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LeAnn Rimes Blasts Engagement Report

LeAnn Rimes Blasts Engagement Report

LeAnn Rimes is denying a recent report she and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian are planning to get married.

The 28-year-old country star took to her Twitter page on Friday (November 5) to blast an E! News story claiming Eddie had proposed.

“Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of ‘reporting’ with E News. The fact that our “engagement” has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible ‘sources’ they seem to find and build a story around,” she tweeted.

“When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive ‘news’ its not true,’ she added.

E! News is now reporting that the couple is upset the engagement news broke since they were planning to give the exclusive to another outlet.

LeAnn meanwhile was supposed to attend a party for her October Shape cover on Thursday night but pulled out after her rep said she caught the flu.

Read LeAnn‘s full tweet after the cut…

“Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of “reporting” with E News. The fact that our “engagement” has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible “sources” they seem to find and build a story around. When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive “news” its not true. Imagine all the negative “true stories” they’ve reported over the last year that aren’t true either. Gina Serpe and especially, Whitney English reporting for E News should be investigated for their lack of “investigative reporting.”Eddie and I are beyond happy and in love and look forward to one day sharing such private news with you all and hopefully will be able to enjoy it privately and share it with our family and friend’s before the world knows (contrary to reports on our intentions). So, nothing has been “exclusively” broken E News except maybe some of your credibility, sorry…I’M PREGNANT TOO!!! LOL Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for the premature congats, but for now, let’s all be happy we’re happy and still and will remain together! Eddie and I felt we couldn’t let this rumor go on any longer.”

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  • Racy

    @inside info: Tell me all about my cover. I would really like to know.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy You are just envious because no man wanted to take care of you. Stop being hypocritical Eddie had a support now he has a sugar mama to support him. If Leann want to support Eddie that on her like I posted thats part of her appeal $$$ . If Eddie is not supporting Leann that because he doesn’t want too since she has her own funds. Leann is the one that has a paid companion only foolish women pay to have a man around .

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Racy Speak for yourself when you speak of an uneventful life. I don’t put my personal business out there so I don’t need to prove.anything.

  • Racy

    Like I said before, I never needed anybody to take care of me. Never considered having a man take care of me so why would I be resentful. Many women who are taken care of are because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Nothing wrong with not working if somewhere in your background, you have prepared yourself to take care of you should the need arise. Most think their pretty face, etc., will be their insurance for the rest of their lives – didn’t did it? Believe you and I have discussed this before. Who was right judging from this situation? Anytime you put your entire life in someone else’s hands, you are asking for it – and you usually get it!! Are you and your crowd dumb enough to believe that I resent women who don’t work and have no skills to make a living? Don’t resent it but I think you have to be pretty stupid to put yourself in that position.

  • inside info

    coz ur not a woman racy.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy A person can learn a skill and get a job no big thing. Eddie has a “skill”where is his job?.You do what you have to do. The only women I know incapable of taking care of themselves after divorce and no job are incapacitated .What kind of women do you know? Life does not end because you have no man supporting you. Half the women in the work force are divorced women with children. As I surmised you are narrow minded and have a warped sense of thinking. Leann is emotional dependent thats why she is willing to support Eddie and will do or spend anything to keep him ,Leann is putting herself in Eddie hands hoping he loves her. What is her fate if he leaves her?

  • Racy

    @betty: Do you think that is all there is to getting a job that will support you – getting a skill? Mostly, I know professional women – ones that are capable of doing well because they are educated (did it on their own). Learning a skill? What skill does the ex have? I have a warped sense of thinking? How is that? I am talking about ability to support yourself – not emotionally dependent. You people appear to be emotionally skilled in resenting everything LeAnn does so who are you to judge her? LeAnn is wise to living and what it takes and I suppose she would be terribly hurt if Eddie left her but she is a survivor and has been since she was a child. She is the one with the big bucks and not you so why would you worry about her being dependent in any way? I would not assume to tell her who to love, or support, etc.. If it doesn’t work out, LeAnn will know. She has a lot of business savvy that some of you people will never have. Most of us who support ourselves and, if needed, help to support a life style that we want have a sense of what is required in the business end of living. Do you?

  • Racy

    @Racy: Why are you picking at me for being narrow minded (your words) and the other nut case picking at my gender and another one at my age? Because you have nothing to do but complain and try to hurt somebody. Why do you pick at somebody for seeing things differently to what you do? You don’t care about LeAnn and Eddie’s probllems nor the ex’s problems – this is all you have to do.

