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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!

Looks like Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio may be teaming up for the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby!

The two actors shared dinner with director Baz Luhrmann and his crew at NYC’s The Lion on Tuesday (November 2), according to reports.

Baz is set to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s classic book to the big screen with Leo reportedly playing the lead as Jay Gatsby.

Though Amanda Seyfried was rumored to be given the role of Daisy Buchanan, Blake is “being strongly considered,” reports Us Weekly.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Blake Lively as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby?

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Credit: Bryce Vickmark, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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240 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Gatsby Dinner Date!”

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  1. 151
    hearty Says:

    Leo’s girlfriend Bar Raphaeli(sp) is a supermodel. The Daisy role should go to an experienced actress. ya she’s pretty but most important is finding someone who can act lol.

  2. 152
    RachaelPdIT Says:

    @hearty: s

    Lots of actors start out as models. Look at the actress that is replacing Megan Fox in Transformers. That would be interesting if Leo and Bar starred in a movie together. However, as it has been said is Bar even really interesting in acting…

  3. 153
    eileener Says:

    RE: #147

    LOL lone Bar fan, you’ve just exposed yourself to those who haven’t had the displeasure of running into you and your many aliases yet as totally delusional and it only took one post. ;)

  4. 154
    haha Says:

    why does Leo look like a bulldog in that pic. He sure got ugly over the years…

  5. 155
    omg Says:


    i was thinking the exact same thing! i want my Jack Dawson back (that was the height of his hotness)

  6. 156
    eileener Says:


    Millions of women disagree with you. But who cares, he’s got talent and that never gets old. What is really old is the Bar troll spamming every Leo thread. I’m sorry your girl doesn’t have much of a career to talk about, but you only make yourself and her look like a fool with your constant spamming.

  7. 157
    lollolo Says:

    if bar looks at these threads she’s prob steamed over this one! seeing the headline and pic of blake and leo and the word “date”…. hahaha.

  8. 158
    Barf, You Ignorant Sl*t! Says:


    You know what never gets old? Exposing Barf as the dumb as a box of rocks racist that she is. Here ya go, Barf troll, your girl in all her redneck glory

  9. 159
    Sienna Says:

    Bar is super gorgeous and she kind of looks like Blake. Well in terms of looks alone Bar would be a better choice than Blake. But Blake wins in terms of acting experience.

  10. 160
    sxx Says:


    he looked gorgeous in Inception. i love mature Leo. i dont care about bar, blake… they are boring girls.

  11. 161
    jjones Says:

    When did Bar come in to the equation? That chick is hot but is she even in the running? With Leo already in the lead i doubt they’d get his girl to co-star with him lmao.

  12. 162
    glamqueen Says:

    No to Natalie Portman (overrated) No to Rachel McAdams (eww) No to Bar (she’s a supermodel, plus she’s dating leo uhhh of course people would think leo is playing favourites if his girlfriend is choosen… stupid decision!)

    I say Scarlett is the best(most experience, gorgeous, and talented)

  13. 163
    ??? Says:

    Bar is a supermodel? Really? Since when? When was her last high fashion magazine cover or when did she walked the runway for a high fashion designer? When was the last time she had a major campaign that would qualify her as a supermodel? I must have missed something…
    When did Bar come into the equation? Ever since her obsessed fan started blabbing about her on this thread. Bar couldn`t score the lead in Transformers 3!

  14. 164
    Barf, You Ignorant Sl*t! Says:

    You can tell the Barfbot is super nervous about Leo being in the company of gorgeous, TALENTED women. She’s dissing great actors like Portman and McAdams in favor of the only *MARRIED woman in the bunch, Scarlett, or Barf. No one but the Barfbot would bring Barf up, and even she knows how ridiculous she sounds. She can’t even get decent job as a model anymore.

  15. 165
    Genna Says:

    this is hilarious. The israeli media are joking around that Bar should hide her wardrobe from leo in case he brings the Hoover role to their love life lol

  16. 166
    Genna Says:

    this is hilarious. The israeli media are joking around that Bar should hide her wardrobe from leo in case he brings the Hoover role to their love life lol. But then they mention that Bar has nothing to worry about hehe. The israeli media have a good sense of humour!.

  17. 167

    and here we go again BRIGHTSIDE is on a roll again guys stay tuned for about 1000 posts from her every few seconds brightside is the troll dont they have that nappy hair that sticks up in the air? hahaha yes they do BRIGHTSIDE IS THE ORIGINAL TROLL OK THIS IS HER KNEW NAME GUYS GOT IT ‘BRIGHTSIDE THE TROLL’ USE IT’

  18. 168
    ;) Says:

    of course she has nothing to worry about. who would wanna wear her hideous clothes? i doubt even a cross-dresser would wanna have those? just think about that brown disaster she was wearing in la? you know that completely unflattering grandma dress. lol

  19. 169
    11th hour Says:

    Genna did you notice the comments?
    “Of course he does not like Bar…..” and “The Bar did not love him.” Got to love those Israelis.

  20. 170
    lol Says:

    It`s seems like it`s computer time in the looney bin again so this `brightside freak` is posting again.

  21. 171
    ;) Says:

    @11th hour: it`s genna you are talking to. she is a bar fan so she notices only what she wants to notice. obviously she chooses to ignore those hilarious comments … lol

  22. 172

    @ 168 – 171 wrong ***** a fan of LEO D. youre the one talking 90% of BAR R. here why if its leos thread go to her website and bash her there this is about LEO NOT BAR got it? get it? TROLLY ******

  23. 173
    @172 Says:


  24. 174

    uh ohhhhh hit a nerve brightside is typing in caps hahahahaha who needs help? sybil? my last post is the truth and you know it and cant handle it why are you here bashing BAR R. if this is LEOS thread? is it because youre insanely jealous???? yes it is but my post is the truth to bad deal with it

  25. 175
    @172 Says:

    Your ESL is showing.

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