAY to weird and a major turn-off.

  184. 184
    dr brown Says:

    @Red Velvet: Hi Red Velvet. Exactly! I think we need to keep our fingers crossed on this one. If they get it wrong, it could be a real problem and that would be such a shame.

    It can be really distracting and disappointing when all of the cast is not right. I remember the first time I watched gangs of new york (which I love by the way). As an Irish woman myself I remember not particularly ‘feeling’ Cameron Diaz in the roll of Jenny. I know that she seems lovely and lots of fun in real life and that she and Leo get along really well but there just did n’t seem to be enough warmth, depth or damage if that makes since. Therefore, while I cared about Amsterdam I did not really connect with the love story. In fact, when I wernt to the cinema to watch that film I distinctly recall several of the men around where I was sitting saying out loud “that should have been that girl from Titanic.’

    It can also be especially hard to cast right opposite Leo because there are few actresses who seem to hold their own. I remember on the red carpet at the london premiere of Revolutionary Road Leo specifically said that he would not and could not have done that piece of work with anyone other than Kate. Then on Charlie Rose he said that they felt able to jointly go to the places that they had to in that film because he knew that she was the actress who would be able to take all that he could throw at her and to give it right back to him.

  185. 185
    dr brown Says:

    oops! I meant role of Jenny not roll of Jenny lol

  186. 186

    It seems to me he always makes two movies in a row somehow- like he has 2 movies in one year, which is actually very rare. Even more rare is that both of them are successfull (like Catch me if you can and gangs of new york, Shutter island and Inception, etc).
    He has basically proven to be one good actor with brains. But I personally think his father has so much to do with this, since he is always his last advisor regarding movie projects (Leonardo said it himself in many interviews).
    My personally favourite Leonardo looks are:
    1) Marvin’s room
    2) Romeo and Juliet
    3) Blood diamond
    4)The Departed
    But his german grandmother Helena (she past away as you know) always told him – she liked his looks in Titanic and she always told him she wanted him to have same haircut as then. He actually todl that on the German TV in an interview, he joked about it.
    The only thing that I don’t like about him, is that even in professional interviews he is always dead serious, never makes even innocent jokes and has this look on his face, as if he isn’t even there. Maybe 4-5 years ago it wasn’t so, but in the last couple of years he especially only says one and the same line over and over.
    But of, course, he is a great actor etc etc so every movie with him is a-must-see-intelligent-kind-of-movie.

  187. 187
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi all. It’s Friday and I’m super excited. Have a great weekend Leo-fans.

  188. 188

    mmmmmmmmmmm red velvet and dr brown nice new names BRIGHTSIDE TROLL

  189. 189
    Red Velvet Says:

    @@BRIGHTSIDE IS THE TROLL: Seriously ? I didn’t even mention your idol’s name is my last post. You should start popping that Valium pills

  190. 190
    @Red Velvet Says:

    #188 is a looney just like the other bar fans so just ignore the pointless comments from this person. You are right he/she definitely needs pills! LOL!

  191. 191
    dr brown Says:

    @Red Velvet: Hi Red Velvet. I am just choosing to ignore whoever that is. Very strange considering that none of our posts were addressed to them. Anyway, hope you and the rest of team Leo are having a good weekend. Several Leo threads in a matter of days. Thanks JJ you are spoiling us :)

  192. 192
    dr brown Says:

    Hi there. Forgot to say – I just read an interview that Clint Eastwood gave a few days ago while promoting his new film ‘Hereafter.’ It notes that Clint is getting ready to direct Leo for the first time and Clint confirmed that they will begin work on Hoover “early next year.”

  193. 193
    Lisa rose Says:

    Leo landed in Israel today!!!

  194. 194
    fat GAY queenie Says:

    Israelis are starting shi*t again! If they can’t get a real picture of him – he’s not there!!!!

