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Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody show their support for Artists for Peace and Justice at its “Let’s Build a School for Haiti” fundraising dinner on Friday (November 5) at NYC’s Salon Millesime.

Gerard, 40, is a part of APJ’s Advisory Board, along with a handful of celebs including Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, James Franco, Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood and Charlize Theron.

On the red carpet, Gerard met up and posed with Israeli TV presenter Moran Atias.

Earlier this week, the Scottish stud reportedly came to the rescue of a woman who fell on the street after tripping on her high heels.

Gerard noticed the woman on the ground after grabbing dinner with some friends in NYC and helped her to her feet!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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362 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'”

  1. 1
    Nuts Says:

    Loving that look tonight!

  2. 2
    Sharp Says:

    Quick! Run! Over here! And may I just say before the hate begins, I freakin’ LOVE the hair!

  3. 3
    == Says:

    Wow, they both look great! Really loving Gerry’s hair and Adrien is just gorgeous as always =)

  4. 4
    good look Says:

    Great pics…love Gerry’s hair and Adrien looks great too.

  5. 5
    hair Says:

    I must be in the minority. I think Gerry’s hair looks bad in these pics. I like the longer hair, and I like other pics – but these look odd.

  6. 6
    gotta be kidding Says:

    hair too long, and he got too thin! WTF? is that girl the one from the pitti restaurant?? so thats what he’s been up to these past few days! the sex-ercise is really shedding pounds!

  7. 7
    ThinkFirstThenType Says:

    @gotta be kidding:

    No it’s not the girl from the restaurant. That’s Moran Atias, remember the one from the Dolce & Gabbana Yacht after the LAST APJ event in Cannes in May?? She’s involved with the charity and a friend of G’s (whatever that means)

  8. 8
    InnerCircle Says:

    @gotta be kidding: That’s Moran Atias. They’ve been friends for a long time and they met in Cannes this Summer, along with Paul Haggis. I guess she’s also involved with the group.

  9. 9
    gotta be kidding Says:


    thanks i was wondering! and you KNOW when GB has a female friend what it means, hehe

  10. 10
    TXpert Says:

    Gerry Butler looked his best in DRACULA 2000…if you’ve seen it…you get it. If you have NOT..I suggest you find it on cable or rent it…WOW…he was HOT.
    He was in shape…ripped and long hair.

    he probably looks better in person.

  11. 11
    PsychoB Says:

    Don’t mind the hair but when its long he should keep the stubble short. And SHAVE THAT NECK!!!

  12. 12
    gotta be kidding Says:


    yes for the love of god he should please shave that neck! his face is just lost in all that hair

  13. 13
    just sayin' Says:

    yes, looked the best in Dracula 2000 and acted the best in The Jury – which was shot not long after D2K.

  14. 14
    always Says:

    suspicious of pictures where you can’t see both hands!

    I love her dress.

  15. 15
    CJ Says:

    Horrible, Horrible hairstyle on the G man…is not becoming at all…he really needs a good stylist..♥

  16. 16
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G ……Please remove the mop from your head :P

  17. 17
    CJ Says:

    I concur Giggles…its not the length of his hair but the style…mop indeed…♥

  18. 18
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G must have dated the hairstylist at some point ….. ;)

  19. 19
    CJ Says:

    I’m sorry but the 80′s keep flashing before my eyes!..

    And instead of building schools they need to spend the money on special forces to go into Haiti and take out the goverment there so money sent to Haiti can be used for housing and food instead of lining the pockets of the powers that be..people still living in long ago was the storm?…the goverment should be ashamed of its self..

  20. 20
    Pearl Says:

    These two guys are so disgusting and fug. Butler has to be riddled with STDs and I don’t know what the *** is going on with Brody, but he’s pretty much a douchebag.

  21. 21
    Gracey Says:

    Thanx for the new thread.

    I think Gerry looks great, but why is he getting so thin? He’s about as skinny as Brody. He sure eats out enough! What does he order? A bowl of lettuce? Those beach pictures from a year ago must have really hurt. But, Gerry, don’t overdo it.

    And he dyed the hair again. I hope that’s because he’s up for a new role we’ll hear about soon. I can’t think of any other reason. Because I love the gray. I think he looks great when it shows naturally.

    I’ve looked at a bunch of photos from this event and cannot believe how horrible Russell Crowe looks. Guess he’s given up on being near hot again. I don’t think he wants to be photographed anywhere near reed thin & tall Butler.

  22. 22
    kant spel Says:

    I usually despise Gerry, but I have to admit he’s looking good here. Not to mention I’m totally digging the new hair.

  23. 23
    ifsofacto Says:

    @Gracey: There are some on here of Gerry with Crowe. Crowe is morphing into Orson Wells.

    But Gerry is losing what looks like an alarming loss of weight. I want Mike Chadway back.

  24. 24
    Laurie 3 Says:

    I culdn’t agree more. The governments in many of these troubled spots are to blame and any money going to these countries usually ends up in the pockets of the corrupt ones running the show. It doesn’t matter how much money you pour into countries like Haiti, it’s tantamount to poring water in a bucket with a hole in it. It’s useless.
    Also, he looks OK but not great. The hair is too long and blocks his forehead, and the beard is way too thick. He looked best in
    2006-2007 and that was only 3 or 4 years ago. How can someone change so much in 3 or 4 years, it’s baffling.
    I don’t know about his company but he looked hot during this period of his life.

  25. 25
    CJ Says:

    Crowe’s a bit like Gerry..he likes his food and sweets..unless Crowe is doing a movie that requires him to be fit he just doesn’t work out and eat healthy..

  26. 26
    Juno Says:

    Spittle and the cheesedouche!

  27. 27
    Old Mia Says:

    @ifsofacto: I was chomping at the bit all night to get out of work and come home to see pics of G at this event.

    If I didn’t know the real GJB, I’d think this was a hot guy.

    But, I must say, I’m not feeling the hair. It was fine until the dye came out again. I can only hope it’s for a role or the L’Oreal stuff. But, if so, I think they missed the mark. Butler with the gray is just beautiful. The dark stuff all over takes away from how handsome this man is.

    Re: Russell. Well. Not much to say. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  28. 28
    moldy oldie Says:

    i’m gettin a warren beatty in shampoo vibe from the butler….maybe a remake in the works?…………snicker…snicker

  29. 29
    obvious Says:

    How many times must Moran be thrown in your faces until you realize he’s with her? Girlies, this has been going on for a LONG time.

  30. 30
    i heart Says:

    Nice to see these guys giving back to a great cause!

  31. 31
    trying to figure it out Says:

    He looks like he’s been embalmed. And he’s wearing Susan Boyle’s wig again.

  32. 32
    Teamster Says:

    I have never seen more gorgeous hair being more mis-managed than Gerry’s.

  33. 33
    butler 101 Says:

    There has got to be some explanation for that god awful hair. I love him. I do. But what’s up with that hair?

    Oh well. Love him. BUT, Butler, please cut the hair. We are all over Marek. We are on to the new you.

  34. 34
    the times they are a changing Says:

    This is Crowe’s debut from leading man to character actor.

    Butler? Who knows? The Jury is still out. But that face is classic,

  35. 35
    @ Moran Says:

    She’s gorgeous and she’s with him right now.

  36. 36
    What? Says:

    Read on IMDb that Brody ‘won’ the date with Gerry? Surely that can’t be.

  37. 37
    hellotheregb Says:

    oh dear they are back here to stir the pot! Moran, well we will see.

    anyway, I don’t know why my comment about his hair would be in moderation.

    I really do not like this style. Longer is not bad but the whole poof look not my cup of tea. I don’t get the color. Does he go to the quickie mart and pick the first bottle of hair dye out of the clearance bin? who is doing this to his hair? It has got to stop. He does look a little like S. boyle. She sings better.

    and the beard when it gets so thick and down the neck! icky!

    On the flip side he looks genuinely happy here. I do like to see that.

  38. 38
    hellotheregb Says:

    sorry all I won the “date with Gerry”! I get to fix his hair anyway I want and of course dress him, and choose the number of models that will be joining us on our walk through Paris… umm no scratch that.. through NYC .. umm no that has been done… umm..through Madrid!…. um no that was w/
    Alan..Sebia! umm no…. to many blonds to compete with…I think we will just continue to house hunt together..! yeah that’s the ticket! Sorry Ms. Moran will have to pay for her “win a date with Gerry”.

  39. 39
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Should a date with G really be called a *win* ….. ?!?!? :P

  40. 40
    interesting Says:

    November 2010, Moran will be seen in “The Next Three Days” directed by Paul Haggis.

  41. 41
    Noha Says:

    So it’s all in the family. Many of these actors supposrt his charity because they want to be in his movies eventually.
    This is B.S charity.

  42. 42
    InnerCircle Says:

    @Noha: Nothing is free in Hollywood. On the other hand, does it really matter if one of the motivations to do something good is career oriented for some of them? In the end, it is still beneficial to the cause they are supporting financially and we all know the Haitian people badly needs that help.

  43. 43
    Jokergurl Says:

    Two cool guys, but I would start with building HOMES for Haiti, not just schools, their homes were tents, get some celeb power behind this, make these houses something safer than tents and shacks, they need first to address the cholera outbreak from caused by the earthquake that caused the underground sewage system to surface because it was not put into solid ground in the first place. Just a thought.

  44. 44
    stupidfans Says:

    I’ve never seen a man so desperate to try to recapture his youth. I think he already knows he can’t hold onto it anymore. Someone really wants to keep the train of models coming. *cough, cough* He isn’t 30 and he won’t ever look it again.

    The suit is great. For once his clothing is impeccable. It’s his hygiene, as usual, that’s suspect. Those upset about his weight loss can thank those beach photos from a year ago. The response to that obviously sent him railing in the other direction.

    I do agree on the charity thing. I’m happy it’s helping people in need, but most Hollywood charities are nothing but one upmanship festivals. Obviously every actor involved, save for some of Haitian decent, has an agenda and trying to crawl up Paul Haggis’ a$$.

    Gerry is a consummate a$$-kisser. You can’t take that away from him.

  45. 45
    urg Says:

    Tom Coburn, tea party senator, is personally blocking aid to Haiti just to F with POTUS.

    Now people are dying of cholera. The blood of the dead is on Coburn’s hands. Party of life!

  46. 46
    interesting Says:

    That was on Moran’s wiki page, but now I’m not sure she is actually in the movie. It’s Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. Haven’t seen a lot of advertising for it yet.

    I wonder why Hillary Swank is not a part of APJ? Or is she?

  47. 47
    ;;;; Says:

    strange, pose photo

  48. 48
    haiti aid Says:


    The US has given billions (yes billions with a b) to Haiti in the past 20 years. It hasn’t helped. The government is corrupt. That is why the earthquake was so disasterous to that country. They didn’t have the infrastructure and the buildings were not built to sustain earthquakes. The Dominican Republic, by comparision, has a thriving tourist trade, a good infrastructure, and a competent government. Therefore, the earthquake did not destroy that country, like it did in Haiti. The buildings where better built, they had emergency services and even good roads. Thus, handouts and aid from other countries, and even charities will not help Haiti until the corrupt government is cleaned up.
    Unfortunately, sending more US taxpayer money is not going to help the problem. Sending humanitarian help is good, but funneling money into a country where it isn’t going to help the infrastructure etc. because the money is basically “stolen” isn’t the way to go.
    I’m not sure that I disagree with any American politician who wants to block throwing money into a country when we have no control of where it goes or how it will be used. Controlling the money is imperative if aid is to be given.
    That is why APJ is doing things right, in my opinion. They are controlling the money and using it to build schools. They are not just handing it over to the government or some other organization in Haiti. They control it all. I do think building schools is a good way to at least educate the population (which is very young in Haiti) and help them be able to help themselves (and possibly improve their own country and government) in the future.

  49. 49
    it is just me but Says:

    … doesn’t he seem to be channeling the spirit of ‘my little pony’ with those bangs? horrid hair and please do a bit of facial topiary please!!!

  50. 50
    notbornyesterday Says:

    @haiti aid:

    Coburn has no noble or fiscal purpose. He’s just being a ****.

  51. 51
    ex_reader Says:

    is this a mirror site to imdb message board???…

  52. 52
    wondering Says:

    For a man who has virtually everything most people dream of – why do his eyes always look a bit sad? Even when he’s laughing. What’s that all about?

