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Johnny Depp & Tim Burton: 'Dark Shadows' to Start in April!

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton: 'Dark Shadows' to Start in April!

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are all set to start on Dark Shadows this April after being pushed back from a January start date according to Deadline.

Depp, 47, will play the role of vampire Barnabas Collins, a character he has reportedly had strong interest in. Warner Bros has been working hard to get this on the big screen for quite awhile – after the 1966-1971 TV series on ABC.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Johnny and Tim to work together on this project – YAY or NAY?

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  • Blackcat99

    YES!YES!YES!I heard they were talking about it!I was thrilled!I loved Dark Shadows! With Tim Burton and Johnny Depp you know it’s going to be Great!

  • Elena

    YAY. bt This week be the 3rd time Drak Shadows is going to be done.
    is it going to be a movie?

  • Elena

    @Elena: This Will* not week. haha.

  • Butter_Fly

    I’m going to have to say yay to this. My dad loves this show so much. From the few episodes that I’ve seen it’s actually pretty good in a creepy, gothic way. I can see why Burton would want to turn this into a film. Can’t wait to see Depp as Barnabas.

  • brooke

    Never heard of the TV series but this sounds like a great movie. I’ll watch anything Johnny is in! And after doing some research on the series, Johnny sounds perfect for the part. :)

  • caro

    Burton+Depp+Gothic movie= original idea(irony)

  • ElisaDay

    I love these two together! This will be brilliant

  • Thumbs up!

    Oh, YEAH! Barnabas Collins/Johnny Depp — perfecto! Can’t wait. My mother used to be hooked on this show and it was creepy and pretty good.

  • dholmas

    I used to run home from school to watch this. Okay showing my age. Can’t wait to see the movie. Johnny Depp will make a fantastic Barnabas. Who is playing Quentin and Laura? Also Julia.

  • Marine

    Depp + Burton = Perfect Team!!

  • Sue

    Please watch this and help!

  • Farrah

    Why….why can’t these two be stopped? I think Depp can’t do a “normal” (non-caricature) role to save his life. How much talent does it take to play eccentric over and over again? It’s getting passe.

  • kaykay

    I know that people love to say how hot Johnny Depp is.. but really..

    Why can’t people be honest and call it as it is. HE LOOKS NASTY.. nothing sexy about him at all.. He has been wearing those clothes for years. IT was fine when he was in his 20′s early 30′s but it is old now.

    and why does he never get ragged on for not being with his family. Vanessa and the kids are usually not even in the same city or country as he. And yet no one every calls him a bad dad.. PLUS he is making another weird film with Burton.. who he really needs to step away from. He is always hiding behind some strange character.

    I think he is a good actor, but not the brilliant actor people go on and on about.

    He and Keith can be brothers..and that is not a compliment at all..

  • candyb

    I loved Dark Shadows and I can see Burton doing this as a movie. But Johnny Depp as Barnabas. I dont know. I think he would be a great Quinton Collins. Who’s playing Angelique? And Carolyn and Mrs Stoddard and the rest of that cast. Yes who is going to be Julia. And Willie. Omg I would run home from school to watch this. I will be first in line to see it.

  • Pearl

    Kaykay, Johnny Depp isn’t a good enough actor to do “regular” roles (i.e., Public Enemy), it seems he does have to hide behind a costume or ridiculous fake accent.

  • 11th Hour

    This is a magical combination.

  • Pearl

    Kaykay, I agree, there’s nothing sexy about it.

  • eron

    Personally, I think the Burton-Depp combination is getting a bit stale. Depp is essentially playing the same character/charicature over and over again – just different costume and make up, but the rest is the same. Doesn’t he get bored? It is a pity he is pigeon-holing himself like that.

  • http://msn carmagreen
  • http://msn carmagreen

    Yes, they would be fabulous doing this movie! I too used to run home from school to watch it everyday!

  • snotty

    i,am allways excited for a new movie whit Johnny and when thees two are working together i just cant go wrong.

  • Hmm

    They should just get married, already…

  • john

    this is one team (burton-depp) that needs to give it a rest. burton should work with christopher walken for the role of barnabas and for the voice of gomez in the stop-motion animated addams family.

  • British

    I love Johnny Depp and I love Tim Burton and I love the movies they have made together but I’d agree that the combination is getting a bit stale. I’d really love to see a Tim Burton film without Johnny Depp in it.

    That said, I will be excited for this because I think anything Johnny Depp puts his hand to works very well. I think for anyone who says he’s not a good actor without all the costumes etc needs to watch more of his movies. I’d like to list Whats Easting Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco,Finding Neverland and Benny and Joon amongst many others where he has turned in stellar performances.

    In fact, you have to realise that it took a brilliant actor to create what he did in Jack Sparrow. YES it was commercial and YES it has now been played to death but when it was first seen it amazed us all.

  • Charisma

    what a great combination such is with both Depp and Burton. They always do well together.

  • Butter_Fly

    Agree with everything you said. And I love Benny and Joon. My favorite Depp movie. It would be nice for Burton to go after another actor but I think I read somewhere that Depp is a big fan of Dark Shadows…so he’s defintely not going to pass this up.

  • Potter

    @British: I’ve seen those films. He flops when he’s not acting like an eccentric and the schtick is getting old. I, too, would love to see a Tim Burton film with a brand new face, something fresh. The Burton/Depp song and dance has played too long.

  • Potter

    @British: Not everything he puts his hand to works very well. He’s had plenty of disasters. He only gets attention when he’s playing something that appeals to the kiddies.

  • cf

    I’m SO TIRED of both of them. This duo somehow managed to ruin Willy Wonka and Alice.

  • kaykay


    I had not thought of that.. but you are right on point.. All his big BO success had been child friendly fare.

    Johnny needs to do something different. I am waiting for The Tourist to see if he can pull that off.. Angelina seems on point. but not sure about Depp.. this film to me will be more telling about him then her.

  • peapo

    Total YAY!!!

  • juniper

    I think Depp is great in some quirky parts but not all. I did not think he was right for Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow. I also do not see Depp as Barnabas. I wish he would do a more serious film like Blow again, maybe that will be The Rum Diary.

  • brenda

    @Kaykay..Let me tell you least…JOHNNY DEPP LOOKS BETTER AND IS MORE SEXY THAN BRAD PITT SURE,and he doesn’t need expensive clothes to look good because.. .Johnny is beyond looks..HE HAS SUBTANCE!.And I don’t know why you said he doesn’t love his family.or he is not a good father…how can you say something so stupid??Many actors aren’t with their families because their works.And about working with Tim..,they can do what they want,and it seems the people like it,..Alice in wonderland made more than $1000 MILLIONS around the world!!Did you know that?’..Well ..and don’t compare Johnny with another man,he has no comparison…,and He still look hot and young..and without botox.. like others..(Brad)hello!! Face it fool. Oh..and I think@ Potter and@ Kaykay are the same don’t fool nobody!

  • DarkShadowslover

    Yay!!! I think if when they want to be, Burton/Depp can be very good.
    I wonder who will be cast as Julia in the new film (no HBC!)

    I say Sigourney Weaver. She has those dark marvelous eyes that
    Grayson Hall had, and she’s good at playing the touch doc parts (look at her in Avatar). I also read a few articles saying that Sigourney might be in the movie, so Burton might be coming to his senses.

    Charlize Theron has to play Angelique! She’d be perfect!