  195. 195
    SMH... Says:

    Hi Team Leo! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :)

    So what’s the deal with these reports of Leo being in Israel? I agree with #194, the proof is in the pictures…if he’s even there.

  196. 196
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi Leo-fans: SMH. Tinkerbell, dr Brown, Red Velvet, LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN, eileener, Brasil, (the real) lol, etc.
    He’s not in Israel. The press would have a field day. They’re just trying to diffuse any cheating, possible break up rumours because of Blake.

  197. 197
    SMH... Says:

    PopEater weighs in on casting Daisy:

  198. 198
    dr brown Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Hi CanadaGirl, SMH and the rest of team Leo! Sorry I could n’d reply sooner (I’ve no computer at home). Anyway, this thing about Leo going to Israel – obviously until we see photos of anything, we can’t confirm it. However, I thought I would share the information that I found anyway with the proviso that we cannot check it’s authenticity but here goes. Leo’s Yuku fansite is full of pepole (unlike most of us here) who like Bar and so they post articles from the Israeli media all the time.

    According to an Israeli article (,7340,L-3980460,00html) Leo arrived in Israel (Saturday I think) to collect Bar and they will go from Israel to Egypt on holiday together to celebrate his 36th birthday (his birthday is this coming thursday).

    The Israeli media is also apparently saying that Bar has been unabled to return to the USA over this last few weeks because of “bureaucratic” problems. However, there is no more detail given on this).

    I recall posts on here earlier this year telling us that Bar would be out of Leo’s life by his 36th birthday. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have happened. It is so sad that a man so talented and admirable in many ways has such poor taste in women. I hope all comes right in the end.

    Ultimately, of course, whereever Leo is right now be it Israel, Egypt or somewhere else, he has to be back in L.A. by 14 November because this is when he is due to appear in person (with Scorsese appearing via satellite link from London where he is filming Hugo Caberet) at the end of American Cinematique’s 2 day (13-14 Nov) retrospective of the Scorses/Dicaprio collaborations.

    I suppose we should all brace ourselves for some Leo and Bar pics soon just in case the Israeli reports are right. As if it’s not bad enough that it’s monday morning (:

  199. 199
    french Says:

    still no pics

  200. 200
    dr brown Says:

    @french: Hi French. Yeah I know. Like I said – we can’t be sure of any of the reports without pics. Perhaps Bar has n’t had a chance to tip off the paps yet lol. If he has n’t been seen around LA or NYC for a while, he may be with her. Who knows? Either way, he will be back in LA for the American Cinematique event at the weekend. We should at least get pics of him from that.

  201. 201
    ginette Says:

    @ dr brown: You are right. Unfortunately there`s a good chance that he is with her and it`s good to know that soon he`ll be home. But wouldn`t it be just awesome if he stopped wasting time with bar and finally start dating a decent and intelligent woman?

  202. 202
    dr brown Says:

    @ginette: Hi ginette. Yes that would indeed be fantastic and would make a welcome and refreshing change. Leo knows what it is to have loving, decent, intelligent and talented women in his life (his mother, is late grandmother, his friend kate who he has indicated is not just one of his dearest and closed friends (Esquire and other interviews) but is also like a sister to him (the oscar round table 2005)). This makes his dating choices all the harder to understand given that he sticks with these people (albeit on /off) for quite a long time. Let’s hope he does n’t dilute his genes by having babies with the sort of girl he normally dates (esp. Bar)

  203. 203
    dr brown Says:

    Hi Team Leo. Hope you are all well.
    Still no pics to enable us to confirm or deny these reports from Israel. However, the Israeli media is reporting that Leo, Bar, Irmelin, Kevin Connolly have been in Cairo. The reports claim that instead of going on to Jordan as initially planned, they will return to Israel where they will stay at/visit Bar’s new apartment and do some sightseeing. These reports might just be rubbish but if it is true, it’s depressing. Leo’s choices in his private life do take some of the shine of his very bright star IMO. That’s a shame. Please God – let him come to his senses asap.
    However, if the reports are correct, then someone is feeding the media some very specific information. Like to take a guess anyone? I think it may take us a matter of seconds to draw up that list don’t you?