  53. 53
    ..Anon.. Says:

    I’ve noticed that too. I guess there comes a point where all this Hollywood bullsh*t – pretending to be happy and/or doing regular photo ops to try and maintain interest so that you can sell a few more movies than the next guy – must get really old, despite the apparent perks. I’ve followed this board for a month or so now because I’ve just seen Dear Frankie and thought it was amazing, and didn’t know who he was. I have to say that in just about every photo that I’ve linked to from this site, the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. I find that pretty sad actually. I don’t think I’d choose to be famous if it came at the cost of my happiness. Best of luck to him, and everyone else who plays that game – they can keep it.

  54. 54
    LMFAO! Says:

    OMG, Gerry’s hair!!!! Mwhahahaha!!! He looks ridiculous! LOL!!

  55. 55
    LMFAO! Says:

    I mean, really, what the F is up with the hair??

    Oh, and G looks 50 years old. Poor guy :(

    Well, hopefully Alexandra likes him this way.

  56. 56
    redOctober Says:


    Have to agree , he looks sad or too tired or both. I really hope we are wrong and he’s living his dream…but the price, sometimes, seems too high.

  57. 57
    hair! Says:

    time for a corrective lid surgery, george clooney should give him a surgeon’s number.
    nice hair tho, fat ~gerry~ fan grannies have no taste or style, this is why they are not digging the new hair.

  58. 58
    I'msuresome1willrunwiththis2 Says:

    I’m totally crushin’ on the hair. Just want to stick my hands in it and get lost. It has to be for a role methinks. He’s always seemed like he doesn’t like having to mess with it (it is a thick unruly mop after all) so usually keeps it short.
    Speaking of roles, since Crowe and Banks got one, I hope he gets one from Haggis as well. There’s talk of a new ensemble “dramedy”.

  59. 59
    lolita Says:

    His eyes do reveal so much. When he has a genuine smile his eyes light up his whole face. He really has been out and about the last two weeks…so some of the distant look in his eyes maybe just tired. I love his hair but he needs it swept of his face…but not slicked down with gel. I hope he doesn’t lose anymore weight I wouldn’t want him to get the bobble head doll look. No one else has such a changing look from day to day as Gerry.

  60. 60
    Charisma Says:

    I like Gerald’s hair.

  61. 61
    angelsrock Says:

    The man has gorgeous hair, but he needs to comb it back off his face. It’s thick and wavy and too unruly to try to tame it. He needs to keep it shorter. But maybe it is for an upcoming role. And the facial hair needs some serious grooming too. But it’s those eyes of his which draw most of my attention. Beautiful eyes!!! No one rocks a suit like Gerry,
    And, I agree, he too thin. I prefer Gerry with more beef!

  62. 62
    Merlin Says:

    Suit ok, the rest…. horrible!! And Crowe… WTF….
    * * *
    @trying to figure it out:
    And he’s wearing Susan Boyle’s wig again.
    * * *
    Ouch, that’s the reason why today there was an article on The Scotsman about SuBo who couldn’t find her wig… Gerry was wearing it in NY!!! Just kiddin’
    trying, thanks for the laugh!! Much appreciated……

  63. 63
    PsychoB Says:

    @wondering: when your egos in charge your never happy you never have enough. The famous game is destructive game, some one is always more famous and has more. good example was the Oscars. G had the spotlight and than Clooney showed up and the spotlight was gone instantly. Care about your craft and forget about the fame Gerry. I bet you’d be happier.

  64. 64
    The date Says:

  65. 65
    Veronique Says:

    He looks handsome but the facial hair has got to go. I don’t like facial hair on men, stubble yes but more than that no.

    The picture of Gerry and Adrien hugging is super cute and sweet.

    That Moran Atias is certainly a very sexy woman.

  66. 66
    Potter Says:

    LMAO at the douchebag duo!

  67. 67
    Manny Says:

    Digging the long hair. Thank God he is not overusing product again in it. Ugh. Agree it needs to be off his forehead but OH MY GAWD do I want to touch that hair. Looks yummy.
    I have his beard BUT SHAVE THE NECK dude. Amazing how just shaving the neck can make a whole look appear sharp. Excellent suit, sharp…
    I wondering if the hair is a Burns thing… it is still listed to start soon, but probably won’t happen. I wonder what is next on Butler’s plate for work…
    OT – DARK SHADOWS – yesssssssssssss!!!!! That cult hit coming to the big screen with Tim Burton. I’m thrilled because it will have the campy dark angle needed. Looking forward to it…

  68. 68
    Canera Says:

    You like him thin, you like him heavier, you like the gray, you don’t like the gray, you like him with no stubble, you like the stubble but only a certain way?????????????????????
    Could this be for a new role and he has no choice?
    He never seems to get a break – he tries to do good (and this is not the only thing he supports) and I read it’s all for show and his success. Did anyone ever think, this man does care about others.
    Read about how he treats the people (all of them) when he is on set.

  69. 69
    Karen Says:

    The hair has got to be for a role or L’Oreal. Gerry isn’t one to want to fuss around with hair, so I don’t think he’d keep it like that if he didn’t have to. The dye job makes me suspect more L’Oreal shoots. But the beard would have to go.

    I hope it isn’t for Burns. Not thrilled with that project. And I don’t think he’s looking for the Consent to Kill role either. Getting that thin and having that hair is not Mitch Rapp. And it isn’t a soccer coach look either IMO. What films are out there getting ready to cast?

    Are his NYC obligations done now?

  70. 70
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Anyone notice the scar in the middle of his nose? He must have really got socked one in SA filming MGP.

    I’m off to see Megahead this afternoon.

    @ Merlin and Manny
    Good morning ladies. Merlin, at least he’s only gone for Susan’s wig and not one of her dresses, but with the date with Brody, who knows?

  71. 71
    Merlin Says:

    @trying to figure it out:
    :D :D Bwahahahaha!!!!!
    … wait, he could wear one for a role too… not necessarily for Adrien…. Kiefer Sutherland showed up at a show with a dress…
    * * *

  72. 72
    Old Mia Says:

    That booboo he got on his nose was really deep. Must have taken a chunk right out of it. I’d like to hear him tell the tale of how it happened.

    Any bets on what’s next? Scotland or LA for his birthday?

  73. 73
    gossiphound Says:

    @InnerCircle: Actually he has probably known her longer than that, Ischia Film Festival 2005? She is another one of Flavio Briatore’s ex girlfriends, Gerry seems to cross paths with many of them.

  74. 74
    gossiphound Says:

    @CJ: I love you CJ so all I will say is New Orleans

  75. 75
    gossiphound Says:

    Why diss the APJ for their goals, how many charitable groups are involved in Haiti and everyone is focusing on different things because Haiti needs many things regardless of where the problem lies with lack of progress. Education is the key to the future of Haiti. Maybe Brad Pitt and the Canadian guy Mike Holmes who are building houses in New Orleans still for people there on private donated funds will have to hop over to Haiit and in fact I do know Mike Holmes who is a Canadian builder personality, he has a TV show where he goes in and fixed botched houses mentioned going to Haiti recently. Of course I am sure the people without homes still in New Orleans won’t be happy.

    And these groups don’t give their money to the Haiti government, they do the work themselves though they need the government to co-operate. And so I don’t disagree the problem in Haiti is the corrupt government, often is the governments but New Orleans is an example where even governments in so called developed countries drop the ball.

  76. 76
    gossiphound Says:

    There is another Haiti fundraising event on Nov. 9th in NYC, combined with a screening of the movie The Next Three Days starring Russell and directed by Haggis and Gerard was listed as expected to be there.

  77. 77
    Je t'aime Says:

    Adrien…best actor and very, very fashion! I love to see him in theaters!

  78. 78
    CJ Says:

    I agree with you Gossip on New Orleans…♥

  79. 79
    CJ Says:

    Even though this is not a Haiti or New Orleans thread I will just say one last thing on the subject…a lot of big business corporations have bought up land on the coast of Haiti and New Orleans and are selling it at astounding prices to those who can afford where there were homes of the poor there is now land selling to be a playground for the rich…the poor of Hatit cannot afford to buy land to build on because of its price…so the homes they had there once is no longer an option for them…again the goverment could have stepped in and stopped this takeover…but the mighty dollar and greed has taken over and all the goverment can see is dollar signs..

    The only justice I can see in all of this is…if the rich build on the coast they will be just as vulnerable to storms and earthquakes and will get their just due…and maybe its a blessing if the poor of Haiti move further inland..of course those who depended on the sea for a living are losing out…♥

  80. 80
    my take Says:

    I like The Butler’s hair long when he just combs it back. Obviously someone thought it needed styled for the APJ event and went overboard. They made it too poofy. Looks like they used a curling iron. Don’t mess with Butler’s natural curls!! grrrrrrr.

  81. 81
    Merlin Says:

    @my take:
    HAHAHA… yes, you’re right. Gerry is still goodlooking material, at least his staff could have the decency of doing their best to make him look better…. and instead… he’s a mess all the time, from the orange colour to the horrible makeup and the messy, unwatchable hair.
    How to reduce a gorgeous man to a caricature of himself.
    Gerry, time to fire part of your staff!!!!!!
    * * *

  82. 82
    ev Says:

    OMG they are both gorgeous and I wouldn’t kick either one of em’ outta bed! Man, if I was the gal on the ground and I saw GB helping me up I’d have thought I’d died and went to heaven! Hot, hot man!!

  83. 83
    Question Says:

    @The date:
    what did you want us to see in this link

  84. 84
    because brody won butler Says:


    because it appears that Adrien Brody bid the highest to win a ‘date with Gerard Butler’ – hence the hugs!
    Let the gay parade begin

    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    Salon Millesime

    Was INSANE tonight. It was a special charity event/auction to build a school in Haiti. Adrian Brody was the highest bidder for a date with Gerard Butler, Courtney Love was smoking in the bathroom, Russel Crowe got touchy feely with Susan Sarandon and this was all in the first hour. woo-hoo, what a night!

  85. 85
    lolita Says:

    @Canera: Most of us here like Gerry, We just comment on his changing looks. Some we like and some not so much. Most of us applaud his good works and generosity. I for one like him and I like how he mixes up his look so he keeps it interesting. I also think at times he isn’t given a break from some harsh comments but to each his own opinion. Your words were kinder than some who come here. Maybe his new look is for a new role or its just because he wants it that way. I also think he does a lot for others that no one knows about. IMO

  86. 86
    Question Says:

    @because brody won butler:
    Oh I see. But, I don’t think they are gay. I think the two of them set it up that way so that Butler doesn’t have to be stuck with some fan he has no interest in being with. Maybe the two of them will catch a sports game together like they often do.
    But I don’t understand one thing, was the event held in a restaurant or a club called Salon Millesime?

  87. 87
    Two cents Says:

    Gerard Butler is a spit-talking slob. How anyone finds the sleezebag hot is beyond reason. The STDs alone are repulsive.

  88. 88
    redOctober Says:

    I think his best look with longer and grey hair is this

    …but , of course, IMO.

  89. 89
    cubfan34 Says:

    Maybe the look is for an upcoming film we know nothing about.

  90. 90
    Old Mia Says:

    The salon is a space for parties at the Carlton Hotel.

    I think he looks best with gray showing in his hair. So much more natural and handsome. But, of course, I think he’s gorgeous anyway.

  91. 91
    Merlin Says:

    Yummy RedO.. why does he insist to steal SuBo’s wigs now???!?
    * * *

  92. 92
    CJ Says:

    Well if this look is for a movie than it best be about a drag queen…

  93. 93
    well Says:

    Zack Snyder is apparently doing another Superman movie – but with a different twist. Could it be related to that?

  94. 94
    cant' please everyone Says:

    I’m amazed at people complaining about the charity. Give to what you want to, and let others do the same.

    Here’s another charity Gerry is connected with:

  95. 95
    redOctober Says:


    …I don’t worry too much about his hair…but he looks a bit too thin, IMO. But indeed he’s a grown up man living his life the way he wants it for many years. I’m just another fan waiting for his next movie…I’m glad to see him out and about but some hint about his next role would be great.

    *mwah and hugs*

  96. 96
    martha Says:

    You missed the incredible photos of Russell Crowe and Gerard together… wow…

  97. 97
    LauraS Says:

    @redOctober: you are so right! *hug
    Hello JJers, old and new, regs and passers-by!

  98. 98
    redOctober Says:


    …you’ve been missed, girl! ; D so nice to see you back!

