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Rihanna: #1 on the European Charts!

Rihanna: #1 on the European Charts!

Rihanna arrives back to her hotel after having dinner at Zuma Restaurant on Thursday (November 4) in London.

Earlier in the evening, the 22-year-old Bajan beauty hit up the Westfield shopping center where she turned on the Christmas lights.

Rihanna has grabbed the number one spot on the European Hot 100 Singles chart with her hit single “Only Girl (In the World)!”

She also currently holds the number one spot on the iTunes Hit Singles chart with her collaboration with Drake, “What’s My Name?”

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  • slut

    Congrats Rihanna!!! She must be celebrating it… lol

  • Rihsus

    My boo looks tired….Love you baby and looking the LOUD snippets….

  • pressed?

    owning bitches effortlessly

  • MlleF

    Oh Boy…
    I’m living in Europe, (France), and if she’s really number one, it’s not thanks to me…lol

    I heard of that, much more interesting :

    “Kings Of Leon have broken the UK record for the biggest first week digital sales for an album.

    Their Come Around Sundown album went straight to number 1 in its week of release.

    Same thing in Australia.”


    By the way, I buy it the ay they release it, and I really don’t regreat it ! They don’t need to be naked to make me feel crazy for them…:)

  • smh

    ONLY in Europe nobody really cares in North America!…i am tired of seeing her being everywhere.

    I personally think she is disrespectful and she needs 2 complete her HS diploma!…when the media asked her why she didn’t attend Katy perry’s wedding she said she has 2 promote LOUD and she wasn’t sure if India had a phone service??,,,is she DUMB? why would u say that??…of course India has phone service it doesn’t matter where u are they have high rise buildings in disadvantage community’s and ppl still have land lines!

    Rihanna sounds very stupid in interviews the way she speaks is Ugh!…she needs 2 be carfeul about what she says 2 the media!…she can lose fans so easily!…i think ppl are tired of seeing her parading promoting her album & her RED hair!

  • MlleF


    OH….MY…..GOD !!

    Di she really said that she wasn’t sure India has phone service ? Noooo F……ING WAY ?!!

    She’s trapped, it is disrespectful, or really stupid, she don’t even have a third choice….


    NB : People who really loves music don’t care about her even in Europe, believe me.

  • vids

    Another post paid for by Def Jam

  • Shakera

    Oh shut up @smh! Did she miss your wedding? Oh!
    Anyway! Congrats Rihanna. Get some rest beautiful!

  • Reed

    She looks like a Minnie Mouse clown

  • smh


    YES she did say this u can go 2 google and find articles about her comment about the country. I don’t want 2 bash her and sound like a hater but i really don’t like the way she says things.

    Besides, Rihanna is #1 for Dance/Club songs on Billboard UK!

    Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, & Taylor Swift are HITTING the charts they are #1 on countless charts HOT 100, DIGITAL SONGS etc.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • smh


    Do u have a problem??…Rihanna doesn’t care about dumb fans like u!…she only wants u 2 go out & buy her CD so u can put more MONEY in her pockets! Duh!

  • Bajan

    @smh: She’s so ignorant.

  • MlleF


    So Sad if it’s true…

    Go to school kids…lol

    It reminds me an american girl who asked me 5 years ago if I knew what was the Statue of Liberty…

    Helloooooo…it’s a gift from France to United Staaaates ! lol

  • H.

    Overexposed ho.

  • smh

    Rihanna said she could not promote her album because she heard there was no phone service and internet service in the India destination.

    I think that’s a lie! India has RICH & DISADVANTAGE communities but 1 thing Rihanna needs 2 understand just because u are in a neighborhood that is not well off doesn’t mean they don’t have any internet/phone service. In Asia, south east Asia & in the caribbean there is unfortunate ppl but they still have land lines.

  • Trinity

    @MlleF: Rihanna is not very educated. It’s a shame cause her people seem to use this to take advantage of her.

  • elis

    she looks drunk

  • smh

    If anyone is wondering about the interview about rihanna worrying about phone service it was featured on Extra by AJ Calloway!…she just assumed there would be NO phone service/ internet!…I am NOT sure where she got her info from?? that’s a poor excuse 2 miss a “bff” wedding. smh!

  • MlleF


    Maybe yeah, but she’s enough old to try to educate herself, she have enough money to take some teachers, she have the greaaaaaaaaaat luck to travel the world…

    She knows how to dress, an to look sexy, even very sexual, ok let’s do it, why not, but you can try to learn things too…

    Anyway, I don’t really care to say the truth,hope people won’t believe that all others countries except united states are living in the dark…lol

    I’m not even Indian, but in India, you’ve got the greatest ingenieers in computers, and in everything…no phone service…really…

  • Annie

    That headband is holding her fake hair on.

  • Ultra

    Rihanna needs a new stylist. She looks like a drag queen.

  • G


  • G


  • Peeps

    Drunk tranny. Not a good look.

  • marcell

    @smh: here’s the thing.. Some mid east countries blocked BIS.. And rih is a BIS user.. + if she had to change her num and things it’d be so complicated.. She better stay in US.. She held katy’s bachelore or something, tho…

  • kiki

    beautiful rihanna!!!

  • smh


    Yeah i get what u are saying but that’s NOT always the case when u make incorrect statements like that u are insulting NOT only the country but the folks who are the the citizens. Who told her she wasn’t going 2 have any phone or internet service? she came up with this FACT on her own! Besides, India has a lot of rich business man and successful architectures and engineers. Some ppl need 2 be exposed more 2 cultures, habitats and environments!

  • From Paris with Love

    I call marketing BS. In which countries exactly? and what does that ranking even mean? coz i don’t know if they know there are 27 seven countries in Europe… In France for instance she sure isn’t last but she ain’t #1. Is she in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc ? hummm

  • Madeyz

    Woo hoo! Global superstar for sure…She’s number 1 in Europe, #3 in the US, will be touring Asia next year, and “What’s My Name” will surely be #1 next week…She really is the “Only Girl” (in the world)…She’s the only star who can hold me over until Madonna comes back.

  • Madeyz

    @From Paris with Love: It’s “Only Girl”‘s average chart position all over Europe. it’s #1 in a few countries, #2 in France, #2 in the UK and top five everywhere else…It’s doing better than any single all over Europe that’s why it’s #1 overall. It says so on which is official.

  • bajan