    Google translation of the Article:…81668%2C00.html

  204. 204
    dr brown Says:

    Sorry guys. Will try again with that link. It’s a long one. Hope this works.

  205. 205
    dr brown Says:

    Still did n’t work sorry! I’m not good at the technical stuff. Anyway. I told you what the article said. If you want to see the translation it is on Leo’s yuku fansite under the topic heading Leo is in Israel again. All the best.

  206. 206
    ;) Says:

    @dr brown: IF it`s true. so far no sight of any of them anywhere. plus the article says they are staying in israel for a week ( if i remember well ) but leo has to be back in la by sunday ( that scorsese thing ). you`re right if it`s true someone is leaking this info to the media but this wouldn`t be the first time the israeli sites post things that are not true. whether he is there or not it is already disappointing what poor choice he made in his private life.

  207. 207
    ;) Says:

    yeah, i remembered well. according to this site ( and now another one, the israeli E! ) says leo and bar are going to be back in israel on thursday or friday ( with his mom and kevin connolly ) and stay for a week.
    i wonder where did they get this info and if it`s correct. leo is supposed to be in la on sunday for an event. we`ll have to wait and see…

  208. 208

    Naomi Campbell will marry a Russian billionaire. It won’t be a traditional wedding. Instead of rice, they’ll throw cell phones.
    Good choice of buddies, Leonardo. You are the man!

  209. 209

    Naomi Campbell will marry a Russian billionaire. It won’t be a traditional wedding. Instead of rice, they’ll throw cell phones.
    Good choice of buddies, Leonardo. You are the man!

  210. 210
    lil Says:

    @207 why is kevin connolly with them?

  211. 211
    lil Says:

    Hot in the Middle East: Leo will celebrate 36 with bar

    Movie star and her partner of Bar Refaeli landed in Israel to celebrate 36th birthday with his wife again. This time he managed to escape the paparazzi, and probably his swan took a romantic trip to Cairo.

    After hours of rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s landed in, it’s time to clean up. Today (Saturday) afternoon Hollywood actor landed in Israel’s private plane to pick up Bar Refaeli holiday together, where they mark the 36th birthday of actor, extrusion Thursday near future.

    According to Rafaeli’s associates, DiCaprio arrived in Israel to visit his wife who spends three weeks in the country, and is currently bureaucratic problems that prevent it

    Return to the United States. Contrary to speculation that he spends Refaeli’s parents’ house in Hod Hasharon, they actually preferred to go along, probably a romantic trip to Cairo’s birthday celebrations Hollywood star. In addition, rumors emerged last week gossip sites abroad, of which DiCaprio has had hanging out with Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”), which may shed further light on the nature of the visit brief.

    Remember, during his previous visit of DiCaprio in Israel three years ago, there was an embarrassing incident that came into violence involving a player’s security guards Israeli paparazzi. This time, it seems, he decided to skip the photos.

    The reaction of Tzipi Rafaeli, Bar’s mother, could not be reached until the announcement.,7340,L-3980460,00.html

  212. 212
    In Your Dreams Says:

    and her’s, too. If she was “his wife” she wouldn’t be stuck in Israel. He’d still sleep with other women, though. That’s not going to change, ring or no ring.

  213. 213
    In Your Dreams Says:


    LOL! Vlad’s wife + daughter + all his lovers will show up, Barf will break out her “black person” get up, and Leo and Kevin will be macking on the bridesmaids to complete the circus.

  214. 214
    dr brown Says:

    @lil: I can’t confirm whether he is with them but it is what the Israeli media has reported. Maybe Leo wanted one of HIS friends with him for the trip.

