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Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen leaves the home of his ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson after visiting on Tuesday (November 2) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The couple called off their engagement back in August as things “weren’t working out.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress has been getting ready to film her new comedy BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

On Monday (November 1), Rachel went shopping for some lingerie with a gal pal.

Bigger pic inside…

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hayden christensen visits ex rachel bilsons house

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Getty
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  • annie

    he never lived in toronto,he lived with his bro before rachel,thats his getaway home in canada down the road from his parents.hes lived in la for years.

  • zelda

    do you people hang around outside women’s houses photographing people who come and go? you know that’s stalking right?

  • Kate

    @angie: There were actually a bunch of theses pics of Hayden leaving Rachel’s house on, but the pictures got deleted i guess cause there not there anymore.

  • Josie

    Maybe he stopped by to make sure she

  • kiwigirl

    Seriously odds are they just remain close friends.

  • SJ

    Oh, boy, before it was “moving on” , then it was “friends” now it’s “close friends”. Going from bad to worse….

  • Dan

    Hayden Christensen deserves better, he’s talented, young, and handsome.

  • jolene


  • @54

    Or maybe he dropped something off to the woman’s house isn’t she filming or something like that. If she was home where was she not there is my guess. Could leave shyt at the door and leave like the Postman or UPS. Pretty sure the breakup was mutual and they just said “FRIENDS” maybe with benefits from time to time. I think they both know long term is not in the actual cards for them they are just way too different kind of ppl. They could try again but I think it would end in the same result breakup.

  • Chelly

    Maybe he was leaving stuff for her while she was away. Or maybe he was visiting the dog they shared. He looked happier without her…

  • TPL

    @ 60 They never shared a dog…

    I do know that the week before he came to LA I stopped talking to him. I think he was rather pist at that….hmmm…

  • slr0328

    I thought he was gay and Rachel is or was his beard???

  • Sunshine Sweetness

    Rachel is that you??? LOL

  • Sunnyshine

    Rachel is that you??? LOL

  • she shall remain nameless

    He probably went back to get some things that belonged to him, like the ring he gave her!!!! LOL

  • Anon

    I thnk Kate bosworth can’t act and needs to pull the turd out of her ass. Where is her backhoe?

  • Anon

    Kate bosworth licks her cakehole.

  • Anon

    Kate, where is my back hoe?

  • Anon

    Kate pooped and then she ate it. She is such a turd.

  • HC is Terrified Coward Gay

    He’s back with her because he needs a beard. But he’s an idiot to go back to her because the arrangement was too obvious. She pimped the relationship out for every bit of publicity she could get in the most obvious way possible and claimed to cherish her privacy while calling the papparazzi to record her every move. I’m sure she called them to take his picture leaving her house to keep stupid people guessing and easily bored cretins like you all entertained. The arrangement was for press only. She is unemployable and he can’t get back the fans and good will he forfeited by exploiting their apparent relationship for money and press. But what he really needs is a beard that doesn’t demand anything from him but permission to exploit his SW fame all she wants and some shopping money. That she got and apparently her botox and nose surgery + lipo on her thighs. She needs her boobs done so that’s why Hayden’s back. She wants those D sized perkier plastic tits. Not that he has any personal interest in them which suits her just fine.

  • Kate

    @HC is Terrified Coward Gay: OMG your stupid. Do you guys realize how stupid you sound when you say those things? Usually I hate reading comments on JJ because there so negative, but now all of the posts on here are just laughable because there so stupid.

  • @70 HC is. . .

    Vendre, you are really pathetic, Kate is right, your posts are so obvious, and very stupid, too. Don’t you ever get tired of repeating yourself all the time about how “awful” Hayden and Rachel are? Whether you like them or not, they have plenty of fans, and could care less what you have to say about them. No one else cares, either, you just make yourself look ridiculous with the constant repetition of hatred that you type!

  • christine


  • the truth

    @she shall remain nameless: probably right!

