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Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen leaves the home of his ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson after visiting on Tuesday (November 2) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The couple called off their engagement back in August as things “weren’t working out.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress has been getting ready to film her new comedy BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

On Monday (November 1), Rachel went shopping for some lingerie with a gal pal.

Bigger pic inside…

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hayden christensen visits ex rachel bilsons house

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114 Responses to “Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House”

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  1. 26
    Lily Says:

    why he can do much better? SHE IS GORGEOUS, really sweet! so just shut up! Go get a life
    they are perfect together, and I bet they will work things out

  2. 27
    Kate Says:

    @ewww: OMG your lame. LMAO.

  3. 28
    Of Course They're Back Says:

    You guys are so stupid. Of course they’re back together, she will be wearing his ring again soon and pressing him and their relationship out all day every day just like before. She can’t stand not to be in the limelight and he gave her more of that than she ever had before, not even as Mischa Barton’s shadow. He totally deserves her as he is desperate gay man who can’t get work because one of the worst actors ever. She doesn’t want any man but she does want fame so it’s a good trade and an arrangement that works.

    They are the perfect loser couple and perfect reflections of each other. Untalented. Stupid. Desperate.

  4. 29
    Calico Says:

    And this is news… because?

  5. 30
    Yeah Right Says:

    Wow he looks fat, unshaven, slovenly and ugly. And his pants are falling down. Perfect groom for brainless fauxshinista bride.

  6. 31
    Brightside Says:

    LOL – My partner just called this ‘milking the cow for free’.

  7. 32
    Kay Says:

    Ok. So let me get this straight. Bilson cheats on Hayden with Jake Gyllenhaul. He obviously sods her off and she goes back to Hayden?
    That’s what it looks like.
    He is either so stupid or so in love.
    Make your mind up Bilson. Damn, I was just beginning to like her. Back to the start!

  8. 33
    the truth Says:

    @Viper: e has business there that’s all.He not back with her ok. why does you all think that their back together? He has a movie to make> Why can’t he just visited her as a friend. He has more sense than than. He is not staying in la. Its only business. He got to interview people for the movie he will be filming. That’s all.All are you should think before you act start talking about something that you don’t know nothing about. Didn’t jared say he visited his ex-girlfriend. Do you all know what ex mean? You still can visted your ex as a friend. No one one other site has this but jared. Knowing that she’s not with him in the picture.she just want to be his friend nothing more.

  9. 34
    Viper Says:

    God he doesn’t look any better when he is near her he looks like death.

    @ brightside

    As if he wanted to milk that dry cow I’m sure he got whatever it was he wanted from the hotel the other night. I so wish he would just go back to Canada LA seems to grate on him in a bad way.

  10. 35
    SugarMagnolia Says:

    Maybe he went to pick up something he left, and she called the paps so they would take pictures of him leaving her house.

  11. 36
    WebbersGirlz Says:

    doesnt look like he was pocking anything up, no bags or anything, hes not wearing a jacket or anything, looks like he is leaving the house like he is staying there, not someone who is just visiting I say they are back together

  12. 37
    $ickos Says:

    They are both a couple of sex addicts and she’s his enabler, she can’t do better and he won’t marry her but she does not care because she’s out of control.

  13. 38
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    JJ can’t you call Rachel’s PR folks and get a clear picture? This looks like something you grabbed off of Twitter. I thought the paps waited outside her home for her daily – seeing as she’s in the same celeb league as Reese Witherspoon or Angelina Jolie – LOL!!
    Also hasn’t filming started on that movie?? I thought those posts about Bosworth were of her on the set of the movie??

  14. 39
    HAHAHA!! Says:

    HA HA!! I bet the haters are freaking out now!! I just love it! Hayden I guess came to his senses and realized he cannot do any better then Bilson. Maybe, he will be more of a better b/f this time. I wish them luck. Just get married and have some cute babies already. =)

  15. 40
    TPL Says:

    #3. Agreed. They should marry soon, otherwise it’s just more of the same of him stringing her along. And he’s a master at stringing women along. Trust me, I know.

