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Kate Bosworth Takes a 'BFF & Baby' Break

Kate Bosworth Takes a 'BFF & Baby' Break

Kate Bosworth takes a break from working on her new film BFF & Baby to attend a private party at James Beach Restaurant on Sunday (November 7) in Venice, Calif.

Also that day, Kate‘s co-star Rachel Bilson (pictures removed) continued work on the film in a pair of daisy dukes.

On Friday (November 5), Kate walked around the set of the movie barefoot while Rachel carried around an adorable puppy!

The pair is starring with Krysten Ritter, who has been tweeting great pictures of the cast together!

FYI: Kate is carrying a handbag by Loewe.

Bigger pics inside…

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kate bosworth james beach restaurant 01
kate bosworth james beach restaurant 02
kate bosworth james beach restaurant 03

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  • Pippa-London

    Kate needs to eat a Big Mac

  • whodie

    One has-been & one never-been = BOMB!

  • laverdadduele

    Wow! what an interesting note…

  • Clue
  • Clue

    There really are no words at this point. I’m embarrassed for her and I despise her. Beyond pathetic.

  • marlough

    This movie reminds me of another stupid movie called “The Hottie & The Nottie; nevertheless, the cast looks all “ghetto” all the way!

  • overkill

    what no mention of Askars?? we havent seen him in days, obviously it is true that this famew**re is the one calling the paps, this is so dull and boring. JJ cant you get some pics of Askars making out with some hot chick and put an end to this smug faced boswh**re, i cant believe he is dating her she is fugly!

  • shadowy

    Rbooboo’s (RB) role in the film looks like an e$cort heading to her next appointment – very well suited.

  • Peanut Gallery

    O>M>G, now the film set has erected a papp screen, she has to get the attention elsewhere.

    Whatever floats your boat.

  • Kate

    Rachel’s beautiful!!

  • slanted view

    What the h*ll with the wardrobe here? Bilson looks like Jessica Simpson circa the crap Dukes of Hazzard days. And Bosho? Back in beige – shocking!! but finally sporting some of her Jewelmint perhaps? And look everyone – new boots that she’ll be wearing incessantly and stinking up in future photos. Yay! What JJ – does she not pay enough to actually get that special featured with the post? Another useless two-fer.

  • Kirsten

    Bilson and Bosworth. How riveting.

  • kosher

    Look everybody… another WH000RES parade… INSERT FINGER IN MOUTH… COMMENCE TO VOMIT!

  • Jakey

    @7, oh no, Bilson is the one calling the paps, trust.

  • kosher

    @ Rachel Bilson continued work on the film in a pair of daisy dukes.

    Actually a “flat-chested, short-legged, & much dumber version of Daisy Duke” that is!

  • Clue

    I like Bilson. At least she has a column at InStyle and has done some humanitarian work. Give the girl credit, not many celebs would do it. She definitely sounds more intelligent that the one who got into Princeton. IMO, she’s pretty , and there’s a sweetness about her. Funny, Bilson is two years older than The Beige Hornet but looks 10 years younger. She doesn’t reek like the other one and doesn’t have numerous rumors of whOriness or substance abuse.Plus she seems to be able to exist without a man.,,20219863_20337175,00.html

  • kdots

    Bilson is cute but talentless.
    Bosworth is boring and balding.

  • fashion 911

    Finally, Kate got a new pair of shoes! Another set of freebies no doubt but a definite upgrade from the last pair.

  • fashion 911

    Expect to see her wearing these fall, winter and summer or until they fall off her stinky feet.

  • mickey

    Bilson=cute girl
    Bosworth=ugly chick

  • OK
  • Who??


  • my3cents

    The producers must be paying Just Jared. This is the only site covering BFF and Baby like this.

  • Wilson

    @mickey: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • LisaM

    She took a break from standing around a movie set looking like a walking stick figure!!!???? Boy, she works hard!! lol

  • OK

    Wilson, I love you.

  • @16

    Say what ClueLESS-T@RD?!

  • Clue

    I love the boots. For once I really want JJ to tell me the brand and style. But I’ll pay for mine with money instead of my dignity and soul like The Beige Hornet.

  • Clue


    ????????? Your parents are first cousins aren’t they?

  • schuellen

    Pity poor Krysten Ritter, her pet movie surely looks like heading for all disasters coz even at this early phase, it’s already been “cursed”.

