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Kate Bosworth & Justin Kirk: Kiss Kiss!

Kate Bosworth & Justin Kirk: Kiss Kiss!

Kate Bosworth and Justin Kirk share a passionate kiss on the set of their new movie, BFF & Baby, on Thursday (November 4) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress and her co-star kissed on the front porch of a house and shared a laugh in between takes.

Work began on the new project earlier this week – Kate stars opposite Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter in the comedy!

FYI: Krysten has been updating her Twitter with lots of fun shots from the set of BFF & Baby – check out a few of them below!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth & Justin Kirk kissing and having fun behind the scenes…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 01
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 02
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 03
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 04
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 05
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 06
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 07
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 08
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 09
kate bosworth justin kirk kiss bff baby 10

Photos: Famepictures
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  • AS

    Kate looks really beautiful in this movie

  • lovekate

    yeah i agree, she should dress like this in her daily life. she looks amazing!!

  • MovieGirl

    Kate looks amazing!!! Love her

  • west

    She looks like she’s wearing a wig.

  • twenty-two

    You can barely see her in those set pics. They’re all side shots.

  • Sweet
  • oseary

    @MovieGirl: The only thing amazing is she looks less bald than usual.

  • true

    @twenty-two: You need to check out the full set. Kate looks very relaxed and pretty.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …ahahahahahahaha …nobody takes this girl serious. she’s definitely one of the top 3 most disliked people on this site.

  • Wonderful

    Great pics from the set… Love Ritter, Bosworth and Kirk

  • freebird

    She always looks fine from a distant. Up close not so much.

  • eva

    they should not have cast bilson.

  • good kitten

    This is probably the most passion she’s experienced in a year.
    Good for her.

  • seriously

    yeah all the alex crazies are jealous. they are all bracing since alex is back soon.

  • true

    Bosworth is really on the D List now. She went from Superman Returns to BFF and baby.

  • hey

    @good kitten: don’t believe all the rumors about alex.

  • ITA

    @eva: They should not have cast Bilson or Bosworth. Both can’t act.

  • high c

    Kevin Spacey used to get her good parts. It’s a shame that her weekly bj to Kavanaugh results in projects like this.

  • Bobie

    I’m NOT a fan of Bosworth, but i do think she looks great in the last pictures post we saw from the movie set. In her normal life she looks aweful , to be honest. But yeah…i have to admit that she looks kinda cute in these pics

  • nikki

    I have never thought much of her, but she has been looking amazing lately. It seems pretty obvious why Alex fell for her.

  • No Doubt

    Looks like there is a name-changing KB stan (#1-3) flooding this post. All their comments sound the same.

  • No Doubt

    I am surprised that a movie that seems to be going to DVD is getting this much press coverage.

  • AS

    Alex acts too icy around the paps thats probably why she seems more relaxed without the grump around.

  • F@me M0n$t3r

    Kate looks great here.
    But wait for more of the haters to start cyber bullying people who leave at least one positive comment that’s how they get their kicks apparently by thumbing down nice comments, calling her ugly and saying how undeserving she is to be dating Alexander Skarsgard.

    I like how she looks here! (:

  • good kitten

    @hey: I don’t. I don’t even think they’re friends with benefits. They have no passion in any of the pics I’ve seen of them together.

  • true

    @No Doubt: What’s more surprising is that a movie co-written by Krysten Ritter is being made at all. I need to find out more about that girl. She always annoyed me on Veronica Mars.

  • essence

    Krysten Ritter is a decent actress. She should be getting better roles. Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson are not very good actresses and seem to be getting the roles they deserve.

  • seriously

    @F@me M0n$t3r: that is what always happens on the kate threads, but it makes me laugh how much it makes their blood boil when they see the two of them together. it ends up being fun.

  • nah

    @essence: Ritter is a nobody, the director Kat Coiro is getting this film made.

  • Bobie


    I don’t like Kate because she calls the paps, and pays sites (like JJ) to have posts of her everyday. She’s also a joke. I mean she’s fake. But her new the pics of her, i think she looks kinda beautiful. normally her hair looks like a wig or like the hair is falling out

  • TB

    I think that Alex coming into Kate’s life has been good for her. She just got done filming with Ellen Barkin and Thomas Haden Church, and she’s been working more. I don’t know what to think of this one, but she does look good. Apparently, she’s being dressed by Calvin Klein collection for the movie.

  • true

    @TB: well there is one thing about Kate that keeps her on the vip list, the fashion crowd loves her and they love to dress her.