  215. 215
    dr brown Says:

    hi team leo. my comment is awaiting moderation for some reason so i’ll try again with the info. i read an article danny boyle (director of the beach) gave to movieline about his new film 127 hours. in it he calleed leo “an amazing actor.” he also said that if they gave oscars for the performance of the last 10 years, leo should get it for what’s eating gilbert grape? i agree. that is my favourite screen performance given by an actor of our generation.

    by the way if you guys are interested, leo is up for a people’s choice award (you can vote on their website).

    happy birthday leo! (may his 36th year bring continued sucess in work and if possible the development of better taste in women – please god!)

  216. 216
    sofunny Says:

    don’t know if that’s been posted before, bar gets slammed for twitter by her own agency.

  217. 217
    dr brown Says:

    Hi Team Leo. Hope you are all well.

    Leo did n’t appear at the American Cinemathque event in person. He appeared via Satellite from Tel Aviv.

    He is still in Tel Aviv staying at the Dan Hotel with his very unfortunate choice of girlfriend. This all means that the schedule publicised in the Isreali media last week (that he arrived in Israel before moving on to Egypt, then Jordan, then back to Israel where he is due to stay until around thursday of this week) was right. In other words, someone in Bar’s camp has a very big mouth. Not impressed as ever.

    It is also being reported that Leo and Baz both loved Scarlet Johannson for the role of Daisy after her screen test but a scheduling conflict looks like it may rule her out with Carey Mulligan said to be most lilely choice if ScarJo can’t do it. We’ll have to wait and see on this but that is the latest report.

  218. 218
    to dr brown Says:

    thx very much!

  219. 219
    ...... Says:

    There are no proofs that he is in Israel

  220. 220
    ;) Says:

    @219: there are photos of leo`s mom, irmelin and kevin connolly sightseeing in israel. i just assume that in that case leo is there and according to some site he spent the day with bar sightseeing somewhere else… he is there unfortunately. but it`s funny how quickly the new engagement rumors were shot down by a source in us weekly… lol

  221. 221
    dr brown Says:

    @……: I know we have n’t seen photos of him out and about over there. And believe me I would rather he was nowhere near Bar. However, Leo’s satellite link for the American Cinematheque event said that he was linking up from Tel Aviv. Also, there have been pictures of Irmelin (Leo’s mum) and Kevin Connolly out and about taking photos (the photos are posted on Leo’s Yuku fansite under the heading “Leo is in Israel”). I doubt that Irmelin and Kevin would be in Israel if Leo was not.

  222. 222
    ;) Says:

    apparently there are photos of leo and bar in israel on barrefaelionline . com but you have to register to see them. sorry. i didn`t want to believe it either but it is what it is. disappointing but what can you do?
    funny thing is that now that the engagement rumors are denied a new one is around… leo is planning to buy some land in israel to build a house for his future visits.

  223. 223
    dr brown Says:

    Team Leo – some info.

    Leo said during the American Cinematheque event that Hoover (or whatever Clint ends up calling the film) will start filming very soon maybe January/February.

    Baz Luhrmann has confirmed to that he has officially offered Carey Mulligan the part of Daisy in the Great Gatsby.

    @ ;) Hi there. I know his choice of girlfriends seriously disappoints as it does not match his taste or judgment in other areas of his life. But you are right – what can we do? Nothing unfortunately. I laughed at the spped of the engagement denials too but I did see the story about buying land.

    Hope all in team Leo are well. Take care.

  224. 224
    ;) Says:

    leo visited israel twice in 5 years. clearly he goes there so often that he needs to build a house there. and of course the media knows already where he looking. of course i believe it. lol engagement rumors shot down while he is still there so they need a new story to chew on…
    it is beyond disappointing, dr brown who he chooses to date. and the friends around him? i mean naomi campbell? the way he got out of this la personal appearance. i think he is a huge letdown.

  225. 225
    notengaged Says:

    Source: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Rafaeli Aren’t Engaged

    Leo’s still in love — but he’s not getting ready for a walk down the aisle.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and model Bar Rafaeli are not engaged, a source close to the Inception star, 36, tells

    The couple sparked new marriage rumors last week when they arrived — with DiCaprio’s mom, Irmelin — in Rafaeli’s native Israel, where they met with her parents.

