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Kanye West: 'I'm Like The Rap Version of George W. Bush'

Kanye West: 'I'm Like The Rap Version of George W. Bush'

Just after George W. Bush dished to Matt Lauer that he felt Kanye West’s remarks about him represented an “all-time low,” Kanye shared his own thoughts on the former President.

When a caller contacted Kanye via Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and said she’d lost respect for him, Kanye replied back, “I am like the rap version of George Bush. I became George Bush…the irony, poetic justice of that was just so amazing. Just for [the caller] to say ‘I lost respect for you’ is just how a black person would completely say the same thing about George Bush.”

“The misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well,” President Bush said of Kanye’s telethon outburst (via People). “There’s a lot of tough moments in [his new book, Decision Points]. And it was a disgusting moment, pure and simple.”

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  • JosephG


  • Halli

    Damn, George Bush just gave Kanye West sooo much more cred now.

    Here is a transcript of some of the interview:

    What Kanye said really disturbed Bush and though I despise his politics, I don’t think he hates black people. Maybe brown people, but not black people….

  • Jamie

    @uncle bernie. That “nappy headed inner city dimwit” is living better than you probably everrrrrr will! LOL

  • TXpert

    Kanye West needs help. He is delusional.

  • Sean

    Both of them should off themselves.

  • Dan

    I hope Bush gets captured by those he’s tried desperately to expose and destroy, while Kayne gets caught in the cross fire. They should both be shipped off the Osama and the US can pat their backs for making the word a cleaner place.

  • Kanye’s an Idio

    What an idiot. The more he speaks the more I get annoyed and wish he’d just disappear all together. Team NO to Kanye here!

  • Bolo

    I think what Kanye said about Jr. was appropriate at that time. I think what he is saying now is based on the fact that his pocket book is a bit lighter after making a comment about America’s number one daughter, Taylor Swift. He would have maintained my respect if he had just renewed his apology to Ms. Swift.

    In my humble opinion, Mr. West should have stood up to Jr. and talked about the huge racial divide in this country as a result of Jr.’s deep-rooted bigotry that went with him to the “White House.”

    A good example of Jr.’s bigotry is the number Blacks that were imprisoned or died as a result of his policies as governor of Texas. When you are raised as a bigot, you don’t suddenly become this compassionate individual when you become president.

    Kanye, I still have love for you, but you can’t be scared to be you! Man up and be real. The peeps out hear need your strength.

  • Jokergurl

    In the midst of that telethon Kanye once again got caught up in his ego and made it about himself, it was tasteless. Kanye needs to grow up, stop talking about it, stop making songs about “let’s toast the d-bags”, and get back to songs like “goldigger” and “stronger”. Still the EXPRESSION on Mike Myer’s face as he’s standing there is priceless, he looked like a deer frozen in headlights.

  • Anastacia

    ‘I’m Like The Rap Version of George W. Bush’
    well, that’s too bad for you Kanye …

  • sandra


  • jasmine

    well the whole interview was great and the lady actually said before the interview i lost respect for you but hearing what your state of mind was during those times and admitting that you are sorry and are a real person with emotions makes me respect you again but of course they always cut and paste what they want to make a news story

  • BruceNY

    “Kanye West does not care about white people!” – G.W. Bush


    Finally! A small forum for me to voice my opinion on Kanye West. This guy is an absolute embarrassment to himself, his friends, his family, his race, his industry, his associates, his subordinates, men in general, and and as far as I am concerned – - the human race itself. He needs to find the world’s finest surgeon to permanently seal his lips, that way he can do no more harm. Without question, he is the most insensitive, racist, piece of S&!@ that exists – furthermore, he is arrogant, fundamentally stupid on all fronts, lacks compassion for anyone but himself, and generally disgusts me. Did you say, “tell us how you really feel…” Oh, ok, no problem – I have never heard this man say anything intelligent, his music is garbage – have you listened to the lyrics? He makes me sick to my stomach and I’m one of those people that generally likes everyone – I find the good in people, the good in the world, and am empathetic to peoples’ issues, illnesses, defects, etc. etc. But, I am sorry for those who like this man – you are living as “TXpert” put it so casually – a delusional life just like your ‘cool-guy’ friend, KANYE F’N WEST. The big, ultra-hip, rich, super-cool, black man who you probably think should be elected to president as well. I seriously feel bad for this guy and pray that one day he is so beyond humbled that he drops to his knees like myself and so many others have to bow down to something greater than himself because at the end of the day – this guys is worthless! There, I have said it, I am over it, I am moving on. Thank you all!!! hahahahaha

  • Mary Ann

    Bush,open mouth,out comes STUPID

  • Triple S

    Pres. Bush only really cared for his rich oil friends and the VP’s war machine. If the storm had been in Texas, the aid would have been there promptly. Pres. Obamma is taking the hit for Bush’s mess! People have such short memories. Bush’s book- There must be quite a team of writters that had to interpet what George really meant to say. He was such a embarassment to our county. I was so glad that I haven’t heard much from him until this book. It seems George should have spent more time reading and learning to speak.

  • Carla R

    kanye west is the rap version of spineless, stupid, indifferent wastes of space…..that’s ALL he is the ‘rap’ version of :)

  • Carla R

    @CANTSTANDKANYE: thank you.

  • Daryl

    Kanye West got underneath Georges skin. I beleive bush was then and continues to be pissed. Now lets deal with everyone tossing the race card. He did not call him a racist (literally) he said he does not care about black people. I do not beleive George is a racist. I think he does not care about poor people. I do not beleive he has or had the intelect necassary to be president of the US. Lets face it, he is not a smart man. I beleive George simply loves his family and wanted to be like dad.
    My advice to George “why are you giving Kanye so much power in your life. You have carried this for 5 years, Let Go!