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Michael Jackson's Kids Sit Down With Oprah

Michael Jackson's Kids Sit Down With Oprah

Check out a sneak peek of The Oprah Winfrey Show‘s exclusive interview with Michael Jackson three kids for an episode airing Monday (November 8).

Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, open up to Oprah in their first interview since their father’s death in 2009.

In the extensive chat, which was recently filmed at the Jackson home in Encino, Calif., Oprah also talks with Michael‘s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson.

In the teaser, Oprah asks Katherine who told the three kids the news of the King of Pop’s passing and asks Joe if he thought Michael was afraid of him.

Oprah Talks to the Jackson Family
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  • crystal

    Shouldn’t this be in Just Jared jr if you are going to center the story around 3 kids, anyways looks like a good interview. Oprah is an opportunist and i personally don’t like her but i’m interested in hearing what his family has to say.

  • Saam

    Seriously, just leave the kids alone.

  • AH

    … and the Jackson family whoring tour continues for yet another generation.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @1 This interview is focused on Katherine we don’t know on what degree the kids will be involved maybe she just talked to them for a couple of minutes I doubt Oprah “interviewed” them what would you ask a 8 years old?
    Having said that BLANKET = Michael Joseph Jackson love him.
    This will be interesting it is said the interview with Joe and Katherine is so long that Oprah will split it in 2 well not surprised there is a lot to deal with when it comes to Michael Jackson LOL.

  • Iffy Miffy

    They should stop doing these interviews, stop exposing the kids to these things and most important – REMOVE that abuser Joe from the kids’ home!

  • soo

    When Michael was alive, no one in public had seen or heard of these kids, he spent so much effort to protect their privacy… but now…………………..

    Making a speech at his memorial is one thing, but if I were Michael and I knew that my kids will be interviewed on Oprah, I would roll in my grave.

  • Charisma

    Cute kids!

  • Dr. Spaceman

    The Jackson family moves on to pimp out the 3rd generation.


  • marie

    @Dr. Spaceman…AGREED. And that MJ raised these kids to protect thier privacy and would not be impressed about this!

  • Melly

    @Saam: Agreed..leave those kids alone, they’ve been through enough as it is.. However I’m assuming Joe Jackson will never say no to a media opportunity. This interview seems to have his name written all over it.

  • dani

    Unbelievable. I didn’t care for Michael Jackson, but really admired and appreciated the way he protected his children.

    And now the grandparents are pimping them out just like they did Michael. Unbelievable. He must be rolling in his grave.

  • MlleF

    I’m very Sad, MJ would be so terribly afraid and sad about his kis being showed that way.

    Celebrity and consequences probably killed him, very sad that people of his family still don’t get it…

  • LorLor

    Ah nobody knows what is really happening here. So quick to judge. Michael Jackson is in a different space and he probably sees this in the bigger picture which most of us can’t. We can only get caught up in the drama. Those kids are going to be okay – they are living their life and purpose for being here.

    Stop hating on the family, and take care of your own life.

  • Bobby

    Ahh, is everyone on the planet a retard? Jackson was black, BLACK AS HELL. His kids are white. WAKE UP.

  • Imzadi

    I’m sorry, but they HAVE to stop calling that kid “Blanket”.


    Michael Jackson trusted HIS MOTHER to handle his business and his children so it is not nobody else’s business how SHE CHOOSES TO DO THAT. No one is pimping anybody. MJ was this women’s child not none of you judgemental b-stards on these blogs. If anyone is pimping someone it’s journalist like Oprah who knows that this man would not have wanted this ,but she wants this to hike her ratings, although she believes he was guilty. Every show she has done about MJ has coincided with a show and sometimes two shows about molestation including this week. This is a family that been in the entertainment field for 40 years so why do you people assume because MJ died the rest of the Jacksons would just disappear. Michael loved all of his family,so if you don’t love them so what!! These people have every right to move on and do what they want to do which DOES NOT GETTING THE APPROVAL OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THEM. OPRAH GOT THE INTERVIEW THAT MOST JOURNALIST WERE TRYING TO GET SO LET’S SEE HOW SHE HANDLES INTERVIEWING TWO PEOPLE IN THEIR 80′S AND 3MINORS. I KNOW SHE JNOW JUST HOW TO GET ANY ANSWER SHE WANTS FROM THIS GROUP

  • Whatever

    The oldest kid Paris is a DOUBLE for Dr. Arnie Klein. Seriously – look at him, he is definitely his kid. And Klein has even alluded to that in the past that he may have been the sperm donor. The kid has the same doughy face and very similar features.

