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Miley Cyrus' EMAs Performance -- VIDEO

Miley Cyrus' EMAs Performance -- VIDEO

Miley Cyrus rocks out on stage to her hit song “Who Owns My Heart?” during the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards held at La Caja Magica on Sunday (November 7) in Madrid, Spain.

The 17-year-old entertainer was nominated for the Best Pop award but lost out to Lady Gaga. Others nominated included Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Usher.

Watch Miley rock out at the EMAs below!

Miley Cyrus – “Who Owns My Heart?”

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus performing at the EMAs…

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miley cyrus emas performance 02
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miley cyrus emas performance 04
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Credit: Gareth Cattermole, Ian Gavan, Dave Bennett; Photos: Getty
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  • lala

    Horrible !



  • lalala


  • Acey

    why does she hunch like that when she moves? It looks like her head is bolted on crooked.

  • MlleF

    17 years old ?

    Sweet Lord…

  • madde

    “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all..” Im gonna stick to that at the moment hehe


    @madde: 18 in a few days boo

  • Ko

    No…just no. Does she really think that she is being mature by doing this? Ugh, I’m tired of these no talent singers ‘sexing’ it up for the camera in order to sell albums. I mean look at Taylor Swift. She doesn’t do this and sells a million copies a week.

  • redbull

    Aw I wish those men raised me up like flying

  • monica

    like a slut, as ususal

  • Noli

    The “sexy poses” are incredibly Ridiculous!!
    Can’t sing so you’re stripping down¿ Lame!¡

  • C

    I can’t wait until she comes out with the music she really wants to do. She said herself, she only did this pop album because it was in her contract to do another. Once she finally gets to do her own thing, I am sure it will be amazing. More rock and roll type of stuff.

  • sammi

    the kicks she does and the moves with her legs are very unflattering.

  • ahaha

    Her anatomy doesnt let her to do any other flattering move

  • Bree

    This year’s EMA’s are horrible, with the exception of Kid Rock and Kings of Leon. At least last year, Green Day performed. Miley can’t perform live. It’s more dancing than singing, and more about appearance than talent.

  • Blech

    Love the song <3
    However, this performance sucks. She’s horrible at live. Plus: her voice is off-key and it’s not loud enough comparing to the music.
    She tried too hard to be sexy with her “weird” moves. -,-

  • Hannah

    Give it up Miley, you’re neither pretty nor sexy!!!
    Sex does NOT equal album sales, just look at Taylor Swift. Talentless…

  • qui

    @Ko: yes but taylor swift sells millions because she can sing miley one the other hand is a trainwreck waiting to happen ….im going to enjoy:)

  • whatever

    I like Miley actually.

    Even tho she’s shiiii at singing/performing lol

  • Jake

    @qui: Squinty Swift can sing?! LMFAO! Give me some of what ur smokin

  • Shan

    People have been saying for years now that she is going to have a meltdown, become pregnant, or both. And yet it still has not happened yet. I don’t think she ever will either. Sure she wears some questionable clothes and taken pictures that she should not have taken, but that does not mean she is going down hill. I think people are just too consumed with her hannah montana image. Many parents don’t seem to want to take responsibility for their own children. So instead, they rely on celebrities to raise them.

  • willie

    I’m sad deeply. She really can’t sing.Any female that demonstrates her body to be noticed is disgusting and lacks stability.She has a low opinion of herself.She is going from sugar to s….

  • MG

    I didn’t mind it. It wasn’t bad. I’ve listen to a lot worse!! At least she sings live and not lip sync. She moves around a lot on stage and can still carry a note unlike some singers who just dance like crazy and try to sing live and are absolutely horrendous. Just let her be, she’s being 17 and I’ve seen 15 year old dress a lot more provocative then her.

  • Noli

    @MG: The thing is -that those 15 year old girl that you see are not on stage performing, selling records and become a household name…..!

  • Alex


    Miley Cyrus is not Taylor Swift, and probably does not want to be. She is her own person and makes her own choices.

  • Bree

    Miley’s trashy antics will not get her anywhere. Singers without talent will not be in the spotlight for more than several years. Only true artists will be remembered.

