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Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson: 'BFFs' with Krysten Ritter

Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson: 'BFFs' with Krysten Ritter

Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson pose with their co-star Krysten Ritter on the set of their new movie BFF & Baby on Thursday (November 4) in Los Angeles.

Krysten seems to be having a great time filming the movie. She tweeted, “Another FAB day with Kate and Rachel. Love these amazing girls. Best BFF’s ever!”

Also that day, Kate shared a passionate kiss with her co-star Justin Kirk while filming a scene.

Also pictured inside: Posters for Kate‘s new film The Warrior’s Way, which opens in theaters on December 3rd.

FYI: Krysten is wearing a Shopbop Bop Basics Ginger Dress and a MINKPINK Darling Buds of May Tie Top!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth on set of BFF & Baby and in The Warrior’s Way

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kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 01
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 02
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 03
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 04
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 05
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 06
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 07
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 08
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 09
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 10
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 11
kate bosworth rachel bilson bffs with krysten ritter 12

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  • okay

    Okay now this is getting funny……..I guess production cannot hire security from getting all this access to such a secure movie location…….yeah right

  • H.

    Overexposed hos.

  • MlleF

    Here comes again the shinning

  • whatever

    Aren’t these the same photos from yesterday?

  • okay

    Passion! Wisdom! Power! Wisdom! The Warriors Way!…..cinema at its best lmfao!

  • Victoria

    It’s a cute picture but why make a post about one twit picture?

  • nikki

    I don’t like this new photo of Kate. She has a glassy stare like she’s high on something.

  • Annie

    Now all this movie needs is Isabel Lucas, Sienna Miller and Hillary Duff’s personal trainer and JustJared will explode!

  • who?


  • Just Kidding

    They know this movie is going to be a failure, so they start promoting it here, is that it? Come on, do they know what is overkill??

  • beats

    Did Bosworth get breast implants? Or it just the bra?

  • jj fans

    Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth in the same shot.
    A D-Listers dream

  • crapshack

    I wonder which one called the paparazzi? Crapchel or Boswh0re?!
    Oh this is going to be FUN… making fun to all of them. LOL

  • the truth

    Kate Bosworth and the other girl did more work than she didn. Its their movie not here. She didn,t do nothing much in it. She always getteing credit for things that she didn’t hardly put no effort in.I hope Kate Bos worth be a good one for her. That’s why rachel was hanging around Kate Bosworth so much.

  • ModestMouse

    @crapshack: Er, these are twitpics. The paparazzi didn’t take them.

  • elfin

    Krysten Ritter is so pretty. Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson are cute too but the look like stoned Barbie dolls.

  • kaching$

    @ModestMouse: The recent group are twit pics. There’s been a ton of pap pics too for such a low budget movie. They probably did call them cause this is clearly a direct to video movie not worthy of all this press.

  • crapshack

    And they preferred to posed on a sitting down arrangement coz y’ all know, one of them is a MIDGET!

  • lovely

    KB is cute but she has a big, shiny forehead that never moves.
    The other girls look more natural especially KR.

  • groovelicious

    Bosworth looks like a preying mantis.

  • Alexander Skars.

    Well, JJ. i’ve sent you all my important information. My eyes color, my hair color, my height (6′ 4″) and some sexy pixs.

    When I’m gonna be on your unknow-people-promoting site.

    PS: i’m sorry, my english is crap.

  • my3cents

    @ModestMouse: You have to wonder why even twitpics for this movie are getting featured here. Do the producers have an arrangement with this site? There’s tons of indies getting made and only this one is posted about daily.

  • Alexander Skars.

    I just so that blonde in the middle, I pretty sure that’s kiddie-porn with an old face. Freak.

    I hope this site is legal….

  • American

    Did anyone else hear about Ryan Kavanaugh being on set yesterday? Didn’t he and Kate used to date?

  • American

    I wish she’d go back to Matt. They were perfect together and he actually seemed into her unlike the Swedish guy.

  • hanni

    @the truth: Umm YOU DO realize it’s Rachel Bilson’s movie?

    and theirs too?

    The movie’s plot: ”The movie follows the problems that arise for three best friends following the arrival of a baby in their lives.”

  • hanni

    @kaching$: what makes you think it’s a low budget movie? any evidence to support your claim?

  • jane

    This looks like a Disney TV movie starring a bunch of actresses in their late 20s.

  • Kate

    Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! Rachel Bilson is beautiful!!!!!!!! EFF THE HATERS.

  • gilmorie

    Oh look; Kate & Krysten got “more” pics, they really are the “lead” stars in this movie – the rest are a “tag-along-extra”!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Is this Kate Bosworth Online?

  • harper

    @hanni: It’s definitely a low budget film. It has an unknown director and they’ve been soliciting for freebies on twitter. How big could their budget be when they’re asking artists to supply their soundtrack for free? Even the cast has joked about it on twitter and some of them are wearing their own clothes from real life and other films in the movie.

