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Rihanna: London Departure with Matt Kemp

Rihanna: London Departure with Matt Kemp

Rihanna heads into Heathrow airport closely followed behind by boyfriend Matt Kemp as they get ready to depart for Madrid on Friday (November 5) in London.

The night before, the 22-year-old pop phenom returned to her hotel after having dinner at Zuma restaurant following an appearance at the Westfield Shopping Center to turn on the Christmas lights.

Earlier this week, “Love The Way You Lie (Part 2),” featuring Eminem, a new song off of Ri’s upcoming album Loud, premiered!

Listen to a preview of Loud, which drops in stores on November 16th, below…

Preview Rihanna’s Album Loud

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  • Matt Kemp is an Idiot

    Boy Kemp and Rihanna look blissfully happy.. And as usual…he likes to be in the background instead of walking with the “Love Of His Life” *insert sarcasm* Such an idiot!!!! Funny how Melissa disappears when Kemp is around. His ass is a prop who will forever shadow Rihanna for as long as she continues with this idiocy of a “Relationship”…Even Steadman walked alongside Oprah when they were kickin it. Take some phukin notes why dontcha. But other than the punk she’s with..Ri still is my Bitch!!

  • fresh

    Sounds like a crappy album.

  • yassss

    @Matt Kemp is an Idiot: agreed. they look SO in love lol

  • musiclove

    i ain’t feeling this album at all….she really needs to take some time off and mature (musically and vocally). the only song that struck me was ‘MAN DOWN’ the rest sound like album fillers….

  • Jesse

    Wow i WAS excited about this album, its not really good at all. Only girl was literally the best song on here.

  • Marg

    S&M is so good !! This album rock, I really love.

  • Claire B.

    Crazy album!
    I loooove it!

  • John

    OH yeah!
    The b*tch is back!
    Love the previews!!!

  • Pook

    She looks like a man.

  • coco

    @ the bytch who made the first comment….it’s obvious you’re that deranged Chrianna fan obsessed with a dead relationship.

    Luvnricb on Twitter…. yeah, you’re known as a 50 yr cunt hag with nothing better to do than pleasure yourself to photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

    Broke down bytch. Get a life and go collect your Social Security check.

  • bon temps

    Rihanna’s in an artistic rut.
    She should take some time off and chill.

  • Bruno

    You never disappoint us, rihanna!
    WOWWWW !! LOUD is amazing

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • vids

    The Def Jam paid stan crew just showed up.

  • Seriously?

    @Pook: That’ s a woman?

  • lmao*

    @coco: sorry idiot…Wrong!! Many ppl agree with me not just ppl u picking and naming…get a life whoever u are..cuz obviously ur an immature idiot with no life…Be Gone!!

  • treme

    This girl AGAIN?

    You can’t go four hours without making a Rihanna post?


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  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

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  • Lovinricb

    Wow Raychel(coco)–Someone told me I was on your mind ON here…glad u love me like that….low self esteem Godzilla looking Ho..keep my name in your mouth…I LOVE THE ATTENTION!! LMAOOOOOOOOOO–Stay in school…#Damn 12year old similac baby.

  • coldplaying

    @MATT KEMP IS SLOW: Maybe she’s still in the psych ward? Do they have Internet access?

  • Piss brown Stans are DUNCE!

    poor things, you think hating on rihanna and her real MAN is gonna make that punk ass bitch chris want yall??? oh black girls :smh: must you always act so ghetto? Always?

  • coco


    I’ve seen your ugly ass coon face on Twitter, hun. You look like a dirty ass hole that hasn’t been washed in days.

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  • Lovinricb

    Anyway — gotta go.. Nice playing with the kiddies today…

  • coco


    Do you think I care about thumbs down comments? Dumb ass coon with a 9th grade education. Go finish your GED so you can leave Wal-Mart.

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  • coco


    go change your adult diapers…old ass deranged hag living in the projects.

  • sammi

    I love this album

  • coldplay

    Kids–Raychel is only making herself look like an idiot….TOO FUNNY

  • lovinricb

    She is—she hates to hear the truth…..she has no friends..her parents-her life is dysfunctional..and it goes to show how much she likes me by the way she keeps my name in her mouth….She needs to grow up. A LOT…BIGTIME!!!! She’s 12 years old with low grades and hasn’t else going on her life. But she gets NONE of my energy. Btw–I agree with first poster. See yall later…Raychel–**STAY IN THE PSYCH WARD**

  • Sasha! ¬_¬

    How many albums is she planning on releasing? didn’t she already make one this year? from videos, singles, collaboratings, albums.. i am confused?
    her new albums sounds shite…she really should take some time off and mature, she needs too.
    too much auto-tune, only girl in the world gives me a headache. i hater her new stuff.


    Sasha I agree–but obviously according to the label–RR didn’t reach the expected sales that they wanted. So now LOUD is more fun, lively and not soo dark as RR. So we’ll see how it produces in sales. Lets hope.

  • bajan


  • Madonna

    Rihanna totally took it to another level…I thought Rated R was a classic, apparently Rihanna just gets better and better…”Cheers” is my fav so far…S&M is gonna be the third single and is having a video that will MURDER!

  • Nicky

    I will not be getting this album because I see myself skipping past most of the songs. The only one’s I like are Cheers, What’s My Name, Only Girl, Man Down & LTWYL part 2. There is nothing LOUD about this album.

  • Bahamachicka

    Matty came to support his woman. That’s what i’m talking about. They make a gorgeous couple. :-D

  • shalala

    Ever notice that Kemp is always walking in back of Bozo. Who’s the real chick?

  • Charisma

    She has such great outfits. Love her style.

  • lily

    Nice couple! Matt doesnt like to be in the background, he is just trying not to be intrusive. he is aware of the fact that rihanna is a bigger star than he is!

  • jb

    Why is so many peoples hating on Rihanna and love a new man she so happy now ..She is so a live again better then before talked in inview Matt make her happy….