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'Just Go With It' Trailer - Jennifer Aniston & Brooklyn Decker!

'Just Go With It' Trailer - Jennifer Aniston & Brooklyn Decker!

Adam Sandler balances his relationships with two beautiful women – Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker in this trailer for the upcoming film, Just Go With It!

Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews (yes, the musician!), Bailee Madison, Kevin Nealon and Heidi Montag all co-star in the film.

Adam plays a plastic surgeon who dates a younger girlfriend (Decker), but asks his co-worker (Aniston) to pretend to be his wife to avoid a deeper relationship with Decker’s character.

The film opens on February 11 next year.

Just Go With It Trailer

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  • fresh

    Pass. Not for me. But some may like it.

  • Lindley

    This looks cute. I will for sure see it. :)

  • tada

    The idea that they think this is funny when the premise is so unbelieveable. Besides what grown adults pretend to be parents of children and use them as pawns to gain another woman’s favor.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Haha! It seems funny. I’ll watch it :)

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I’m curious to know what he’s going to do when the woman learns that all this created family is fake! How is she going to know and how he’s going to finally get her as he is. Being himself.

  • france

    can’t wait :)

  • Agatha

    Zzzzzzz boring

  • miss infamous

    so does he end up falling for Jennifer Aniston’s character?

  • Mary from Russia

    funny. Jen is beautiful and elegant as usual.

  • QueenCamRothschild

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  • nakedoldjennifer

    Same Sh** different title, AS fans will love it

  • Karla


  • Ronda

    i cant wait see movie

  • laverdadduele

    A romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aninston and another dumb blonde…I’m sorry for Sandler, but this movie will be a failure, like everything else she does. I just wish this pathetic creature will find a man and just go away already.

  • Hmmmmm

    OMG! Only 14 posts? Huvane must be wringing her little hands and wondering whats happening? Where are the lemmings who swallow every little piece of shiit publicity that is planted about this completely washed up has been?????? L. M. F. A. O.!!!
    Paging bet or ‘just’ as you call yourself on FF.
    Paging ellie. Where are you sop buckets??? LOL

  • Whores_Of_Fathers_Trick_2geDa


    All those who like to spit their hate at JA are not picking up a cheque by any 3rd party after they logg of their computer..It’s easier to steal men than wait until Mr Right becomes rightfully yours. So it is HER LIFE!! Do YOU have ONE?

    GUESS what? ADAM SANDLER just asked Jennifer Anniston to co-star! buahaha.Right after she

    Why is it that nobody says anything when Sandler, Ferrel, Wilson have been doing comedy forever? But if JA likes to stick to comey..degeneous is a comedian by proffession, Chelsy Handler is too.NOthing wrong with that. Angelina Jolie palyed herself in GIrl-Interrupted and won an oscar ..EASY to play yourself!

  • Hmmmmm

    ^ ^ ^ Hey assshole, you negate your argument when you try to bash others to make jenhag the w.h.o.r.e.-who-spreads-her-leg-to-every-man-since-Brad-kicked-her-stinky-asss-to-the-curb look good, biitch dont you know that? LMAO.
    That stupid c.unt can sit and wait forever but no Mr. Right is going anywhere near that toxic dump, have you not realized that by now? LOL
    And if youre stupid enough to think Angie “played herself” and won an Oscar, first of all, why has some other really good actresses not won an Oscar? And why doesnt jennyp!ssed-on-by-Mayer not play herself so she can win an Oscar too?
    Oh? Whats that you said? That even if she played herself, she wouldnt be good enough? LOL

  • serenab

    woah lots of fighting going on.

    it sounds like a mashup of General Public’s TENDERESS and Rihanna’s UMBRELLA.

  • Sami

    @Whores_Of_Fathers_Trick_2geDa: Who is it that “steals” men? I assume you are talking about Aniston. Oh, she also has to PAY men to be with her, too. Jen may just win an Oscar for Buttercup. After all – she is playing herself; a grimy, cheap sl.u.t!

  • michelle

    Cute :0 Definitely in a must watch movie for me. Love JA

  • Vera

    I love Jennifer Aniston from Friends…but why she just keeps doing this pointless movies?

  • dee

    oh come on JA! It’s really hard to defend u anymore, why keep making these pointless “comedies”. It’s so stupid, the character she plays wears glasses and oh no! a ponytail! then gets a makeover? wow didn’t see that coming!

  • ann

    yay!!! seems to be fantastic!!! jen is so fuuny!!! and looks gorgeous!!! love her with adam sandler!!! can’t wait to seeeeeee!!! love comedy!!! love jen!!!


    Leatherface as two threads on JJ about her upcoming movie with less than 100 comments combined. I thought the b!tch career was on life support after the turkey baster bomb and her low ratings for Cougartown. It’s official the Tick career has FLATLINED. Maybe this will help her get up to 24 comments.

  • trinilady

    apologize for using the R word and just give the darn donation to Haiti and then ‘go with it’ please

  • Liz

    LOL, seems funny!

