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Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen Visits Ex Rachel Bilson's House

Hayden Christensen leaves the home of his ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson after visiting on Tuesday (November 2) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The couple called off their engagement back in August as things “weren’t working out.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress has been getting ready to film her new comedy BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

On Monday (November 1), Rachel went shopping for some lingerie with a gal pal.

Bigger pic inside…

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hayden christensen visits ex rachel bilsons house

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Getty
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  • Kate

    Well would you be happy if people were taking your pics…no? Alls he’s doing is walking out of a house it’s not like he’s going to be smiling and jumping around, it could be early or something too, he looks tired.

  • the truth

    JJ that was not her house he was at that was a different houe he was at. Rachel does not have those many house. You made mistake on that one. Are made this up, You don’t know who house he can from. Her house don’t look like that. Could have say that just came from visiting someone in los Fetiz. That look like it was in los Angeles anyway. Then she tuns up with somene else the next got this off the twitter site didn;t you. Because it don’t like the other pictures that was taken are him months ago when he can to la, Stop taking pictures off the twitter site. And get ones that are real.There was no mention are him on twiier antway about him being at her house last week.

  • the truth

    Probably a old frm last year to make up this story

  • Kate

    @the truth: Yes that is her house, there were way more pics on that showed him walking out from the driveway where he is in that pic above, then around the front of the house where it showed him walking in front of this door: (which IS her house, because she’s spotted leaving there all the time).

    This pic is him leaving her house back when they where dating: (same spot he’s in, in the top pic)

  • angie

    This photo of Hayden was on ETalk one night last week on so true/so false, and they stated the same thing about him coming out of her house, they said “we don’t know about this one being true or false”, they did not know for sure, thought it was “interesting” that he was leaving her house.

  • C3


    Idiots, he wasn’t just fuqued. He did that in the night. This was his irritation of getting up in the morning and realizing the $hit he just did preying on Rachel’s emotions to get more sex out of her. That lame ass loser. And he sees the paps waiting out there. That’s why he looks irritated. I hope he does get the message loud and clear. He can’t just be going over to Rachel’s to get him some and then get out the door in the morning before the paps get there. They always watch celebs houses and if they see him going in they will sure be there in the morning to catch his ass trying to get away without being caught. Everything I said before is a fuquing fact. He’s like his old man and he’s using up a girl just because he wants to. And Rachel’s a dumb fuque for letting him back in his house. She knows what Hayden’s dad did to that indiana woman all those years he gave her a mind fuque and scrwd her up. Rachel saw what his dumb fuque dad did to his family. Rachel saw what Tove did to some girl treating her like her life meant nothing and practically ran her over dragging her down the street just cause he was mad. Well Rachel you are a dumb fuque if you let Christensen back in your house. You already know how Hayden’s pop is and his brother. And you know better how Hayden is. More than anyone. So if he crushes you I’d say that’s your fault for being a dumba$$ woman. It really amazes me how women let men drag them around because they say all the right things to them. I think women are smarter than that. But they fuquing play stupid because they want that guy to love them. Rachel was alright before Christensen walked into her life.

  • dreamer


    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree no matter what i’m sure he has the makeup of both brother and Dad..Rachel is a screwed up woman with or w/o him. I don’t think he spent the night I give them the benefit of the doubt here. I think he was spotted going to her home and was followed. He didn’t look like he woke up he looks far worse when we have seen him in the past. we really won’t know why he was there unless it’s he is seen endlessly with her and for now she seems not to give a crap about him or her him.

  • Troy

    @Kate: Hayden is gay. They will never be “back together”. She was always a beard.

  • allie

    What are you stuck – father, brother … jealous or what? peacock’s tail is given to it to dissolve. trouble stupid females. that they are carried out!

