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Daniel Craig: Dinner with David Fincher!

Daniel Craig: Dinner with David Fincher!

Daniel Craig steps outside Le Rouge restaurant after dinner on Sunday (November 7) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 42-year-old actor dined with director David Fincher – the two are currently working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo together! Daniel and David were also joined by a few friends for their dinner out.

Dragon Tattoo is expected to hit theaters in December of 2011 and also stars Rooney Mara, Robin Wright and Stellan Skarsgard.

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Photos: Splash News Online
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  • lexy hates bilson

    This should be good! They’ve got some good actors playing the parts.

  • katrina

    I don’t get why they have to re-make a perfectly good film.

  • to 2

    because the movie was far from perfect

  • Minda

    I believe David Fincher

  • Daniel Fan

    Too bad the picture is really grainy. I love the one where he seems to be gazing at the stars. I wonder what he is thinking about, love the expression on his face :)

  • Seth

    OH! I thought he found the UFO!
    LOVE HIM <3

  • Eva
  • to Eva

    Perhaps, RYO

  • noomi

    very cute, he got cigarettes in his hand,-

  • to 8

    looks more like Drum or Samson to me

  • reba

    I would love to see Daniel play a vampire – those eyes would be fabulous as a mysterious night-prowler:) Sexy!

  • Bescka

    Daniel Craig really suits that role.

  • Rita

    I love to see his Bond, but i am looking forward to seeing the Tatoo flick.

  • elise

    There is something about this guy that is so totally sexy; the eyes the shy smile, the way he wears his jeans, ya know what I’m saying!

  • to to Eva

    i thought he had quit smoking

  • abby road

    how long we have not seen his movie? can’t wait to see!

  • to 15

    and started again. I think it’s hard to resist if you have been a heavy smoker like he was. Blomkvist smokes a lot, so he has a reason to start again, so to speak LOL

  • to 17

    as long as he’s not smoking as james bond.

  • poop

    seriously JJ, why just three pics! the quality is soo bad

  • to 18

    He will quit smoking when begins work-out.

  • to 19

    i wonder that as well. maybe a deal was made. Daniel lets the photographer have a picture of him standing alone in front of the car in exchange the photographer doesn’t take any more.

  • Daniel Fan
  • Mendel

    New Dan pics! He was caught rolling up a sneaky ciggy…and still manages to look so sexy!

    I guess when he has to start training seriously for the next Bond, he’ll be off the cigarettes again…

    to Daniel Fan

    thanks for the cute Dan pic!!!

    Hi Guinness/Freezy, feeling better now that we have new Dan pics ;)

  • guinness

    wth kinda skyline does this town have? He is actually mesmerized by the 2 women who just landed in front of him… Its me and Mendel in a heli yelling, “dan! comeon’ leave the boring dinner meeting! come join the helo-party..OH, AND BTW–TAKE IT OFF!!!” *giggle giggle giggle* as we fly away with him staring blankly and regretting his position on the ground. Poor guy. All business and fashion dress make Dan smoke too much. correct— He will feel it when he starts the work outs again—jhc, why doesn’t someone close to him remind him of that to make him think about what it does to you…i have and have lived through it–he needs “scared straight” example to make him stop!!! that or to switch to a diff drink. but, hey, what exactly is he rolling?

    he looks marvelous–he shoulda got on the helo!! um, the party looks like a bunch of women…hmmm. DF–thx for the fix…he is killer in that cardi…and that authentic smile. are there any diff pics where you frequent? or are there connections in Sweden too?

    thx fio. and mendhall–you awake yet? wait. so Sweden already had their sunday night? we are just beginning ours, with an hour behind for daylight savings for the farmers!! soo—-ok. lost train of thought…Curious black is in my lap in a ball of fear for some reason and loud giggles downstairs…great, where’s freezy……wish someone else was in my lap…..

    any pic anywhere else?

  • guinness
  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “He is actually mesmerized by the 2 women who just landed in front of him… Its me and Mendel in a heli yelling, “dan! comeon’ leave the boring dinner meeting! come join the helo-party.”


    “He will feel it when he starts the work outs again—jhc, why doesn’t someone close to him remind him of that to make him think about what it does to you”

    That could be another job for you – the ‘what ciggies do to you reminder’, while I hide the tobacco. That could be more interesting than straightening his pictures or polishing his garden gnomes…

    “hey, what exactly is he rolling?”


    “we are just beginning ours, with an hour behind for daylight savings for the farmers!!”

    Our clocks went back last weekend – it gets dark far too early for my liking now…

    “any pic anywhere else?”