  • @ Mjforever

    It seems that way doesn’t it. I guess she has to do something to get noticed since her alleged bf has been MIA for a few weeks.

    Oops, just checked the calander. We’re due for another pap filled (no PDA) weekend sighting of Lurch & his Clingon.

  • The Divine Miss B


    WHY? WHY??

    Must they antagonize us everyday????????? with Kate Bosworth???


  • The Divine Miss B

    @@ Mjforever: I think we are overdue for one….loveless papfest and
    PR fest

  • okay

    whatever you do get with JJ so you can “get the look!”

  • okay

    @hanni: I guess the best support that this may be a low budget movie is the actors hired to do the movie……hello?

  • LisaM

    *yawn* Don’t care about these two famewh*res!!!

  • cute

    Ritter looks like a generic Anne Hathaway, I do not like her looks at all. It is well known that she has been trying to get “her movie” made. She has openly called the film low budget, and she and the director have asked friends to help. I don’t think think any of the actors are getting paid and Kate is definitely wearing her own clothes. This is not speculation, Ritter has been open about all of this. It is her pet project.

  • Really?

    i know ppl hate KB here ALOT, but she’s got the best skin in hollywood! I envy her for that..too bad she’s not that good of an actress

  • the truth

    @hanni: Rache bilson always use people to to get in movies. She can’t do it herself and you know this. She will lay-up with ayne to do it. Itts only Kate Bosworth and Krsten is the star are the movie.She just anextra . She can’ t carry a movie by herself at all. Like i said she use people to get parts. When she know that she will get credit for doing it.This the first time that people hve realy seem her on a movie set Her peope told her get out and show people that you putting an effor in doing it. Other wise she would lay ing up with a guy and shopping. She still a nasty person still. She always want people to give her attention when she don’t really need it.All this media attention was not called for this week.She don’t how to keep out are limelight or keep people from seeing what she do.Other people stay out are limelight for long period are time.She can’t do that. Who has been posted all this week? She has and nothing about her work few days ago.TThey have tocovereerything shdid the week.About he having a job .If it was’t for kate Bosworth she wouldn’t have gig right. Knowing that she’s pretending to like her. She sad some bad thigs about her years ago. Ifi was her i wouldn’t to work with her.Somebaody have to begging to get her this gig or she slept with someone to et it.Like her TV show. friends are not that nice to give tv show. Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter was the only two shown up for work the first day. She did not. She was shopping and trying toget in someone.’s pants And she think she’s better than anyone else to. She treat everyone bad around her no matter who they are.

  • Maria


    Krysten Ritter said it was a low budget movie. She mentioned that it was so low budget that they could only afford one puffer coat. You know, the ones that keep actors warm in between shots? And in addition to the actors getting outfitted by Confederacy, they’re also bringing in things from their own closet. Kate was sporting her own clothes in some of the very first pictures that came from the set. Why are you so defensive anyway? Stanning, being an obsessive fan, is for children.

  • Troll

    Krysten Ritter is really pretty .. and so is Rachel Bilson. Kate is like the odd one out.
    The only reason she looks good is because she has a professional stylist on set, make-up done and has a weave.
    You see her normal, she looks like crap.

  • lexy hates bilson

    OMG!!! You’d swear this move starred Brad and Angie the way JJ is pimping this out.
    TONE IT DOWN JJ – WHAT WILL YOU SAY WHEN IT’S GOES STRAIGHT TO DVD?? You’ll have no clips or anything.

  • PW

    Low budget movies and sleeper hits that grossed millions
    Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
    Budget: $400,000
    Worldwide Gross: $46,000,000
    Rocky (1976)
    Budget: $1,000,000
    Worldwide Gross: $225,000,000
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
    Budget: $5,000,000
    Worldwide Gross: $368,000,000
    Paranormal Activity
    Budget $11,000
    Worldwide Gross: $183,000,000

  • Brightside

    How about listing all the low budget films that didn’t go on to make millions? There are so many and this is going to be another one. The plot is a rip off and and the cast are straight out of the d-list directory. Neither Bosworth or Bilson have any acting credibility behind them, the rip-off plot have a very limited market appeal and the director is largely unknown. The only successful film that Bilson has appeared in is Jumper, and her acting in that was moribund. Why the film was successful, I have no idea? It did not deserve to be. Bosworth has had more flops than successes and Krysten Ritter is mostly known from TV.
    Don’t forget the limbo that Waiting For Forever currently lurks in! This one is heading the same way.

  • Brightside

    Oh, and Bosworth has the ugliest wrinkles on her belly! That is such a gross out! I can’t think what they are if they are not wrinkles but they make me want to barf.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …ahahahahahahaha …hilarious.

  • PW


    I’ll leave that to you doll. I’m sure you’re capable and sounds like you’ve checked the batteries in your crystal ball too.

    Waiting For Forever in theaters February 2011.

  • Tanter

    They ought to rename this movie “Three D-listers and a baby”. Seriously. More photos again-again-again? What a joke..