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Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody show their support for Artists for Peace and Justice at its “Let’s Build a School for Haiti” fundraising dinner on Friday (November 5) at NYC’s Salon Millesime.

Gerard, 40, is a part of APJ’s Advisory Board, along with a handful of celebs including Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, James Franco, Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood and Charlize Theron.

On the red carpet, Gerard met up and posed with Israeli TV presenter Moran Atias.

Earlier this week, the Scottish stud reportedly came to the rescue of a woman who fell on the street after tripping on her high heels.

Gerard noticed the woman on the ground after grabbing dinner with some friends in NYC and helped her to her feet!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • gossiphound

    Don’t forget that Eastwood was not taken as a serious actor early on his career – he was the pretty boy on a couple of TV series and then he did several Spaghetti Westerns some of which may seem like classics now but I believe they were looked down upon at the time. His acting skills grew in a time when more movies were being made, not quite like the 50s, but more than now so an actor could hone his craft in crappy movies. His tough guy persona and those classic lines are what propelled his career and in the meantime he turned into a better actor and is probably a better producer/director than he ever was an actor. And yes Clint is apparently the actor producer Hollywood loves because he brings his films in on time and under budget.

  • hellotheregb

    @@GUIDO: I am not laughing at Guido and never have! If you can’t appreciate his/her form of posting you have your opinion but don’t speak for others.

    .@Metoo: ITAWY

  • lolita

    Good evening JJr’s. Merlin, Melli best wises. ♥♥

  • Cora

    @an impression and @Red Dress: I loved reading your observations! Thank you very much for these. ♥
    (p.s. I heart Guido)

  • @GUIDO

    Yeah I guess you’re right. After all…..this IS fantasyland.

  • Nuts

    FB sighting…(Thanks to WO!)

    Betsy Peterschmidt Three feet away from Gerard Butler.

  • cool

    so wher is he?

  • Nuts

    Somewhere in NYC…perhaps roaming streets…checking out bars…hunting for cupcakes…

  • Nuts

    Here’s more from the FB sighting:

    Betsy Peterschmidt Swanky coffee shop in Manhattan!
    29 minutes ago

  • cool

    That’s it ! Hunting for cupcakes LOL

  • Old Mia

    @lolita: I remember in The Hour interview he told how he really went after the 300 role from the gitgo. He was not going to be turned down. Your description of a dog gnawing on a bone is right on. I’ve read other interviews with him and some of his directors about how he sets his sights on something and really tears after it. I don’t remember if it was Luketic or someone else who told that they had interviewed G for a part, which he didn’t get. He called them up afterwards and said they’d be sorry. (I loved that!) And that previous interview and follow-up call got him the lead role in their next movie.

  • opining again

    @Merlin the holidaying wizard: Dear Merlin. I have liked your posts. But I don’t want to go to any secret location and chat, making up some dumb email addresses. We can chat right here. Why make it some exclusive club? So, if you go into the Hollow Hills once again, I’ll bid you a fond byebye. Better bring chat out into the light or Niviane may get you in the end.

  • puddle
  • puddle

    @opining again: A Mary Stewart fan amonst us? I have for so long pictured G as Merlin. I know nothing is on the horizon, but I love those books. I’ll just keep him in my own place as Merlin whenever I read.

    Back to the party. Why was he wearing shades indoors? Don’t know. But good lord and all the rest, that man is hot.

  • ho hum

    He’s hot because the puffy hair finally got combed back. Or he just ran his fingers through it a few times. Same difference. I just can’t splain it to you Lucy. You get it or you do not. I’m off to bed now and sweet dreams of this man.

  • gaga

    @puddle: Beautiful. I don’t know what else to comment. Blaaaaah. Blaaaaaah. It’s all the same. He’s just the best.

  • Like No Other

    Love a few of the pictures from the Billy Farrell link, especially the ones of G sitting at the table with sunglasses on. His hair looks a little better. Noticed in some of the other shots his friend Camilla Olsson (aka fishnet girl) and one of the overhead shots of the whole room, you can see Blonde Assistant talking to Gerry’s friend known as Apple Bob.

  • Like No Other

    @puddle: Not sure why he’s wearing shades indoors, but he looks good! In one of those pictures, a girl is standing beside him with a sunglasses case in her hand, maybe they were going to be auctioned off. Maybe a “Sunglasses worn by Gerry Butler” kind of thing.

  • Dona

    OMG, was Gina his date? who is he sitting next to? on his right it’s Moran, but to his left it looks like his date, and she looks like Gina.

  • Dona

    @Like No Other:
    yes, i think he was auctioning off these glasses and that’s why he was wearing them. you can see in the link what they were auctioning off.
    didn’t see blond assistant thought. In which picture did you see her?

  • Liz

    @Dona: No, that woman is not Jeannia. Looks nothing like her.

