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Kate Bosworth: Barefoot for 'BFF & Baby'

Kate Bosworth: Barefoot for 'BFF & Baby'

Kate Bosworth kicks off her shoes in between filming scenes for her upcoming comedy BFF & Baby on Friday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

While taking a break, the 27-year-old actress carried around a water bottle and gave hugs to the film’s crew.

The day before, Kate and co-star Justin Kirk shared a passionate on-screen kiss for one of the film’s scenes.

She also posed for some fun Twitpics with Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth on the set of BFF & Baby….

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kate bosworth barefoot 01
kate bosworth barefoot 02
kate bosworth barefoot 03
kate bosworth barefoot 04
kate bosworth barefoot 05
kate bosworth barefoot 06
kate bosworth barefoot 07
kate bosworth barefoot 08
kate bosworth barefoot 09
kate bosworth barefoot 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Seriously?


  • KB effect


  • Wonderful

    Wow, Kate is beautiful!

  • okay

    just shoot me……rofl!!

  • pretty

    She looked cute in the white dress the other day.
    Not so much today.

  • okay

    carried around a water bottle? JJ you are really ffin with us! You gotta laugh at this ish!

  • Eon

    She has pretty eyes but she’s rather plain aside from that.

  • davinci

    When you get done covering this C-List ‘actress’, please give us some photos of Marion Cotillard at the LA BAFTAs.

  • TXpert

    Is this her PUBLICIST”S website? Geez!

    What’s Anna Paquin been up to…or why not give more stuff people from DEXTER?

    This webiste is really one-demnesional…expand your world JJ.

  • Bobie

    haha barefoot..with a water bottle or not. WE DONT CARE

  • Farmer Ted

    She looks like a scarecrow.

  • Peanut Gallery

    good grief, oversaturation much?

  • high five

    Jared, you need to either expand your horizons or rename your site

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Troll



  • Clue

    She looks nasty like some unfinished science experiment.

  • Jean

    Why do people find her so pretty? She’s skinny but she has square face and not much of a waist.

  • Kate

    Ugh If you’re going to post something this un-newsworthy can you at least make it about someone worth talking about?
    Though maybe this is newsworthy – Kate Bosworth has a job that involves more than turning up for the opening of an envelope!

  • Brightside

    According to JJ, there’s only one film being made in Los Angeles at the moment and BBF & Baby is that film. It’s the only reason I can think of for giving everyone blow-by-blow information about it. Either that or he is being paid very well to promote such garbage. By the time it’s all over people will be so fed up with hearing about this film that no one will go to watch it. Too much hype actually turns people off. They stop being interested, if they ever were.
    There are other films JJ. Why not give them a mention between the monotonous and multiple posts about this flop of a production?

  • Cosmo

    She’s cute in a little girl way. She doesn’t have a mature beauty and she’s a pretty bad actress. I guess she’s racking up the credits while she can still get roles based on her looks even if the movies don’t get released.

  • Bunnyk

    Kate Bosworth is what happens when WASPs inbred.

  • Clue

    Wow! Even from here I can feel the desperation coming through in waves from this pathetic, talentless, prematurely aging famewh*re. It’s sad that she doesn’t understand there’s not enough men, botox, collagen, silicone or chemical peels that can help her. No matter how many times she’s posted on JJ or other fashion blogs it will not make her relevant in a good way. These ad nauseum posts only make her look more desperate and confirm on spot on the ZList.

  • greenfan

    When KB is made up she can look very pretty. In these photos, she looks rather plain and her knees are really bony.

  • xposed

    Next twit pic should be of her giving a blowjob to Kavanaugh.

  • Jewel Mint

    What Jewel Mint item is being promoted in these staged pap photos?

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ not that anyone is going to see this movie but even they did – you’re certainly ruining it!

  • Clue


    ” get roles based on her looks even if the movies don’t get released.”

    Seriously, that ship has sailed . If she could get roles based on her looks she would have. All these roles are based on favors whether from Ryan Kavanaugh, Skarsgard , Spacey or whatever man she associates with. her only talent is latching on to men that might help her…see her IMDB standing before being tied with Skarsgard.

