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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Sucker Punch' Trailer is Here!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Sucker Punch' Trailer is Here!

Director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) comes back to the big screen with Sucker Punch, in theaters in March of 2011!

The action packed movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish as girls who have been institutionalized and work together to dream up a plan to get out of the center.

For more goodies from the film, visit!

Can’t wait to see this on the big screen!!

Sucker Punch Trailer

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  • melissa


  • ???

    WTF?? vanessa??? i did’t even see her

    jared vanessa is not the star of the movie I only counted vanessa on the screen about 2 times…..-.-

  • cami

    So excited rn. looks amazing’ the movie is gonna be freaking EPIC! (;

  • lauren

    who’s the star of this movie?

  • ???

    @lauren: the blonde one ….

  • jay

    so this is the 2nd trailer&Emily Browning is the star! How cooooolll!!!! Man, I might even watch this film after all!

  • Channy

    It actually looks interesting! When I just read about it I was like eh, whatever. But the trailer makes it look like I might go watch

  • miss infamous

    where was Vanessa?

  • jack

    What a piece of junk. Spotty virgin boys will be buying hand-lotion for the download of that. Anyone else with a brain-cell will avoid. Dumbing Down Hollywood strikes again. Repugnant Soul-less Cinema.

  • luv the way u lie

    the story of the movie is cool..
    but the stars of the movie SUCKS…
    i mean 2 disney stars…….^.~

  • LILY

    where the hell was vanessa hudgens in this? how is she starring in it (why is she billed first on here) when she’s not in the trailer at all nor is her voice even in the trailer..

    is this some kind of joke.

    lmao, jared.

  • kelena

    Jared, who the fcking hell is the Vanessa the starring in this?

    seriously? wtf? it’s not April Fools already.

  • Alison

    this movie looks kind of ridiculous, and i only saw a glimpse of vanessa in the trailer

  • BrendaSongFan4LIFE

    She wasn’t in the trailer at all.. Did I miss something? why’s just jared saying it’s her movie and listing her as the movie’s star.

    her face was on there for less than half of a second in that picture of her and some other girl and another girl in the background. it looks like Vanessa is an extra in the movie. Lying won’t get you anywhere, Just Jared.

  • lauren

    sounds like a bunch of girls in skimpy outfits fighting and shooting guns.

  • lauren

    sounds like a bunch of girls in skimpy outfits fighting and shooting guns.

  • Sam

    I can’t wait till this movie comes out! Zack Snyder movies are always impeccably directed. This is not a movie that is going to the oscars, neither is it gonna win awards but it is a fun action packed movie.
    The lead is Emily Browning but Vanessa has a pretty big part as well. The only reason she is emphasized so much in the article is because she is the most famous as of now so stop hating that she isn’t in the trailer a lot!

  • ll


  • sel

    vanessa hudgens doesn’t have anywhere near a big part in the film and she is emphasized a lot in this article because Jared worships her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Good for her! Glad to see her getting some work!!

  • annie

    I thought it was a new video game -_-’.

    Jared, speak about Emily Browning when you’re refering to this movie not Hudgens please, you can barely see her in the trailer!

  • me…

    ummm vanessa??????
    i did’t even see her…..but that’s good cause she sucks,she can’t act…..or sing (I’m not a hater but …this is the truth..)but she’s kind a cute …but it’s not her movie

  • Malia

    I’m really eager to see Sucker Punch, especially after reading all the on-set reviews from people watching it being filmed. So happy for Vanessa being part of this movie.

  • e

    Vanessa isn’t the lead role but she does have a large part in it, and there is a lot of parts that isn’t in the trailer but you konw will be in the movie because it’s been said. And if you look careful you’ll see her several times in the movie. Heck, Jon Hamm isn’t really in the trailer but he’s also in the movie. I love the line “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”, it’s really true. I can’t wait for this film, it looks amazing. I think all of the actors will be great in their roles, and if Zack said that they will be great then I belive him since well, it’s his vision and he knows what he wanted from this film.

  • Malia

    You haters need to find something else to whine about

    Vanessa might not be in the trailer that much, but she does have some incredible scenes. All you bitchers and whiners should read the on-set reviews so you don’t come off sounding . . . uninformed. One of her scenes is an incredible belly dance in a costume that has $30,000 worth of crystals on it. Yes, she is trained as a dancer, so it will be awesome.

    Vanessa Hudgens is a bad ass.

    No, like you, I certainly never thought I’d hear anybody saying those words with a straight face, let alone saying them myself. But after witnessing the young actress pump lead into the gaseous guts of mechanical German soldiers in the midst of a breathy World War I bunker, there’s simply no denying the fact that the former High School Musical star has graduated; and for Hudgens, college, it seems, is a battlefield strewn with monstrous warriors that she’ll systematically take down alongside a quartet of equally badass young women.