  99. 99
    Merlin Says:

    @cant’ please everyone:
    Thanks for posting that!!! I’ll post it on the homepage of my board!!!
    * * *
    Yes, you’ve been missed!!! But I can understand why… JJ is full of numpties of late….
    *mwah to Laura and to RedO too!*

  100. 100
    Merlin Says:

    @cant’ please everyone:
    Thanks for posting that!!! I’ll post it on the homepage of my board!!!
    * * *
    Yes, you’ve been missed!!! But I can understand why… JJ is full of numpties of late….
    *mwah to Laura and to RedO too!*

  101. 101
    LauraS Says:

    I’m busy with RL, sometimes I read but can’t find the energy to write anything. not a big fan of the fights happening here lately. nice to see the sane posters still around. ♥♥♥

  102. 102
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Canera: yes often times the hair/beard is due to a role. We know that, just having fun. Most peeps have different likes for beards. In his roles though it is often noted in the dvd special features that he is very determined to choose his wardrobe and facial hair. Not always, but I have heard that on the dvd a few times.

    I don’t know where to go to read accurate accounts of his work on the sets. Making films looks like a lot of fun and that is why peeps are so interested in film making in general. Any info. on what it is like on set please post. We are interested!

    @trying to figure it out: LOL date with brody and S. boyle dress!

  103. 103
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Maybe Zack’s going to do Superman in drag? That would be a twist.

    Just got back from seeing Megamind (not Megahead as previously typed, duh) – it’s a brilliant film and worth the price of admission.

    Off now to make spagetti sauce otherwise I’m not eating tonight.

  104. 104
    redOctober Says:

    ….over $700,000 for the children of HAITI

  105. 105
    CJ Says:

    @trying to figure it out

    Thanks for the heads up about Megamind..the little one has been bugging me about seeing it….♥

  106. 106
    watch out Says:

    i doubt any of the money will end up going to the children as opposed to the corrupt gov’t.

  107. 107
    cant' please everyone Says:

    @watch out: APJ do their own projects. They don’t filter it through the Haitian government.

  108. 108
    Gracey Says:

    @cant’ please everyone: Yes. They already have one new high school up and running. Others dealing with Haiti should learn from them.

  109. 109
    trying to figure it out Says:

    I’m sure he/she will really enjoy it. See the 3-D IMAX version if you can.

  110. 110
    boobear Says:

    I won’t give my money to anything Pitt or Jolie are connected with. Even if it’s only his voice. I just cannot stand him, and he’s not getting one red cent of my hard earned money. I can even tke her better than him.

  111. 111
    Really? Says:

    so what does it have to do with gerry?

  112. 112
    Really? Says:

    so what does it have to do with gerry?

  113. 113
    boobear Says:

    @Really?: Several on here have been talking about Megamind.

  114. 114
    Garfield Says:

    Whats up with the hair on Gerard

  115. 115
    Canera Says:

    Than you Lolita, I agree and did not mean to sound critical toward Gerry.

  116. 116
    Really? Says:

    i don’t like anything to do wth pitt or jolie either

  117. 117
    lolita Says:

    @Canera: i didn’t feel you were critical. Your words were honest and how you felt. You did it with grace and not anger or nastiness. Your opinion matters too.

  118. 118
    Really? Says:
    what did anyone find attractive in Russel Crowe?
    Gerry looks so good here and he looks perfect with Moran too.
    what a beautiful couple, but i know they are not dating.

  119. 119
    Poor Lainey Says:

    I love the hair and yes, he should have shaven the hair on his neck but I’m fine with the beard.

    Actually this is a good look for him and if I could, I would run my fingers through his hair, lol, but I’m not. I just like a good head of hair on a guy.

    His eyes though look sad so maybe fame is not what it’s cut up to be after all.

    One thought: this longer hair would look good in an 18-19th century movie in which men’ hair was worn longer. Could Burns be in the work for next?

  120. 120
    curious cat Says:

    Well, I tried to comment but it didn’t take so I try again although what more is there to say? I thiink GB’s hair looks fine, his beard looks fine, his neck looks fine, hairy or not. I prefer hair to the shaved look in Tomb Raider, although he looks fine enough there too. He’s better thin than fat, although I”m not sure you can tell what shape he’s in when he’s covered over with a dark suit. Recent pictures have been looking slim but not emaciated by any means. So what is the issue?
    I agree with those who ask why these charities for Haiti aren’t building homes instead of schools. Maybe there is a logic to it: Get the kids into a safe place during the day where they can learn, get a decent meal and be kept off the unruly streets while rebuilding goes on. CJ, if it’s true that land is being sold off to rich foreigners that’s disgraceful. I hadn’t read that. But corruption is rampant all over. I visited Haiti once, years ago, thought conditions were horrific. Naked people living in cardboard boxes, people begging all over, etc. Some people say it’s worse than India if smaller. Don’t know. Haven’t been to India. I applaud rich celebrities giving money and publicity to these efforts, just hope they do channel their money through agencies other than the government.

  121. 121
    curious cat Says:

    Oh, yes, that Moran Atias is gorgeous. More power to her. Now we’ll have endless spec on their relationship I suppose since they were photographed together at an event.
    Btw, I just thought of this. I know a couple, actors in CA . Admittedly not famous. Hardworking, with modest recogniton and respect, but not stars. I mentioned seeing an interview in which GB said he almost got a role opposite Jennifer Lopez and was SO disappointed when he didn’t get it. He was, Jennifer Lopez, WOW! He acted as if playing opposite J-Lo was a big plum. That;s all it took for these people to dismiss him as after fame, money and celebrity, not a serious acting career. J-Lo is not exactly highly regarded as an actress. This is just their opinion, but really, what has he done since? SO FAR? I kinda had to eat crow trying to defend him as the next Olivier. We disillusioned GB Hopers keep hoping for a sea change with the next flick but SO FAR….more parties, appearances, bar hopping. Etc. Done.

  122. 122
    Gracey Says:

    @Really?: Once upon a time, long, long ago, Crowe had a certain charm when he was in shape. Now, OMG. I don’t think he’ll ever come back from this. My prediction is he’s going to end up like Brando and Wells as he ages. Gerry, on the other hand, looks just stunning in that photo.

    @curious cat: My bet is that Gerry’s in pretty good shape under that suit. There have been recent tweets from people spotting him with a trainer. He usually doesn’t start with a trainer unless there is something on the horizon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But, I don’t think he should lose any more weight. That picture of Jared Leto shirtless is still etched in my brain. Muscular, but emaciated at the same time. Really scarey.

  123. 123
    Old Timer Says:

    OK. I’m not a spring chicken. But I’m not dead. I think Gerard Butler is the most handsome and intriguing man in the film industry today.

    Awhile ago, I picked up the old Michael Caine move “Alphie” on DVD. I finally watched it tonight. That is a classic. So funny and original for the time. I was reading on IMDb about the movie and it states, “Ladies man gradually begins to understand the consequence of his lifestyle.”

    I thought of Gerry Butler. Not in the same context as Alphie (well, not completely), but relevant. He seems to be giving up a personal life to pursue fame and fortune. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite him.

    Alphie was made in 1966. Michael Caine was 33. (OMG, Butler wasn’t even born yet!) Caine looked 43. Again made me think of Butler and those who love to say he looks older than his age. I think he looks like a baby, but that’s from my perspective. But looking older than his age didn’t hurt Caine’s career.

    Back to “Alphie.” Jude Law did a remake in 2004. Seems it was not necessary or well accepted. So, message to Gerry. Don’t do a remake of anything. Leave the past where it is. Onward.

  124. 124
    justsayin' Says:

    @Old Timer: Michael Caine was never a handsome man. He looked 50 when he was 30. He’s one of those people who looked older than he was when he was young and now looks the same age as he did then.

    Gerry, however, is aging very fast, but trying as hard as he can to look young. There’s a lot of competition in his business. Already there are younger, lower maintenance, better looking actors taking their place in the film industry. Gerry should settle into producing and make his money there. That’s where the real money is. It’s also the only way he will get an Oscar. Producing or writing are categories he has a better chance at winning.

  125. 125
    PsychoB Says:

    @curious cat:
    JLo would have been awful. thank God he didn’t get the part.

  126. 126
    what weird world did I stumble Says:

    @justsayin’: Maybe YOU think so. But a lot of us think Gerard is gorgeous.

    I’m happy he is producing. But he should never take that beautiful face away from us.

    Frankly, my dear, I see no one on the youthful scene who can hold a candle to this man. I don’t see anyone better looking. I don’t see anyone who has any little tidbit of his charisma. They just can’t get it. Name one person who is better looking? Oh, this should be good. Bring on the little dweebs. Their little thin hair. Their little sunken chests.

  127. 127
    an impression Says:

    Seen him up close. He’s a good looking man.  Nice eyes. I would say quite the pretty really. Surprisingly  quite declicate looking up close, if you him compare to most blokes his ages. Not overly masculine, if you put up against a Vin Disel or even a Sean Bean. He does quite a few wrinkles though for someone of his age. Too much California sun and partying me thinks But nonetheless, if you saw him walking down the street, and he wasn’t famous you’d definately  give him a double take. He was nice enough, a bit abrupt, and very confident. To be honest a little on the wrong side of arrogant. But the people who were working with him were absolutely  lovely, and I like to think that speaks volumes about a person. I get the impression that if he gets to know you and trusts you, he’s probably a really nice man. But my gut feeling is he’s extremely difficult to really get to know.  That’s my take on him anyway. Please don’t ask for anymore details, I won’t give any. Enjoy reading most of the comments on this broad. Not keen on the fighting and insults about other posters though.   

  128. 128
    Old Mia Says:

    Sorry I missed most of this. Butler gorgeous. Crowe, not so.

    Alphie, one of my favorite movies ever. That’s the Michael Caine version. Cher’s singing was really quite horrible. Why was that a hit?

    Agree. Never do a remake.

  129. 129
    Really? Says:

    @what weird world did I stumble:
    well said. i too think he is gorgeous. unfortuantly just sayin and Stupidfans always say that his looks are fading.
    Not by a long shot; no one has the charisma, the looks, or the brains.

  130. 130
    CJ Says:

    For my lovely ladies..Fritz & Spanks..♥♥..3333

  131. 131
    @impression Says:

    @an impression:
    Just curious, is he really as tall as is reported 6-2, or do you think he is shorter? Someone said in a blog that he was shorter than he thought he’d be – whatever that means.

  132. 132
    GUIDO Says:

    you’ll see, gerry, very often in newspapers and television. From now on, expect to see the truth burst.,
    I know it’s hard to believe now, I wonder if gerry denounced the horrible wickedness of Brangelina’s and their blackmail, or if it is going to invent a story, to give a reason, his marriage and his hidden children, 5 years

  133. 133
    Red Dress Says:

    @an impression

    It’s funny how people have differing opinions. I too have seen Gerard up close. I was surprised to find he is mostly photogenic, not quite all that in person. Yes, cocky and arrogant, not sure his people would be so benign if he wasn’t footing the bill. His abruptness can be hurtful. And lastly, I have always thought if I saw him on the street, I wouldn’t look twice. This was a few years ago so it’s possible he has changed. Not making waves, just stating I had opposite thoughts. Nonetheless, I think he is an attractive man and have not lost my interest in him.

  134. 134
    @impression Says:

    Just curious, is he really as tall as is reported 6-2, or do you think he is shorter? Someone said in a blog that he was shorter than he thought he’d be – whatever that means.

  135. 135
    @impression Says:

    Just curious, is he really as tall as is reported 6-2, or do you think he is shorter? Someone said in a blog that he was shorter than he thought he’d be – whatever that means.

  136. 136
    Really? Says:

    @Gracey: @Old Timer:
    I totally agree. Gerry probably looks good and in-shape under the suit and there must be something new coming soon if he’s working with a trainer. Definitely, I don’t think he is the type of guy to stay without work for months on end.
    It’s also evident he’s not chasing every skirt in town as peeps like to speculate here. He’s showing maturity. He knows he’s not into relationships now and is not leading anyone astray. He probably has a slew of FWB, but if they want to be in that kind of relationship with him, that’s their business.
    Someone asked why his eyes look sad. I don’t think it’s sadness in his eyes, I think it’s his deep nature showing itself I think he gets into a reflective mood when he is overwhelmed with the realization of what he has achieved and who he has become. He seems to have a tendency to be introspective and philosophical about life, especially his success, and I think he is still amazed by his achievements. He’s not the type to take things for granted; everything he has is the result of his wits and hard work. He is still overwhelmed even from a comparatively small event like this fundraiser.
    I remember reading an interview where he said that he couldn’t believe he was actually having dinner with the director or producer of either TimeLine or Tomb Raider – I don’t remember who he was referring to. He spoke about how he never imagined he would ever meet someone that made blockbuster movies, let alone have dinner with him to discuss an upcoming blockbuster project with him in it. That dinner left him totally overwhelmed. So I think he is still astonished by his success and fame. It’s very admirable when one is not so jaded that he/she takes things for granted, but can still feel the magnitude of something. When all is said and done, he’s still a little boy from Paisley.