  • offtheproperty

    I think girls think the stage squat flash is sexy. Don’t ask me why.

  • kate

    wow, this is the first time I actually hear her sing…nothing special really, she has no voice…how is she so famous?!

  • offtheproperty

    Taylor Swift can sing, sure, like a squeaky hinge on a door another boyfriend just walked out through.

  • :/

    @willie: i think the same, well im with the most people of there who is against of this performance, she really cant sing live its god pleasee

  • http://ww tennisballs

    so madonna like…

  • mona

    yuck. leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth

    also…spells….s l u t.

  • Courtney

    good song but that is DISGUSTING. im sorry but she needs to wear more than just a bathing suit when performing. i dont understand why she thinks to be more mature she has to act like such a know what im gonna say.. im the same age as her and i think its soo wrong and gross and disturbing. because she was in hannah montana, the majority of her fans are obviously younger and this is sending such a bad message. im sorry. but she claims she writes these songs for her “fans or her audience” but if that were true she woudnt be so provocative. just saying. i dont think shes bad or anything and im not trying to dis her and i know some of you reading this will have something to say to me but i really do think she needs to put some clothes on and act her age. shes not 25.

  • John W Sharp

    Miley is generic

  • jaye

    IMO She has a good singing voice, it’s strong and she can carrying a tune and change pitch well. However, her stage presence sucks. She’s not fluid in her movements, in fact, it’s almost painful to watch
    She is trying hard to be sexy with her movements, but there is nothing sexy about her, she’s flapping about. Although she’s said that being sexy is not what her changes are about, the way she dresses contradicts that. She’s in Hollywood, so her style of dress is par for the course.
    However, she has not achieve what she is obviously trying to do; to look mature and sexy. She looks like someone who doesn’t have rhythm. Her body just can’t do what she wants it to do. It just looks strange. Some people just don’t have rhythm. She’s still a kid, so she has a lot of time to work on it. For now, she does have the voice, which should improve also, just not the total package yet.
    She annoys me tremendously lol, but I have to give her credit where it’s due.

  • Sara

    She looked & sounded great!

  • Masoud

    Obviously they can’t sing as good as the original song when auto-tune takes care of fixing their notes, but I think it was a good performance that was 100% LIVE and love the song. Some of you just don’t like her and put ridiculous comments.

  • cassidy

    @kate: She does have a good voice. God. She did good. Get a life people!

  • Yawn

    @tennisballs: More like so trying to be Madonna like and missing it horribly. It’s painful to watch her doing her hillbilly stomp live.

  • Scarlet

    Awful song when she squats like that it looks like she’s going to the bathroom gross…
    When is she going to go away already Hollywood needs new blood!
    She’s annoying

  • Crotch tour

    Ugh, the Miley crotch tour continues.

  • laverdadduele

    Miley is dressing like a w.h.o.r.e and spreading her legs for the world to see her c.r.o.t.c.h. for two reasons:

    1. she’s a s.l.u.t.
    2. as a distraction from her horrible voice, this girl has no talent whatsoever, she’s selling s.e.x. a fantasy

  • Susan

    Wow. Whatever happened to the adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The vast majority of those commenting on this page need some lessons in tact and etiquette. I may not agree with this young girl’s decisions, but I refuse to attack a 17 year old for her choices.

  • tal


  • lolly

    love her and the song!! geez.. get a life people..

  • Tish

    She looks like she’s horny 24/7.
    Song sounds like a 4 year old wrote it.

  • tia

    bad song, bad dance moves, bad vocals, okay costume, 2/5 performance for me

  • omg

    I saw the show:
    -britney wannabe clothing – looks like a wh0re. sorry.
    -can’t dance – moves like a guy
    -can’t sing. too quiet!
    -Nobody needs this Disney chick in Europe!

  • julygirl17

    @Ko: The fact is they both suck, yet happen to still make tons of money. Is this not mind boggling?!

  • cassidy

    Ugh! Shut up people!!!!! She can sing!!!! She sounded fine. Get a life!