  • Mari

    @ewwww: lol, yeah because SHE is so pathetic and DESPERATE to get back together with him, HE was photgraphed at HER house. That totally makes sense *sarcasm off*. :D

  • HC is Gay

    Everyone knows this. He’s one of the most obvious flamers in HW + thinks dressing grunge makes him look butch. It does until he walks or talks.

    Looks like he’s back on the drugs again cause not shaved and wearing someone elses clothes.

  • Wedding Back On

    He gave her back the ring. Look for massive Hollywood wedding next summer.

  • Hayden and Rachel Haters

    You can bet by next week she will have the ring back on again. Wedding back on!! Whoo Hoo!! I love what this is gonna do to the F***ing haters! ^_^


    PROVE IT show us that she is back wearing a ring..she is still ringless even today. And funny DH webmistress said she was ORDERED to remove the pictures of this from her website. When she never was before when they dated or were even engaged. She barely works, he is hanging in LA for what? Who knows but sure as hell isn’t for her or he would make more effort to be seen with her. She isn’t making one stitch of effort to be seen with him. Looks to me as if he picked up something from her b/c he has it in his pants some type of rectangular box. Don’t add more fuel to a dead fire b/c it’s not burning anymore.

  • Heath

    He’s stalking her. He looks AWFUL in this picture. KInd of bloated. Is he starting to drink, too? Man, I worry he is falling off a ledge. Did you see the pics of him at 2:30 a.m. at Chateau Marmont? I liked him A LOT better when he just was out of the public eye except for a little bit.

  • Erin

    It would make totally sense that there back together, because first, before this post, there have been sightings from random people saying they saw them together, now this with Hayden leaving her house. I know that doesn’t automatically mean there together, they could just be hanging out as friends too.

    I highly doubt he’s just ‘picking something up’. First of all, he’s not leaving with anything, and it looks like he’s leaving in the morning looking alittle tired….hmmm.

  • chloe

    he’s gorgeous!!

  • Sunnyville

    There is nothing to prove bitches! STFU and deal. Why would he be at her house to just pick crap up. Someone could have done that for him or he would have already done that. Something tells me they are trying to reconcile. Why else would he be there and whay business is it of yours? Hayden is gonna do what he is gonna do anyway. The haters of course are gonna dispute everything like always. I make a bet that she will be wearing the ring or have that puppy back on soon. He does not look gorgeous. He has look so sad and miserablle. Yes! He does look bloated. That is a sign from drinking a lot. I hope he is not turning to alchohol to relieve his stress. Anyway…He could be over to try to work things out. Instead of being so negative. Why nbt wish for the best? Oh! You enjoy seeing them look miserable I guess. F****ing haters! :(

  • etta

    they didnt match, why cant natalie and hayden be?:D

  • Erin

    @etta: Maybe because they never were? I’m sick of the natalie/hayden crap, they never even dated. Get over it.

  • Kate

    @Sunnyville: AGREED. Everybody on here are such b*tches, they can’t be happy for anybody.


    @ sunnyvale

    Gee you don’t go to ppl’s home to pick things up CHECK HIS POCKET you can see he left with something. Again there is nothing to state he is back with her or not. Yes they could be friends they had the showmance going long enough to warrant it. As for sightings it’s all been from twitter the most UNRELIABLE account there is for actual vaild proof. I could say I saw him Visit Natalie Portman, Or Katherine Heigl (both lives in Los Feliz) and twitter it, doesn’t make it true or fact. Your gullable if you trust all you read. Being this pic as been removed from other sites guess again someone on His side doesn’t want ppl to ASSUME they’re back. Besides she is out again with another guy shopping where is HC not shopping with her that day. Many already know RB needs attention and she can get it from HC so why not press out he went to her home gives the attention she is asking for and the hits on JJ. Only thing is his camp isn’t actually enjoying this kind of attention.

