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Halle Berry Grabs French Food With Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry Grabs French Food With Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez grab lunch together at French restaurant Maison Richard on Saturday (November 6) in Los Angeles.

The couple, in matching gray tees, then headed to the Dita Eyewear store before leaving separately.

Earlier this week, Halle, 44, was spotted wearing prosthetic breasts and facial prosthetics on the set of her latest movie Truth or Dare.

In the comedy, Halle plays a career-driven woman who “is set up to take the fall for corporate embezzlement after her sexy college friend from Vegas drops back into her life.”

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  • O BOY


  • Nicole

    She looks beautiful as usual. Nice looking couple and love the casual look (despite what the douche bag above says).

  • okay

    I think she looks pretty damn good. I am on this site a lot and will blast when someone looks a hot mess but Halle is not it. The girl looks good, you have to give it to her.

  • kerry L

    I like Halle but she is not a great actress I would not say that about her career, most of her movies are horrible, not up there with the greats, but she is now starting to look her age. Who is that old man with her?

  • 2xxxx

    Hey the old bch is buying something for that old bum, two rotten actors.

  • jazzi

    Why is she always trying to match and color-coordinate with her boyfriends? That’s so high school.

  • etonfljerseys

    oh tomorrow I saw her on TV , she and yu xi go to expo ~~~~

  • Girlybsu

    #6, she is mental and they say she has frog legs that are bow. I pass, she is a has been, and loser.

  • Soni

    I like Halle, I just do not know why she feels like she needed someone, a bofriend, so soon after Gabriel. Poor little Nahla is not going to know what is going on.

  • Girlybsu


  • helena

    she is probably only dating him coz she wants another baby, and what a hot baby that will be!

  • kate

    Who are these people?

  • drew

    Damn @ those legs! ive been warm for that form since i was a young tyke. hard to believe at 45 and after a baby that shes still got a body that wont quit and that million dollar face. i usually pass on older chicks but she is an absolute knockout.

  • hehe

    oh looky look olivier looks so really happy already LOL

    hope he can get her to buy him lots and lots beore he goes cause she is a USER AND ONE THOROUGHBRED DONKEY that deserves all that is comming to her and as they say what goes around comes around

    gooooooooooooooo Olivierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr +++++++

  • Karen

    I just think Halle could have waited a while before going public no respect for for her former partner Gabriel her feelings could not have run very deep for him he is her baby daddy.

  • Jayne

    Oliver Martinez is not a good choice for a partner. I don’t know why she is with that guy.

  • Lili

    She has no friends, #16 that’s why. Who is he

  • hellokitten!

    Ugh, y does she even get over 20 comments? I normally don’t put comments on gossip sites, but I am so tired of seeing Halle Berry on these sites EVERYDAY, doing nothing. I mean, she is boring, paps please stop following her, stop commenting about her, there is nothing going on there LOL. please, other than filming those stupid movies, please tell me what she does all day? carry junk around back n’ forth? a trip to the grocery store? ok……next!

  • Buttercup

    Is Halle more famous for her relationships or movies?

  • beetlejuice

    @O BOY: why are you whining…Halle has nothing to do with whether these women have a high functioning career….I don’t see you on her window peeping their lives. Thandie has a brilliant career…go visit her ..but leaving your hating for your boyfriend…oops don’t have one….get a life

  • Vicky

    Halle looks GREAT!!! Let’s see what you look like when you get her age…

  • Annie

    She could have been have been a little more discreet, this has to hurt Gabriel. If he would have done that he would be called a DOG. He is the one with all the class. Her career sucks anyway, he should get a 21 year old, that would hurt that old hag.

  • Annie

    She looks a hot mess, she is too old to be wearing booty shorts like that. She could have been a little more discreet as to not hurt Gabriel, he has feelings. If he would have done that the media would have called him the biggest piece of crap. Her career is over anyway, this is the only way she can get any attention. I no longer like her and I use to be a big fan of hers.

