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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Looks like Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio may be teaming up for the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby!

The two actors shared dinner with director Baz Luhrmann and his crew at NYC’s The Lion on Tuesday (November 2), according to reports.

Baz is set to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s classic book to the big screen with Leo reportedly playing the lead as Jay Gatsby.

Though Amanda Seyfried was rumored to be given the role of Daisy Buchanan, Blake is “being strongly considered,” reports Us Weekly.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Blake Lively as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby?

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  • ginette

    @ dr brown: You are right. Unfortunately there`s a good chance that he is with her and it`s good to know that soon he`ll be home. But wouldn`t it be just awesome if he stopped wasting time with bar and finally start dating a decent and intelligent woman?

  • dr brown

    @ginette: Hi ginette. Yes that would indeed be fantastic and would make a welcome and refreshing change. Leo knows what it is to have loving, decent, intelligent and talented women in his life (his mother, is late grandmother, his friend kate who he has indicated is not just one of his dearest and closed friends (Esquire and other interviews) but is also like a sister to him (the oscar round table 2005)). This makes his dating choices all the harder to understand given that he sticks with these people (albeit on /off) for quite a long time. Let’s hope he does n’t dilute his genes by having babies with the sort of girl he normally dates (esp. Bar)

  • dr brown

    Hi Team Leo. Hope you are all well.
    Still no pics to enable us to confirm or deny these reports from Israel. However, the Israeli media is reporting that Leo, Bar, Irmelin, Kevin Connolly have been in Cairo. The reports claim that instead of going on to Jordan as initially planned, they will return to Israel where they will stay at/visit Bar’s new apartment and do some sightseeing. These reports might just be rubbish but if it is true, it’s depressing. Leo’s choices in his private life do take some of the shine of his very bright star IMO. That’s a shame. Please God – let him come to his senses asap.
    However, if the reports are correct, then someone is feeding the media some very specific information. Like to take a guess anyone? I think it may take us a matter of seconds to draw up that list don’t you?

    Google translation of the Article:…81668%2C00.html

  • dr brown
  • dr brown

    Still did n’t work sorry! I’m not good at the technical stuff. Anyway. I told you what the article said. If you want to see the translation it is on Leo’s yuku fansite under the topic heading Leo is in Israel again. All the best.

  • ;)

    @dr brown: IF it`s true. so far no sight of any of them anywhere. plus the article says they are staying in israel for a week ( if i remember well ) but leo has to be back in la by sunday ( that scorsese thing ). you`re right if it`s true someone is leaking this info to the media but this wouldn`t be the first time the israeli sites post things that are not true. whether he is there or not it is already disappointing what poor choice he made in his private life.

  • ;)

    yeah, i remembered well. according to this site ( and now another one, the israeli E! ) says leo and bar are going to be back in israel on thursday or friday ( with his mom and kevin connolly ) and stay for a week.
    i wonder where did they get this info and if it`s correct. leo is supposed to be in la on sunday for an event. we`ll have to wait and see…


    Naomi Campbell will marry a Russian billionaire. It won’t be a traditional wedding. Instead of rice, they’ll throw cell phones.
    Good choice of buddies, Leonardo. You are the man!


    Naomi Campbell will marry a Russian billionaire. It won’t be a traditional wedding. Instead of rice, they’ll throw cell phones.
    Good choice of buddies, Leonardo. You are the man!

  • lil

    @207 why is kevin connolly with them?

  • lil

    Hot in the Middle East: Leo will celebrate 36 with bar

    Movie star and her partner of Bar Refaeli landed in Israel to celebrate 36th birthday with his wife again. This time he managed to escape the paparazzi, and probably his swan took a romantic trip to Cairo.

    After hours of rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s landed in, it’s time to clean up. Today (Saturday) afternoon Hollywood actor landed in Israel’s private plane to pick up Bar Refaeli holiday together, where they mark the 36th birthday of actor, extrusion Thursday near future.

    According to Rafaeli’s associates, DiCaprio arrived in Israel to visit his wife who spends three weeks in the country, and is currently bureaucratic problems that prevent it

    Return to the United States. Contrary to speculation that he spends Refaeli’s parents’ house in Hod Hasharon, they actually preferred to go along, probably a romantic trip to Cairo’s birthday celebrations Hollywood star. In addition, rumors emerged last week gossip sites abroad, of which DiCaprio has had hanging out with Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”), which may shed further light on the nature of the visit brief.

