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Rachel Bilson: Two Different Looks for 'BFF & Baby'!

Rachel Bilson: Two Different Looks for 'BFF & Baby'!

Rachel Bilson wears two looks as she goes to the set of her new movie, BFF & Baby, on Thursday (November 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress read over her script on the way to the set and carried a pair of gingham “Menorca” wedges by Christian Louboutin!

Rachel‘s co-star, Krysten Ritter, has been updating her Twitter with behind-the-scenes pics and information and said that Rach “[couldn't] be more fabulous and adorable if she tried!”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson heading to the set of BFF & Baby

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 06
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 07
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 08
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 09
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 10
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 11
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 12
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 13
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 14
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 15
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 16
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 17
rachel bilson two outfits bff baby 18

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Lake


  • Maggie

    I’m not a Hayden fan or anything, so that has nothing to do with what I’m about to say. But I just don’t like her. Her face irritates me. She looks like she would be a huge, stuck up bitch, I can’t even watch her in interviews. Some people just have those faces. And for me, it’s hers.

  • Yanni

    most annoying woman ever

  • JC

    A lot of attention on this site to a movie that will never see a widespread release. It will go to straight to DVD faster than Bilson can buy her next pair of shoes.

  • ida

    she actually works!

  • Bobie


    yeah not so much. this is boring

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! They way the paparrazi seem to be stalking this film you’d think Brad, Angie and Tom Cruise were the stars as opposed to this group of losers!
    I guess she can’t remember her lines she doesn’t need to rehearse much – just read the cue cards!

  • homeless rachel

    ewwww omg jared ive never seen you stalk a film set like this one. every day your reporting about some movie that no ones ganna see. only because your rachel pigface is in it. your so lame and pathetic jared. your def a stalker.

  • Can She Read a Script?

    I can’t imagine why she has a script, unless it’s to show the camera that she’s ‘working’. Finally she shows up on the set. What does she have in this film, about 5 lines? I’m sure it took the AD’s about 10 minutes to write the words real big on the cue cards for her.

    What a stuck little bitch. Look at that face, the face of an entitled spoiled little princess who has had everything just given to her by her daddy and all her relations in the film/tv business. Not attractive enough to make it on her own, she has to elbow out other people for these stupid little walk-on roles. Worthless chit. And back with fiance Hayden Christensen too I see. Well that’s a match made in heaven as they’re so perfect for each other. Both total losers.

  • hghh

    Why are you hating? U used to hate because she didn’t work… But now she does and your hating because of her face and because the movie will be straight to dvd …. You people are way more pathetic then she will ever be. so please stop it, because some people actully like her.

  • ashley

    Guys, you are so mean! Don’t bully others here. Be nice. At least she was and is famous. And there ARE people who like her a lot.


    get off this thread already her beautiful face annoys you well your nappy posts annoy us so go to coney island and and stick your face in the sand and eat crap while youre at it go to leos thread and bash BAR

  • Alexander Skars.

    I just found out this site, you seem to promote a lot of unknow people.

    I would like to know how do I get a post about myself?

  • Molly

    I used to like her but JustJared is so osessed by her that now I dislike her. It is really annoying to see a thread of her every day with many silly news.


    so dont come here anymore very simple go to the threads you like if there are any because theres only one we know of get lost go take a nappy nap

  • emmy

    I bet she’s going to look and sound exactly like Summer. That’s the only role she’s capable of playing.

  • the truth

    @Can She Read a Script?: They didn’t say that they was together . He just visited her at her . She was with a guy the next day. He still her ex boyfriend. so get your story straight ok. About her working . She only went to show that she was working because. Because no one saw her on the set.And she want to show she’s really working.Why don’t you check out the guy she was on wednesday. He was not with her shopping at the store. How pathetic you are to say that anyway.

  • robin

    Holy Moly – what a “short freaking legs” Batman!!!

  • ATLqueen

    Hey VOR! I’m in here! Not for long though…. Lol! I’m about to leave. Stalk me over at HC’s most recent post next…….

  • Gasolfan #16

    Yeah Spider!!
    Ooops!! I mean Voice of No Reason.
    Where are you defending Rachel? Come on stalker trash!!

    Oh well…Spider-VOR is beating a dead horse.

    I love both outfits Rachel is wearing. Her hair looks so pretty. Way to go Rachel.


    the TROLL BRIGHTSIDE is on a role here too now bashing RACHEL whats the matter cant stand it she got an acting role now and hayden still loves her boy you must be desperate to get banged when was your last time?

  • chauncey

    A D-lister (an-all-time-D-lister actually) supporting a D-lister cast on a seemingly straight to DVD movie – oh such “progressive” acting career!

    She doesn’t have anywhere near a big or important part in the film and she is just emphasized a lot in this movie because Jared is her “dutiful employee while she’s being a generous employer”.

  • comrade

    Just like her movie called “Waiting For DVD err… Forever” in the making… poor brat!

  • Kate

    @hghh: OMG EXACTLY! Everybody just needs to realize that the people on justjared don’t have a heart at all, I’ve never been to one single post on this site on any celeb where they’ve had nice things to say. I just don’t get why you people keep coming to the site if it bothers you so much about who he posts about. Find another gossip site!!

    And Rachel, you look beautiful!~ Very excited for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leimore

    A (h)actress “best” known for the things she does on the paps’ camera rather than on the director’s camera.

  • PW


    Guess what I just found!

    Waiting for Forever going to theaters

  • Leslie


    I’m with you. You know some of these people on JJ are such prolific wirters they should start there own gossip blogs. I mean, since Perez has given up Cyber Bullying there is a big hole in that field now and some of the people on JJ are the biggest Cyber Bullies on the net. And since they are so proud of what they’ve become, I think they should just move out to bigger and better troll aspirations.