  • Daniela

    Let me guess.. he ends up with aniston?


    I wonder if those producers are getting nervous for their movies that yet to be shown that starred Aniston. Looks like she’s becoming a film poison with her bomb films lately.

  • yep

    love it! can’t wait to see!

  • yep

    @tada: yep, like mr and mrs smith, the tourist, salt, james bond! lol! such a hater and bully! loons – just can’t let go! so sad !

  • yep

    @laverdadduele: lol! jen brings in as much as meryl strep did! lol! so sad! hate to hate! no lie except to keep bully jennifer the ex!

  • yep

    @trinilady: like jolie needs to apologize for not knowing how much children she has and for calling shiloh blob and goofy! along with forging darfus ro 4 years! that she cres so much about…… mirror mirror

  • trinilady

    so @yep finds nothing wrong with JA using the R word on TV for the world to see and hear here in Trinidad we are done with her just for that and do not defend the Haiti donation horrible just horrible and imagine I am in the ‘supposed’ 3rd world nation and here we scorn the use of the R word used in the comical manner JA did.
    come come @yep behave yourself

  • Kate

    A majority of you people have major problems, you talk about these celebrities with so much hatred, sounds you wish death upon them. Get a life losers.

  • Wearing a BIB?

    What is wrong with the picture, poorly cropped, or is that a bib she is wearing?? Maybe she finally put a bag over her head and realized she couldn’t breath????????:P

  • Jennysboyfriends

    11/05/10 Super-Duper Cooper, who still manages to bed all the good-looking gals he can find (despite claiming the opposite), recently stayed at his fave deluxe Vegas hotel. The place was used to catering to Cooper’s starry ways: Women constantly in and out of his room, the suite always left a mess, etc. Nobody ever said anything, discretion is this celeb hang’s policy! But that was before. After Super-Duper’s most recent stay, he left behind a gift. It was a bag, actually. The housekeeper found it. Well, guess what she found? A bunch of s–t. Literally. Now, technically, they were crap-covered bed linens (which, clearly, Coop was planning on throwing out, but forgot). But listen up, the predominant ingredient in that damn bag was overwhelmingly made of human feces. With a nice chaser of dried seminal fluid. Now, Super, you bizarro perv, we already knew you were into sex-with-poop, but the thing we don’t get—like at all—is where the hell do you find these chicks who participate in the stinky stuff, too? At any rate, the Vegas joint’s concierges are at a loss as to what they’re going to say to Super next time he books a room. May we suggest: “So very sorry we can’t accommodate you, Mr. Cooper, but unfortunately, we’re as full as your bowels. Answer: John Mayer

  • Sincerely

    Excellent movie for children 10 years and under or adults with low IQs.

  • say what?

    That Jen Aniston knows how to manipulate and scheme so much, she probably could ad lib her part. She’s been doing it her whole life.

  • say what?


    haha, and Jen went back for more!

  • Candyguided

    HEIDI MONTAG IS IN THIS – the only reason i’ll propably watch this

  • Jack Daniel’s

    Terrific, two freaking hot blondes! Jen looks stunning!

  • Sami

    @yep: “like jolie needs to apologize for not knowing how much children she has and for calling shiloh blob and goofy! along with forging darfus ro 4 years! that she cres so much about…… mirror mirror”
    Um, wtf? In ENGLISH please??

  • Pablo

    Why do people hate this woman so much?

    Have you even analyzed yourself? Your the looser not her….she can care less. She is beautiful, rich and famous…Who are you?

    You people call her boring, you are boring sickos gossiping behind the computer instead of doing something useful with you lives…..

  • Get Real

    Pablo, you definitely need a pair of eyeglasses. I also suggest you eat more fruits and vegetables more than meat. That will help to make your brain function normally. Am I useful enough for you?

  • boooring

    where’s heidi montag in this movie?

  • jengirl

    jen looks soooo lovely!!!!

    JGWI will be launch on jen’s birthday (february 11th)!!!!!!!!! cute!!!

  • mary

    this is great! can’t wait to see!

  • Hmmmm

    47 POSTS????!!! Oh huvane! paging huvane! your slip is showing, biitch. LOL.
    Your coattail rider is boring everyone, now that we all can see how this FAME FATTENED TICK was in our faces for these 5 and a half years, only because she was hanging on for dear life to the REAL A-LISTERS.
    But the real A-Listers have moved sooooo far out of her reach, with their fabulous life, lovely children, excellent personal accomplishments, great humanitarian work, and strong, sweet love, that she cant hang on to their coattails anymore cos she is EXPOSED for the FRAUD SHE IS!!!
    HA. HA. HA.

  • Get Real

    Are they not many Jennifer Anustain lovers left? Finally got some common sense?

  • http://eAdd1013 eAdd1013

    Interesting story line, so February you say. Once got out of a marriage, using something similar. What friends are for!!! LOL