  • Thalia

    And look at him digging in those bad teeth, she will get them fixed for him I’m sure. I am so sick of seeing this chick. She always looks crazy….

  • Annie

    And look at him digging in those bad teeth. I’m sure she will get them fixed for him. She always looks crazy to me. Smiling at the voices that she hears in her head.

  • beetlejuice


    Ah, the silly twits are back…haters who come on here to spew invective because they’re ARE LIVING LOUSY lives ….my mistake….these weasels have no lives that’s why they are window peeping on Halle’s life…sad little lives to speak of…only a computer …you’re jealous …old?
    are you people for real, ever heard …black don’t crack…
    go on and type in Halle Berry in Poland….this woman is hardly showing her age…she is GORGEOUS!

  • beetlejuice

    @kerry L:

    another crackhead on here windowpeeping Halle’s life. Actors need a good script and and excellent director to make top films….anybody notice last year how many top stars’ films hit the dust? You silly jealous twits…snarking on Halle…as you watch her life? And me crackhead what are you doing with your life beside getting online. Can’t be too smart if you gotta try to tear somebody you don’t even know down?

  • beetlejuice


    Crackhead alert….the haters are here…windowpeeping Halle again. This is a bunch of sad sack high school drop outs…Halle has three homes and a life….bet you’re borrowing somebody’s computer!

  • beetlejuice

    @jazzi: Crackheads alert…do you guys run in a pack? you admit you’re still hanging around high schools?….if your brain weren’t so lame, you would know that the color gray has been the hot fashion color for the last two years….Anybody buying clothes and knows what they are doing was/is still wearing gray…
    go to and type in Halle berry in Poland…notice the color dress she has one…
    who lets you dimwits out of daycare?

  • beetlejuice


    Soni….let me hear you say that the next time a guy dumps a woman and starts to date another woman. First, relationships often end long before people part ways. These twos may have stayed together as friends rather than lovers because they had a child….but it is really tiresome so many thoroughly worthless women are snarking on Halle who is complete charge of her life….so you guys must just be jealous to have so few options in your life…I suspect that includes how you look and how much you weigh…sorry girls, Halle is gorgeous the rest of the world knows it….which is to say you guys are either !stupid or dumb…take your pick

  • beetlejuice


    Hey Crackhead Annie is on here and her monologue in her head is getting weirder….she is actually allowing us to read what she thinks…you are such a poor little sad puppy…sssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooojealous of Halle…such a little pisant…Annie, shame on you.

  • beetlejuice

    Crackhead queens Thalia and Anna must be dating….each other, both overweight and not so cute…thus their hating on Halle is a way to make themselves feels better about their social dysfunction…window peeping Halle’s very busy life.

  • beetlejuice

    @helena: So is that why you date? Oops you probably don’t date do you helena? You’re on here dissing Halle cause you life is so full and wonderful and busy? NOT! looks like Helena, Annie, Thalia hello kitten and girlybsu make up the skank patrol….
    Hey alley Kat…might come as a surprise to someone with such a small brain and loud mouth, but you don’t have to come on this site…I know …you don’t like to look at her…close your eyes….you sill twit get a life!

  • beetlejuice


    nothing like an ugly jealous woman who calls herself 2xxxx …probably your dress size…get off the crack, go to a shelter and get a life…Halle has one…its the one you are windowpeeping and clearly you silly girls are so jealous..skank patrol is out and about… talking smack about Halle. Do yall have the slightest understand .that she doesn’t know you even exist, but yall are trying to get all up in her business….cause there is nothing exciting in your lives….

  • bill

    @annie #25….those voices aren’t in her head…its the cracked out homosexuals in a studio somewhere using computers to send the voices to her…or either she’s in on it…

  • beetlejuice

    @O BOY: Oboy….you will old crackhead…leave Halle alone and get rid of your addiction to crack and Halle…
    You want to verbally beat up on a woman, try your mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, grandmother….they all had more to do with you having a lousy life than Halle..