  • inside info

    awww u even reply to your own post. i know it’s confusing when u lie about your gender and lie about posting under different names. and now ur getting as whiny as leann. good grief!
    racy is a he and i’ve got inside info. :]

  • Racy

    @inside info: Well, provide your inside info, liar. I have physical attributes to prove otherwise. Ha ha ha ha. Better start getting your info from a more reliable source.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @inside info I believe you are right about Racy because this poster is clueless about the real world. @Racy Where do you live? Undoubtedly you have lived a sheltered life to be so narrow minded. Some women have based careers on the skills they learned. Being educated does not guarantee success in the job market shows how clueless you are. Leann has no education to speak of thats why she hires people to do her bidding. Dependency is dependency whether it is emotional or financial.You are unwilling to accept the fact that Leann is a slave to Eddie. She acts as if she can’t function without him Eddie is aware of her weaknesses and plays on them. They can love whom they wish to love but their great romance is just a farce and all that talk about happy and in love is tiring and the public has lost interest.except her few fans.

  • Racy

    @betty: Can I assume that you are a fan then since you apparently haven’t lost interest in LeAnn and Eddie? Maybe my life has been sheltered – either that or I was brought up better than you apparently . I was brought up to respect the rights of others, to remember that all were created equal, etc., is that called narrow minded? LeAnn has a tremendous talent which means she can make the bucks without worrying about much of anything else. Did you read Brandi’s remarks in her last twitter? Somebody needs to help that woman with her language and sentence structure. What skill does Brandi have? I read that she was a make-up artist so she might be able to work at that. I am not just talking about her; I am talking about women with a lack of education AND skills. You have to be able to retain a job once you have it!! Obviously, you don’t know about a deep love like LeAnn has – I will leave her to settle that and hope that Eddie truly knows what he has in LeAnn. I have no doubts in my mind that LeAnn will be a talent as long as she is able to sing and all the petty vices that you and others come up with cannot take that away.

  • inside info

    it’s not surprising racy knows leann so deeply. racy has no doubt whatsoever about leann’s intentions or agenda – and calls everyone dumb, crazy or stupid that criticizes leann’s actions. with the negative press and feedback leann is getting then majority of the world and the opinion writers are dumb according to “racy.”
    if you really measure racy’s credibility versus the things “he” stands up for, “his” arguments, and the way “he” is fighting for this homewrecker then you would somehow question in your mind the kind of person racy is or who racy truly is.
    again, racy is a “he.” racy has a tail unless “he” had something that “he does not have” attached on “his” forehead.” maybe it could be wisdom, or maybe a …

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Oh Racy stop with the melodrama. Help Leann with her sentence structure I’ve read her tweets. As far as her talent is concerned you should be out there recruiting her new fans since her old ones have vanished. Bashing Brandi is not making Leann look better she still comes off as desperate and insecure. One thing I admire about Brandi she does not make excuses for her actions nor does she haves flunkies like you doing it for her. I dislike people that are weak and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Eddies boys have a pathetic father as their role model.

  • Racy

    @inside info: I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are trying to say. My understanding of the crude is very limited since I have not been associated with it that much. I am not going to argue with someone of limited intelligence about my sexual gender. With all your insight, why don’t you tell us the kind of person I am? Here is another person only interested in trying to do something to me since this is no way connected to LeAnn Rimes. That is what some do – spread meanness anywhere they can. Takes more than you can put out to hurt me, but you are welcome to try.

  • gwen

    @Talkin bout it:

    Hey WEWE, so you are back to blaming BG for all the backlash against you?

    Does that mean that you single isn’t doing as well as you are trying to portray.

    With the success of your new single I would have thought that you would be celebrating instead of sitting on JJ doing DAMAGE CONTROL.

    So the doctor told you that you were bipolar?

  • gwen


    Now WEWE, why are you here posting on JJ when you should be celebrating your new single? Odd?

    1) I am 43 and you talk like you are 12. ”

    Wait, so why do you hate on BG if you are 43 yo?

    2)”Nobody ever said that homemakers are terrible people.”

    Yes you did. Oh wait, I forgot, your posts NEVER EVER say what they really say, right?

    3)” I personally think it is stupid for a woman to depend on someone else to support her when you can see what consequences this had on other people. ”

    Come on, you only think it’s stupid because you know that no man ever wants to support you.

    4)”I am bitter – I am bitter at a bunch of people who do not have enough common sense to know that other people’s lives are other people’s lives and should be controlled by them. ”

    Not when that person is airing EVERY detail of their life on a PUBLIC FORUM, tipping off paps EVERY sec of the day, and leaknig info to the tabs.

