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Rachel Bilson: 'BFF, Baby' & Puppy!

Rachel Bilson: 'BFF, Baby' & Puppy!

Rachel Bilson continues work on her upcoming comedy BFF & Baby on Friday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress was spotted leaving her trailer juggling a cold beverage, script, and an adorable puppy!

Co-star Krysten Ritter, who’s been tweeting and sharing twitpics from the film’s set, also spent time with a pet — a feline friend!

When the ladies weren’t working, they received a surprise visit from Lauren Conrad, who reportedly filmed a cameo for the flick last month.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a “Milla” tee by Market.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter playing with pets on the BFF & Baby set….

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rachel bilson bff puppy 01
rachel bilson bff puppy 02
rachel bilson bff puppy 03
rachel bilson bff puppy 04
rachel bilson bff puppy 05
rachel bilson bff puppy 06
rachel bilson bff puppy 07
rachel bilson bff puppy 08
rachel bilson bff puppy 09
rachel bilson bff puppy 10

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  • Guil

    I think it’s the first time I see her working.

  • Carla

    hahahahaha oh my god, i nearly cried with laughter – Lauren Conrad is also in the movie? So lets get this straight – Kate has gone from being in films with Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer, to films with Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. Oh…my……god, i never really understood what people said about her career totally crashing and burning, but now i see it!

  • Seriously?

    They should change the name to BFF, JJ & Baby

  • jane

    This looks like a Disney TV movie starring a bunch of actresses in their late 20s.

    And Lauren Conrad? Finally, Rachel and Kate meet their acting equal.

  • aberfitch

    Take a look at my (homely) face
    Take a look at my (sagged) tits
    Take a look at my (flat) azz
    Take a look at my (short) legs
    Take a look at my (crinkled) knees
    Take a look at my frizzled/dessicated hair
    Take a look at my freebies
    But please, please, please,
    Don’t ask / look for my “brains & talent”
    Coz its NON-existent.
    Yours truly…

  • verity


  • cute

    @Carla: something tells me she could care less about your insipid comment since she is with alex right now.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Ms. Barkson plays the same ol’ character in the same themed rom-com sitcoms – she has no range that is not so shocking to know. A 5 minutes appearance on a sitcom was passable but to have her much longer than that or even a recurring role on the same type of show are just too much and nauseating. And soon enough her so-called career will be finished because she will no longer be qualified for the twenty-something comedies as she never ever gets asks to do any serious roles because she couldn’t handle it w/o giggling first or anything & everything that has to w/ it. BTW, can someone tell her that she badly needs a haircut – she’s always trying to hide half of her face. But w/ a face-less value just like that, you can’t really blame her…

  • Carla


    i bet you think that having a boyfriend (blond empty-headed famewhore or anybody at all) is the ultimate sign of success, but other people with slightly bigger ambitions generally consider that a career crashing by time you’re 27 is pretty shameful.

  • Alias

    @2 – Kevin Spacey hasn’t made a good film in yrs and Val Kilmer is bloated and a has been star. You could have used better examples!

  • okay

    @cute: then let her be AS fulltime girlfriend and stop overloading the public with pathetic attempts at being an actress

  • Carla


    Kevin Spacey is an Oscar-winning star and a damn good actor, no matter what his commercial success. Val Kilmer was, at one point, a very sought-after actor. Instead of picking on the examples i used, why didnt you just mention some better ones??

  • cute

    @Carla: Right, just to fill you in, she just finished a film with Ellen Barkin, Martin Landau, and Thomas Haden Church. And her new movie is premiering on Nov 19, with Geoffrey Rush and some apparently well known Asian superstar. Natalie Portman is getting slammed for filming with Ashton Kutcher right now, but I am guessing her career isn’t crashing.

  • okay

    @cute: Natalie Portman can act

  • true

    so it’s true then about kate being in baton rouge this weekend?

  • cute

    @okay: I know, just referring to the costar thing which I thought was lame.

  • GoKrysten

    Why are you all knocking on Krysten’s movie. This talented actress not only wrote this film, she has also found a way to get it made. This should be about her triumph. I think it is genius that Krysten is taking pictures and tweeting them, she is taking advantage of whatever publicity she can. So what if people are not being paid or the low budget, they all knew this before hand. No one on this movie is doing it for the money, they are doing it for this fantastic person. I think that is a testament to her. Go to someone else’s comment section if you don’t like Krysten’s movie.

  • Lils

    good call. Good for krysten ritter for getting her movie made. She is the real deal. It’s next to impossible to get a movie made. She is a great role model and a wonderful talent. she acting on breaking bad was on a whole other level from most actresses in their mid 20′s and I can’t wait to see this.

  • okay

    @GoKrysten: I do not think I have seen anyone attacking Krysten’s tactics at getting her movie made, I see an oversaturation on this site a pushing certain actresses in the public faces

    yes I am guilty, as a consultant I spend a lot of time on the computer and I have developed a guilty pleasure watching celeb sites in between work. You can’t turn away from the train wreck, but every once in a while you noticed trends and the trend is an effort (paid I believe) to make certain actresses more relevant than they are

    if we saw pics that focused on Krysten and making her movie…….fine, we are not. We are seeing a continuation of the JJ/Bilson/Bosworth show. We are having fun calling out the spin

  • Carla


    Natalie has been nominated for an Oscar and has worked with many huge names and will continue to do so because she has a career which doesnt depend on who shes dating. The fact is even Ashton Kutcher is a pretty good actor with some good filmes under his belt – like the Guardian for example.