  137. 137
    Question Says:

    @Red Dress:
    when you say cocky and arrogant, which could be hurtful, in what way do you mean? did he do or say something that was not polite or do something inappropriate?

  138. 138
    Question Says:

    @Red Dress:
    when you say cocky and arrogant, which could be hurtful, in what way do you mean? did he do or say something that was not polite or do something inappropriate?

  139. 139
    @impression Says:

    i don’t know why my comment is posted 3 times. i think it’s some glitch with JJ because of the time change, as I posted my comment only once at around 1:30 but it’s showing a later posting. Oh, but i see someone else also with double posts. i guess, it’s indeed a glitch.

  140. 140
    an impression Says:

    Ok. I’llgive you this one. It’s harmlessly really isn’t it. I’m 5’10″ and my. boyfriend is 6’1″. And the Gman is taller than me.

    @ reddress. I know what you mean. A friend of mine described him as heightened average looking bloke. But I do go for Irish looking guys. But I get you totally. And you are so right about the cockiness. I have to say found it harmles, if anything rather boyish. But you’re right I think some could and would definately take I the wrong way. I think, and this is only my opinion, if you’re a very no nonsense person he behaves accordingly.

  141. 141
    Red Dress Says:

    No he was polite, just slightly dismissive to those around him.

  142. 142
    an impression Says:

    @ reddress I totally get you . I know exactly what you mean.

  143. 143
    Question Says:

    @Red Dress:
    You mean dismissive to his people?
    @an impression:
    I get the same vibes from him even though I never met him. I do think he’s a very difficult person to really get to know well, and he hides his true feelings most of the time. However, once he trusts someone, he could be more friendly, and is probably a good friend to a handful of people, but I still doubt that even these people really know him deeply.
    I’m not sure he’s really cocky though. I think that he uses this attitude to protect his very delicate feelings. I would say he is even shy, but comes across as confident or cocky because shyness doesn’t go well with the image or confident attitude he needs to project to the world.
    Bottom line, I think he protects himself emotionally from getting hurt and he has a wall build around himself.

  144. 144
    Question Says:

    @Red Dress:
    You mean dismissive to his people?
    @an impression:
    I get the same vibes from him even though I never met him. I do think he’s a very difficult person to really get to know well, and he hides his true feelings most of the time. However, once he trusts someone, he could be more friendly, and is probably a good friend to a handful of people, but I still doubt that even these people really know him deeply.
    I’m not sure he’s really cocky though. I think that he uses this attitude to protect his very delicate feelings. I would say he is even shy, but comes across as confident or cocky because shyness doesn’t go well with the image or confident attitude he needs to project to the world.
    Bottom line, I think he protects himself emotionally from getting hurt and he has a wall build around himself.

  145. 145
    InnerCircle Says:

    @Question: I totally agree. That’s how I perceived him too. His cocky attitude is just a façade. In reality, he’s a very sensitive man who gets hurt easily, which is why he doesn’t trust people easily. Only a handfull of people really know him and that probably includes his mother. I also think he’s scared to death to open up to people because most are befriending him for their own ambitions. He’s not stupid, he sees them for what they are. But after a while, I bet it gets really hard to make a difference between the fakes and the true friends. I don’t envy him at all.

  146. 146
    Red Dress Says:

    I did not have the impression that Gerard’s demeanor was bravado. I told what I saw; I’ll leave it to you or others to read more into it. Good night.

  147. 147
    Question Says:

    So true. At this point, I don’t think he knows the difference between friend or foe, and he doesn’t really care anymore to spend time differentiating, thus the cocky attitude.
    You can tell how sensitive he is from his eyes – they are quite expressive – and they don’t hide well the real feelings behind the iron wall he built around himself.
    People make him to be this sexually confident guy, but I think he is meeker than one might expect. Maybe because he has been bruised by a woman before, who knows, and that’s why he won’t open up to any woman that easily.

  148. 148
    Question Says:

    @Red Dress:
    we’re not saying it’s bravado; we’re saying his cockiness is possibly more show than actual truth of who he really is.

  149. 149
    GUIDO Says:

    Hugs to all, even to those who never believed in my story, gerry will finally be happy.
    continue to love gerry, he never was, a womanizer, was that film for paparazzi. his heart is took a long time,

  150. 150
    oldfurniture Says:

    The fat western civilisation finally makes Haiti one of their colonies! Hooray! Soon it will be “reconstructed” as a holiday resort, with the citizens as slaves for fat americans and europeans, who are just buing the whole island.
    Wonderful World!

  151. 151
    Merlin Says:

    @what weird world did I stumble:
    Name one person who is better looking?
    * * *
    Chris Evans, just to name the first one I can think of. But being better goodlooking than others wouldn’t take Gerry anywhere anyway. At Gerry’s age you’ve to focus on something else than your looks, everybody gets old, sooner or later.
    So I think he is still astonished by his success and fame. It’s very admirable when one is not so jaded that he/she takes things for granted, but can still feel the magnitude of something. When all is said and done, he’s still a little boy from Paisley.
    * * *
    That’s the most absurd thing I come across reading phannies comments everywhere, from gossip boards to motherships.
    Little boy from Paisley never existed.
    Have you any idea how Paisley or Glasgow are?? If Gerry used to live (as he said in some interviews) in a poor area of Paisley, sure you come out of it as a real fighter. And if you fought hard to succeed in your career or to climb the ladder from an unknown actor to a guy who’s almost an Alist one now, sure you can’t be overwhelmed by anything anymore.
    Sorry for the rant, just tired to hear same old stories…..
    Little boy from Paisley was King Leonidas from the beginning, believe me… Tonight, his old pals dine in hell… while he dines in lavish restaurants in NYC… ;-)

    * * *
    *G’morning JJers*

  152. 152
    lolita Says:

    Ladies, I have read most of your posts from tonight and I perceive Gerry in many of the ways you have. He does guard his heart for whatever reasons. His eyes do tell all of what he is feeling. I think when he first went into this acting business he might not have realized how cut throat it can be and how shallow it can be. He is not easily fooled by the people he meets. It may be hard to get to know him but if you can… I believe it would be worth the effort. I think he is a big soft hearted person who has a fierce stinger when provoked and once hurt by someone…I don’t think he would be very forgiving. Is he abrupt with people…He has to be at times, otherwise he would be pulled in too many different directions. I said before I don’t know if I ever could walk in his shoes. They are pretty big shoes to fill. As far as his looks goes he is still by far one of the most handsome man I ever laid eyes on.

  153. 153
    redOctober Says:

    I’d like to know him better but the door to his real self is firmly locked, I’m afraid. Except for real friends and family, as it should be.
    We can only see what he chooses to show to the world. A very deceiving image IMO.

  154. 154
    gossiphound Says:

    @@impression: I think because he is thinner than people expect, even before Gerry lost the weight he has this year, they equate that with shorter I believe the official measurement is 6 feet 1.75 inches and if you saw him standing in those photos beside Terrell Owens who is 6 feet 3 Gerry is clearly close to to six feet 2. Terrell,
    Gerry and Nathan Filion were towering over the whole crowd of men at Cosmo’s Fun and Fearless Award. And tall actors are rare.

  155. 155
    @GUIDO Says:

    Guido, you have lost all credibility with your wild & crazy range of “predictions” and “facts” that you spew. The regulars here laugh at you now as much as you laugh at them.

  156. 156
    gossiphound Says:

    I am beginning to think that Gerry who is fabulous looking man who could be far more fabulous looking, with a minimum of adjustment, like shave that neck, almost does these things to look less than perfect on purpose, to show he is not some kind of dandy who obsesses over every detail, that he doesn’t care and yet he does. Like P Diddy obsesses over every detail of his life including his wardrobe. But that is what makes P Diddy successful in business. Perhaps Gerry in fact wants to stand out less or be less intimidating to others because look he attracts attention looking like a slob in the rooster hat, if he was dressed to the GQ nines all the time, the women might be going Hard Day’s Night on him. That’s my psychobabble for the year.

  157. 157
    Metoo Says:

    Oh Brother Two people say what they saw when seeing Gerry IN PERSON making him appear more normal than expected, and all of a sudden we have others rushing to his defense to say what a sensitive guy he is, that he guards his heart because he’s been so hurt in the past, yada, yada, yada. Damage control much? Gotta guard that image at all costs. And by the way, I don’t see sad eyes, I see bored to the max eyes.

  158. 158
    Old Mia Says:

    I’m sure their are as many impressions of Gerry in person as there are people who have met him or at least watched him in person. It likely depends on the when, where and why. Whether he was feeling good, rushed, unhappy, happy etc. Just like everyone else on god’s green earth, he has his good days and bad. Most of the time in public, I’m sure he tries to be pleasant, but if something is off, it’s going to show once in awhile. Just part of the human condition.

  159. 159
    gotta be kiddingi d Says:

    i dont think he’s all that deep, just a really MOODY person- if you catch him in a good mood he’ll be nice, but if something is bothering him or he is pre-occupied, he’ll be abrupt and dismissive. JMO and shows he’s just human like the rest of us, cause most of us are like that too

  160. 160
    gotta be kidding Says:

    wth happened to my moniker?! typo!

  161. 161
    casey Says:

    I’ve never seen Gerard in person, but I’d love to. Something on my bucket list!

    In all the videos I’ve seen of him at premieres, he usually is extremely nice and accommodating to his fans. There are a couple of times he has been obviously out of sorts. This has been when he is pressed for time, everyone is screaming at him to sign this or that and to pose for pictures with them – and at the same time his handlers are pulling at his sleeves telling him to hurry up and get in some theater. The level of noise would be enough to drive me over the edge. Everyone has a breaking point.

  162. 162
    casey Says:

    @Merlin: Never heard of Chris Evans, so I looked him up on IMDb. He’s a nice enuf looking dude, but he doesn’t trip my trigger. Kind of generic. Gerard is anything but generic.

    However, I agree with you that the little boy from Paisley image is a myth. By the time Gerard got into show biz, he’d already led a pretty ‘colorful’ life.

  163. 163
    Manny Says:

    @gotta be kiddingi d:
    ITAWY!!!!! Many seem to project some romantic notion that he is a tragic character with some Phantom-like heartbroken core and that is why he has “sad” eyes, etc. I think you are spot on that he is moody. He has admitted to it over and over again in interviews. I believe he referred to it as a “Celtic fog.”
    What some are interpreting for “sad eyes” I think is boredom. He is ADD after all and NOTHING holds his attention for long. Part of me thinks this is why this career so suits him. He can pull on a different character and vicariously live something different for a short time.
    From the couple of people in my life who have met him (and I am not one of them), they said he had a small attention span and was constantly looking around him as if he couldn’t focus which could translate as boredom to those trying to converse with him. They also said he was flirting with every woman in the place. So I’m not buying the deeply heartbroken story one bit either.
    This man is at the top of his social game right now with many willing participants. What seems like an empty lifestyle to us may make him perfectly content. Maybe meeting and “getting to know” women is the thing that challenges and validates him. We don’t walk in his shoes so we will never know.
    BTW don’t pick on Guido, he is a dear and fun distraction from all this over-psychoanalyzing. :)

  164. 164
    Old Mia Says:

    @casey: I can agree with you … G doesn’t fit any mold. So many of the current crop of actors in movies and TV are interchangeable. Not Gerry. He’s one of a kind.

  165. 165
    lolita Says:

    @Old Mia: Spot on Mia. He is one of a kind with many different aspects to his personality…like we all have. Obviously being a success at what he does is very important to him as it is with all of us. Failure hurts no matter who it attaches itself to. He is a good actor and he is going to show all that doubt him by choosing better things to get involved in. I don’t wear rose colored glasses in regards to him but I like him and don’t feel the need to tear him one.

  166. 166
    redOctober Says:

    @Old Mia:

    …agree with you about some young actors looking all alike but others seem to be doing well , Toby Kebbell and Tom Hardy come to mind. We’ll see what their career will bring.

    I find Gerry very unusual in many ways, he does not fit the HW mold …or so he did in the past, that’s why most of us are here, I guess. Looking for something different and interesting.

    I also hope that his future projects will have a strong emphasis on his acting than his looks.

  167. 167
    Nuts--Hey Don't Pick on Guido Says:

    There are those of us who love Guido and his reports. It’s the stuff of hollywood movies!

