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Angelina Jolie: United Love Story

Angelina Jolie: United Love Story

Angelina Jolie stays busy on the set of her new movie, United Love Story, on Thursday (November 4) which is currently on location in Budapest, Hungary.

The 35-year-old actress will direct the tale of two lovers caught up in the Bosnian war, but women who were raped by Serbian soldiers during the war in Bosnia have reportedly asked her not to tell their stories.

Bakira Hasecic, the 55-year-old head of the Women Victims of War (WVW) association told The Independent, “What we have gone through cannot be filmed…I’m doing all this to prevent our ordeal from ever happening again… but revenge leads nowhere.”

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie on the set of United Love Story

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  • Lara

    First, lol! Angie looks so happy, busy working hard.
    Brad and the boys should soon be on their way back to her.

  • Melissa, Christchurch, NZ

    A Perfect Role Model. For the World. And such a natural family lady. Thumbs Up

  • Jin

    Cool! Can’t wait to watch this movie. Later, I’ll definitely buy a copy for keepsake.

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also help the victims of red mud

    The Red Cross will support, through the red mud disaster victims Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s foundation. The two movie stars at the request, do not tell how much money was given.

    Money to support the Hungarian Red Cross Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s foundation – requires communication, the Hungarian Red Cross. The body has a couple of red mud disaster victims to help with this, but at their request, do not tell how much money was given.

    “While the victims of the toxic iszapkatasztrófa worried about how they will rebuild their homes, their communities, it is important to help the disaster first response organizations, such as the Hungarian Red Cross” – Brad Pitt said the grant agreement was signed, according to the bulletin. Brad Pitt also praised the commitment to the organization’s staff.

    The Red Cross president, Georg von Habsburg said he appreciates the sympathy of two Hollywood movie stars. “The Jolie-Pitt Foundation for the generous donations of red mud in the living conditions of the victim’s families, helping to restore the body” – Habsburg said.

  • anustin

    gorgeous and sooo love up!!!!

  • anustin

    thank you miss bdj.lovin it lady!

  • Ann_Howard

    I love Angie. Really excited to see the final product!

  • bdj

    While his wife Angelina Jolie continues directing her first film in Budapest, Brad Pitt was seen at the New York City premiere of his new film Megamind, and has all the pics of the box-office hunk walking the ‘blue’ carpet.

    PHOTOS: Brad Pitt Attends Megamind Premiere In NYC

    The handsome 46-year-old A-lister, clad in a sleek all-black get-up, brought his kids Maddox, 9, and Pax, 6, to the event, which also drew show biz heavyweights such as Tina Fey, Pitt’s co-stars in the film, as well as Ben Stiller, who served as its’ producer.

  • bdj

    Terrence Malick films are like London tubes: you wait for ages for one and then it gets hopelessly delayed. So having been looking forward to his latest, Tree Of Life, for many moons, we’re excited to say that not only is the end in sight – a US release is set for May 27, 2011 – but there’s now something (meta)physical to feast our eyes on. Thanks to Collider, then, for their spot of the poster and full synopsis at LA distributor fest, the American Film Market.

  • bdj

    “The Tourist” (Dec. 10): Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star in a romantic thriller about a heartbroken man swept up in intrigue in Italy after a mystery woman thrusts her way into his life

  • bdj

    It’s a bird! A plane! It’s ‘Megamind’

    The production design by David James is the real hero of the film. His rendering of Metro City as a towering presence protected by Metro Man is superb. However, the film’s usage of 3D technology while commendable is not needed. You will enjoy the film whether you’re watching it in 3D or not.

    I also lik the film’s clever soundtrack. When Megamind botches a hostage attempt, ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” is being played as our blue villain questions his purposeless life. Or when he gets his mojo back, George Thorogood and the Destroyers are heard performing “Bad to the Bone.”

    I enjoyed “Megamind’s” spirit and its multiple narrative twists that make its second half intriguing and engaging.

  • releka

    Love Angelina!!!!!

  • Phoebe

    is that a bump?

  • Sami

    She is so classy and gorgeous! You go girl!

  • bdj

    UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and Brad Pitt , co-chairman of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation on Thursday announced that the Hungarian Red Cross to provide assistance to the region occurred in Ajka chemical disaster victims. Beneath the Hungarian Red Cross Press Office official communication:

    . We appreciate that Mr Pitt and Mrs Jolie thus expresses its sympathy to the victims of the red mud disaster – said György Habsburg, president of the Hungarian Red Cross.