  • evathediva

    Kate does look pretty…still don’t think she is a good actress though, but hey everyone has a right to his/her opinion. Damn, stop with the everyone must be jealous if they hatin on Kate. Some of you women must be every bit of 13-18 years old, you sound very juvenile. @seriously: blood boil?, I can give a ants behind if they are together or not, only you, like to come in here and stir up ish, so obviously YOU have a problem with it. cyber bullying?-get outta here…

  • Annie

    Boring, balding sl-tty – as usual.

  • prisma

    @TB: Kate Bosworth barely worked in a year and most her films right before the new ones are still pending release. She needed to work for financial reasons plus it looks bad when an actor has such an inactive career. Even the parts she’s getting now are not very good and don’t take much time to film.

  • nikki

    if she looked like this more often, maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate. the smiles are for real, and it makes her look 100% better.

  • evathediva

    @F@me M0n$t3r: dang it another thing.!!!. is Alex Skarsgard in this movie? why do you ,all of the KBOS fans bring him up? We the Askars fans did not bring him up, you , the Kbos fans did. It seems to me part of your PR plan is to include AS any way neccessary, how crass!! JJ did not mention him at all in the last 3 posts of KBos. Leave him out of this, most disliked her, waaay before Askars…be realistic..

  • TB

    @evathediva: JJ is just toying with us by not mentioning Alex. Most of the AS fans now believe that whenever there is a lull on JJ (about Kate and Alex), that it could be some kind of clue as to the status of their relationship. But after the last time, I no longer believe that. JJ is just stringing everyone along. I don’t see an end in sight either.

  • xcited

    @true: Where is the full set? The production photos are all from the side — can’t see KBosworth’s full face — and in the twit pics, her face looks tight and botoxed in the fifth photo. She looks kind of cute until you put her next to the other girls.

  • Movie Watcher

    @nah: Even KB and KR are bigger names than Kat Coiro. They are getting the film made, most likely for DVD, since none of them are A-list actresses.

  • whatup

    I can’t believe the amount of hate that blake lively is getting, almost six pages of it, and amanda seyfried too. too much hating on jj.

  • the truth

    Still don’t care we never really don’t see her do any are her scenes at all . JJ why don’t you get her doing her work on her movie instead are Posting pictuires are her shopping and Posting pictures are her Ex. Kate bosworth and the other girl do all the work while she do nothing but shop and try to make hayden’s life a living by calling the paz on him for the world to see him coming out are her house. I think that was wrong for you to do that. Hayden don’t need no negative publicity while he’s trying to get back on his feet. Rachel knew better than to call the paz while he was leaving her house in the first place. Rachel still don’t do much work like her co-stars do. Still not theone that is carrying the movie.Rachel need to stop pulling herself out there like that. Natalie portman Don’t get that much are attntion like that. Nor does mischa who fail to post from time to time. She have not did much as the others did on this movie . She don’t much as they do.The other always on the set when its time for theeir scenses. Not her she somewhere laying with a aguy instead .She do nor need this much attention as she do. Why she is doing laying up with hayden for an acting gig again so she can get in one are his movie. That ‘s all she for anyway. while other people get up go for audtio.She get hers by laying up with people for parts. That’s all she did anyway. And went out to lunch with another guy like she didn’t do nothing. Hayden probably said no to her and she got mad and called the paz on him for that. Rachel still the worst actress and nasty person still.We all know what she did that for.

  • ha!

    @west: Yep, it’s a weave. She has maybe three strands of hair left underneath.

  • Kourtney


    but do believe all the rumors you hear about Kate!!!! Is it true that Ryan Kavanaugh has visited her on set? and that they left together last night?
    @ serious…yeah Alex is back soon for their monthly staged papfest!!!

  • Sasha! ¬_¬

    s0 what? she calls the papz?
    they have a job to do too . the papz are their to promote celebs and make whatever project they are doing known to the public.
    you say this on every single thread about her…nothing is said about the people she is working with? :/
    Celebs = nothing without the paparazzi.

  • LisaM

    Eewww!!! BARF!!!!!

  • Brightside

    @No Doubt:
    It’s only getting this kind of coverage on a very few sites (namely JJ) and you’re assuming that it is actually going to make it as far as DVD. It might not. It might end up being stuck in distribution limbo like Rachel Bilson’s film Waiting For Forever (an apt title for a film that no one wants to distribute and few have ever seen). This is a micro-budget film and might end end doing nothing anywhere!
    Kate Bosworth is nowt special to look at! Why do people get so excited about her looks when there are some truly beautiful and talented women in the Industry? She’s such a zero when compared to so many other actresses that I don’t see what all the fuss is over. Just another bog-standard d-lister!

  • muppet show


  • Tanter

    More pictures from this movie with no big names attached? Seriously odd..