    Remember, during his previous visit of DiCaprio in Israel three years ago, there was an embarrassing incident that came into violence involving a player’s security guards Israeli paparazzi. This time, it seems, he decided to skip the photos.

    The reaction of Tzipi Rafaeli, Bar’s mother, could not be reached until the announcement.,7340,L-3980460,00.html

  • In Your Dreams

    and her’s, too. If she was “his wife” she wouldn’t be stuck in Israel. He’d still sleep with other women, though. That’s not going to change, ring or no ring.

  • In Your Dreams


    LOL! Vlad’s wife + daughter + all his lovers will show up, Barf will break out her “black person” get up, and Leo and Kevin will be macking on the bridesmaids to complete the circus.

  • dr brown

    @lil: I can’t confirm whether he is with them but it is what the Israeli media has reported. Maybe Leo wanted one of HIS friends with him for the trip.

  • dr brown

    hi team leo. my comment is awaiting moderation for some reason so i’ll try again with the info. i read an article danny boyle (director of the beach) gave to movieline about his new film 127 hours. in it he calleed leo “an amazing actor.” he also said that if they gave oscars for the performance of the last 10 years, leo should get it for what’s eating gilbert grape? i agree. that is my favourite screen performance given by an actor of our generation.

    by the way if you guys are interested, leo is up for a people’s choice award (you can vote on their website).

    happy birthday leo! (may his 36th year bring continued sucess in work and if possible the development of better taste in women – please god!)

  • sofunny

    don’t know if that’s been posted before, bar gets slammed for twitter by her own agency.

  • dr brown

    Hi Team Leo. Hope you are all well.

    Leo did n’t appear at the American Cinemathque event in person. He appeared via Satellite from Tel Aviv.

    He is still in Tel Aviv staying at the Dan Hotel with his very unfortunate choice of girlfriend. This all means that the schedule publicised in the Isreali media last week (that he arrived in Israel before moving on to Egypt, then Jordan, then back to Israel where he is due to stay until around thursday of this week) was right. In other words, someone in Bar’s camp has a very big mouth. Not impressed as ever.

    It is also being reported that Leo and Baz both loved Scarlet Johannson for the role of Daisy after her screen test but a scheduling conflict looks like it may rule her out with Carey Mulligan said to be most lilely choice if ScarJo can’t do it. We’ll have to wait and see on this but that is the latest report.

  • to dr brown

    thx very much!

  • ……

    There are no proofs that he is in Israel

  • ;)

    @219: there are photos of leo`s mom, irmelin and kevin connolly sightseeing in israel. i just assume that in that case leo is there and according to some site he spent the day with bar sightseeing somewhere else… he is there unfortunately. but it`s funny how quickly the new engagement rumors were shot down by a source in us weekly… lol

  • dr brown

    @……: I know we have n’t seen photos of him out and about over there. And believe me I would rather he was nowhere near Bar. However, Leo’s satellite link for the American Cinematheque event said that he was linking up from Tel Aviv. Also, there have been pictures of Irmelin (Leo’s mum) and Kevin Connolly out and about taking photos (the photos are posted on Leo’s Yuku fansite under the heading “Leo is in Israel”). I doubt that Irmelin and Kevin would be in Israel if Leo was not.

  • ;)

    apparently there are photos of leo and bar in israel on barrefaelionline . com but you have to register to see them. sorry. i didn`t want to believe it either but it is what it is. disappointing but what can you do?
    funny thing is that now that the engagement rumors are denied a new one is around… leo is planning to buy some land in israel to build a house for his future visits.

  • dr brown

    Team Leo – some info.

    Leo said during the American Cinematheque event that Hoover (or whatever Clint ends up calling the film) will start filming very soon maybe January/February.

    Baz Luhrmann has confirmed to that he has officially offered Carey Mulligan the part of Daisy in the Great Gatsby.

    @ ;) Hi there. I know his choice of girlfriends seriously disappoints as it does not match his taste or judgment in other areas of his life. But you are right – what can we do? Nothing unfortunately. I laughed at the spped of the engagement denials too but I did see the story about buying land.