  • He Picked Up Some Weed

    He is major pot and coke head + has been for years, shows up drunk and high on the sets for the last few films he’s done. Was completely wasted during the filming of Takers. Maybe that’s why he’s so wooden on the screen except he was always that way. It was the cocaine that got him through LAAH.

  • Natasha

    hayden is too good for her…

  • C3

    Looks like everyone is saying what I thought they’d say. I just think the guy has had dumb luck and that’s how he got some dough to live on, build that farm and get whatever money he’s got for whatever controversial crap he’s into these days. There’s no way a straight dude is going to go to his beautiful sexy EX girlfriend’s house to drop off $hit. Whomever suggested that I hope you were joking. He’s there to do some poking around. I’ve never visited any of my ex girlfriends. Usually we were in disgust with one to do anything. But if I found myself at one of my Ex’s house “as a friend” LOL, then I’m sure to try get some poking done.

    Can’t say if Christensen is doing drugs just by looking at him. So he dresses like crap. A lot of guys do especially if they slept over at the girls house and didn’t bring clean clothes. I’d have to see the proof of drugs or hear it from someone with credibility. I don’t like this guys movies and his acting sucks. But I’m not going to say he does drugs. That’s stupid.

    Rachel doesn’t need him loitering around begging for more fuquing. That’s for $hit. You know I understand when a guy takes advantage of a girl’s emotions and mind fuques her just to get him some sex. But I don’t understand you women. Why can’t you say NO to these losers when they prey on you like that?

    If all this is just jumping the gun to assume they’re poking around in secret then Rachel and Hayden deserve to get caught by the paps. Hayden if you don’t like all the crap being said then why the hell show up back at that door? Rachel why did you open it? Your fans are giving their own answers. See?

  • debbie

    I also think they just poked.

  • Doesn’t

    He does NOT have that JF look. He looks like he was just caught stealing chickens. Maybe he was boning her little sister.

  • gotcha!

    This is no different than when everyone was saying over two years ago that they were not dating, and they really were, lol! They were together for a very long time before they let people know for sure. They may want to do the same thing again this time, before they decide to let everyone know they are back together again. Why would Hayden be at her house leaving when she is not at home? If they get back together, I doubt they will get engaged right away again. Better to test the waters without the pressure of getting married. they can be a couple without being engaged. Better to know for sure. Time will tell what happens with them, they will be seen if they are back together, eventulally.

  • Viper

    If that is a JF looked then it was pretty bad he has that disgusted look on his face. If he hasn’t ever been seen in repeat clothes for days on end then maybe I would buy that he just ran over to screw but, He is always seen in same shirt or pants so this is actually his usual look. But around RB he never looks happy always miserable.

    I know plenty of men who actually have had an ex they still keep in touch with even a few divorced men still keep in touch with the ex’s where no kids are concerned. Some have learned they can be friends and nothing else mainly b/c nothing else seemed to work but friends. I think BILSON did this with HC for the idea of press attention mainly for her.

  • Chelly

    It hurts me terribly to say it, but the only thing in his pocket that people are bringing up are his cigarettes. *Sigh* Maybe he’s clearing the air and trying to close the door on the past? I wonder what the other pics of him leaving the house looked like (the ones that were removed from

  • janine

    cute! they still friends!

  • Kate

    @Chelly: I saw them, there was just some more of him of him walking out from her house, and then getting in his car.

  • Chelly

    Thanks Kate. I guess no one will know until something official is said. Two things say a lot though:
    1. He wasn’t pictured happily leaving her home
    2. The folks at were told to remove the photos
    We’ll see…

  • angie

    Hayden never looks happy when he is looking at the paps taking his picture! He did not look happy leaving the Charteau Marmont in his car when the paps were taking his photo then, either, and he was alone, then too. I think that is his pap face, lol, means he is not happy with being papped!

  • sham-duo

    HC hates being papped (?!) but gets to hooked w/ one of the most notorious & shameless mediah0 in the planet HW… yeah that makes sense – cue full & absolute sarcasm!