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Benjamin Travolta: John Travolta's New Son?

Benjamin Travolta: John Travolta's New Son?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have reportedly chosen a name for their unborn child!

According to Star, the couple will welcome a son, Benjamin, next month.

John, 56, and Kelly, 48, have one daughter, Ella, and lost their son, Jett, to a fatal seizure back in January of 2009.

“This baby is such a healing baby,” a family friend told People back in August.

Can’t wait to meet baby next month!

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  • Bad Parents

    I hope he is normal otherwise he will be a big disappointment to John and Kelly who apparently abused Jett because he wasn’t the perfect child they felt they deserved. Not being mean, but neighbors of the Travolta’s claim that Jett was ignored, not allowed to go to school for children with special needs, and kept locked in a room watching television and eating junk food for extended hours every day.

  • I Hate Lies

    I wonder if they will lie and hide this child away if hes born autistic too.
    After all more and more research is showing autism comes from the fathers genes

  • ck_always

    Pad the bathrooms!

  • Buzzy

    Cannot imagine a more terrifying pair of parents. A fat, aging closet case and a looney-toons mother. And they’re Scientologists to top it all off. Poor kid.

  • busted

    I find it so strange that they are sharing so much about this baby. They didn’t do that with the other children. But we are hearing everything about this pregnancy.

    I also notice that they have had the daughter front and center too.. but never did that with Jett or the daughter when he was alive.

    Just different behavior

  • Iffy Miffy

    Of course it is a healing baby! They must have gotten the results about no health issues this time. A normal baby, just what these scieno freaks want. Poor kid though, won’t stay normal for long.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Bad Parents: People with autism, according to the church of scienotlogy, are considered – “degraded human beings”. Do we really need to say anything else about that cult and freaks who buy into it, like Travoltas?

  • boston61

    I wonder if Kelly is concerned about catching HIV from her promiscuous husband?

  • How Sad!!!

    I don’t feel right about this. It just does not seem right for some reason. All the rumors about Travolta, have been going around for years. I feel sorry for Kelly.

  • Grace

    When it comes down to it their marriage may not be perfect but i hope that they have a healthy baby with no complications.He will be one loved baby thats for sure.Good luck to them both.

  • Jennyy

    I will believe it when I see it on John, Kelly or Ella’s website. Or it is confirmed by their publicist. I will also believe it when I see in People mag or some other
    reputable publication. The only site making the claim are the gossip sites and they all say their source was The Star. Wasn’t it The Star that reported they were having twins? I don’t think JT would even talk to The Star because it is just another trash rag.

    @I Hate Lies:

    What a jerk off. You are clueless. They didn’t stop taking Jett on the red carpet and out in public until he started having seizures. There are tons of pictures on the net to prove it. You know nothing about epilepsy at all. As the Mother of an epileptic child I can tell you that you DO NOT under any circumstance expose him to flashing lights, you know like camera flash, video games, theater screens etc, they can easily set off seizures. Don’t know how you can suggest they kept Ella hidden too. There are hundreds of pictures of her out with John and Kelly and on the Red carpet all through her life. As for revealing Jett’s medical records to the general public, would you open your childs personal records? Being celebrities did not obligate them to make any public announcement that Jett jad developed Autism and Epilepsy at about 2 1/2 years of age. That is private family business. If you hate lies you shouldn’t tell any. They have not yet found the cause of Autism, Research into it’s heritable factors has yet to find any definitive proof of a connection. Read your own source.

  • XYZ

    JETT TRAVOLTA was done away with because he didnt fit the Scientologic standards, the boy being autistic, as we all know. Sorry for ELLA BLEU and BENJAMIN, they are forced to live in a freaky family. The same goes for SURI CRUISE…

  • Spa

    With all the conflicts that marriage must have I wouldnt have had another baby. Maybe they are also using this baby to clean their image because of Jett.

  • betsy

    Some reputable celebrity investigating mag is saying Kelly is faking her pregnancy. LOL

  • betsy

    @betsy: You’ve got to admit she does look too good to be pregnant at 48!

  • Two cents

    Congratulations and good luck to the Preston-Travolta family.

  • Personally

    Who cares if the kid is under unstable parents?? He will grow up happily filthy rich.

  • Annie

    Hmmm, putting aside all my personal opinions about the Travoltas, IVF and Scientology I’ve still got to say I feel worried about this kid. Hope everything turns out good for him though.

  • Courtney

    if it were fake they wouldn’t look so happy and what’s wrong with the name Benjamin if that’s what they chose it’s their child not ours

  • Mary

    I’m happy for them, there is nothing worse than to lose a child. They seem like a nice enough couple, but I hope they don’t do what many people do after losing a kid, which is “replacing one with the other”.