  • unreechy

    Thanks JJ, that after this post about a talentless, fameh0 & a once-in-a-blue-moon hacktress name Rachel BilHO… here comes next the “another version” of Rachel…
    … who’s talented, classy, no frills/no hype/no drama & a continually working actress (w/ box-office results at that) – such a relief.

  • Brightside

    JJ’s almost constant coverage of this film is vomit-inducing. Give it a rest now, JJ. Of all the films in Hollywood this is the least of them and it doesn’t deserve such constant coverage. If this were a major film with major stars I could understand the excessive coverage…if this were an academy hopeful I could understand the excessive coverage….but for a micro budget film with a terrible plot and castings straight out of the who’s who d-list directory the coverage is way over the excessive limit. Such a film doesn’t even need a once-a-month posting let alone once every f*cking day! It’s beyond a joke. Either JJ is well paid for this or bordering on the obsessive.
    Unless he’s practising some kind of aversion therapy….post about it excessively and people are going to hate the meaningless hype so much that they will boycott the film (if it ever gets shown anywhere)!

  • pretty

    Rachel looks soo pretty and cute :) Love her! Kate is also a cutie!
    I’m excited for this flick!!!!!!!
    BFF&Baby rocks!

  • WTF

    Kate looks soo OLD …looks to be in her fourties. Rachel actually looks younger for her age!


    Okay ..Kate Bosho is a self described fashionista??? Please….no one is believing that B.S …she is soo boring and vanilla.. She is not edgy…not hippy chic..nor elegant …she looks like a mess most of the time just trying too hard . Why the hell does Kate and her friend Cher think people would want her advice on style ie; jewelwry is just soo absurd to me. Rachel Bilson has more style than this chic any day ..hands down !!! Style Icons Angelina Jolie ..Cate Blanchette …Halle Berry …Gywneth Paltrow …Sienna Miller …Kate Moss…Ann Hathaway ..Kristen Stewart …..hell even Kim Kardashian …………..Kate Bosworthless uhmm…..NO !!!

  • Brightside

    I agree with your assessment of KB’s age (she looks around the fortyish mark and her hands look like old lady claws) but I would have pegged RB as being in her early to mid thirties with her legs in the forty zone. She does not have the fresh faced look I associate with girls in their twenties. Her complexion isn’t doing her any favours there.

  • That’s Quick!!!

    I guess the weave or wig came off agian ! Kate looks to be her balding self again..sad!!!

  • http://boots boots

    Does BFF stand for Beastly Fugly Females?

  • ?

    Why does Kate split her hair down the middle of her head? It is not cute. It is just soo unflattering and harsh makes her look like indeed her hair is receding …In the movie shoots the stylist parted her hair to the side like a comb over which she needs because of her huge forhead lol

  • robin

    Holy Sparkly “”Short Freaking Legs”" Batman!

  • Really

    I am with Kevin Smith “Wow……….this is the woman that captures Alexander Skarsgard attentions…Really ……a no talent lollipop head?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Really JJ can you contact the PR dept and get some info on this film so that you can AT LEAST say something NEW about this film? I’m sure they appreciate all the press you are giving them since this movie isn’t on any one else’s radar.
    Maybe they should call this movie Three Losers!

  • Annie

    Krysten – why not just throw in Heidi Montag and J-Wowww while you’re at it? The terrible casting of this movie means it’s going straight the the DVD clearance bin anyway.

  • Annie

    I gotta add though – Kate is really no thinner than Rachel – she just has a more androgynous build. There are many better reasons to dislike Kate than being thin.

  • bimbo-stopper

    Her hair is so thin!

    The worst kind of women in modern Hollywood!

  • Brightside

    It’s not Kate Bosworthless’ body or weight that is the problem. At least, not for me. It’s her face! She has everything she is supposed to have, two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth and all those bits are where they are supposed to be, ears on the side of her head, eyes above the nose and mouth etc…but it just doesn’t look entirely human! Maybe it’s just me, but I find her face creepy….like a human designed by someone who has a reasonable working knowledge of what a human should look like but no talent for actually designing one. There’s something lacking, something off. I wish I could explain it….other than her being a pod person, that is.

  • Brightside

    If you picture her bald…you’ll see what I mean. She’s more alien looking than human.

  • anna378

    Wow! KB got a new pair of shoes!!! but seriously, how old is she again???? she looks fortyish here… also she needs to eat real food before she dissapears…her hair is already gone BTW :/

  • Bunnikk

    @Brightside: haha.

    I repeat: she is what happens when WASPs inbred.