    I googled, but so far JJ seems to be the first one with the goodies…

  • guinness

    everything so true. and the man eats out all the time… i wonder if he craves a plain old chicken? (love the comments…i lived in a town…our butcher, “freddy the butcher” was famous. i still ask my mom to stock pile frozen meat from there and bring a cooler to keep it frozen for the 6 hour trip back to NH. microbrewery is awesome, so is all farm food–but the expense is what kills eating organically grown…outrageous. so, Dan has the money to eat wonderfully grown and ingredient laden food–that is how this is relevant… somehow.

  • guinness

    oh carp! gotto go Mendel–the Simpson’s Halloween special is on!!!! will chk bk later for more posts….cheers my fellow helo traveler!!!!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    I love your pic and caption – wearing nothing but the scarf, LOL!

    And I’m sure that scarf would disappear quickly, too *grin*

    “Dan has the money to eat wonderfully grown and ingredient laden food”

    Yes, but he still rolls his ciggies like a student…I find that somehow endearing! Dan’s still one of us somehow :)

    Enjoy the Simpsons…I’ll enjoy my sleep (and sweet dreams of sneaking off with Dan…not for a ciggy, but… ;)

  • D.C. Girl

    Finally new pics of Daniel.! What is it about this man that makes me want to bury my nose into his neck and breathe? Especially when his sports facial hair and is all bundled. Would love to walk up and wrap myself up in his coat. What does he smell like – tobacco, ale, freshly split woood? Yes I know pretty sicko.
    Hope all of you are well and managing to stay warm as we slip into these shorter days and colder nights. Thankfully, these picture of Dan sure make it easier.

  • Liz

    Daniel Craig is considered one of the greatest actors that i saw ever!!!!

  • Kate

    This man makes me weak in the knees with his gorgeous eyes, killer bod, and those sexy lips…I’m getting hot just thinking about him! *drool*

  • Celia

    Well, Daniel is not only the sexist man alive he is also an inspiration and a very giving person with his time he is in touch with his fans.

  • Deb

    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet come on it Daniel he is so sweet and such a LOOKER!!! he is so HOT! he ranks NUMBER ONE for me!!!!!

  • LV. low

    He’s always so stylish! Cool..

  • BA-Lover

    apparently he’s a brilliant actor that women can’t stop raving about. and he still looks intriguingly soooo hot!!


    SOO HOT!!

  • Taylor

    I have read all the books more than once. I just love a great plot with amazing director/actors. So i think Daniel Craig should do more movies!

  • wendy

    Sooooooo Cool. He is gorgeous

  • Mission Evolved

    I LOVE HIM!!!!! In his career he has done something that we all find ***king sexy!

  • lylian

    Because the swedish version was NOT perfectly good. The first movie, which I saw, resembled something very good if made for TV, but only moderately good if made for the cinema. It wasn’t exactly atmospheric the way a good movie is.
    I haven’t seen the 2nd or the 3rd movie but from what I’ve read, they were worse then the first.
    So, to my mind, David Fincher’s version could be a HUGE improvement.

  • Lee

    daniel is the finest guy ever! i have seen a lot of his films and he luks sexxii in all of them! oooft i wud! …. ur my favorite actor. i love u.

  • Amy

    We all know him and all definitely love the smoking hot ….Love this guy, dishy and lots of appeal!!!

  • CJ

    Daniel is such a talented actor, and he has so much muscle even though he is 42..hottie<3<3<3

  • axl rose

    daniel is extremely hot – you are one of My favorite guy actors love ya !!! :D

  • Sam

    I deeply love his natural shy smile, it is the greatest and most beautiful smile. Love him.

  • Milicevic

    Yaay I love Daniel! Not only is he a brilliant artist and actor, he’s also SUPER HOT!!!!!!!

  • guinness-4 my peeps

    this is why i read the news… this is newsworthy…um, they really shouda put Dan’s lolli in here. (my fav is Dora, but number one is that for a reason–if you have girls it is reaaallly apparent when shopping. i had to explain/lie what pole dancing was to my girls when they found out Miley Circus was pole dancing after watching her be a diva kid for so long on her tv show. *its spelled correctly, believe me*) yuck.

  • Fio

    Hello, new thread! new Dan pics!! Wow, he looks incredible! Was he gazing at the star of the Swedish night sky alone? Gosh, how romantic!!!!! Yeah, Daniel is such every one’s eye candy but he is still looking for love! lol
    Hi, Freezy-Guinness!
    “they really shouda put Dan’s lolli in here.”
    LOL! You’re right! BTW it’s funny when I imagine what kind of feelings a Chinese makes these with.

    Daniel Craig wears too many clothes

  • DtM

    Guinness……LOL, very funny! An adult version of the punisher in the form of DC could be interesting! or maybe not. So Guinness yr 2 girls haven’t put number 10 on they Xmas list buy any chance??
    Fio…I def. totally agree with that article. Notice Russel has tattoo in the same place DC has.
    Daniel certainly has a far away dreamy expression. I really like that one.