    The Jolie-Pitt Foundation for the generous donations of red mud in the living conditions of the victim’s families, helping to restore the body – the President stressed.

    . “The Hungarian Red Cross is working tirelessly to normalize the ecological disaster in western Hungary losses, injuries, displaced people’s situation,” – said Angelina Jolie.

    Brad Pitt. “While the victims of the toxic iszapkatasztrófa worried about how they will rebuild their homes, their communities, it is important to help the disaster first response organizations, such as the Hungarian Red Cross, whose dedicated staff and volunteer teams to the affected population are working to secure the most basic needs.” – He Brad Pitt added.

    Just hours after the accident, the Hungarian Red Cross staff and volunteers to work with and helped the evacuation, joined and went from house to house to help rescue survivors and vulnerable.

    . The Hungarian Red Cross in cooperation with local authorities for food, water, gloves and védőmaszkokkal saw the people, providing first aid, and continue to assist stakeholders in 7000.

    Since more than 1 million people have contributed to the Hungarian Red Cross aid programs in the 1749 Donation calling and sms messages.
    The emergency assistance phase is finished, the Hungarian Red Cross will launch the reconstruction and recovery program. . The Hungarian Red Cross staff and volunteers who are serving in the accident first perceitől completed, ongoing needs assessments of the needs will be monitored to ensure the most efficient use of resources and contributions.

    Magyar Vöröskereszt Sajtóiroda Hungarian Red Cross Press Office

  • bdj

    Hi Weng. Hi all. I thought I would post before Our resident hen park her whiny behind on the thread all day. Have a great day to all.

  • Lara

    Thanks again bdj for always giving us the news, hi to all the fans.

  • what a wreck


  • Shame Shame

    Capitalizing on other’s tragedies

  • Make-Up!! ?

    She looks like Anne Hathaway’s even uglier older sister.

  • Sami

    Thanks bdj for showing us how Angelina and Brad respond to tragedies and help those in need.

  • sera

    I am sure the people that they are helping are happy Brad and Angie are not people like you. shame shame on you shame shame shame.

  • http://justjared Susan

    @Phoebe: Yes in your head.

  • WBPfan

    She looks gorgeous — and its a candid with no photoshopping whatsoever!! No wonder she brings out the jealousy in the insecure!

  • Harry

    She is so ugly ,same as Jennifer maniston
    Look like Brad Pitt likes the ulgy chicks

  • ashley

    haters plz go away

  • AJP

    Nice hands Angie.

  • AJP
  • sapounaki

    I’m surprised people (actors and crew) take her directing the movie seriously. Does she have ANY idea what she’s doing? Or multi million dollars will do their way just fine?
    By the way, the title is like an Airlines Commercial. Good luck with that.
    I really hope she’ll show the truth about the Bosnian War.
    How (her people) Americans started the war and destroyed everything in that area.

  • Sherry


    Check out Angie giving the photogs inadvertendly the FU sign in pics #6 and #8. I lolz at that. She was obviously referencing/pointing out something to someone in conversation while holding the coffee cup, but it just looks like a giant FU – maybe to FT and company!! Funny that.

  • lylian

    This Hasecic is starting to seriously annoy me. Who does she think she is?
    She does not have a MONOPOLY on the story of rape in war.
    She may not want her story to be told but how can she speak for women who do?
    In world war II, Korean Women were raped, sent to prostitution. There were those who did not want their stories told. There were those who did when they finally could, even when they were already in their 70s and 80s.
    Obviously there are women who want the story to be told. Plenty of them. Rape in war is rape in war. Whether the story is set in Asia or in Bosnia or in Iraq.
    Now this is about all the attention I’m gonna give to this egotistical woman.
    Everytime we tell the story of rape in war, we do not let it be forgotten that rape is a weapon of choice in war when it should not be.

  • Iffy Miffy

    What Bakira is doing is trying to score political points in her country! Please, everyone and their kid knows that. It’s got nothing to do with prevention of rape. People from her own country called her out on it, other associations too so she really should shut up!
    Anyway, no way would Angie shoot a movie that was insensitive to victims. She is not that kind of person.