  • ATLqueen


    I’d like to apologize on behalf of IMDb. We got a rude @$$ in there and she lacks home training. The other one was just tryng to fight her off. I know. It blows.

  • jello

    Dear Rachel fans,

    Think about it.
    You have to admit that a lot of this Rachel has brought upon herself. If, after the OC ended, she had focused more on the acting part of her life instead of baiting the paparazzi ,she wouldn’t be getting this much heat now. She chose to focus on being a quote unquote fashion icon and doing her daily fashion catwalk for the paps and being coy about her lovelife and pretending to be private when she was using her relationships to generate media attention. She chose the hype and the celebrity over trying to become a better actress.

    Look at Adam Brody her ex. Is the paparazzi following his every move? No. Is he getting more work than Rachel? Yes. Because he’s chosen to focus on acting and not the empty hype that goes with celebrity. Rachel chose to do things differently. Don’t be deluded into thinking that she has absolutely no relationship with the paps. She does. She needs them. And the constant mentions about this designer and that outfit in the gossip columns. Don’t tell me Rachel and her people have no control over that. They do.

    So stop whining about how people are mean to her and OMG such bullies to poor widdle Rachel. She’s an easy target because of how she’s conducted her career. Actors and actresses have control over how they go about their careers and how the public perceives them.
    Her problem was she thought that with all this hype and overexposure she would snag the good movie roles. Well, she didn’t.

  • MissAnthropica

    More of the same I see with postings about her.
    Figures and well boring.
    Of course she has more then one look in a freaking film. If her character wore the same thing in every scene then the extremely low budget for this film would be even lower than people have thought

    I swear you can leave the JJ site for a week and come back and find almost the exact same posts about her repeated.
    Something about clothes or this and that the only difference another pointless day another pointless new post,

    Well atleast she got a small role in this film though I dont think anyone expects much after this from her anymore. I mean Mischa Barton still works every once in awhile and most of those things get sheveled by the studios but it isnt exactly what you would call the career of an “actress”.

    The OC push is long over for her and wont help her get any new projects anymore atleast not the ” BIG MOVIES” she and her people would like that just isnt EVER going to happen for her and I think her people have excepted that by now.

  • Brightside

    JJ is getting well paid to promote this micro movie with the dumb plot and even dumber cast! Such a shame he will not give the same level of attention to more deserving movies and more deserving actresses. This whole conception, plot and cast, has less appeal than a Miley Cyrus film and that’s saying something.
    Still….can’t blame a guy for making money out of it. He’s probably the only person who will.

  • whodie

    Wow, she looks smug and obnoxious in these pics like she’s the lead star in this; NON – so “smack her very hard please”!!!

  • Jello is Right

    Stupid press-crazy fauxtress asked for every bit of bashing she’s getting thanks to how she behaved the last few years. She can’t be slammed too hard considering she appears on JJ and the gossip sites almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. Nobody with an actual career does that. They don’t have time for it. Bilson has nothing but time to promote her puny little person because she has literally no other talent. The way she exploited poor privacy loving Hayden for additional press, playing endless stupid games, shouldn’t happen to anyone. Of course he isn’t innocent either. He turned out to be an efficient exploiter of his faux relationship with her as long as he was being well paid for it. I’ve never seen anything so crass and tasteless. They deserve each other and its good they’re back together. But frankly only a person with no taste or intelligence likes Rachel Bilson because she has neither and thanks to her endless press games everyone knows it.

  • the truth

    @Jello is Right: They are not beck together. No one said they was. it was just a friendly visited. And they haven’t been together since then. She was with another guy the next day.He was only here to audtion for a movie that he has in canada to film this month. you don’t know what you’re talking about. You got to wait and see. Anybody can be coming out are someon’s house and that don’t make them back together.Didn’t you see the post with her with another guy?

  • S

    Hayden and Rachel were only discussing about the weather, LOL

  • the truth

    @S: Are to tell her that he will not be part are the movie jumper2 after all.

  • Kristin

    I like Rachel, she is pretty and has a beautiful body. Maybe she doesn’t have a supermodel height, but she is very cute and dresses well. I don’t understand why some people don’t like her.

  • Leslie


    Their cat died, a tree fell on their car or maybe they are being bullied at work or some other problem so they take it out on her and other celebs. It takes their mind off things. Really sad. Its just gossip and ranting.

  • Leslie


    Ah Jello, aptly named. My comment really burnt your toast. I guess you are in some way replying to my bully comment but I’m not a Rachel fan.
    I always root for the underdog and you and others have made Rachel Bilson the underdog to root for.
    No one is whining but I do sense your frustration in getting everyone to agree with you. Just looking up Rachel on the www she seems to be pretty popular elsewhere online.
    Of course she uses the paparazzi. Necessary evil that. Everyone in Hollywood uses them so you must be down on all of them and the whole scene. Otherwise you would be showing yourself to be quite naive and I don’t think you are.

  • maya

    I really can’t understand this bad guys who talk about her like that just go to hell stupid BATARDDDDDDDD ok let her, they are another who like her a lot so just shut up

  • maya

    She’s amazing peopel don’t like her becanse she doesn’t work like the other celebrities i guess but what’s the matter i like Rachel even if she do nothing just SHOP i looooovvveeee and admire her

  • MissAnthropica

    To the truth:
    For the record Hayden was suddenly removed from Jumper 2 or the movie isnt being made at all.
    Or possibly just not with him.
    Might be why he looked pissed.