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Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody show their support for Artists for Peace and Justice at its “Let’s Build a School for Haiti” fundraising dinner on Friday (November 5) at NYC’s Salon Millesime.

Gerard, 40, is a part of APJ’s Advisory Board, along with a handful of celebs including Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, James Franco, Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood and Charlize Theron.

On the red carpet, Gerard met up and posed with Israeli TV presenter Moran Atias.

Earlier this week, the Scottish stud reportedly came to the rescue of a woman who fell on the street after tripping on her high heels.

Gerard noticed the woman on the ground after grabbing dinner with some friends in NYC and helped her to her feet!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • ex_reader

    is this a mirror site to imdb message board???…

  • wondering

    For a man who has virtually everything most people dream of – why do his eyes always look a bit sad? Even when he’s laughing. What’s that all about?

  • ..Anon..

    I’ve noticed that too. I guess there comes a point where all this Hollywood bullsh*t – pretending to be happy and/or doing regular photo ops to try and maintain interest so that you can sell a few more movies than the next guy – must get really old, despite the apparent perks. I’ve followed this board for a month or so now because I’ve just seen Dear Frankie and thought it was amazing, and didn’t know who he was. I have to say that in just about every photo that I’ve linked to from this site, the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. I find that pretty sad actually. I don’t think I’d choose to be famous if it came at the cost of my happiness. Best of luck to him, and everyone else who plays that game – they can keep it.

  • LMFAO!

    OMG, Gerry’s hair!!!! Mwhahahaha!!! He looks ridiculous! LOL!!

  • LMFAO!

    I mean, really, what the F is up with the hair??

    Oh, and G looks 50 years old. Poor guy :(

    Well, hopefully Alexandra likes him this way.

  • redOctober


    Have to agree , he looks sad or too tired or both. I really hope we are wrong and he’s living his dream…but the price, sometimes, seems too high.

  • hair!

    time for a corrective lid surgery, george clooney should give him a surgeon’s number.
    nice hair tho, fat ~gerry~ fan grannies have no taste or style, this is why they are not digging the new hair.

  • I’msuresome1willrunwiththis2

    I’m totally crushin’ on the hair. Just want to stick my hands in it and get lost. It has to be for a role methinks. He’s always seemed like he doesn’t like having to mess with it (it is a thick unruly mop after all) so usually keeps it short.
    Speaking of roles, since Crowe and Banks got one, I hope he gets one from Haggis as well. There’s talk of a new ensemble “dramedy”.

  • lolita

    His eyes do reveal so much. When he has a genuine smile his eyes light up his whole face. He really has been out and about the last two weeks…so some of the distant look in his eyes maybe just tired. I love his hair but he needs it swept of his face…but not slicked down with gel. I hope he doesn’t lose anymore weight I wouldn’t want him to get the bobble head doll look. No one else has such a changing look from day to day as Gerry.

  • Charisma

    I like Gerald’s hair.

  • angelsrock

    The man has gorgeous hair, but he needs to comb it back off his face. It’s thick and wavy and too unruly to try to tame it. He needs to keep it shorter. But maybe it is for an upcoming role. And the facial hair needs some serious grooming too. But it’s those eyes of his which draw most of my attention. Beautiful eyes!!! No one rocks a suit like Gerry,
    And, I agree, he too thin. I prefer Gerry with more beef!

  • Merlin

    Suit ok, the rest…. horrible!! And Crowe… WTF….
    * * *
    @trying to figure it out:
    And he’s wearing Susan Boyle’s wig again.
    * * *
    Ouch, that’s the reason why today there was an article on The Scotsman about SuBo who couldn’t find her wig… Gerry was wearing it in NY!!! Just kiddin’
    trying, thanks for the laugh!! Much appreciated……

  • PsychoB

    @wondering: when your egos in charge your never happy you never have enough. The famous game is destructive game, some one is always more famous and has more. good example was the Oscars. G had the spotlight and than Clooney showed up and the spotlight was gone instantly. Care about your craft and forget about the fame Gerry. I bet you’d be happier.

  • The date
  • Veronique

    He looks handsome but the facial hair has got to go. I don’t like facial hair on men, stubble yes but more than that no.

    The picture of Gerry and Adrien hugging is super cute and sweet.

    That Moran Atias is certainly a very sexy woman.

  • Potter

    LMAO at the douchebag duo!

