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Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Rihanna's 'Umbrella'

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Rihanna's 'Umbrella'

Gwyneth Paltrow guest stars on Glee in the November 16th episode, “The Substitute,” in which she does a mash-up of Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” and the classic “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Earlier this week, it was also confirmed that the 38-year-old actress will be performing the Cee-Lo Green song “F–k You” during her guest stint on the show.

Gwyneth will be playing a substitute teacher who falls for Glee coach Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison).

We can’t wait to hear her song!!!

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gwyneth paltrow rihanna umbrella 01
gwyneth paltrow rihanna umbrella 02
gwyneth paltrow rihanna umbrella 03

Credit: Adam Rose; Photos: Fox Broadcasting
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  • Nenns

    Can’t wait!!! I love Glee and I LOVE RIHANNA!!!:-*

  • girl


  • haha

    She looks horrible and boring

  • Lauren

    omfg, stop trying to sing, Fish Sticks. Is this the Jump the Shark moment for Glee? The characters that I love barely get to sing solos or even have speaking lines, but Gwyneth Paltrow gets three songs???? The producers and writers are starting to suck.

  • Sway

    Her song? You mean Rihanna’s song.

  • prancer

    Gwynnie looks trannyish when she slicks her hair back like that.

  • Amber

    Glee has going totally off the rails. I’m sick of these stunt guest stars, and theme episodes. Give me the character-driven show from last season, because this new version is completely boring.

  • beautiful couple

    I can barely see G.P. in these pics. Waste of a post.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • LD

    So tired of this show and their stunt casting. Glee has gone so far from what it was in the first half of the first season. Its not even the same show anymore. Completely Unwatchable

  • truly

    @beautiful couple: I don’t understand why the photos are so small either unless this is a copy and paste from another site.

  • Who??


  • Farmer Ted

    Great legs. Shame about the horse face.

  • celeb spotter

    She should do a duet with her husband.

  • Spirit

    Now Gwynnie’s a “TV Girl” too. :-)

  • Movie Watcher

    This is part of her campaign to remain the public eye through Oscar season. I think she’ll probably get a Golden Globe nomination in the Musical category but I could see her being overlooked for an Oscar nom.

  • M

    Emma Pillsbury is gonna be jealous

  • Mrs. C.

    I read her newsletter the other day. I didn’t find it half bad although the majority of it was written by a doctor not her. Then I got to the recipe part and they had some ingredient that cost $ 300. Even for a month’s use that is pretty expensive. The woman is seriously out of touch with reality.

  • Cold Case

    I like Glee but what a difference between Gwyneth and Kate Winslet’s careers. Winslet does films like The Reader and the upcoming Mildred Pierce mini-series. Gwyneth is guest starring on Glee and playing a supporting role in the Iron Man films.

  • Carmel

    Yuck, she look awkward!

  • brneyes

    Can hardly see Gwyneth in those photos. I thought it was three guys at first.

  • oasis

    gawky bird

  • YU..CK..


  • YU..CK..


  • Nat

    Don’t care. I don’t watch Glee.

  • Anna

    Well, fuuuuuuu. I was hoping Matthew Morrison was going to do “Singing in the Rain” by himself.

  • [ I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …people really don’t like her.

  • Ann_Howard

    I cannot believe how much you all hate Gwyneth. Every JJ post about her, the positive comments get thumbs down and everyone rants about how ugly she is. SHE’S NOT UGLY, Ok? If you disagree with me, fine. But don’t waste your time screaming it constantly to whoever reads JJ and giving thumbs down to the people who actually say nice things.

  • Madonna

    @Ann_Howard: I agree…But really, they are the ugly ones…Fat too. Pathetic losers with absolutely nothing to live for but hate celebs because they are so unhappy with their own miserable existences..Gwen is good looking, otherwise she wouldn’t be A-list and an Oscar winner who is besties with Madonna and is married with two beautiful kids to boot. Oh yeah, her husband has a beautiful voice and is very talented…The haters have none of that.

  • Varsity

    Paltrow is one of the most disliked celebrities around. She’s not popular online or offline. Glad we have “permission” to disagree on this fan site…oops, celebrity blog. Yes, all opinions are allowed here since it’s not a fan site.

    Looks are not a guaranteed correlation to A-List (personally I think Paltrow is just plain not ugly) and Paltrow isn’t treated as A-List anymore when it comes to movie roles. That’s why she finally took the ingenue role in a guaranteed blockbuster. She hadn’t had a hit in years and she’s on a fourth or fifth look when it comes to scripts if she’s lucky. Madonna doesn’t have the nicest rep either (two peas in a pod I guess) and I doubt people are jealous of her marriage since her husband has been rumored to cheat for years.

  • k

    People are so negative and full of hate. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe they’re just jealous.

    Gwyneth is beautiful, IMO. Some think she’s plain… and that’s ok. If she has marital problems, then that’s her & Chris’s problem, nobody else should comment about it. She’s been quiet about her private/family life, unlike Demi & Ashton who tweets about everything. She may seem cold to others… maybe she is introverted in real life. But it doesn’t mean that she has to be fun & bubbly so that everyone would like her. Lots of people in Hollywood are like that and are probably faking a “personality”.

    And she has her own talent, or else she wouldn’t have made it this long. There are lots of kids of old hollywood who haven’t made it. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll succeed even if you have connections.

  • helena

    is she having a mid-life crisis? she’s been so odd lately, trying to be sexy when she isn’t

  • shannon

    why the heck is she singing lead on a glee club song? ugh, i don’t like her…..why oh why did my fave show sell out for her ??? :(

  • melissa

    I don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow and it is not because I am jealous of her. I’m jealous of beautiful/pretty/cute actresses who can actually act e.g. Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock etc.
    It’s funny how so many people don’t like her…..Maybe it’s because she is ugly and can’t act! If she didn’t have all these famous connections (and Gwyneth sure makes sure everyone knows about her connections) would she even be in the public eye??? There are more deserving actresses out there who deserve the roles and press Gwyneth is given.
    I really love Glee but I will definately be fastforwarding/switching channels when she is on.

  • Sue

    She looks weird in those tight pants.

  • Sharon

    I love the picture of Gwyneth and Matthew under the umbrella. This number is probably going to be stunning. But I hope they have a storyline to go along with the great visuals.

  • jen

    a midlife crisis at 38? LMAO, some people on here are hilarious and exaggerate too much. Gwen is far from plain too, ok you may hate her, but come on, that’s taking it too far, if you want to see plain, take a walk down the street, go to a mall or something, you will really see what ‘plain’ people look like.

  • LoadedLo

    I’m ready to hear this song lol

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  • Carla

    GLee is a joke.
    I am glad she’s on it.
    Shows how uncool she is.
    They murdered the Rocky……

  • ro

    she looks her.cant wait to see her on tv..all the haters, get lost

  • peapo

    I can’t figure out all the hate towards Ms. Paltrow. i think she’s an excellent actress, singer and person. Plus she’s utterly gorgeous. Ya’ll are mean.

  • http://http Daniela

    Stop with “no originality”, are just covers and did it amazing