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Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Cover 'W' December 2010

Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Cover 'W' December 2010

Katherine Heigl strikes a pose with her adorable daughter Naleigh on the cover of W‘s December 2010 family issue.

The 31-year-old actress opens up adopting the 23-month-old baby from South Korea and also poses with other family members, including mom Nancy and her sister Meg.

“I was about to play a woman in [Life As We Know It] who inherits a baby, and I was experiencing the exact same thing,” she tells the magazine (via U.K.’s Daily Mail).

“My sister is Korean,” she said. “I hope one day she and Naleigh will be able to talk about what it’s like to be adopted.”

Also featured in the magazine: Usher and his sons, and Madonna and daughter Lourdes.

Full pic inside…

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  • ABC

    This is not a photo that depicts baby love.
    Should have used a less obviously posed and planned out photo.

  • Sandra

    I like KH, but this is really exploitive, i think. Celeb babies should be out of the spotlight when possible.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I actually think this is a beautiful shot. Naleigh is adorable. I’d love to adopt one day but I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it ha.

  • Alice

    Exploitative? Exploitative is putting your child in pageants to make money or fulfill your own selfish dreams. KH is sharing her personal story, and it’s a LOVELY photo. Whether or not you choose to keep your baby out of the spotlight is a personal decision. Deciding you feel comfortable having a photo of you and your baby taken in a safe, controlled environment (i.e. not in a chaotic paparazzi situation) doesn’t mean you’re exploiting your child.


    First Kardashian, now this vile woman.

    Off to write my subscription cancellation

  • julie

    and hollywood says they “don’t’ use their kids as props, really!

  • ModestMouse

    Poor child being exploited.

  • nice

    Naleigh is so damn cute. I just want to eat those cheeks.. love that photo… very sweet.

  • Needs good PR

    KH is desperate for good PR, but that baby is just beautiful/adorable!

  • Glee

    Stupid Bi–h you should be looking at your daughter live love and adoration in your eyes not mugging for the camera.

  • nata

    @Lilakoi Moon: I agree with you,it seems like a very natural shot and Naleigh looks beautiful!

  • notafan

    PROPS!!! she only bust the kid out when she have something to promote PROPS.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks beautiful as always!

  • danika


    I’m worried about this Katherine Heigl’s Haters. They all are exhibiting signs of mental disorder. They had wage this war on her since her early Roswell days. This is not healthy. Yes Katherine might had lapses but she’s human and she’s trying to mend her ways. Who cares if she’s looking at her adopted child in that photo or not. She’s raising awareness about international adoption. not only that but her charity cause had been well documented. Why don’t you all focus on your love for your actress Shiri Appleby because she is the one who needed this much attention Katherine does not need your publicity contribution she’s famous already and she damn deserve it SHE WORKED HARD FOR IT. SO DEAL WITH IT SHIRI WAS NOT FAMOUS BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO SCARED TO HANDLE THE MINISCULE FAME SHE OBTAINED FROM ROSWELL and by the way I heard that her show is getting cancelled soon so shoo help her find another job that will make mousy actress relevant like her good luck with that with todays audience lack of attention span I doubt that they’ll take notice of her.

  • Lisa

    Very beautiful cover photo! Pretty mom and daughter!!

  • Carol

    katie is just sharing a little of his life I do not see anything wrong with it!
    She is so perfect together I could always look at it without ever getting tired *-*

  • http://boots boots

    poor babies, mommies like Sandra and Angelina pimping out their store bought babies :(

  • jj

    @ danika

    OMG, take your meds. Who is crazy? Do you just think that the Roswell watchers who disliked Katherine have not moved on w/ their lives? Believe me, KH garnered alot more fan hatred beyond Roswell. When she left Grey’s, MANY peop;e were ready for her to take her giant ego out of there.

    What does Shiri Appleby have anything to do with this?

    Its obvious that KH wants fame more than many of the Roswell actors and is willing to expose her family and body parts to achieve it. To its his/her own, but stop the non-sense about critising fans of other actors. It makes YOU look nutty.

  • anon

    I don’t have a problem with celebs allowing their children to be photographed because it’s their choice as their parents. However, KH is clearly doing this because her career is being threatened by her awful reputation. Every single thing she says about her daughter in this article she has said before on every talk show and in every magazine since she adopted her daughter. She is using this child as a prop and that’s not right. She’s also the only celeb in Hollywood who always feels it’s necessary to talk about the race/ethnicity of her child at every single opportunity. She’s almost saying “look at my Korean baby”. Ugh!! I guess I just find AJ, ML Parker, and Sandra Bullock to be so much more genuine about their reasons for adopting their children.

  • Kelly

    @TIM GUNN:

    You dont have one – checking your posting history your life seems to consist of posting nasty comments about Katherine Heigl on Just Jared.

  • Anderson


    Oh please – she is doing nothing of the sort. The reason every single thing she says has been said before – is because none of the stuff quoted comes from the article. It is just a hybrid of previous interviews. If you read the magazine you would know this. This has nothing to do with her reputation positive or negative it is a pic of an adoring mom with her kid. The only people making an issue of the ethnicity of her child are posters like you. She is helping to break down barriers. You only have to read some of the hateful comments on other blogs about her daughter from racist bigots to realize how sad and uneducated people still are. Heigl is more genuine than any of the people you mentioned. Her own sister is Korean for a start – she was adopted before Katherine was born and has been a huge influence on her life. That was the reason she chose to adopt. She has spent a lot of time away from LA and has a home in Utah away from the paps she her family can have a normal life as possible. You judged her and know absolutely nothing about her.

  • Carol

    I guess I should not waste my time with people who will never understand the true values of Katie come here and say a lot of words for some people who have read somewhere a slander as to the conduct of Katherine who,fan of hers really know what I’m talking people should stop judging her because she is honest I’m sorry if you are used to lies, but not katie! and will not compare it with anyone because everyone is one , success if she does in the media is by his talent is no point in appealing she is or something she is much better than you think , you can be sure!!

  • Mr Gagging on a Jolly Bar

    When are parents going to stop pimping out their kids in H’wood? It’s either magazine covers or the paparazzi infested parks. I have no respect for parents who do this. Katherine, you seem like a great woman, but this is beyond acceptable.

  • clay

    Nice photo of Katherine and her daughter.
    I must say that Katherine used to get more positive press when she posed with her child. But that seems to be fading now.

    Still it is a lovely photo regardless of the intent.

  • brad pitt

    keep pimping out your kids hollywood

  • Carol

    My God how the idea of you is wrong about it! what is your problem? why they think so?, she’s just sharing a happy moment of your life with people who enjoy the wonder of it, Katie is not wearing Naleigh for get more positive press!she is more than that this!!you will never understand!

  • Glee

    Well Danica you should worry about yourself, you seems to be the mental one….First Jlo, Christina A. & now Heigl seems to focus more on where the camara is than their adorable babies i point it out….get over yourself.

  • ++Logan++

    It is a beautiful photo. Katherine looks gorgeous. And baby Naleigh is being natural. It is a gorgeous mother daughter photo.

  • http://joker star

    god bless her

  • Lea