  • Manny

    Digging the long hair. Thank God he is not overusing product again in it. Ugh. Agree it needs to be off his forehead but OH MY GAWD do I want to touch that hair. Looks yummy.
    I have his beard BUT SHAVE THE NECK dude. Amazing how just shaving the neck can make a whole look appear sharp. Excellent suit, sharp…
    I wondering if the hair is a Burns thing… it is still listed to start soon, but probably won’t happen. I wonder what is next on Butler’s plate for work…
    OT – DARK SHADOWS – yesssssssssssss!!!!! That cult hit coming to the big screen with Tim Burton. I’m thrilled because it will have the campy dark angle needed. Looking forward to it…

  • Canera

    You like him thin, you like him heavier, you like the gray, you don’t like the gray, you like him with no stubble, you like the stubble but only a certain way?????????????????????
    Could this be for a new role and he has no choice?
    He never seems to get a break – he tries to do good (and this is not the only thing he supports) and I read it’s all for show and his success. Did anyone ever think, this man does care about others.
    Read about how he treats the people (all of them) when he is on set.

  • Karen

    The hair has got to be for a role or L’Oreal. Gerry isn’t one to want to fuss around with hair, so I don’t think he’d keep it like that if he didn’t have to. The dye job makes me suspect more L’Oreal shoots. But the beard would have to go.

    I hope it isn’t for Burns. Not thrilled with that project. And I don’t think he’s looking for the Consent to Kill role either. Getting that thin and having that hair is not Mitch Rapp. And it isn’t a soccer coach look either IMO. What films are out there getting ready to cast?

    Are his NYC obligations done now?

  • trying to figure it out

    Anyone notice the scar in the middle of his nose? He must have really got socked one in SA filming MGP.

    I’m off to see Megahead this afternoon.

    @ Merlin and Manny
    Good morning ladies. Merlin, at least he’s only gone for Susan’s wig and not one of her dresses, but with the date with Brody, who knows?

  • Merlin

    @trying to figure it out:
    :D :D Bwahahahaha!!!!!
    … wait, he could wear one for a role too… not necessarily for Adrien…. Kiefer Sutherland showed up at a show with a dress…
    * * *

  • Old Mia

    That booboo he got on his nose was really deep. Must have taken a chunk right out of it. I’d like to hear him tell the tale of how it happened.

    Any bets on what’s next? Scotland or LA for his birthday?

  • gossiphound

    @InnerCircle: Actually he has probably known her longer than that, Ischia Film Festival 2005? She is another one of Flavio Briatore’s ex girlfriends, Gerry seems to cross paths with many of them.

  • gossiphound

    @CJ: I love you CJ so all I will say is New Orleans

  • gossiphound

    Why diss the APJ for their goals, how many charitable groups are involved in Haiti and everyone is focusing on different things because Haiti needs many things regardless of where the problem lies with lack of progress. Education is the key to the future of Haiti. Maybe Brad Pitt and the Canadian guy Mike Holmes who are building houses in New Orleans still for people there on private donated funds will have to hop over to Haiit and in fact I do know Mike Holmes who is a Canadian builder personality, he has a TV show where he goes in and fixed botched houses mentioned going to Haiti recently. Of course I am sure the people without homes still in New Orleans won’t be happy.

    And these groups don’t give their money to the Haiti government, they do the work themselves though they need the government to co-operate. And so I don’t disagree the problem in Haiti is the corrupt government, often is the governments but New Orleans is an example where even governments in so called developed countries drop the ball.

  • gossiphound

    There is another Haiti fundraising event on Nov. 9th in NYC, combined with a screening of the movie The Next Three Days starring Russell and directed by Haggis and Gerard was listed as expected to be there.

  • Je t’aime

    Adrien…best actor and very, very fashion! I love to see him in theaters!

  • CJ

    I agree with you Gossip on New Orleans…♥

  • CJ

    Even though this is not a Haiti or New Orleans thread I will just say one last thing on the subject…a lot of big business corporations have bought up land on the coast of Haiti and New Orleans and are selling it at astounding prices to those who can afford where there were homes of the poor there is now land selling to be a playground for the rich…the poor of Hatit cannot afford to buy land to build on because of its price…so the homes they had there once is no longer an option for them…again the goverment could have stepped in and stopped this takeover…but the mighty dollar and greed has taken over and all the goverment can see is dollar signs..