    Annalyn McCord gets roles based on her looks….because men want to look at her. The only men who want to see Boswaste are not interested in seeing her onscreen. She certainly isn’t what teenage boys and young men drool over. *** They want Miranda Kerr, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett, Johansson, Angelina Jolie***

  • trish

    is this some elaborate practical joke being played on America? Are we being punkd? Why are you shoving this desperate woman in our faces every day? Is Jared really Ashton Kutcher or George Clooney? Please stop this insanity!!

  • Clue

    Sorry comment #27 was directed toward Cosmo not Brightside..

  • Kelly

    I love Kate. But JJ posting every single thing about it, including twitpics is getting to be irritating. Most of it isn’t even news.

  • anna378

    OMG she looks like an anorexic scarecrow!!!!! and i think this movie will be so idiotic that nobody’s gonna go watch it LOL

  • slanted view

    @Jewel Mint: Apparently Jewelmint has given up the space to BFF. You’d think for someone getting paid to promote something, she’d manage to wear it. And really – there is no indie film or major production on earth that needs this many posts. BTW – she does look worse in this one. She should have hoped JJ would have stopped with the earlier white dress, which is the only one she didn’t look so washed out in…

  • Eva (not the diva)

    KB drank water, lmfao, this is the ‘best news’ I have heard in ages

  • Clue

    Boswaste is box office ebola. It doesn’t matter what the movie is. It will fail.

  • A shame

    She used to be pretty. What happened? I remember her in ‘Blue Crush’ and she was actually cute and had a nice shape. The years since then have not been good to her.

  • Sue

    Please watch this and help!

  • ebola-ridden gibbon monkey

    @Clue LMAO…while hemorrhaging from every orifice and leaving a miserable bloody trail all the way to box office oblivion and that $3 discount bin in the sky.

  • Geez

    Who does this lady blow to get her picture up on the site every effin’ day? Your “celebrity” gossip sucks, Jared. Get some REAL celeb dirt. I wouldn’t even know this waif existed if it weren’t for your site.

  • Alexander Skarstrash

    When I get my promotion?
    Jared, I sent you sexy pictures, but you keep promoting this ugly fake blonde!

  • The Divine Miss B

    I cannot believe this, 2 posts in 1 damn day? JJ are you serious? She is posing in that first pic like she did in that darn swimsuit, Kate, there is nothing cute about you. You are too skinny. I think she needs to read Portia De Rossi’s book abou ther fight with anorexia. Kate is not healthy and she think she looks great……not so, she looks horribly thin and her legs are so bony and stickly.

  • YouBetYa

    People are dumb, Kate and Alex threads get +50 replies and they wonder why JJ keeps posting about them?

  • Anon

    Where is her backhoe? Where is her backhoe? Up her ass and around the corner. She licks her anus.

  • Anon

    Kate anus bosworth who licks her bumsticks.

  • Anon

    Kate has a poopstain and she licks her treadmarks. She has clingons coming out of her asshole.

  • Anon

    Kate where is her backhoe? Where is her backhoe? Someone tell me where her backhoe is? She poops in the potty, poop goes in the potty Kate poops in the potty and she let’s loose diarrhea.

  • now Jared

    You are doing this just to p*ss people off, aren’t you.
    This is actually starting to make it look like you ARE paid to talk about her.

  • Calico

    Well, isn’t this just exciting… not.

  • Still a homewr*cker

    I wish Gwyn would just kick Kate’s as* or something…
    oh wait Kate Bosho has a supporting role and has to supply her own crappy wardrobe in this strait to dvd movie…with Rachele Bilson…
    Oh how sweet it is lmao!!! You go Gwyn, blacklist this balding chick that looks like an alien or preymantis!!! Nice try JJ for TRYING to uplift this chick’s reputation eventhough it is a lost cause!

  • Brightside

    @now Jared:
    Of course he’s paid for it! Bosworth, Bilson, Lucas and a few others pay to get their over-exposure time on this site. And that is why this site, and this site only, feature them so often.
    If you’ve ever noticed real news works on a time lag principle….sometimes even as long as a week before JJ gets around to posting about it. But these trio of untalented and trivial turnips get a post within hours of the happening because their PR teams are increasingly desperate to get publicity for their redundant non-careers. Hence all the bloody fuss about this stupid little film. Paid for promotion inflicting all with a step-by-step look at this puerile production. Sheesh!

  • ???

    WTF..Is it me or are her lips thinner ..I quess people were right that she has her lips done! I remember there were pics back in May and they were huge now her upper lip is thin…