  • tadow

    this looks like crap

  • sabina-1994

    @tadow: exactly…

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    This trailer is explaing want the story is about, Emily Browning is the star of the movie, anmd is put in a insane liam, her stepfather put her there, it takes place in the fifty’s, her father wants to get rid of her. Vanessa’s part of blondie and the rest of the other actors, are going to help her excape, the trailer is just explaining want the story is about, go to the sweetheart blog and Vanessa’s fan forum, by the way Zach Syder, said he saw her film,her audition and said he couldn’t believe how good Vanessa is. he said she is really good. Zac visted her on set, she blew him away on the fighting scenes, he is very proud of her. Don’t say things you don’t know want you are talking about. Zach Syder wants you to understand want the movie is about, without giving,alot of information, so you will be surprize, want you see. I’m going to see this movie, because it looks interesting, and i want to see for myself how Vanessa does. I read a interview, and they said Vanessa is a Bad ass and she has graduated from high school.People on this thread are afraid to amit Vanessa could be good in her part.So they critize her, when they haven’t even seen the movie, thats like your head is buried in the sand. You need to be more open minded.

  • http://j ivanka

    i def want to see this movie

  • Blair

    @e: Vanessa doesn’t have a large part in sucker punch. get over it, when someone has a large part in a movie they appear prominently in the movie’s official trailer.

    Just get over it, Vanessa Hudgens fan.

  • Blair

    @Malia: NO one is bitching and whining, people on here are just saying they don’t even see vanessa in the trailer so Just Jared should stop crediting her as the movie’s star because it’s an utter BS.

  • Blair

    Ughh lol I don’t even see the disney chick.

  • kami

    ♥ i can’t wait to see vanessa in this movie. ♥

  • yvonne..

    @Blair: THANK YOU!! :D i was going to say the same thing!!

  • kate

    Are you all fricken blind. Vanessa IS in the trailer, several times in fact. and this is the Vanessa thread and is why Jared has written about V here.

    Emily Browning is Baby Doll the lead in this movie but Vanessa does have a lot of viewing time in it as do all the other girls,

    She can act and sing and the fact that you don’t recognise her is a good thing for her i think. It proves she can pull of other parts and not just stand out as a HSM star.

    Haters should just get the hell out of this thread and get a life because no matter what movie Vanessa does you are always going to be haters.

    This movie is going to be a HUGE success and you will all be eating your own pathetic negative words.

  • julie1981

    pathetic movie with pathetic actress

    it’s look like a video games

    zack snyder doens’t know how to do make movie without special effect

  • julie1981

    RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vanessa looks like a slut

  • sunny

    Excuse me, but Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone have the most outstanding resumes out of this bunch and none of you guys are complaining that they are not mentioned. Vanessa is one of the most recognizable “it, young hollywood” stars out of this movie right now. Some don’t like her and some do, the point is, she is recognizable that is why the post says it’s her new movie. None of these actresses are clamoring for top billing, it is an ensemble piece and Emily Browning’s name alone isn’t recognizable enough, that’s just the way it is. People, it looks visually astounding and all these actresses look beautiful and worked hard, just take it for what it is, A MOVIE.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …jared, is this vanessa’s movie?! …is she even in the trailer?!? ahahahahaha …why the hell is her picture up there instead of the actual star of the movie?! ahahahahahaha …tooooo funny.
    …oh yeah, visually the movie looks good if you’re into that style. but it doesn’t look like it’ll be a good film. i’m sure it wont make much money.

  • fsf

    @Blair: She’s not the star but Jared put her in the title because she’s the most notable star in the cast. The rest of the cast is relatively unknown, idiot.

  • team

    to vanessas fans:GROW UP FOR ´F**ks SAKE!!

    @sunny@fsf@kate you guys are toooooo obsessed with this girl
    WE get it you guys love her so much and you all think that she’s the best singer and actress and you hate all her haters..good

  • eron

    cannot believe Abby Cornish is an a s**t movie like this. A video game looks better than this.

  • annie1st

    see, the haters come all the way, say everything you want people, the fact this movie has 5 leading character, babydoll the center, blondy, rocket, amber, and sweet pea, if vanessa dont have a big part, why does snyder have waste his time make this charackter a poster, huh, ok nevermind thats what bully always does, im super glad vanessa is the part of this movie, and she’s lookin cool in a glimps of the trailer, but i will see her more in the movie yay, cant wait till march 2011 ^____^

  • Samm

    this looks really cool! Vanessa is listed in as a star because her name is more known than the other characters, it’s a tag line and she was in it once i believe

  • nomad


  • http://http Daniela

    WTF, this is ridiculous. Its seems a bad movie!

  • jess!

    Love Zack Snyder. Don’t think many people appreciate his style but is AWESOME!!

  • Math_Lover

    you can say anything about this movie. but like or dislike, Vanessa has made this movie get much attention. Emmily is the leading role and her acting is very good. But her name is not big enough to sell this movie. It is all I can say.

  • Daniel Tang

    I find it really funny that catty girls come on a Vanessa thread and make tons of hateful comments (obsessive–yes) about Vanessa THEN they accuse the Vanessa fans of being obsessive. Seems the catty girls are baring their claws but not using their brains. Meow!

  • jess!

    this so much!