    An actors costars are a pretty good measure of the quality and standard of a film. I was just using Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer as examples because i couldnt think of any other examples right then. But you seem to have a lot of passion for proving me wrong so congratulations for being among her few remaining fans.

  • the truth

    Look this Kate bosworth not rachel ‘s she has small part init. Why not show Kate Boworth instead are rachel here.She was on the set also. Like always she have to take credit for something t that someone else do. Kate Bosworth was there hanging with thecrew.Rachel have had too much media attention . She didn’t even do the movie that was given to her last year.. Just because she didn’t want to work out of town..Rachel just ant to be seem that all. She’s only there to get media attention not work.Always taking credit like i sad for somone else wrk. when its just a small part.

  • whodie

    But I’m seeing 2 DOGS on the top picture… JJ!

  • Lana

    enough of her already!

  • okay

    @true: if it is true I am sure JJ will provide us with all the pics

  • Alias

    @12 – She hasn’t really acted with anyone of actual star AND box office power, ever, she co starred with Spacey in 3 films in 4 yrs (21, Beyond the Sea & Superman Returns) wth was with that!, and Kilmer who as you said ONCE was an respectable actor from The Doors, is now known as the second person to voice the car KITT! I can’t think of any better ones, sad isn’t it?! LOL You must have really looked hard to find these two.

  • amaranth

    This media leech has ZERO screen charisma, talent and star power. That’s why she’s constantly out of job – ands if she got any; its on a low-budget and w/ a trivial role – how surely pathetic is that?!

  • Alias

    @20 – ROTFLMFAO, Kutcher a pretty good actor?!! Best laugh I’ve had in ages!!! How this guy keeps getting roles because all his movies stink is beyond logic!!

  • Alias

    @20 – ROTFLMFAO, Kutcher a pretty good actor?!! Best laugh I’ve had in ages!!! How this guy keeps getting roles because all his movies stink is beyond logic!!

  • okay

    @amaranth: which one are you referring to?

  • ahh

    What is up with all the Bilson hate? You have to agree that she is taking a much better path than Mischa Barton. She is just living her life.


    get ready guys for a looooooooooong bashing here on this thread between RCHEL and KATE the sicko is going to be doing her thing here for awhile go on BRIGHTSIDE post every few seconds and start talking to yourself sybil everyone knows its you

  • Kate

    Gorgeous Rachel! Your adorable, can’t wait to see the film! ;)

  • fitzroy

    She and Mischa Barton could be Frick ‘n Frack. Same talentless tards who happened to catch continously irrelevant attention only/through on the internet gossip sites w/c inevitably wouldn’t last long. MB just went ahead and this little-mutt would follow through as she’s a part-time hacktress &/but a full-time mediah0. Case closed.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey how come this “talented actress” was invited to that Los Angeles Times‘ Young Hollywood Roundtable?? Guess her invite was lost in the mail or maybe she couldn’t read it!!! LMAO!!

  • hanni

    @amaranth: She stars in the movie, she’s a lead. LOOK:

    Can you read properly? ”The movie follows the problems that arise for three best friends following the arrival of a baby in their lives.”

    Considering she has been on set every day since the beginning, it aint ‘TRIVIAL’.

    In addition, the movie isn’t a low budget movie.

  • Anon

    Hanni and cute are both backhoes. Go find your hoes and shut up.

  • Hanni and Kate are Stupid

    IMDB and Variety didn’t report 3 best friends. They said 2 best friends. Bilson is clearly being grafted into the film at the behest of one of her many relatives in the business. Its incredibly obvious that this is an ltra low budget because the actors are wearing their own clothes and they’re asking for donations of music. They must have no PR budget at all because KB and RB are on JJ and the gossips a least once a day promoting it while they film. Never ever do you see with with a real film with true stars and an actual budget. NEVER. The awful Takers which didn’t make sufficient bank to cover all expenses starred noted gf beater Chris Brown, convict TI and Bilson’s fiance Hayden Christensen (who she’s back together with now and they’re getting married next year.) They were on the gossips a lot but far less than RB and KB for this digital DVD turkey.

    Bilho looks like hell as usual with the fried two tone frizzed hair with bad extensions and unflattering clothes. She wants to be seen as the cute girl next door All-American sweetheart (holding a puppy for god’s sake– where is her abandoned pet Thurman Merman? Did she dump him on a back street for this?) but no girl in America or anywhere else with any brains or ability wants to look or act like her. Kate and Alias you are stupid and have no taste.

  • hanni

    @Hanni and Kate are Stupid: IMDB isn’t a reliable source, they’re user-submitted content. It’s not even a ‘source’ to be honest.