  168. 168
    redOctober Says:

    Top Ten Suicide Missions at the Movies

    10. The Spartans, 300

  169. 169
    Manny Says:

    @Nuts–Hey Don’t Pick on Guido:
    I love how the snarker said the regulars are against Guido… OH REALLY?!?!?!?!?! Obviously the snarker has been here for what 10 minutes. *snort*

  170. 170
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: Agree completely Red, enough of the tabloid horse hockey and get down to business with being the best entertainer he can be. I also think he will be successful as a producer. I think he would drive you nuts if he was a director though…but the bossy part might be right up his alley. Can you hear him roar CUT!!!

  171. 171
    Old Mia Says:

    I think that while he loves the glamor of being in front of the camera and the type of recognition and sceaming fans he gets from it, I think his future will eventually be as a producer and maybe even as a director. He’s a very savvy networker and businessman. Look at all the friends and acquaintances in high places he has cultivated. He doesn’t just go to these events to party.

  172. 172
    lolita Says:

    @Old Mia: ITAWY. He was late to the star party but he has turned it into a successful career…and branching out in other aspects of the business as well.

  173. 173
    Nuts Says:


    :o) hahahahaha. Yes!

  174. 174
    redOctober Says:

    @lolita: “…the bossy part might be right up his alley.”

    ITAWY ; ) …though probably he’ll get better results with charm than with roars.

    I hope he chooses to be a multitasking man “a la Clint Eastwood” (acting/directing/producing) I want to see more movies with him as a leading man.

  175. 175
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: Oh yes, for many more years to come. He once compared himself to Clint in an interview…foresight maybe?

  176. 176
    lolita Says:

    Melli, Our down under wonder. Where are you. Miss you and hope everything is well with you. Sending warm regards.♥♥♥

  177. 177
    gotta be kidding Says:


    hopefully, it would be a waste of his physical assets to be totally behind (no pun intended) the camera!

    alot of you would disagree but i would really like to watch him in one of those big blockbusters flicks like an Avitar or Transformers. not much of “fine acting” needed there, but for me just would be fun to watch him do it. as well as the MGP type stuff. there’s room for everything. and hey he’s done fluff like BH, so why not?

  178. 178
    redOctober Says:


    Clint is very handsome and talented in many areas, a Renaissance man . Gerry is very handsome and has shown his talent in some of his movies…though not at its full height yet…IMO.

  179. 179
    ThinkFirstThenType Says:


    I have to agree with you on your assessment of why G dresses/appears the way he does. Part of me thinks he does it to play down his looks because he genuinely doesn’t care and another part of me thinks he wants to appear no to care. It’s a “studied insouciance.” The hobo looking jeans for instance probably cost upwards of $500. He’s said that even when he buys new clothes, he likes them to look ‘old.’ (Even that Colorado t-shirt that everyone is waiting on to fall apart, I’m sure it looked like that when he bought it.)
    I’m sure part of the reason for it is that he wants to be taken more seriously than as just a pretty face. For every woman that joins a fan site or posts on a message board, there are many more who don’t but they know who he is and when it comes to Gerard Butler it’s not his acting skills or his business acumen they discuss, it’s how “hawwwwt” they think he is. Even those of us who appreciate him for more still primarily comment on his looks &/or his sex appeal.
    I know there are far more serious problems to have but I can imagine that would get old.
    Not to mention the “Hard Day’s Night” image is scary and probably accurate.

  180. 180
    redOctober Says:

    @gotta be kidding:

    May be he’ll be part of a big BB among other projects. Nothing absurd or over the top, I hope.


    I miss Melli too : (

  181. 181
    CJ Says:

    We LOVE Guido…he/she is a little bit off but very amusing and never calls anyone horrible names even when provoked…♥

  182. 182
    CJ Says:

    Gerry could never be like Clint Eastwood…Eastwood is calm and focused..something the G man is not..not that Gerry doesn’t have his own good traits but he will never be like Eastwood and why should he be..let him be his own man doing things his own that not what amuses us about him..never liked Eastwoods acting until the last 10 years..he was a very wooden actor in his younger days..♥

  183. 183
    lolita Says:

    @CJ: Don’t want Gerry to be a clone of Eastwood. I just hope he follows the successful career longevity that Eastwood has had. Gerry is his own man and he doesn’t need to copy anyone else. IMO. His success has come on his accomplishments.

  184. 184
    CJ Says:

    Well G is like Eastwood in the sense that he is making movies that he wants…you become a producer so you can do that..although I really cannot see Gerry directing..he’s not focused enough and any director will tell you its very, very hard, focused work to direct someone…its all on your head how it goes and who in their right mind would want to take on that responsibilty..but he may dip his hand in that too for all we know..I think producing is the way to go nowdays…a lot of studios just don’t have the money nor want to put out if they don’t think a movie will have a big return and so I am sure all these horrible movies of G’s is just a way to earn money so he can produce..and most actors have a long list of horrible movies they were in..and would rather no one saw them..but that comes with the territory of being a don’t sign on and think this is going to be a rotten make the movie and hope for the best…♥

  185. 185
    redOctober Says:

    I don’t know the man in depth as to say he can’t be successful directing movies. I guess that he has determination and talent enough to accomplish something he really wants to do.

  186. 186
    angelsrock Says:

    @gotta be kidding:

    300 was a blockbuster.

  187. 187
    lolita Says:

    @CJ: Your right about some movies being made just for the cash…there is no other reason for some of the trash out there. You all have been on this site longer than me…has it been this long in between roles before something is announced for the up and coming projects for Gerry?

  188. 188
    Merlin the holidaying wizard Says:

    I miss Melli too : (
    * * *
    Well, Melly left messages in the chat…. You could drop by every now and then…
    She’s ok and tomorrow (well, let’s say in few hours, given her location) she’ll go back to work.
    * * *
    RedO, Lolita….. Honestly….. it’s no fun anymore to post here.
    Who’s being here for “forever”, it’s always the same stuff….
    I’m thinking to take a long JJ vaca too, first because I don’t find anything interesting to say anymore and above all, I follow two chats and the Gerard’s board too. Also add twitter and facebook accounts connected with the above mentioned board…….
    Quite a job for someone who has to work and study at the same time.
    * * *
    Furthermore… is it worth commenting on JJ?? If you say something phannies don’t like, you get turned into shreds… if you’re gushing about the man, you’ll have a field day with trolls…….
    And FGS, I can’t say anything about Scotland or Scotsmen trying to disillusion the phannies… WTF
    All posters I care about… I can find them somewhere else too….
    So… bye… we’ll meet again when Burns is made… lookin’ forward to seeing that movie made….
    *mwah to Lolita and RedO ♥♥♥♥*

  189. 189
    ADD BOY Says:

    Gerry has ADD/ADHD. There’s no way he can direct a movie with his short attention span.
    Also he’d hit on all the pretty extras that he’d have control over. A sexual harassment lawsuit in the making.

  190. 190
    gotta be kidding Says:


    right like that, another one

  191. 191
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: We all saw the determination he showed to get ready for his role in 300 and Angelrocks your right it was a major hit worldwide. He probably is like a dog gnawing on a bone when he really wants something. I can be like that at times much to my dismay.

  192. 192
    redOctober Says:

    @Merlin the holidaying wizard:

    Dear Merl…I hope you reconsider your decision. Sometimes things get slow in the threads but it’s nice to meet for a short time with most of you. Take your time but come back when you feel like saying Hi!
    I have nothing to add to the conversation , nothing of value but it’s fun to read the posts and some news about the man. We’ll miss you : (

  193. 193
    Merlin the holidaying wizard Says:

    *mwah* ♥♥♥

  194. 194
    lolita Says:

    @Merlin the holidaying wizard: I will miss you but I understand your comments. I have not been here long but there are times I just read and pass by. I saw a video on Scotland and fell in love with the country. I have known some people who have lived there and spoke so highly of the Scots and the country. You have always shown your pride for your people and homeland and even for our goofy Gerry. I hope one day to visit there. I hope whatever you decide it will be in your best interest. Take care.♥♥

  195. 195
    redOctober Says:


    There will be always someone to claim being “in the know” about Gerry and all aspects of his life. I’ve seen it repeatedly in this site.

    …and about 300 and his determination to make it work…

    “…he permanently injured himself for that film. It’s his trademark but he’s got the scars to prove it, torn muscles, rotator cuff injuries, you name it. It’s all because of the intensive programs he went on.”

    Having to deal with ADD/ADHD (if he really has it) it’s not the end of the world. You just have to work harder .

  196. 196
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: You know Red, I just like the man for who he is. I don’t care who puts me down because of it. He is first a man and second an actor, producer and sometimes a wack job…but I still believe in him and his talent.

  197. 197
    Laurie 3 Says:

    No, I think he wears such clothes because he wants to come across as a younger person, since young people (20-somethimg year olds) tend to wear ripped jeans and used-and-abused t-shirts. Gerry wants to appear younger and thus he wears such clothing at every opportunity he has and in which he could get away with.
    For example, to the boat in Cannes, where he was seen with Moran Atias, he came with jeans and t-shirt, while many of the European men wore dinner jackets. But you know, it still worked for him and he didn’t look out of place. After all, he was on a boat in the daytime, and in the US it would be quite acceptable to wear what he wore that day. Furthermore, he also accomplished what he was trying to convey about himself that day, being younger. In fact, we were all commenting on how good he looked despite being critical of his clothing choices because many wanted to see him more debonair – but it’s not him for now. For now he wants to hold on to his youth because he thinks he could still pull it off.
    To the Global Poverty Project he wore jeans and leather jacket, while Huge Jackman wore a suit. But again, he could get away with it because it was not as formal an event and there were others wearing jeans.
    To the APJ, he wore a gorgeous suit because wearing jeans would be inappropriate. There are many other examples of this behavior of his.
    So expect Gerry to wear jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket wherever he could get away with it. Of course when he is just walking the streets, you wouldn’t catch him dead wearing anything but “street wear,” the old-looking torn jeans and t-shirt, which one tends to associate with youth.

  198. 198
    CJ Says:

    Gerry did a lot of damage to his body over the years because of movies…case in point…when he was doing the Lara Croft movie..he decided the night before that he needed to pump up because Angie and the crew were probably wanting a man with big muscles..he was told not to do it because of the damage it would incur but he did it anyway and said afterwards that the scene where he is doing pullups on the ceiling was extremely painful for him because he over did it on the muscle training the night before…Gerry is his own worse enemy…he suffered hearing lose on the set of Gamer because of the discharge of firearms so close to his head…if you are going to do action films, getting hurt is part of the plan..just ask Pierce Brosnon..he warned Daniel Craig of this…told him to have fun but expect to get injured..if you will notice G always has one hand partially closed at all times…that is carpal tunnel damage of some sort..meaning the tendons in his hand are damaged in some way..

    I’m sure producing and directing are looking pretty good to him right now…♥

  199. 199
    CJ Says:

    Merlin the little magician will be back..she won’t be able to help herself…she’s crazy that way…RL is just taking over for now…Love you Merlin…♥♥

  200. 200
    redOctober Says:


    I don’t condone some of his antics (real ones, staged or whatever) but , like you, I believe he’ll get recognition for his work, if this is what he really wants.

  201. 201
    gossiphound Says:

    Don’t forget that Eastwood was not taken as a serious actor early on his career – he was the pretty boy on a couple of TV series and then he did several Spaghetti Westerns some of which may seem like classics now but I believe they were looked down upon at the time. His acting skills grew in a time when more movies were being made, not quite like the 50s, but more than now so an actor could hone his craft in crappy movies. His tough guy persona and those classic lines are what propelled his career and in the meantime he turned into a better actor and is probably a better producer/director than he ever was an actor. And yes Clint is apparently the actor producer Hollywood loves because he brings his films in on time and under budget.

  202. 202
    hellotheregb Says:

    @@GUIDO: I am not laughing at Guido and never have! If you can’t appreciate his/her form of posting you have your opinion but don’t speak for others.

    .@Metoo: ITAWY

  203. 203
    lolita Says:

    Good evening JJr’s. Merlin, Melli best wises. ♥♥

  204. 204
    Cora Says:

    @an impression and @Red Dress: I loved reading your observations! Thank you very much for these. ♥
    (p.s. I heart Guido)

  205. 205
    @GUIDO Says:

    Yeah I guess you’re right. After all…..this IS fantasyland.

  206. 206
    Nuts Says:

    FB sighting…(Thanks to WO!)

    Betsy Peterschmidt Three feet away from Gerard Butler.

  207. 207
    cool Says:

    so wher is he?