    If you truly believe this, why then are you hating on stay at home mothers? And why do you hate on BG? Because you don’t truly believe what you have written, do you? You are just saying this because in your mind you don’t have the follow the rules that you impose on others.

    5)”Not only LeAnn is important to me but any people who want to control what happens in their own lives are important to me.”

    And yet you have no problem when EC and LR try to control BG life. So which is it because you are contradicting yourself here. LR tried to control BG by sending her a C & D, yet you didn’t say anything about how this was a issue of importance to you. So you are lying. You are just upset because people are calling you on your actions, which you make our business everytime you open your mouth or tweet about it.

    6)” I don’t have to like everything that happens but I pray that I will always have enough sense to try to just run MY life. ”

    Really are you serious? If you were running your life, why are you here on these sites arguing with people who don’t support LR and EC?

    Because you are trying to control someone’s life?

    7)”Have you done so great with your life that you can assume to be able to fun someone else’s life. ”

    Well WEWE, if you don’t like what people are saying about your life, then perhaps you should keep the details to yourself. The public isn’t obligated to support you or sugarcoat EVERYTHING that you do.

    8)”AND what makes you think a woman is bipolar just because she wants and lives different to you?”

    So you consider sleeping with another woman’s husband and tweeting about that woman’s kids after she asked you to stop, living a different life? And then you wonder why someone thinks that you are bipolar?

    9)”You, perhaps, are a nosy broad who should have done better on her own life.”

    Now, now, WEWE. So when you tell people to mind their own business are you not trying to control their lives?

    Since you are here posting EVERYDAY, doesn’t that make you a nosy broad?

    Who are you to judge anyone about their lifereally? I mean you are defending a cheater, now what does that say about how poorly you have done with your life?

  • gwen


    WEWE, why don’t you focus on your single instead of trying to tell other posters what to do with their life? Now what was the point in telling other posters what to do, when you made a big fuss in that post of yours?

    Really, you are in no way able to talk about anyone’s intelligence since you kept posting as both RACY and CBME on JJ even though we had busted you on that other site because you used the same email address for those two names.

    We can always tell when you can come up with anything to defend yourself because you bring out the English lessons and the “I am better than you because I am educated”. The sad part is that you don’t even understand your own posts.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Do you have a life? Other than trolling? Listen, if I was going to be with Eddie I would tell the entire world – I wouldn’t be sitting here posting under an id. Therefore, I am NOT LeAnn Rimes. By the way, are you related to betty? Neither one of you can understand anything.

  • gwen

    Hey WEWE, what are you doing here? Because you have a life?

    1) “Do you have a life?”

    Are you serious WEWE? AS much time as you spend on JJ and on your twitter where do you get off writing these “get a life” posts?

    I mean you post about another woman’s kids every sec, so that must mean that you don’t have a life.

    2)” Other than trolling? ”

    What? EC has been trolling for other women? Well no wonder WEWE has to make him go on tour with her.

    Too funny, you sit on this site and respond to people immediately AFTER they post and you have the nerve to tell someone that they do’t have a life.

    3)”Listen, if I was going to be with Eddie I would tell the entire world – I wouldn’t be sitting here posting under an id. ”

    But WEWE, you do sit on JJ, CB, and on twitter posting under several ids. Just look at all the twitter accounts you have opened. Oh wait, I suppose

    You are not with EC, which is why you spend so much time on twitter TALKING about your “romance”. All that talking would not be necessary if things were as well as you would have us all believe.

    4)”Therefore, I am NOT LeAnn Rimes. ”

    Is that also like how claimed that you were not CBME, but then we BUSTED you on that other site because you used the same email for both CBME and RACY?

    Yes you are Leann. We know this because you were revealing too much info about BG and EC when you were posting as allision j and allisonj was saying the very same things we saw you post when you were using the name CBME.

    5)”By the way, are you related to betty? Neither one of you can understand anything.”

    There you go projecting again. You can’t even understand your own posts.

    I mean you kept posting on this site as both RACY and CBME even though we had busted you.

    It’s the same reason why you sit on your twitter account and act so hypocriticial. Like how you talk about bullies and then you open up several twitter accounts to stalk BG ( yes folks krissy, 3 horses, juvenile ex, and allsionj is CBME who is RACY, who we now know is LEANN RIMES).

  • gwen


    Wait, so if you have a life why do you keep coming back to this thread just to respond to me and betty?

    In fact, if you have a life, why are you on twitter talking about another woman’s kids?

    In fact, if you have a life, how do you manage to tweet every sec of the day?

    Because you don’t have a life?

    Just remember that when you come back to this or any thread to write paragraphs upon paragraphs where to try to tell people how to live their lives.