    The only justice I can see in all of this is…if the rich build on the coast they will be just as vulnerable to storms and earthquakes and will get their just due…and maybe its a blessing if the poor of Haiti move further inland..of course those who depended on the sea for a living are losing out…♥

  • my take

    I like The Butler’s hair long when he just combs it back. Obviously someone thought it needed styled for the APJ event and went overboard. They made it too poofy. Looks like they used a curling iron. Don’t mess with Butler’s natural curls!! grrrrrrr.

  • Merlin

    @my take:
    HAHAHA… yes, you’re right. Gerry is still goodlooking material, at least his staff could have the decency of doing their best to make him look better…. and instead… he’s a mess all the time, from the orange colour to the horrible makeup and the messy, unwatchable hair.
    How to reduce a gorgeous man to a caricature of himself.
    Gerry, time to fire part of your staff!!!!!!
    * * *

  • ev

    OMG they are both gorgeous and I wouldn’t kick either one of em’ outta bed! Man, if I was the gal on the ground and I saw GB helping me up I’d have thought I’d died and went to heaven! Hot, hot man!!

  • Question
  • because brody won butler


    because it appears that Adrien Brody bid the highest to win a ‘date with Gerard Butler’ – hence the hugs!
    Let the gay parade begin

    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    Salon Millesime

    Was INSANE tonight. It was a special charity event/auction to build a school in Haiti. Adrian Brody was the highest bidder for a date with Gerard Butler, Courtney Love was smoking in the bathroom, Russel Crowe got touchy feely with Susan Sarandon and this was all in the first hour. woo-hoo, what a night!

  • lolita

    @Canera: Most of us here like Gerry, We just comment on his changing looks. Some we like and some not so much. Most of us applaud his good works and generosity. I for one like him and I like how he mixes up his look so he keeps it interesting. I also think at times he isn’t given a break from some harsh comments but to each his own opinion. Your words were kinder than some who come here. Maybe his new look is for a new role or its just because he wants it that way. I also think he does a lot for others that no one knows about. IMO

  • Question

    @because brody won butler:
    Oh I see. But, I don’t think they are gay. I think the two of them set it up that way so that Butler doesn’t have to be stuck with some fan he has no interest in being with. Maybe the two of them will catch a sports game together like they often do.
    But I don’t understand one thing, was the event held in a restaurant or a club called Salon Millesime?

  • Two cents

    Gerard Butler is a spit-talking slob. How anyone finds the sleezebag hot is beyond reason. The STDs alone are repulsive.

  • redOctober

    I think his best look with longer and grey hair is this

    …but , of course, IMO.

  • cubfan34

    Maybe the look is for an upcoming film we know nothing about.

  • Old Mia

    The salon is a space for parties at the Carlton Hotel.

    I think he looks best with gray showing in his hair. So much more natural and handsome. But, of course, I think he’s gorgeous anyway.

  • Merlin

    Yummy RedO.. why does he insist to steal SuBo’s wigs now???!?
    * * *

  • CJ

    Well if this look is for a movie than it best be about a drag queen…

  • well

    Zack Snyder is apparently doing another Superman movie – but with a different twist. Could it be related to that?

  • cant’ please everyone

    I’m amazed at people complaining about the charity. Give to what you want to, and let others do the same.

    Here’s another charity Gerry is connected with:

  • redOctober


    …I don’t worry too much about his hair…but he looks a bit too thin, IMO. But indeed he’s a grown up man living his life the way he wants it for many years. I’m just another fan waiting for his next movie…I’m glad to see him out and about but some hint about his next role would be great.

    *mwah and hugs*

  • martha

    You missed the incredible photos of Russell Crowe and Gerard together… wow…

  • LauraS

    @redOctober: you are so right! *hug
    Hello JJers, old and new, regs and passers-by!

  • redOctober


    …you’ve been missed, girl! ; D so nice to see you back!

  • Merlin

    @cant’ please everyone:
    Thanks for posting that!!! I’ll post it on the homepage of my board!!!
    * * *
    Yes, you’ve been missed!!! But I can understand why… JJ is full of numpties of late….
    *mwah to Laura and to RedO too!*

  • Merlin

    @cant’ please everyone:
    Thanks for posting that!!! I’ll post it on the homepage of my board!!!
    * * *
    Yes, you’ve been missed!!! But I can understand why… JJ is full of numpties of late….
    *mwah to Laura and to RedO too!*