  208. 208
    Nuts Says:

    Somewhere in NYC…perhaps roaming streets…checking out bars…hunting for cupcakes…

  209. 209
    Nuts Says:

    Here’s more from the FB sighting:

    Betsy Peterschmidt Swanky coffee shop in Manhattan!
    29 minutes ago

  210. 210
    cool Says:

    That’s it ! Hunting for cupcakes LOL

  211. 211
    Old Mia Says:

    @lolita: I remember in The Hour interview he told how he really went after the 300 role from the gitgo. He was not going to be turned down. Your description of a dog gnawing on a bone is right on. I’ve read other interviews with him and some of his directors about how he sets his sights on something and really tears after it. I don’t remember if it was Luketic or someone else who told that they had interviewed G for a part, which he didn’t get. He called them up afterwards and said they’d be sorry. (I loved that!) And that previous interview and follow-up call got him the lead role in their next movie.

  212. 212
    opining again Says:

    @Merlin the holidaying wizard: Dear Merlin. I have liked your posts. But I don’t want to go to any secret location and chat, making up some dumb email addresses. We can chat right here. Why make it some exclusive club? So, if you go into the Hollow Hills once again, I’ll bid you a fond byebye. Better bring chat out into the light or Niviane may get you in the end.

  213. 213
    puddle Says:

    OMG. How gorgeous.

  214. 214
    puddle Says:

    @opining again: A Mary Stewart fan amonst us? I have for so long pictured G as Merlin. I know nothing is on the horizon, but I love those books. I’ll just keep him in my own place as Merlin whenever I read.

    Back to the party. Why was he wearing shades indoors? Don’t know. But good lord and all the rest, that man is hot.

  215. 215
    ho hum Says:

    He’s hot because the puffy hair finally got combed back. Or he just ran his fingers through it a few times. Same difference. I just can’t splain it to you Lucy. You get it or you do not. I’m off to bed now and sweet dreams of this man.

  216. 216
    gaga Says:

    @puddle: Beautiful. I don’t know what else to comment. Blaaaaah. Blaaaaaah. It’s all the same. He’s just the best.

  217. 217
    Like No Other Says:

    Love a few of the pictures from the Billy Farrell link, especially the ones of G sitting at the table with sunglasses on. His hair looks a little better. Noticed in some of the other shots his friend Camilla Olsson (aka fishnet girl) and one of the overhead shots of the whole room, you can see Blonde Assistant talking to Gerry’s friend known as Apple Bob.

  218. 218
    Like No Other Says:

    @puddle: Not sure why he’s wearing shades indoors, but he looks good! In one of those pictures, a girl is standing beside him with a sunglasses case in her hand, maybe they were going to be auctioned off. Maybe a “Sunglasses worn by Gerry Butler” kind of thing.

  219. 219
    Dona Says:

    OMG, was Gina his date? who is he sitting next to? on his right it’s Moran, but to his left it looks like his date, and she looks like Gina.

  220. 220
    Dona Says:

    @Like No Other:
    yes, i think he was auctioning off these glasses and that’s why he was wearing them. you can see in the link what they were auctioning off.
    didn’t see blond assistant thought. In which picture did you see her?

  221. 221
    Liz Says:

    @Dona: No, that woman is not Jeannia. Looks nothing like her.

  222. 222
    Dona Says:

    you could be right. i think i found out who she is.
    I don’t think he brought anyone because his sign just said Gerard Butler. In contrast, Trudie Styler had a whole table she probably bought (price $10,000), as the signs on her table all said Trudie Styler’s Guest. Here it is
    But wait, here is his table and he is sitting next to Moran Atias, who I’m sure conveniently situated herself next to him, as she was one of the organizers, and another woman by the name of Chopard – whoever she is.
    If they were sitting in their seats when that first picture was taken with GB wearing the sunglasses and Moran to his left and that other woman to his right, then that’s her and her name is Chopard. Does anyone know her?
    BTW, Moran Atias is the model for Deep Sea Cosmetics made with Dead Sea minerals. Every table had a gift bag with their products. It looks like it was per table and not per guest and I wonder who in each table gets the gift. Maybe it’s the person who bought the $1,500 ticket as opposed to the $500 ticket per person. So that would means GB paid $1,500 as opposed to the $500 ticket and he gets the Dead Sea Gift, as the bag is on top of his name. Well, I’m using all my powers of deduction here to figure out these pix, I wonder if I’m actually right lol

  223. 223
    Liz Says:

    Great detective work, Dona!!!

  224. 224
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G wants everyone to know who the ridiculous looking guy behind the glasses is…..

  225. 225
    guess who WAS there Says:

    Well, well, well – heres a blast from the past
    guess who else was at the party
    Camilla Olsen (sorry not sure of the spelling)
    look at Billyfarrellagency page 10 pics

  226. 226
    Dona Says:
    Rememebr Ronnie Modra – the nightclub owner. he too was there.

  227. 227
    Dona Says:

    @guess who WAS there:
    who is Camilla Olsson, can you elaborate?

  228. 228
    guess who WAS there Says:

    I think that she is a NYC socialite and is an old flame of GB – Donald Trump Tennis last summer and 4th of July and waverley stuff

  229. 229
    Frances Pyne Says:

    EWWWWW. Moran looks like a MAN and NO idiots, they arent together.
    Grow up! There are women in this business that Gerry may have to stand/sit next to, talk to, have dinner with. That does not mean they are f****g. FAN LOGIC is so sick and busted up, all of you douches. And Adrien should play ichabod crane at some point.

  230. 230

    Guess who I am…!!!!
    you have not found?
    it’s me, the actor gerry

  231. 231

    I’m here Inconito, do not tell anyone

  232. 232
    angelsrock Says:


    Gerry = Class Clown. By his own admission, he loves to make people laugh. And what’s wrong with that? Love people with a sense of humor who “get the party started”. He’s hamming it up with the sunglasses.

  233. 233
    vs Says:

    That woman next to G may work for/be representing Chopard,a luxury watch and jewelry company.Just a guess.

  234. 234
    Like No Other Says:


    This is the picture of blonde assistant talking to Apple Bob, top of picture, she’s in a black dress, he’s in a blue suit………….

  235. 235
    redOctober Says:


    GB and Ronnie Madra (2004)

  236. 236
    redOctober Says:


    Thanks for all the links .

    Moran is really a very beautiful woman

  237. 237
    casey Says:

    @Frances Pyne: Why would you say such a thing about Moran? She’s beautiful and very feminine. She and Gerry are just friends, so no need to rip on her.

    Haha. Agree on Adrien. I can’t see why some think he’s attractive, but to each her own.

  238. 238
    Nuts Says:

    (Thanks to WO)

    Another group of lucky ladies with Gerry at the after party following The Wall concert at Madison Square Garden:

  239. 239
    ? Says:

    @Nuts: He’s got the dead eyes look again in that photo. He needs to get away from this stuff.

  240. 240
    my view Says:

    He looks like he needs a good meal. I don’t like it when his neck starts to get scrawny. Have a burger and some fries Gerry.

    What’s up with the Skinny Minnie look? What’s he doing this for? I think he looks best with some meat on his bones.

  241. 241
    casey Says:

    Gerry has some interesting friends. Over on WO someone said Apple Bob is the orthopedic doctor for the New York Rangers. I wonder if that’s correct. If not, it’s an odd one to pull out of thin air.

  242. 242
    Nuts Says:


    Why can’t I post today???

  243. 243
    casey Says:

    @casey: I was just thinking. If so, maybe Apple Bob is the doctor who treats Gerry’s shoulder problems. Could be that’s how they met.

  244. 244
    Psychob Says:

    He looks better in this picture even if his eyes look glazed over. His hair is pulled back and you can see his face.

  245. 245
    Old Mia Says:

    Meet Apple Bob.

  246. 246
    Nuts Says:

    @Old Mia:

    Why is he called “Apple Bob” ???

  247. 247
    Old Mia Says:

    @Nuts: Because he and Gerry were pictured together outside a theater in NYC a year or so ago and he had been eating an apple and still had the core in his hand when the photo was taken. No one knew who is was at the time, thus Apple Bob was coined by someone and ithe name stuck.

  248. 248
    karen Says:

    I’m impressed. All this time I thought Apple Bob was some showbiz hanger-on type. Here he’s world famous in his own right. Sorry, Dr. Feldman.

  249. 249
    Nuts Says:

    @Old Mia:


  250. 250
    home for xmas Says:

    “I’m going home to Scotland for Christmas, and I will be washing the dishes for Christmas, that’s for sure,” The Bounty Hunter star, 40, told PEOPLE with a laugh at Friday night’s Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser for Haiti at Manhattan’s Millesime.

    But Butler, who in the past has been linked to such stars as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, had little to say about his romantic life, other than to reveal his true love.

    “New York’s my favorite city, I love it here,” he said. “I’ve been having fun here. Even just at this party tonight, I’ve run into some friends that I’ve known for years – friends from Australia, from London – who have actually just moved here, and the excitement on their faces when they talk about their New York living experience . . . Nobody loves their city like they do in New York.”

    At the fundraising event organized by filmmaker Paul Haggis, to generate funds for APJ’s efforts in building Haiti’s first free secondary school, Butler, who personally aided in the earthquake-relief effort, discussed the importance of being hands-on.

    “Interestingly enough, for me, my favorite thing, was loading up the trucks with grain, taking it to the camps and passing out grain to the people,” he said. “Sitting in the meetings, it was interesting to be feeling that you were at the heart of some policy making, but the hands on part was incredible. It felt fantastic.”

    Source People

  251. 251
    Dona Says:

    you’re right about Chopard.
    @Like No Other:
    I’m not sure it’s really blond assistant because it’s hard to tell. Is there another picture of her?
    In any case, if it’s blond assistant, I’m getting suspicious that there is more to their relationship than just work. Why does he need to bring his assistant to a dinner in NYC? Does he need a chaperone everywhere he goes? It’s weird.
    If they are involved, they probably have an agreement that she stays out of the limelight and he acts like he is single.
    If they are not involved, it makes I hard for any woman to date him. Between Gina and his assistant showing up with him everywhere, he has no room for a real GF.

  252. 252
    Like No Other Says:

    Hope he does go home for Christmas, that’s the best time to be with family. He said he was going home to Scotland last year, but we ended up seeing pics of him in Colorado (with Dr. Apple Bob). They must have become good friends, Dr. Apple was with him in Colorado and Rio.

  253. 253
    Dona Says:

    thanks for the link of Ronnie Madra
    She is very sexy but I doubt there is anything between them. I detect more interest on her part than on his. I think GB is not interested. I find no warmth in him towards her as he had for other models he was interested in. Usually he would be laughing and more flirtatious with one he wants to pick up. Anyway, it’s just a feeling I have about the 2 of them together.

  254. 254
    Question Says:

    @home for xmas:
    what’s the link on that article?

  255. 255
    Like No Other Says:


    I haven’t checked the photos to see if Blonde Assistant shows up in any other photos, but if you hold down the ctrl key and hit the + key you can zoom the photo in as much as you want. It may not be her, but if it isn’t she has a close twin.

  256. 256
    A fan Says:

    @home for xmas: Good. I hope Margaret force-feeds him if necessary. If she hasn’t seen him in person for a few months, I wonder what she’ll think when she gets a gander at him. He could be even thinner in another month.

  257. 257
    Teamster Says:

    No question that was the blonde assistant.

    Why the sad look in his eyes in most of the photos since returning from SA? That look is either sadness or boredom could be both. He looks pale too on top of being quite thin.

    With all the injuries he has it makes perfect sense to have an orthopedic doc for a friend. Good for him.

    This new look with long hair is not a everyday look for him. The hair itself requires a lot of maintenance. It has the dramatic vibe to it so it could very well be for a role he is going to do.

  258. 258
    Teamster Says:

    Why do I get the sneaking feeling that Adrien Brody is going to play Isaac Amin in “The Septembers of Shiraz” Gerry is going to produce? Brody obviously has a man crush on Gerry and they seem to be good buds. This actually could be a very becoming role for Brody who is very good at depicting such kind of characters. He got Oscar for “The Pianist” played very well a tortured soul.

  259. 259
    booboo Says:


  260. 260
    LauraS Says:

  261. 261
    Nuts Says:


    Kaiser is so hilarious. I wish she could meet Gerry just for the fun of it. That’d make for a great blog entry!

  262. 262
    well Says:

    it is easy to love NY when you have unlimited funds and time to do whatever you like

  263. 263
    redOctober Says:

    “…feeling that Adrien Brody is going to play Isaac Amin in “The Septembers of Shiraz” Gerry is going to produce…”

    AB would be a good choice for that role .