  • Dona

    you could be right. i think i found out who she is.
    I don’t think he brought anyone because his sign just said Gerard Butler. In contrast, Trudie Styler had a whole table she probably bought (price $10,000), as the signs on her table all said Trudie Styler’s Guest. Here it is
    But wait, here is his table and he is sitting next to Moran Atias, who I’m sure conveniently situated herself next to him, as she was one of the organizers, and another woman by the name of Chopard – whoever she is.
    If they were sitting in their seats when that first picture was taken with GB wearing the sunglasses and Moran to his left and that other woman to his right, then that’s her and her name is Chopard. Does anyone know her?
    BTW, Moran Atias is the model for Deep Sea Cosmetics made with Dead Sea minerals. Every table had a gift bag with their products. It looks like it was per table and not per guest and I wonder who in each table gets the gift. Maybe it’s the person who bought the $1,500 ticket as opposed to the $500 ticket per person. So that would means GB paid $1,500 as opposed to the $500 ticket and he gets the Dead Sea Gift, as the bag is on top of his name. Well, I’m using all my powers of deduction here to figure out these pix, I wonder if I’m actually right lol

  • Liz

    Great detective work, Dona!!!

  • Mr. Giggles

    G wants everyone to know who the ridiculous looking guy behind the glasses is…..

  • guess who WAS there

    Well, well, well – heres a blast from the past
    guess who else was at the party
    Camilla Olsen (sorry not sure of the spelling)
    look at Billyfarrellagency page 10 pics

  • Dona
    Rememebr Ronnie Modra – the nightclub owner. he too was there.

  • Dona

    @guess who WAS there:
    who is Camilla Olsson, can you elaborate?

  • guess who WAS there

    I think that she is a NYC socialite and is an old flame of GB – Donald Trump Tennis last summer and 4th of July and waverley stuff

  • Frances Pyne

    EWWWWW. Moran looks like a MAN and NO idiots, they arent together.
    Grow up! There are women in this business that Gerry may have to stand/sit next to, talk to, have dinner with. That does not mean they are f****g. FAN LOGIC is so sick and busted up, all of you douches. And Adrien should play ichabod crane at some point.


    Guess who I am…!!!!
    you have not found?
    it’s me, the actor gerry


    I’m here Inconito, do not tell anyone

  • angelsrock


    Gerry = Class Clown. By his own admission, he loves to make people laugh. And what’s wrong with that? Love people with a sense of humor who “get the party started”. He’s hamming it up with the sunglasses.

  • vs

    That woman next to G may work for/be representing Chopard,a luxury watch and jewelry company.Just a guess.

  • Like No Other


    This is the picture of blonde assistant talking to Apple Bob, top of picture, she’s in a black dress, he’s in a blue suit………….

  • redOctober
  • redOctober


    Thanks for all the links .

    Moran is really a very beautiful woman

  • casey

    @Frances Pyne: Why would you say such a thing about Moran? She’s beautiful and very feminine. She and Gerry are just friends, so no need to rip on her.

    Haha. Agree on Adrien. I can’t see why some think he’s attractive, but to each her own.

  • Nuts

    (Thanks to WO)

    Another group of lucky ladies with Gerry at the after party following The Wall concert at Madison Square Garden:

  • ?

    @Nuts: He’s got the dead eyes look again in that photo. He needs to get away from this stuff.

  • my view

    He looks like he needs a good meal. I don’t like it when his neck starts to get scrawny. Have a burger and some fries Gerry.

    What’s up with the Skinny Minnie look? What’s he doing this for? I think he looks best with some meat on his bones.

  • casey

    Gerry has some interesting friends. Over on WO someone said Apple Bob is the orthopedic doctor for the New York Rangers. I wonder if that’s correct. If not, it’s an odd one to pull out of thin air.

  • Nuts


    Why can’t I post today???

  • casey

    @casey: I was just thinking. If so, maybe Apple Bob is the doctor who treats Gerry’s shoulder problems. Could be that’s how they met.

  • Psychob

    He looks better in this picture even if his eyes look glazed over. His hair is pulled back and you can see his face.

  • Old Mia
  • Nuts

    @Old Mia:

    Why is he called “Apple Bob” ???

  • Old Mia

    @Nuts: Because he and Gerry were pictured together outside a theater in NYC a year or so ago and he had been eating an apple and still had the core in his hand when the photo was taken. No one knew who is was at the time, thus Apple Bob was coined by someone and ithe name stuck.

  • karen

    I’m impressed. All this time I thought Apple Bob was some showbiz hanger-on type. Here he’s world famous in his own right. Sorry, Dr. Feldman.

  • Nuts

    @Old Mia:


  • home for xmas

    “I’m going home to Scotland for Christmas, and I will be washing the dishes for Christmas, that’s for sure,” The Bounty Hunter star, 40, told PEOPLE with a laugh at Friday night’s Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser for Haiti at Manhattan’s Millesime.

    But Butler, who in the past has been linked to such stars as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, had little to say about his romantic life, other than to reveal his true love.

    “New York’s my favorite city, I love it here,” he said. “I’ve been having fun here. Even just at this party tonight, I’ve run into some friends that I’ve known for years – friends from Australia, from London – who have actually just moved here, and the excitement on their faces when they talk about their New York living experience . . . Nobody loves their city like they do in New York.”

    At the fundraising event organized by filmmaker Paul Haggis, to generate funds for APJ’s efforts in building Haiti’s first free secondary school, Butler, who personally aided in the earthquake-relief effort, discussed the importance of being hands-on.

    “Interestingly enough, for me, my favorite thing, was loading up the trucks with grain, taking it to the camps and passing out grain to the people,” he said. “Sitting in the meetings, it was interesting to be feeling that you were at the heart of some policy making, but the hands on part was incredible. It felt fantastic.”

    Source People