  16. 41
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Cheated with Jake G?? LMAO!! In her dreams!!!
    Also, how do we know he’s gay again?? Because Perez says so??

  17. 42
    TPL Says:

    Unless he plans on eloping with her within days of getting back together then he’s stringing her along. He’s already had four years of her life, that’s long enough. He’s not shy, he’s not “not ready”, he’s just not in love but does not want to be alone.

    When his soul mate comes along he will dump RB like a hot potato and marry her. Men do it all the time. Hayden is no exception…

  18. 43
    the truth Says:

    @HAHAHA! We don’t know the real reason he was at her house do we.? He could just visited her on And does look like those pictures from twitter. He must have forgotten something from her house and left. Rachel wanted this to happen anyway for attention not for a relationship. She want to be like penn and blakely lively still be friends with her Ex. Jared did say ex didn’t he. He really here for business and when its over he going back home to go to work. None are you people are making scense here. Rachel has this done herself when no one believed the video that was done. She still using him for media attention cause sh can’t get none for herself.You won’t see him there again. He would be stupid to go back with her.He was just visiting her and his things are at the hotel where he live. Rachel is one the fool for leaving the paz see him leave her house like that. She don’t have any self-respest for herself at all.That’s al she’s about anyway a man freak to heart. We’ll see if he will be with her daying from now are next week.

  19. 44
    TPL Says:

    A lot of women find it hard to belive that a man they love does not feel the same way. The feel the connection during sex, the guys says he “loves” her, he stays around. So it must be love! Right? Wrong.

    Try to imagine it like this; It’s like buying a house. Lots of people live in dumpy apartments while they save up to buy their dream home. But, what if someone came along and offered to let them live in a really great home for free, no rent and no commitment? They take the person up on the offer, but does that mean that they are in their dream home? No, it does not.

    It may be a nice home with really great views and lovely amenities, but it’s not their dream home and it’s better than the dumpy apartment -better than being alone – but as soon as they save enough money then they will purchase their dream home. As soon as he meets his soul mate, he will marry her.

    Just do The Rules, don’t settle for less. Don’t be a mans “comfortable place to stay” until he’s ready to marry his dream girl. His CUAO. These guys aren’t ‘bad’ for taking a nice place to live in, who would say ‘no” to that? It’s up to the woman to create healthy boundaries and stick to them.

    Don’t play at sex for love, women never win at that game. We are not wired for that like men are. We can’t have sex and walk away, that is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing, a civilizing thing, embrace it and stop lusting over him, stop crushing, wait for a man who loves you enough to marry you, THEN start lusting happily away!

    Don’t fantasize about him, don’t look at his photos, don’t obsess over him and don’t have sex with him or make him “comfortable”. Let him do all that for you! Let him marry you!

  20. 45
    Brightside Says:

    That sounds so Hollywood! Yes I can see that….more publicity. The sort she likes….playing the are they, aren’t they game she’s been playing for the last three years. Good call!

  21. 46
    Jennifer Says:


    I don’t know if he got laid or not at the hotel the other night, who knows for sure. But he was obviously hanging out. And no one knows what’s going on. You can’t say they’re back together and you can’t say that they aren’t. I think a lot of you are jumping to conclusions and need to hold off.

  22. 47
    C3 Says:

    See what did I tell you girls! I told you Hayden Christensen was playing a game with his fans. He’s led you all to believe he’s on with Rachel then off with Rachel. Now he’s leading you back on to think he’s with her. You know who he reminds me of? His dad and brother. A guy who really loves a girl isn’t going to mind fuque a chick. Hayden better smartin himself up because if he keeps Rachel on an emotional yo-yo coming back to her thinking she’s still his, trying to get her back in bed, and not think about this beautiful girl and her feelings. I don’t think Christensen cares about what he’s doing to Rachel. Cause girls are suckers when a guy who’s just looking to poke his d*ck into some girl who’s probably all emotional, when he says But I love you. He’s taking advantage of her. And stupid girls believe them and think he’s thinking about their feelings. No their not. Their thinking one thing. Those kind of guys are used to getting what they want so they know how to play emotional games with a girl.