  264. 264
    dona Says:

    i think you’re right about brody. It’s a very good guess that he’s going to be in one of GB’s projects. Hahahaha they are all working each other.
    anyway, i like Adrain. he has a way about him that’s fun. .
    @Like No Other:
    yes, i enlarged the picture but i think it could be someone else. It looked to me like she’s an older woman, not blond assistant who is probably in her 30s.
    lol, we need another confirmation it’s her…. if anyone found another more clear picture.

  265. 265
    Nuts Says:


    Well put. I love NYC but it’s $$$$ and there’s so much to jam into a few days.

  266. 266
    Out and About Says:

  267. 267
    Nuts Says:

    Looks chilly today in NYC…

  268. 268
    well Says:


    is the bed bug situation under control now in NYC?

  269. 269
    Observation Says:

    Maybe he brings blonde assistant to places to discourage women from coming on to him. This way he looks always as if he is with a date.
    Either he’s not interested in any women coming on to him, unless he does the coming on, usually to obscure women in clubs in a discreet way, or he’s gay after all.
    I think probability the former is true. I think he just likes coming on to young unknown women that will not drag him into the tabloids, as some of his more media-savvy GFs did in the past. Otherwise, why bring blond assistant to a dinner party.

  270. 270
    Nuts Says:

    Don’t know about the bed bugs situation status…and now I hear that Chicago has that same problem. Travelers bringing guests along???

  271. 271
    DragonLady Says:

    Who is this Moran Atias and is she and Gerry in a relationship with each other. I have seen her before, but these new pictures look like she might be his girlfriend. Any information would be appreciated.

  272. 272
    angelsrock Says:


    I love visiting NYC. Not sure I’d want to live there though. I guess having unlimited funds would make any town more fun.

  273. 273
    curiousmamma Says:

    does anyone knows, where exactly in new york he lives?

  274. 274
    well Says:


    Everyone knows.

  275. 275
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Out and About: OMG!!! That ridiculous plastic bag coat has made another appearance. I sigh and shake my head. That Gman so dapper in his suit so silly in his day wear. LOL
    I think Blond asst. is behind him in this pic ?

  276. 276
    ummm Says:

    I have no idea if it’s assistant or not in the pictures, but if it is, maybe he just brought her because it was a fun night out and she works hard for him and sometimes nice bosses do things like that for their employees? Don’t think it has to be some complicated reason…

  277. 277
    stcrispian'sday Says:

    @ummm: @ummm:

    Absolutely! The same might also be said about why he brought Jeannia to the Global Poverty event. Take a friend out to a fun event. What a concept! It’s hilarious how the guy can’t do anything right. He brings a guy friend, he’s gay. He brings a female friend, they’re dating or shagging.
    The funniest thing I’ve read in a while has to be “Who’s Chopard?!? Does anyone know who the woman sitting next to him called Chopard is?! Are they dating?” (I have embellished, but not much.) The speed at which some ppl become hysterical around here is really alarming (and very amusing.)

  278. 278
    gotta be kidding Says:


    amusing the most to him, i’m sure

  279. 279
    well Says:

    @gotta be kidding:

    Is it kind of rude that they put the company’s name (Chopard) and not the guest’s name? Kind of gives the impression that they didn’t even bother to find out who the person is, and don’t care! Shouldn’t they have written “Sally Smith, Chopard”? That would be nicer.

  280. 280
    gotta be kidding Says:

    shows you she’s just a cash cow for the company 1st, a person after, like most spokespeople/celebs

  281. 281
    InnerCircle Says:

    Blonde assistant was there because it was an official event for him. They had to meet the press. I’m sure Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe, Adrian Brody, Susan Sarandon and the other celebrities attending all had assistants at hand to set up their interviews with the medias attending the event. She was there to work.

  282. 282
    PsychoB Says:

    I would imagine that his assistant is at every red carpet event. I don’t think Gerry would touch his assistant I would think finding one that sticks around is impossible . The one that was on Twitter didn’t last. Blondie must be a saint to still be there.

  283. 283
    InnerCircle Says:

    @PsychoB: If you’re talking about Angie, she left to follow her own film producing career, I believe.

  284. 284
    PsychoB Says:

    Exactly what I mean, most people don’t stay a PA. It’s not a job too many people make a career out of. They are either looking to break into entertainment or they think it sounds like a glamorous job and when they find out they are nothing but someone’s b/tch they quit.

  285. 285
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    So ….. Apple Bob ….. is actual Apple Andy ?!??!?

  286. 286
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    If G is seeing the Doc for treatment …… then Apple Andy should not be fraternizing with his patient …… it’s bad medicine
    :( :( :(

  287. 287
    CJ Says:

    Apple Bob…54 years old..looks really good for his age..

  288. 288
    Out and About Says:

    Still out and about

  289. 289
    justsayin' Says:

    @Mr. GigglesThe ties the bind – Oxycontin?

  290. 290
    karen Says:

    @Out and About: OK. This girl thinks she gazed into the most mesmerizing BLUE eyes she’s ever seen. Other people have said they have gazed into his gorgeous GREEN eyes. What the heck color are his eyes? In movies, they vary. The only time I have thought they looked really green was in the balloon scene in TUT. What is he, a chameleon?

  291. 291
    A fan Says:

    @justsayin’: Not too funny. Feldman is a respected physician and author. He’s ranked as the #1 orthopedic surgeon in NYC and he’s the main overall physician for the Rangers. We aren’t talking Dr. Feel Good here.
    Anything for a joke? Lame. I don’t get angry too often on here, but that was below the belt.

  292. 292
    Question Says:

    @Out and About:
    from when are these pix
    Maybe RedOctober can translate for us

  293. 293
    it's in the eyes Says:

    @karen: I think they are green. But they are light green and reflect what predominate colors are around him. I thought it only happened on film or in photos, but apparently it happens in person as well. Guess it also depends on the lighting. But my bet is a light green.

  294. 294
    hellotheregb Says:

    this was a translation from her twitter page!!LOL
    “Gerard Butler dancing naked on my side brunch!! He heh liiiiindoooo”

    clearly he was dressed but you have to love google translation!

  295. 295
    InnerCircle Says:

    @Question: Saturday brunch at Lavo, in NYC.

  296. 296
    Think about it Says:

    @A fan: Didn’t Anna Nicole Smith go to respectable doctors? And Judy Garland and Michael Jackson and Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Heath Ledger etc. etc.

  297. 297
    Out and About Says:

    @Question: Kind of confusing. My bet is Monday night. She dated it Nov. 9, but it was posted Nov. 8. Maybe she does her blog a day ahead? Anyway, he looked good in a blurry kind of way. Had the hair combed back and not all poofy like he did at the formal gig. He can keep it long if he continues to comb it back. LOL. I’m sure he’s interested in my take.

  298. 298
    Question Says:

    @Think about it:
    but they were all on drugs, are you implying he’s also on drugs?
    he has injuries from stunts and that’s why he has this Dr, but he’s not on drugs

  299. 299
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Out and About: from her twitter it was the Lavo Saturday brunch. fun time

  300. 300
    hellotheregb Says:

    @it’s in the eyes: I have the same eye color. Blue most of the time my eyes are blue but when irritated, crying or just on occasion (color of cloths I wear) they are very intense green. just happens.

  301. 301
    A fan Says:

    @Think about it: Oh, give me a break. NOOOOO they did not go to respected, world famous, authors/doctors. Look at the kooks Jackson went to. Same with Elvis. Dr. Nick was NOT a respected doctor. And Anna’s doctors? Don’t even go there. Use your brain dear and read up on Feldman. This guy didn’t get where he is today prescribing happy pills to a bunch of lame celebs.

  302. 302
    Tom Says:

    @A fan: Your post is right on IMO. To include Feldman in with that crowd of creeps with MDs is ridiculous and insulting to a very respected physician. How absurd. This guy is the best. The go-to when all else fails. He isn’t ranked #1 for nothing.
    Haven’t been back in awhile. But this foolery drove me out again. Now, I’ll go back to my cave till I can’t take it any more – once again. Love you regs.

  303. 303
    justsaying' the shite Says:

    justsayin’ is dying for some of those prescribed painkillers don’t you hun. aren’t you a school teach gretchenpc? I heard these days kids are loaded with that stuff maybe you can get some from them? I heard horse tranquilizer works on addicts too and surely you have access to those or you can get some from your vet friend. It takes one to know one if one is to believe what you were implying about what G’s doctor prescribing him.

  304. 304
    Old Mia Says:

    I remember your posts. Come back on a more regular basis. We need some balance. You are so right on this. I read up on Feldman today. He’s the real deal. G is lucky to have him as a friend. I just continue to be amazed at the people G knows and is friends with. Says something about him as well. All these amazingly talented people seem to love him as much as his fans do.

  305. 305
    Old Timer Says:

    @Old Mia: I had a phannie moment at your post. Yes. He has so many friends who love him. I will not be sappy here, damn. I’m holding in my phannie. A lot of people in the business, in the ad world, everywhere like him. It’s all out there. Gerard Butler is someone everyone who knows him loves or at the least likes. (Me? Oh, guess.)

  306. 306
    Old Timer Says:

    @justsaying’ the shite: Take your fight back to IMDb. We have enough drama of our own without taking on yours.

  307. 307
    evil genius Says:

    @karen: Grey

  308. 308
    @gossiphound Says:

    “I think because he is thinner than people expect, even before Gerry lost the weight he has this year, they equate that with shorter I believe the official measurement is 6 feet 1.75 inches and if you saw him standing in those photos beside Terrell Owens who is 6 feet 3 Gerry is clearly close to to six feet 2. Terrell,
    Gerry and Nathan Filion were towering over the whole crowd of men at Cosmo’s Fun and Fearless Award. And tall actors are rare.”
    Who is Terrell Owens that Gerry almost riched his height? Do you have the link to the event?

  309. 309
    justsayin' Says:

    @Think about it: Few celebrities are close friends with doctors they go to events with unless there’s some other reason behind it. It’s not professional for physicians to have those kinds of personal attachments with patients. It’s not like he grew up with Gerry or they’re old friends from school and Gerry happened to have an injury and went to his friend for treatment. This man could be a “celebrity doc” because he is willing to write the prescriptions they want, keep quiet, and have them give him VIP access to a world he wants to be part of.

    Michael Jackson’s doctor WAS considered very respected before everything hit the fan. Marilyn Monroe’s doctors were too. So were all the doctors who gave steroids to athletes over the years.

    The biggest drug abuse problem in the nation is prescription drug abuse. Obviously SOMEONE is writing those prescriptions. Doctors (and – just a reminder for the phannies, actors too) are not above reproach.

    The phannies read some information on a web page, saw that he wrote a book and suddenly think he’s the next Dr. Salk in their eyes. How gullible is that? I think that relationship is one to watch closely for Gerry’s sake, even if they’re too ignorant and impressionable to understand that. Those who denied Michael Jackson’s problems now wish they had spoken up about him needing to have a doctor around all the time. If the phannies hate me for saying it should be monitored by those close to him, so be it. There have been many reports of Gerry acting like he was stoned or drunk in the last year. He has violent mood swings. His attention span issues might not be ADHD as much as other problems. I’m not saying it IS drugs, but it could be. If his phannies cared so much about him, they’d hope he stayed as far away from doctors who want to be pals with celebrities as possible.

    Most “celebrity doctors” should be closely monitored, especially when they are also involved in the sports world too. It’s a known fact that many star doctors are Dr. Feelgood docs, especially when they are affiliated with professional sports teams.

  310. 310
    Bob Says:

    “Gerard Butler, meanwhile is a very good friend of mind and his is a different example. He looked incredible in the movie ‘300’ but in actual fact his body has taken a bit of a hit. I spent a bit of time in the gym with him in Dubai last year and you wouldn’t know it, but he permanently injured himself for that film. It’s his trademark but he’s got the scars to prove it, torn muscles, rotator cuff injuries, you name it. It’s all because of the intensive programs he went on. It’s a real warning to youngsters out there that you have to stage these things properly or you’ll suffer the consequences. ”
    Where is the Dubai Gym? The article says they have a branch in London???