  • BaBy Perfume

    What makes her think that giving interviews ONLy to opportunist Oprah will make it right and will not change the fact that she never gave interviews to the press.? Wake up and smell that coffee , Katherine!Fat Oprah will sell the copyrights to other network vultures

  • melisha

    oprah never really cared about michael and i think she couldve been more sensitive to michael. Also his children, that spoke in front of millions,they dont deserve this and the world really needs to respect them. I dont like the idea of oprah speaking to the kids on air, she couldve done it in private… The children were really close to their dad, ofcourse life goes on but i know ,michael is right there beside them. And people really need to stop trying to figure out who was their biological father and mother: michael was the best father they had, i cant say the same for most dads nowdays, well oprah got what she wanted and she will be sitting with a fat pay cheque.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh please, Katherine is an A grade opportunist! She is just p!ssed that she can’t make money off of Michael because she can’t release albums herself! She is instead spreading bs like it’s not his songs when it comes to the new Sony album and releasing – to his fans – yeah, right – that horrible “new song” when in fact it’s an old song Destiny! Of course when you hear it you it is easy to figure out why Michael decided to shelve it – it is a disaster! But no, she doesn’t give a f about his legacy but the money! So spare us this bs about saint Katherine. MJ’s father is not the only reason he turned out the way he did. Poor kids.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    How can a blind morn say Prince is the son of that attention seeking bastard ? Prince has:
    Michael’s eyes
    Michael’s nose
    Michael’s smile
    Even Michael’s eyebrows
    Prince has vitaligio .
    Keep saying he is not Michael’ s son but that won’t make Prince less rich LOL.
    Why would people obsessed about this is beyond me IT DOESN’T CHANGE A DAMN THING so the ignorant people better go outside and get a life instead of obsessing abut something that is not important.

  • Kelly

    This looks interesting, I may watch it.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Mjforever: It’s vitiligo not vitaligio.

  • marta

    @Mjforever: He surely is Michael’s but do you really see all those Michael’s features in Prince? He doesn’t really look like his father especially on this picture, Michael was beautiful and so is Blanket who really looks like his father. Even Michael’s beauty is not enough when having kids with his ugly ex wife Debbie Rowe

  • Star Sulton – Hollywood YMCA

    None of these white azz children are michael’s. You dumb azz white people make me sick. Please don’t forget that Michael bleached his skin to look white. None of those children are biologically Michael’s. I am surprised the family accepts this BS. I am not impressed by them at all.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    ^Get a life moron.

  • Elvira

    Adorable kids!!

  • Annie

    In this case I don’t believe the conspiracy theories. These kids look exactly like Michael and Debbie Rowe’s biological offspring.

  • Julia

    Michael is my idol!! Joe is a f**cking asshole!

  • rff

    untill a blood test

    their not his

  • kendra g

    @Iffy Miffy:

    He doesn’t live with Katherine. They are married, but not living together.

  • kendra g

    @YANNI: She should respect and carry on the way he keep his children out of the spot light. I would be pissed if my mother put my daughter around my sister. My sister is a low life and had my daughter kidnapped by the man who raped me. Just think about it. would u let your kids stay ANYWHERE with someone who allows them to break every rule you have set for your children? Let me know please.

  • Rachael Farah

    Please does anyone know when this interview of the Jackson kids will air in UK?

  • kaisy

    @crystal I agree with u. I dont like Ocra. she does not LOVE MJ. and I think that she believe that he was guilty. I was angry when listen that this woman interviewed the children…Michael would be angry too if he would see this woman around his kids. but well… the interview will be the monday and wherever I will see it.

  • cryss

    unbelievable,i was just saying that really soon the kids will appear on TV ,i believe it’s not appropriate to do that,i don’t know,but they look so happy i am glad they managed to get over this and i really hate joe with all my heart for everything he had done to michael;i am sure soon the kids will be as famous as their father….

  • Rita

    Blanket is too cute for words! Prince looks like Dr. Klein and Paris is a younger version of Debbie Rowe. It’s good to see they are all doing well.

  • Daisy Joanna

    Does anyone know when this will be shown in the UK?


  • http://explorer jan

    Mr. Jackson went through great pains to protect his kids’ identiy, to give them the freedom of being able to walk in public unnoticed. that is all gone now.

  • larraine

    im sorry ya’ll but i speak for all the african american people and we know how black children comes out and they sure don’t come out like those three. Prince and paris are white and blanket is hispanic, not mj’s children! end of discussion

  • canada goose coats

    This blog does not show up properly on my android – you might want to try and repair that

  • A.

    The whole interview was NOTHING LIES,They are Protecting their STEP-FATHER!!