  • Shara

    I find many of this comments disrespectful. Stop the bully!!!

  • Jennyy

    @Bad Parents:

    LIAR – back it up, no physical neighbor has ever said such a thing. The ones that live at Jumbolair and next to their other homes have had nothing but positive things to say and are protective of the family. You don’t know if he had special ed teachers in the home and it’s really none of your business is it? Ella and the other children who live at the Florida Estate are all home schooled so stands to reason Jett was as well.

    One man named Tim Kennedy I believe was referred to as a neighbor but turned out to be a restaurant manager in Ocala who had never even met John or Jett and had never been near the gated community The Travolta’s live in in Florida, let alone inside their house. His claim was he “comped” John and Ella a free meal and had the balls to ask John about Jett’s disabilities. He didn’t like the answer he got so he contacted a rag site complaining saying they were letting Jett play video games all day eating junk food. Jett being epileptic and low on the spectrum would never have been playing video games. Who goes up to a total strange in a public place and asks about their child’s disabilities in front of the person daughter. That’s like pointing and staring. When you see a child in a wheelchair do you start questioning the parents? Kennedy had never even seen Jett, had just “heard”. My child is disabled, I dare any stranger to start questioning me about him. I promise it would be the last time the person asked any parent inapporiate questions.

    That is the only “neighbor” complaint ever aired.

  • Jennysboyfriends

    Poor guy he has been trying so hard to come out of the closet but his beard and the scientology crowd are making sure he never does.

  • Me

    I dont mean to be mean. I dont think special chidlren are a burden. But given waht they did to Jett, I hope that when theis child turns out special they will nto behave the same way they did with jett. I hope they have the experience of raising a special child the best way possible rather than hiding it and ignoring the problem.

    Jett went to the wrong family. May his soul rest in peace.
    Hopefully it was a learnign experience for the travoltas to break free of their abusice cult.

  • ???

    I have more respect for John Travolta and Tom Cruise than for
    Will and Jada Smith who are closet Scientologist , they are Scientologists. At least Tom and John are open and acknowledge they are Scientologists.

  • curious

    JT was in Australia on Sat (Nov 6) and said in an interview (on TV) his baby was due in 20 days time, it was a boy and would be named Benjamin.

  • http://1191627 cecilia

    las revistas basuras no dicen nada de stallone que nunca a mostrado a su hijo austista y jenny macharty tampoco solo lo hacen con la familia travolta porque no tienen tolerancia religiosa que yo sepa ellos no hacen daño a nadie esta prensa sucia con ellos a sido muy cruel y la gente que cree eso tienen su alma tan sucia como esas cochinas revistas felicidades familia travolta cualquiera sea la idea que tienen de dios que los proteja de esta gente absurda

  • L Ron Humbug

    Hey, they’re wasting my frozen j!zz again. There can’t be much left by now.

  • Barb

    OMG – I can’t believe all the mean comments. You mean you can’t find it in your heart to happy for these people? Jeeeeez!

  • Shut Up!!!

    SHUT UP!!! Why must people be so rude to the family..? they lost a son and god blessed them with another one…those of you that posting mean comments have problems of your own and because you cant control them you find it easier to take the eyes off of you and place them on someone else…you dont know them personally neither do i, so there is no need to slander Mr. & Mrs. Travolta…may god contiune to bless them..negativity only hurts the giver…take a look at your self before pointing the finger!!! SHUT UP!!!

  • Theresa

    John Trovolta and Kelly I admire ur family I see sooooo much peace and happiness all over you and you’re beautiful daughter I must say you’re new baby boy is a miracle you beat the odds but you kellyand john was determand to do just that I am sooo proud and happy for you enjoy that new bundle of joy he now Ella will always have you as parents and Jeff as her and an new Benjamin to spoil rotten and always have and special placein her heart he was sent from Heaven Enjoy you’re family and I wish all peace and Happiness Job well done!!!

  • patty

    Unless someone knows this couple up close and personal and can make all these comments with proof to back them up and have sat down with them in their living room and watch them at play dates with thier children you need to becareful with what comes from your mouths. Because if not said, with a loving heart, clear mind and completely factual truth. They will come back to you before you die and be passed through generations for judgement. Speak the Truth.
    This couple have giving much of thier time and money to many charities. They deserve our love and best wishes. Not demonic verbs
    Bless thier family and children and bless them and thank YOU Both
    for your contributions to all your charities.