    Variety wrote the plot supplied from the August press release regarding the film. This was before Rachel was involved in the project or showed interest in it and it was during the first early stages of production in regards to the script, it was taken from one of the script’s initial drafts therefore before actual production began.

    The movie now follows the problems that arise for three best friends following the arrival of a baby in their lives.

  • Can`t Wait!!

    Can`t wait for this film!!! i love rachell :))))

  • chicki

    Small, stupid and talentless, she is perfect for Hayden.

  • lake

    @37, yeah, they’re totally back together. That’s why she was out with some other guy the next day and Hayden or his people or someone had all the pics that were taken of Hayden leaving her house disappear. That was such a set up PR stunt, totally stinks of Rachel’s tactics it’s pathetic. She probably called him over there so she could set him up.

    And don’t they teach grammar in schools anymore? WHEN will people learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.” The word “your” is possessive, as in, “your dog.” The contraction “you’re” denotes “you are.” As in, “When you are at work,” or “when you’re at work.” Jeeze, this isn’t the theory of relativity, it’s basic elementary school stuff. No wonder the United States is so far behind the rest of the world. Embarrassing.

  • Jakey

    @41 They’re Rachel Bilson fans, it’s miraculous they can even read.

  • Talia


    None of the words you used to describe this girl is even close to accurate. And you sound so emotional about it. You need to stop looking at the computer and get yourself a doctor. Not even trying to be mean.

  • Talia


    None of the words you used to describe this girl is even close to accurate. And you sound so emotional about it. You need to stop looking at the computer and get yourself a doctor. Not even trying to be mean.

  • Erin

    I don’t even know Rachel but I like her even more now. The people on this board sound like such character assasins and it makes you all look like the bad guys. It makes Rachel looks like a saint. I would never side with the bad guys here.
    Rachel, don’t let the witches get you down.

  • Brightside

    Stardust Pictures are producing this. They have produced the gem, Natural Born Komics starring Pauly Shore (forty eights minutes of childish, puerile humour that no one found funny) and have the green light with Boy Toy and A Holiday Heist….and they sound just as bad as the titles suggest. Stardust Pictures is a small independent outfit that has only been operating since 2005 and, no, they don’t have money coming out of their wazoo…hence a very small budget for BBF & Baby. If the humour attempt is anything as bad as the rubbish they have already produced then I wouldn’t expect many laughs with this.
    All three green lighted films sound terrible and it’s hardly surprising that they were picked up by an independent company desperately hustling to make a name in the industry. The major studio’s wouldn’t touch them with the 10′ proverbial.
    Small budget film + puerile attempt at humour + d-list, untalented cast = A film that’s going straight to DVD.
    This film would have been better shown by one of those cable networks that are geared at middle-aged women who think Mills & Boon (barf) is actually literature…can’t remember their names because I don’t watch them. Home and something I think is one..anyway those cr*p cable channels for housewives and spinsters who watch sickly soap drama re-runs (like The OC) all day long and do flower arranging and what not.
    Nothing good will come of this….No, I tell a lie….hopefully it will be the death knell of Bosworth and Bilson’s attempts at being something they aren’t (actresses).

  • @brightside

    Nevertheless, it’s better that they all are working because it gives them a chance to produce something charming, and getting a film made is quite an achievement.

    I don’t see any reason not to wish them well. If the script’s good, and the actresses have an attractive chemistry, it will be a worthwhile little film even though I have trouble imagining it breaking out no matter how good it is. Possibly sold to cable companies, as you say. If KB and RB do OK with the comedy then they might get more comedy support roles and stop haunting this place. KR might get to do more writing and have control over her career.

  • Annie

    About Krysten Ritter – what is the point of going to all the trouble of writing and getting funding for your own movie only to cast the likes of Bilson, Bosworth and Conrad thus inevitably have it go straight to DVD?

  • Eva (UK)

    In Kevin Spacey’s defence, (even though I don’t know what’s he got to do with all this) he hasn’t made a big movie for years because he has been the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre in London since 2004, one of the oldest theatres, and has been putting brilliant play on, directing some of them and acting in others.

  • Brightside

    @ 47
    That’s two very big ifs!
    If the script is good….
    There is no evidence to assume it will be as it is a first time attempt by two people with no experience. On the other hand the very fact that it was picked up by a small independent studio who has produced bad comedy in the past would seem to tell against it. If it was good then it would have been picked up by a more established production company looking for a hit sleeper.
    Writing for comedy is probably the hardest genre to do well as any screen writer will tell you.
    If the actresses have an attractive chemistry….
    Again that’s assuming they have any chemistry at all. Kate Bosworth is not known for her acting skills nor is Rachel Bilson. Bosworth has little chemistry on screen and Bilson’s only talent (if it can be called that) is playing Rachel Bilson. Neither actresses are known for comedic acting and, again, any actor will tell you that comedic acting is the hardest type of acting to pull off successfully.
    Get it both wrong…bad script and no chemistry and you have a big problem.

    Also it is not an achievement to make a film. Films such as this are churned out as routine in their hundreds all over the world. The achievement is making a successful film on a small budget that keeps the audience happy and makes a profit. Most independent films don’t and most sink without a trace. Which is the likely fate of this one.