    Come on Rachel. Don’t go back with that loser. I mean look how he was the first time with you. You are a beautiful and sexy woman. You deserve a man who will raise you up and honor you. Come on you don’t need some guy using you and crawling back to you playing for sympathy just so he can get a piece of ass. You’re an intelligent woman Rachel. Don’t believe what he says. Don’t you remember how cold he was with you. How he treated you like the plague out in public.

    No. Christensen’s like his old man. It’s the best example I have. Because his dad did this thing with some chick and he screwd with her and gave her a mind fuque for a long time too and messed with her. before she deleted her blogs I read about the games he played with her. And according to her he did that all for sex she did it because she loved his sorry ass. Now the reason I bring this up is because – Hayden are you like your pop? Are you going to string Rachel along right out here and in front of all your fans?

    Way to go Just Jared. You did it again. So nice of you to be there just in the nick of time to snap a shot of Hayden coming out of Rachel’s. How convenient for all of your fans. right? I’m disappointed with Rachel because just when she was looking good she lets him back in. I’m disappointed in Hayden because he has this chance not to be a scrw up like his old man and here he is again back for more sex when we all know what kind of emotional game that is on girls. I’m disappointed with Just jared. Just because. you guys are a$$holes for having to catch this $hit and rubbing it in the faces of Christensen’s and Bilson’s fans.

    If this sorry statement is true then Just Jared & Christensen you suck
    And Rachel if this is true you need some therapy. This is disappointing

  23. 48
    angie Says:

    @ Jess #10 I agree with you, it should be up to Hayden and Rachel whether or not they get back together, just as it is any couple’s decision to be together or not. There were sightings of them together last week by people on twitter. I know twitter is not a reliable source, but when both of them are in LA, it is more likely to be a possiblity then when they are in different countries. He does not have any bags that he picked up, and there is only one picture, not several, which would be the case if papparazzi took the photo. It looks like a photo someone took and sold, not like the usual pap photos. Celeb couples break up and get back together again, sometimes more than once, it is not unusual. She and Jake G. were seen at a yoga class together, that is where the rumor of them being together came from. Both Rachel and Jake’s reps denied they ever dated. If Hayden and Rachel they are really back together, time will tell, they will be seen again at some point.

  24. 49
    Viper Says:

    @ C3

    Doesn’t say much about your girl now does it if she is willing to allow him to come POKE her and leave. Where is her morals if his are so bad REALLY. Honestly he might be the best she was ever going to get not to say he is with her as there really isn’t enough to say either way he was there alone at least walking out the doors maybe he dropped something off to her b/c he came in that old car.

    I didn’t state he was back with her only he was at a hotel maybe he is and maybe he isn’t isn’t for us to know if all fairness. Really they have proven they are toxic together and better healthy when they are far apart.

  25. 50
    HCis having mega bedparty @RB Says:

    Hey u all there, I was so damn right. People were just hating me when I said they were seeing each other.

    This guy is a f..&&g looser who doesn’t respect any women but his mommy and granny. He is weak and is just a plain liar.

    Forget about the barn, pigs, love….he is just like his pop (please what C# said), bro (arrested for dragging his girlfriend/ a gold-digger using his bro’s $). Forget to mention a snotty little lazy sista
    He will use and abuse this stupid chick (bilson). Actually she can’t have better than him. She is too plain Jane.
    He did the same before, pretending to love just to get laid.

    Christensen is not what u guys think! and Bilson is far from being the little nice Cali girl. They both love po.t and alcohol.

    And I’m not a hater, these are just facts!

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