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Jensen Ackles: Shirtless on 'Supernatural' Set!

Jensen Ackles: Shirtless on 'Supernatural' Set!

Jensen Ackles rubs his bare chest in these behind-the-scenes shots from Supernatural!

The 32-year-old actor and co-star Jared Padalecki posed for some silly shots, showing off their faux wounds for the camera!

Last month, Jensen made his directorial debut on the show, which is currently in its sixth season on the CW.

An all new episode airs tomorrow (November 5) at 9/8c – be sure to tune in!

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Photos: Curly Merly
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  • hola

    he is so ugly!

  • Lisa

    @hola: Well, then you obviously don’t have taste in men.

  • hola

    he is very ugly compared to jared! he has no muscles, a very bad body!

  • Liv

    ugly is your ass, he’s bloody gorgeous!

  • Bel

    wow so old, those photos. Dude, they are from 2007!

  • Carley

    @hola – jealousy is the only ugly I can see here. So you’re a fan of Jared, good for you. I’m sure he loves the fans that insult one of his best friends the most.

    Nice to see Jensen goofing around and I like the pose to ;)

  • Sandy

    Jared is hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elle

    I really love that one of Jared. You can see all his glory. :)

  • Chris

    @ hola — you’re such a CLASSY Jared!girl… not.


  • Aylin

    @hola: Maybe he’s body is not as ripped as Jared’s, but he has great face features. Both are gorgeous.

  • syd

    Oh look … it’s Jared fans bashing Jensen yet again. That’s all they seem to do these days.

    Jared and Jensen are adorkable in these pics!

  • Meme

    It must be a slow day to be busting out years old behind the scene shots.

  • Meme

    No, it’s A Jared fan, ONE fan NOT fans.

  • Janice

    Not pretty to bash either of the boys! But you Jensen fans really are the ones to talk. *rolls eyes* You do nothing but bash Jared so please STFU!

  • girl

    Wow, I want a nipple touch too…

  • LOL

    @hola Um I’d take Jensen over Jared Fivehead and his silly hair any day.

  • Jane

    Jared is the best actor on the show. Beautiful inside and out. He is really rocking it this season. I want more Sam!

  • candy

    Jensen’s hot!!! Love this guy.

  • candy

    Jared is the best actor on the show???? Please. LOL.

  • Jena

    Wow neither do it for me anymore….

    I’d have been all ‘damnnn boy’ seeing Jared in a corset a few years back but now….nothing.

    I’d have been proper turned on a few years back (..even if he was intentionally doing it to be dorky) seeing Jensen tweeking his nipples but it just made me go :/ now.

    They’ve lost their looks/aged quite a bit.

  • emma

    i love jensen :x

  • DeeDee

    Just to inform you. Those pics are stolen ones. Someone stole a camera of a crew member, while is was being repaird. Clif Kosterman is already on a “hunt”, to find the thief.
    I think the J2 freaked out, when they saw those pics suddenly on the web. Especially Jensen and his nice nipple show.
    But for myself I think it´s wonderful to see how many fun the actors and the crew have. They shouldn´t overdue it, with this witch hunt. Yeah somebody stole this cam, but shit happens. And I´m wondering why someone keeps 3 year old pics on his cam.

  • Lia

    @ Jane — come on now, I like Jared too. He’s good. But he is not “the best actor on the show.” He’s ONE of the best actors, along *with* Jensen. Jensen is good as well.

    What is it with all these NASTY Jared fans?? Sheesh.

  • tracie

    girls, jared and jensen both look ugly now. i f i were sera, ill send them to the gym, jensen for obvious reasons, and jared, because even though he has a ripped body, his face still looks wide because of the pounds he gained last year.

    these pictures are old, those faces dont exist anymore.

  • tracie

    omg, im sorry, i didnt see it, is THAT jareds…

    wow the padacok in all his glory !!!!

  • hola

    Kiss my ass stupid girls! you have to assume it, he is fatty and ugly :p he only was cute on first season, years doesn’t sit well on him!
    Jared rocks!

  • Kate

    Ok. Let’s not turn this into a fan war. If you like one actor, that’s fine. Just don’t bash the other. As for the pics getting stolen, I don’t understand why we only get to see them now. And btw some of those pics are pretty awkward.

  • holaback

    @hola – brush up your English first, then we talk.

  • Rio

    Hey guys!you just get gayer and gayer!
    btw season 6 is so weird.