    Hope all in team Leo are well. Take care.

  • ;)

    leo visited israel twice in 5 years. clearly he goes there so often that he needs to build a house there. and of course the media knows already where he looking. of course i believe it. lol engagement rumors shot down while he is still there so they need a new story to chew on…
    it is beyond disappointing, dr brown who he chooses to date. and the friends around him? i mean naomi campbell? the way he got out of this la personal appearance. i think he is a huge letdown.

  • notengaged

    Source: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Rafaeli Aren’t Engaged

    Leo’s still in love — but he’s not getting ready for a walk down the aisle.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and model Bar Rafaeli are not engaged, a source close to the Inception star, 36, tells

    The couple sparked new marriage rumors last week when they arrived — with DiCaprio’s mom, Irmelin — in Rafaeli’s native Israel, where they met with her parents.

    The source adds that it’s “just a vacation.”

    According to AOL News, the paparazzi-plagued couple has been traveling in Israel with a convoy of armored cars and security guards. Before their Israel sojourn the couple — celebrating DiCaprio’s birthday — hung out in Egypt and Jordan, joined by famous pals like Naomi Campbell and Kevin Connolly.

    Often the subject of matrimony talk, DiCaprio (who once dated Gisele Bundchen) and Rafaeli, 25, have dated for nearly five years; they split for six months back in 2009.

    “I am not thinking about getting married,” Rafaeli has said. “I’m still young. And when I do get engaged, I might even hide the ring. I want it to remain private.”

    Her mom, former model Tzipi Levine, told AOL she approved of DiCaprio as a potential son-in-law.

    “This is her choice. I’m happy for her when she’s happy. Any man is lucky to be dating my daughter,” she said.…ngaged-20101511

    new pic;

  • dr brown

    @ ;) don’t get me started on Naomi Campbell. On the LA event – the studio claims it was a plane issue, and that a satellite link was cheaper for them than arranging alternative transportation back to LA. Whatever is the truth there, the fact that Israeli media stated last week that Leo would be there until this thursday means this looks really bad. Not impressed.

  • ;)

    plane issue? of course. if someone doesn`t want to get on a plane to a certain direction that`s indeed an issue. lol on the other thread it was mentioned that he never intended to be there but saying he will he could distract the israeli media. every info about this trip posted one week prior to the event turned out to be true so this plane excuse is rather pathetic.

  • french

    Leo is a jerk and Barf a b*tch, what a pathetic couple !!! I’m very disapointed of Leo, he lost many fans because of this pathetic sllut, i know it’s his life but it shows how he is stupid , in more he doesn’t seem in loveand he doesn’t seem to care about her at all.

  • french

    i saw the pics of Barfie Bittchereli with Georgio armani and she is so photoshoped that it doesn’t look like her

  • french

    Leo’s mom really seems to be happy to be in Israel, look at her face.

  • ;)

    yeah, french, she seems thrilled on those photos. lol. just like the day before while sightseeing.
    there are lingerie photos of bar everywhere ( surprise! bar refaeli in underwear again! ) are they new? perfect timing to release them ( or re-release them if they are old ) when leo is in israel and all these rumors are around… who would have seen it coming?

  • eureka

    @ ;)
    I just checked the underwear pics you mentioned. Very poor quality, very cheap and airbrushed more than usual especially in the belly area.
    No surprise she is not working. That’s why she had to go back to Israel: there is no contract that can keep her in US, not even with her BF help.

  • @french 229

    She is the only woman in the world that looks cheap and average in a Giorgio Armani outfit (not to mention the professional hairdo and makeup, the superb lights, the full photoshop and the super luxury maxiboat that were supposed to turn her into a classy and exclusive woman).
    Too bad.

  • NewpixIsrael
  • @234

    And what proves the the photos were indeed taken in Israel?

  • @235

    Who cares? Are you kidding?

  • @236

    Apparently you do…

  • k

    @dr brown: thanks for the info

  • @234

    For sure they are the proof she already has a middle aged woman’s (after multiple pregnancies) a s s.

  • @234

    large, flat a s s, short legs, fried hair, poor outfit choices…glamorous indeed.