  • C3


    Well Allie since you bring it up again for everyone to talk about. Yeah Christensen is a guy. Isn’t he? And everyone I know on the internet read all about Tove and his dad. Now why would anyone be jealous of guys that treat women like crap? Jealous of that loser? At least I went to university and got a degree in something that makes a difference and actually is beneficial to the lives of people. His education? Cough cough. LOL. And you fail to see the point. I’m only sorry that Rachel is dumb enough to fall for the “but I love you” crap that only stupid women in love fall for. She’s not thinking smart. She might be a hottie. She’s damn sexy. But I’m not going to feel sorry for her when she goes home crying to her family all boohooing because Christensen is a cold ass fish stick in the mud. And also “Allie”-Get this. He is doing this to her out in public. Every eye is on him. He knows this. Every eyes is on her. Hey if he was going to love her and show some public affection I’d give my blessings to them and be done with it. But Rachel’s now a sucker because this dude proved how cold he was by nearly looking disgusted at her and walking a mile away from her in public every time a photo was taken. He never showed some of that love like a fiance does to his woman.

    I think people should make mistakes so they can learn from them. But people who keep making the same fuqued up mistakes over and over and in public are going to hear about it from people like me. Jared posted these photos so that the public (me and you) will talk about it. You’re just going to have to get used to the fact that everyone has an opinion of these two.

    What a gory thing. Came home from the Clinic and thought I was going to relax and nearly threw up seeing these photos and other photos like it. Oh well.

    By the way Allie. It’s not personal. Don’t take everything so personal. I think Christensen sucks as an actor and so does Rachel. I think she’s the hottest babe out there right now though. And she’s blowing it for herself and her career to even try to get back with Christensen. Christensen has a better chance with his fans if he goes independent like a real man and find someone he can show real love to. He’s blowing it for himself. I’m not feeling sorry for Rachel. What a pity.

    Thank you sweetheart for this poignant conversation. Your English sounds really kindergarten. But you get an A+ for effort. Put your peacock feathers away. They are bad luck for Hayden and Rachel. Didn’t you know that? Cast your spell on someone else. Wicked witch. lol

  • Ruth


    I am HOPING they ARE back together – HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and RACHEL BILSON;…love them both but especially TOGETHER. What a HOT couple! Whew!

  • Ruth

    Ah but HAYDEN is much sexier, smarter, and talented than either one of them!

  • Ruth

    HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN will always be my favorite actor. He’s just so hunky, sexy and just a down to earth guy. I have seen all his movies and the recent TAKERS movie was really quite fantastic! His action scenes stole the show and the scene where he says “Go, I’m comin” they should have frozen in time for about 5 minutes he looks so doggone sexy in it! RACHEL and HAYDEN seem really good together and HAYDEN seems really happy when he’s with her. I think she broke it off with him and now wants a second chance which I believe anyone should have a second chance for heaven’s sake…we ALL make mistakes!! God bless them both..I LOVE them. Can’t you just see the children they could have? Whew….so HOT and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • C3


    Actually that is just your opinion. Hayden’s films have sucked for a long time princess. When he does get a part in a half way decent part the role isn’t really something all that big and he ends up having to share the screen with so many other actors. Takers was a flawed. Slow in parts and the scenes for Hayden were not enough. Hayden is turning down opportunities left and right. And he’s letting brother Tove influence him. Tove and his family need to back off and stop living off of him and let him make a few right steps on his own. He needs to make some serious steps and just do some dramatic acting. This action, thriller crap is not cutting it for him. Vanishing is promised to no one and is close to going to video on demand. It’s pathetic.

    Christensen needs to make better choices for movies he can be remembered well for. But that is not happening. He’s wasting his time trying to stay involved with Rachel wrecking her and emotionally going to break her heart by keeping stringing her along. He’s going to deplete all his fan’s hopes in him as he keeps turning down the best opportunities and making all these unwise decisions. So i disagree. Hayden stopping and going back to Rachel’s and expecting her to open her door to him and let him back in her life and her bed i8s rediculous. It was a stupid thing to do on her part and she should be a smart enough female but she’s fuqued it up letting him crawl back to her.