  • JD

    Hell yeah they are old!! they are mid season 3!!!!!!!!! wow, but still glad they shared :)

  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • Jayne

    I think they are both good, but i love Jensen i would pick him he is just soooooo HOT.

  • http://justjaredjr JANE

    HA HA, LMAO Jensen all ways cracks me up and Jared is sooo cute. Cant wait to see Season 6 yeaheee! ;D

  • @26

    No thank you on the Ass thing, and Jensen ìs so good looking.

  • pamela

    scrow u and u comment about jensen and jared

  • AmandaF

    Ugh, what is wrong with you people? What happened to common decency and treating others how you would like to be treated? Where the heck are your manners???? Both Jensen and Jared are good people that do not deserve to be talked about in such a derogatory fashion, they are not slabs of meat or body parts, they are two wonderful actors and nice guys that deserve your respect. What if they read all this crap you lot are writing, how would you feel if someone wrote this stuff about you?

  • debbie

    omg yummm jensen and jared get better and better… jensen no matr what u do u always make me laugh u is as sexy as helll :) jared is like a wind up toy lol always on go :) both jensen n jared r playing season 6 so so so good am loving how jared is playing sam shows how much he has grown as a actor and jensen is jus bloody good as dean….

  • Jayne

    They are just so good at what they do. I love them.

  • Samantha

    Jared is HOTT!!

  • TD&TD

    I’m 50 and my daughter is 18 yet we agreed to use their pictures for our screen saver. We joke around with each other on which one we’d take into our rooms if we had a chance. Once you get past their handsome looks and really study the acting one of the two men may have a bit more range but it could be the part he plays limits his range. I won’t say which actor because it could be that. Why are pretty guys that show a sensitive side on a show thought to be gay? My gay male friends aren’t really very sensitive.

  • nicole

    he is so sexi!
    i have watched all of hi seasons up to season five and im just waiting for the 6th season to come out

  • amanda

    jensen is hot as hell shame about his wife

  • Vickkyand me

    @Jane: Bite your tongue love. How are you gonna LIE like that? “Jared’s a better actor than Jensen Ackles? Do you watch Supernatural? The same show I, and the other fans watch? Come on don’t do this. Makes no sence. Yes Jared’s a great actor and he makes the show. But Jensen, he’s AWESOME! He is the SHOW! When you’re watching him as Dean, you can’t help but beleive the character and the story. Jensen brings it…EVERYTIME! He cries on cue, without fail and is the main reason the show is on it’s 6th season. He’s damn GORGEOUS, has the perfect body which is not too muscular, but nice and thick, the sexiest bow legs and don’t let me start with his FACE!! Jensen will soon be 33 yrs old, and as everyone can clearly see he’s just getting better with time. Now tell me I lie and if you do, may Jensen become more successful, talented and prettier!!!

  • Vickkyand me

    @hola: Oh you must be F**KIN CROSS EYED! Jensen is out of this world handsome and he is not fat and/or flabby. No, he is not musular which is perfect. He is well built, with wide lean shoulders, the most beautiful back, thick thighs and the sexiest bow legs. Jensen is always gorgeous and he is always in perfect shape, not to mention he is a Texas guy with humble beginings that has taught him respect and manners for others. That, my dear is the ULTIMATE beauty of Jensen Ackles.

  • tracy

    @hola: your blind they are both hot

  • Sheila

    Wow! Alotta nasty, catty girls on this site!! I think Jensen & Jared are both GORGEOUS!! I’ve watched Jensen for years,started when he played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives & have followed him for years. Jared is newer to me, but equally hot!! Let’s not fight,everyone can have their own opinion. Remember,we were taught this in kindergarten; If you can’t say something nice,Shhh,say nothing.(Words to live by!)

  • lisssy16

    @hola: maybe you are ugly

  • lisssy16

    @lisssy16: its a joke =)

  • ndenise

    What is the matter with people?? I’ve read so much stuff on the boys and never seen so much hate and arguing! For those saying they’re ugly and have lost their looks… um, all I can say is go and get some glasses!?? What is it you’re looking for in a guy exactly coz these guys – especially Jensen – have it all!!

    As for arguing over Jensen and Jared, get over it! I’m a Jensen girl through and through, think he’s super-talented and incredibly, actually unbelievably gorgeous! Plus his body looks DAMN fine to me! But I wouldn’t say a word against Jared, he’s lovely! The two are great friends off set too, so be careful what you say! Just grow up basically!