  • rachel

    She looks like Angela Gossow!! they’re both so beautiful!!!!!!


  • Someone…

    Angelina’s sunglasses are Ralph Lauren…
    Does anyone know what boots she is wearing???? Please

  • QQQQ

    Brad Pitt Wants His Kids to Think He’s Cooler Than Spider-Man
    Thursday November 04, 2010 10:05 AM EDT
    Brad Pitt might be superdad, but can he vanquish a real superhero in the minds of his children?
    “Spider-Man is big in our family,” Pitt, 46, told PEOPLE at the New York premiere of the animated superhero film Megamind on Wednesday. “The kids think he’s the coolest. If there was one superhero they would want me to play, that would be the one. I’d score big with them.”
    But Spider-Man was already taken. So, Pitt took the role of Metro Man in Megamind, and brought sons Maddox, 9, and Pax, 6, to the New York premiere on Wednesday to see what they thought.
    “I’m sneaking in the boys tonight,” said Pitt, mentioning too that Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 4, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 2 (who are “talking a lot and singing”) are in Budapest, where their mom Angelina Jolie is directing her first feature. “I think they will like it, but they are tough critics. Will Ferrell is very popular in our house, so the boys will get a kick out of that.”
    He added: “Hopefully they will think Dad’s really cool and better than Spider-Man.”
    Pitt says he took the role “for my kids. They liked the story, and I liked it.” These days, he adds, the children are always top of mind when he and Jolie consider film work.
    “Every role we choose now, we choose it for the kids,” he says. “Will the kids like it? Will they like it when they are young adults? Or is this a good location for the family? That’s it.”

  • natalie

    I think it’s important that stories are told. I get that some people who lived through World War II won’t watch movies about it, but it’s important to bring awareness to those who didn’t.

    So, while I respect Bakira’s request, I think that to prevent some things to ever happen again they need to be told to the world.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @lylian: Bakira aside, look my post above, the Bosnian war was one heck of a mess. There were three sides in it and Angie will be showing essentially only one. This is part of the problem and I understand her but I also understand other people who are not happy with her about that. It is easy for us to say – this applies to all victims – because our feelings are not so directly connected to it all. I am sure she’ll do a brilliant job but I am not about to judge any living victim of the war about their opinion on the movie. Like I said though, Bakira and the other political people do not count, they just score points for their own gains.

  • NAN

    sapounaki that aka 55 yrs old Hasecic wants you to be her right hand please contract her soon the €€££$$ will better than be norman’s friend .
    Good luck to you .
    Canadagirl from Vankong.

  • lylian

    It’s obvious that the failure to teach history in school is not an American or Australian peculiarity only. Sapounaki here is proof.

  • QQQQ

    That woman Barika is an ass_hole. War victim or not.

  • teri

    Thanks for the new Angelina thread. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • sav

    Beautiful Angie.

    And this muslim woman, Bakira, is really unbearable and ungrateful. She should be ignored. She is completely irrelevant in Bosnia. Angie has no reason to explain her intentions to this ugly woman.

  • dawne

    These photos show everything about what we know of Angelina…..sweet, nonegotistical, a smart leader, hardworking, focused, natural and comfortable in her skin; basically non star-like in that she will roll out of bed and not bother with make-up….sweeping in her interests and acts of kindness, globally savvy, yet down to earth and so correct in her priorities.

  • Kriss

    To ALL of you who thinks Jolie is wonderfull person
    First go through that same as women from WVW AND AFTER THAT SAY THAT SHE IS gorgeous …

  • poor angie

    God damn, angie is really ugly!


    Clown Jolie…

  • srb

    Bakira, being a victim of war, does not give you exclusive right to talk about it. Angelina shows us her artistic view of the war in Bosnia. Your opinion about it is totally meaningless. Please, do not talk to media anymore because you are so bitter and intolerant. Angie is not responsible for your unfortunate life.

  • legsfan

    Jared, I think the working title of Angie’s film is “Untitled Love Story”, not “United Love Story.” “United Love Story” is an airline commercial, I think. LOL.

    Ange – let’s get this thing wrapped up within a year, Okay! We’re running low on supplies….

  • aseret64

    Gorgeous as always…..

  • Big JP Fan (329lbs.)

    I’d like to completely ignore the serious topic of this post, disregarding others legitimate concerns, in order to say how truly wonderful Mother Angelina is.