  311. 311
    @justsayin' Says:

    It is also not ethical for a doctor to go on all-expenses-paid vacations with their patients.
    What most here don’t seem to realize is being a doctor does not disqualify someone from being a celebrity hanger-on. As a matter of fact, most celebs have medical doctors as part of their a$$-kissing entourage. It’s known as concierge medicine. Doctors get start struck just as make-up artists do and get swept up in being attached to celebrities and their lifestyles. Gerard is not unique. It’s not because he’s some amazing man that a doctor has befriended him. Medical doctors attach themselves to celebs all the time. They are after the fame and money a celeb friend gives them just as much as any other sycophant. The problem of celebrities and these too-close-for-comfort relationships with doctors has been a dirty little secret of Hollywood for a very long time.

  312. 312
    @Bob Says:

    maybe that’s why he’s going into producing and directing. Maybe his body can’t take anymore.

  313. 313
    @Bob Says:

    maybe that’s why he’s going into producing and directing. Maybe his body can’t take anymore.

  314. 314
    juniper Says:

    the article mentions the “Dubai London Clinic” which is in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

  315. 315
    justsayin' Says:

    @Bob: Gerard’s trainer for that film was an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to do what he does. Training shouldn’t make you vomit. All he did was torture his client. It’s unfortunate that Gerard has an addictive personality and was so desperate for fame that he complied and was willing to throw his health into the trash heap to get the brass ring. He will have pain for the rest of his life. For him, the millions and attention were worth it. I wouldn’t risk my health like that, but to each his own.

    Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean anyone should put up with him whining about his on-set ouches. No one wants to hear overpaid, pampered people complain about how hard their work is.

  316. 316
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Apparently G needs all the doctoring he can get …….on vacation :|

    Aspen 09 …
    Rio ….

  317. 317
    cubedweller Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: Caption:
    “So um Dr. Apple Bob, Alan here wants to bulk up a bit. What do you recommend?”

  318. 318
    Nuts Says:


  319. 319
    redOctober Says:


    …here you have…keep in mind that my knowledge of Portuguese is not great …did my best…lol!

    Bruna’s encounter

    The new fashion in NY are the brunches, but it is not any brunch … it’s like a ballad during the day! Insane!
    Imagine in the middle of Saturday lunch and you will find a crowded restaurant, with a DJ, champagne and rolling the road to personal dancing on tables! hahaha just here!
    I went to the brunch of Lavo, the new ballad-sensation and when I realize who is this good looking man behind my back dancing?

    This gorgeous guy here below: (Gerrys’ photo)

    …met with Gerard Butler!!

    I never spoke of a celebrity right here on the blog? But I cannot let pass talking about finding the star of the movie 300!
    And he was all the time staring into my eyes and I swear I could not not look away! haha
    Disguised as much as I could and got these pictures, paparazzi unfocused …

    Leaving the place, he stopped for a second at the corner looked back and called me. Almost died! We chatted a bit, was beautiful, he is very friendly and has the most mesmerizing blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life! hahahah

    But I had no courage to ask to take pictures together, really lame … but still feel all the rage because I had not had the courage …

    Meet famous people in the streets of NY is not hard to see some more so then someone here to tell you! Bruna attacking paparazzi!

  320. 320
    angelsrock Says:

    @A fan:


  321. 321
    CJ Says:

    Ok…on the eye thing …people with blue, grey, green eyes don’t really have that color…light eyed people have very little pigmentation in the iris of their eyes so they reflect off color around them…so Gerry’s eyes will be grey, green, blue or shades of all those colors from time to time…depends on what he is wearing and where is standing…♥

  322. 322
    redOctober Says:


    When I read about the famous “300 training program” and what it entailed, I was like “this is torture”. But like you said for some people ambition comes first. And if the results are to live in pain …well , too late to complain now, right?

  323. 323
    justsaying' the shite Says:


    You logic is faulty. Here is why.

    According to you, some celebrities have so called “celeb doctors” who prescribe and enable prescription drug abuse among celebrities.

    Since G is a celebrity and apparently has a friend who looks like a “celeb doctor”, therefore, G could be abusing prescription drugs prescribed by such doctor.

    You may be able to fool the grade school kids you teach but not adults here. What an atrocity to entrust the next generation in your hand.

  324. 324
    PsychoB Says:

    Maybe G is just friends with Apple Bob. Doctors can be just as narcisistic as actors so I wouldn’t be suprised if they run in the same circles. I have never met a surgeon who didn’t think his sh!t didn’t stink.

  325. 325
    PsychoB Says:

    @CJ: There are only two eye color genes blue and brown. All other colors are a variations of these two genes. My son has blue eyes and I swear each year they have a different depth to them.

  326. 326
    PsychoB Says:

    @justsaying’ the shite: Huh? They are not the same people. You can tell from the writing styles. But I think you are trying to channel GFW because your diatribe about her being a bad teacher because she doesn’t like Gerry sounds like GFWs rantings.

  327. 327
    Nuts Says:

    Paul Haggis’ twitter:

    As promised, I auctioned off Tea with @GerryButler. Adrien Brody bought him! Then Gerry bid on champagne with Adrien — but was outbid! 9:30 PM Nov 7th via web from SoHo, New York

  328. 328
    laurie 3 Says:

    He wa outbid???
    He’s a cheapskate lol

  329. 329
    Nuts Says:

    @laurie 3:

    It looks like he and Adrian had an agreement to win the auction for each other. Adrian won Gerry but Gerry didn’t win for Adrian…I can’t believe that the champagne with Adrian reach higher amount that tea with Gerry.

    So…why was he outbid. Did Adrian signal him that it was okay to lose to Courtney Love (the supposed winner)? Or did Gerry drop the ball…perhaps distracted by some brunette lovely?

  330. 330
    laurie 3 Says:

    Very interesting speculation lol
    Adrian and Courtney Love – that’s an interesting combo, I might add.

  331. 331
    laurie 3 Says:

    “Apple Bob…54 years old..looks really good for his age..”
    The reason the Doc looks young for his age is because he dresses like a 20-something year-old, with the used-and-abused T and jeans. If he wore a suit he would look much older. Is there any doubt why G likes jeans and T-shirts wherever he could get away with wearing such outfits?
    Most of what G does has good reasoning to it. He’s not simply a slob like many seem to think.

  332. 332
    gossiphound Says:

    @Like No Other:
    I believe however Gerry’s family was also along for that Xmas holiday in Colorado, I recall someone tweeted about meeting Gerry’s mom and then there was that blog from a store shop girl in LA who ran into Gerry and the whole clan in a store, she assumed the one woman was his mom and sounds like some of the nieces were along as well, she mentioned some little girls, so either the family or part of the family was with him for part or all of the Xmas holiday.

  333. 333
    hellotheregb Says:
    I found this on google/twitter etc. I thought was amusing.

  334. 334
    redOctober Says:


    Thanks for the link. Loved this part….”(Yes, big names love going to high-profile premieres so as “not” to be photographed. It’s part of the wacky fun of being a celebrity!)

  335. 335
    angelsrock Says:

    @justsaying’ the shite:

    These posts are written by a teacher?!! Oh dear!

  336. 336
    gossiphound Says:


    “I vant to be alone.”

  337. 337
    CJ Says:

    @hello…LOL…I find this man very amusing but for the love of God what is he wearing…took off his specs and dressed in the dark..did he?….

  338. 338
    redOctober Says:


    …yeah , right.

  339. 339
    ridiculous-phans Says:

    Michael Musto got something right LOL
    Musto says:
    Judging from Joan, it seems like Gerard’s defenders are a tad illiterate.

    Posted On: Thursday, Oct. 14 2010 @ 4:04PM

  340. 340
    justsayin' Says:

    @justsaying’ the shite: I’m not a teacher and never claimed I was. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    My logic is faulty?

    “According to you, some celebrities have so called “celeb doctors” who prescribe and enable prescription drug abuse among celebrities.”

    You’re right. That NEVER happens. *eyeroll*

    “Since G is a celebrity and apparently has a friend who looks like a “celeb doctor”, therefore, G could be abusing prescription drugs prescribed by such doctor.”

    Keyword: could

    Anything is possible. For instance, you could be sane. Then again…

    “You may be able to fool the grade school kids you teach but not adults here. What an atrocity to entrust the next generation in your hand.”

    Judging by your spelling and syntax, you’re not a teacher either.

    Giggles, I didn’t really he had been spending that much time with him and traveling with him. Busy doctors and busy actors coordinating vacation schedules to vacation together frequently is even more strange, imo.

  341. 341
    CJ Says:

    Maybe Apple Bob and Gerry are friends with benefits..♥♥

  342. 342
    Tampa GAL, GB Supporter Says:

    I hate bringing up Gerrard’s tired old pieces/of/ass in posts here bc I know I will invoke Thumbelina, so i wont mention who, but i am a follower of one of his purported women’s twitter feeds and she mentioned something about having a male friend that is going through his second childhood and buying a sports car and bragging about picking up young girls to her and how should she tell him that people are laughing at him.
    Probably a reach but when J**mine mentioned having an ex’s item at one point in her twitter earlier this year, i was thinking, hmmm Gerry’s maybe? Sell it to me!! lol
    I am probably better off assuming that these ‘girls’ (I don’t see them as ‘women’ at all) have/had other men (probably many…) outside of our Gerbear BUT for a fact they do not appreciate him as a man like we do at GALS or his other smaller fan support sites.
    Gerry, we are still waiting for you to do a film here in Tampa!

  343. 343
    lolita Says:

    He is at the Russell Crowe movie premier tonight per someone on twitter who saw him.

  344. 344
    Don't get it Says:

    @Tampa GAL, GB Supporter: How about doing a film in the sunny state of Arizona?? You have lot of fans here!!

    Maybe you are going to make New York your permanent home and become a US citizen!

  345. 345
    redOctober Says:

    mark_j_shields Gerard butler just turned up at premiere. more a listers coming but cant say who yet about 1 hour ago via Panoramic moTweets

  346. 346
    redOctober Says:

  347. 347
    redOctober Says:

    Probably new thread with photos of ” The Next Three Days” red carpet?

    Good night

  348. 348
    Like No Other Says:

    Tonight at the movie premiere. His hair looks much better this way.

  349. 349
    WTH Says:

    @Tampa GAL, GB Supporter:

    You are really odd…..and borderline scary and stalker-like.
    You follow his rumoured old girlfriends and “know” that they don’t appreciate him like you do? WTH??!!!
    And calling him “Gerbear” also speaks volumes about your mindset, objectivity, and sanity.

  350. 350
    PsychoB Says:

    @Like No Other: Finally looking sexy again.

  351. 351
    well Says:

    @Like No Other:

    omg Russell Crowe looks like a tank in whatever it is he is wearing, and that is not good.

    And I’m a fan for sure but – this is not good.

  352. 352
    Don't get it Says:

    @Tampa GAL, GB Supporter: How can you know so much about Gerry and live in Tampa?
    I learn from this thread so much about the MAN!

  353. 353
    cubedweller Says:

    @Like No Other: I swear this guy hits more red carpets than a Hoover Upright. And YES to the hair. Off the face, letting out the grey – perfect like that.

  354. 354
    cubedweller Says:

    @Nuts: Very cute that Butler and Brody bid for each other. Butler may yet win, because Courtney Love won Brody, but she is reportedly broke, and so Butler may be the runner-up.

  355. 355
    CJ Says:

    I swear this guy hits more red carpets than a Hoover Upright
    ******************************************************************* crack me up!..♥

  356. 356
    Old Mia Says:

    I see G is back! Oh the hair looks so much better when he just combs it back and doesn’t let the ‘experts’ try and get creative. The darker look for Halloween and the APJ shindig was obviously just a temporary rinse. But WHY? He looks sooooo much better natural. He should listen to his fans, not the stylists. I also like that striped shirt he’s wearing.

  357. 357
    cubedweller Says:

    WTH happened to his head? Looks like an owie. Smacked with a stray knee during a threesome, perhaps?

  358. 358
    PsychoB Says:

    Don’t see an owie @cubedweller: but I here lucite heels can be considered a weapon.

  359. 359
    let me splain Says:

    @justsayin’: OK. I don’t remember who it was, another ‘just’ as I recall, thinks you are Gretchenpc from IMDb. Gretchenpc is a high school teacher, not an elementary school teacher. Anyway, therein is the sillyness about you being a teacher.

  360. 360
    justsayin' Says:

    @PsychoB: He needs to shave that neck.

    Jeans without holes – check.

    Nongreasy, combed hair – check.

    Shirt that fits – check.

    Shoes that the dog didn’t chew on – check.

    Tightened up hygiene by shaving neck – OOPS!

    Almost home, Gerry. Keep going!

  361. 361
    Shakespeare in love Says:

    NEW THREAD. Let’s all move over.

  362. 362
    shombi Says:

    Why don’t they have the Pictures of him and Russell Crowe on here too?

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