    The source adds that it’s “just a vacation.”

    According to AOL News, the paparazzi-plagued couple has been traveling in Israel with a convoy of armored cars and security guards. Before their Israel sojourn the couple — celebrating DiCaprio’s birthday — hung out in Egypt and Jordan, joined by famous pals like Naomi Campbell and Kevin Connolly.

    Often the subject of matrimony talk, DiCaprio (who once dated Gisele Bundchen) and Rafaeli, 25, have dated for nearly five years; they split for six months back in 2009.

    “I am not thinking about getting married,” Rafaeli has said. “I’m still young. And when I do get engaged, I might even hide the ring. I want it to remain private.”

    Her mom, former model Tzipi Levine, told AOL she approved of DiCaprio as a potential son-in-law.

    “This is her choice. I’m happy for her when she’s happy. Any man is lucky to be dating my daughter,” she said.…ngaged-20101511

    new pic;

  226. 226
    dr brown Says:

    @ ;) don’t get me started on Naomi Campbell. On the LA event – the studio claims it was a plane issue, and that a satellite link was cheaper for them than arranging alternative transportation back to LA. Whatever is the truth there, the fact that Israeli media stated last week that Leo would be there until this thursday means this looks really bad. Not impressed.

  227. 227
    ;) Says:

    plane issue? of course. if someone doesn`t want to get on a plane to a certain direction that`s indeed an issue. lol on the other thread it was mentioned that he never intended to be there but saying he will he could distract the israeli media. every info about this trip posted one week prior to the event turned out to be true so this plane excuse is rather pathetic.

  228. 228
    french Says:

    Leo is a jerk and Barf a b*tch, what a pathetic couple !!! I’m very disapointed of Leo, he lost many fans because of this pathetic sllut, i know it’s his life but it shows how he is stupid , in more he doesn’t seem in loveand he doesn’t seem to care about her at all.

  229. 229
    french Says:

    i saw the pics of Barfie Bittchereli with Georgio armani and she is so photoshoped that it doesn’t look like her

  230. 230
    french Says:

    Leo’s mom really seems to be happy to be in Israel, look at her face.

  231. 231
    ;) Says:

    yeah, french, she seems thrilled on those photos. lol. just like the day before while sightseeing.
    there are lingerie photos of bar everywhere ( surprise! bar refaeli in underwear again! ) are they new? perfect timing to release them ( or re-release them if they are old ) when leo is in israel and all these rumors are around… who would have seen it coming?

  232. 232
    eureka Says:

    @ ;)
    I just checked the underwear pics you mentioned. Very poor quality, very cheap and airbrushed more than usual especially in the belly area.
    No surprise she is not working. That’s why she had to go back to Israel: there is no contract that can keep her in US, not even with her BF help.

  233. 233
    @french 229 Says:

    She is the only woman in the world that looks cheap and average in a Giorgio Armani outfit (not to mention the professional hairdo and makeup, the superb lights, the full photoshop and the super luxury maxiboat that were supposed to turn her into a classy and exclusive woman).
    Too bad.

  234. 234
    NewpixIsrael Says:

    Leo and Bar and her dad;
    Leo on balcony of Tel Aviv hotel;

  235. 235
    @234 Says:

    And what proves the the photos were indeed taken in Israel?

  236. 236
    @235 Says:

    Who cares? Are you kidding?

  237. 237
    @236 Says:

    Apparently you do…

  238. 238
    k Says:

    @dr brown: thanks for the info

  239. 239
    @234 Says:

    For sure they are the proof she already has a middle aged woman’s (after multiple pregnancies) a s s.

  240. 240
    @234 Says:

    large, flat a s s, short legs, fried hair, poor outfit choices…glamorous indeed.

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