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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Mexico Birthday Celebration!

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Mexico Birthday Celebration!

Newly engaged couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo soak in the sun on a beach in Mexico on Saturday (November 6).

Nick and Vanessa both share the same birthday, November 9. This Tuesday, Nick will turn 37 while Vanessa will celebrate her 30th. Happy early birthday, you two!

On Thursday, the happy couple confirmed their relationship status: “We’re excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together.”

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • hag

    i am HAPPY for nick. he reminds me of brad. each was raised on the value of family and married on the principle of marriage and family and lifetime. but each was betrayed by the women in their lives whose career ambitions trumped family and who each threw away GOOD MEN!! ironically the women who cherished fame over marriage and possible family are pathetic and looked down upon for being easy lays and dumpees and the town pumps of HW!!!!

  • Susan

    Congrats to Nick and Vanessa on their engagement. :-)

  • Shy

    I can’t even believe that those two losers get on this site. Do you really think this is interesting to someone?

    It’s like they keep on posting on Radaronline idiotic stories about Ashton Kutchers alleged mistress. Where she keeps calling them and tells them some stories about her life. And Radar keeps posting them. Who the eff cares? She wants to be famous so much it’s ridiculous. Like those Tiger and Jesse James mistresses. It’s like media created new species :) And now all those mistresses think that they will become famous in one day. Same goes with that Charlie Sheen hooker.

    Which brings me to this two has-beens. Sorry – Nick is has-been. Vanessa never even been has-been. She is straight no one. And i’m beginning to worry actually. Why are they here? Do they decide to pay Just Jared like that worthless Rachel Bilson does to appear on this site. Will Just Jared now torture us with those two idiots every day? Telling how they went to store, then puked, then burped, then read InTouch magazine, then drink water….

  • gino

    These two are really irrelevant these days. why even post them!

  • meow mix

    They pretty much regular folks like us. lets move on

  • Tana

    By the way, what are they doing now? I mean……jobs.

  • k

    Do they even have a job? Or is Nick still getting money from Jessica (from their divorce) ????

  • xxx6

    Glad to see they are not being caught in the hot tub this time.

  • karolina

    i have 21st birthday the same day;D November 9th :D yay

  • darja

    I am happy for them. VM is classy, beautiful and talented. The exact opposite of J Simpson. NL is great, happy future you two indeed.

  • darja

    @ Shy

    “Do you really think this is interesting to someone?”

    Ha ha ha, obviously you are the one most interested in these two since you posted the longest message. Idiot.

  • MlleF


  • Annie

    My comment is awaiting moderation? Ooooh. Conspiracy theory alert.

  • me

    i love these 2……soooo happy for them and that nick finally found someone that truly loves him…they are a good match…i wish them a lifetime of happiness…..can’t wait for the first baby!!!



  • Darla

    Look at these two perpetually, unemployed losers spending Ms Simpson’s money!

  • Shy

    @darja: Oh my God. I didn’t even know that those idiots have fans. If i were you i would be ashamed to be fan of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo . LOL. That’s pathetic.

  • Joe

    D-Listers all the way.

  • Ashlee

    Her father is Italian only her mother is Filipino so Vanessa is Eurasian. I don’t like her for many reasons, chiefly because of the way she pretended to be Jessica’s friend to get closer to Nick.

  • ginger

    What a bunch of stupid comments. Vanessa was NEVER Jessica’s friend so to say she stole Nick is a bunch of garbage. Cause what I’ve read Johnny Knocksville said he slept with Jessica while she was still married to Nick. But those were all rumors as well. I’m happy for Nick that he is with Vanessa and they are engaged. Jessica divorced Nick so it is HER loss!!!!
    so all the haters can just pout and get mad all you want. And besides you haters must really find them relevant to be READING and posting comments about them…..

  • blair

    congrats to you….wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  • betsy

    @Shy: Ur hilarious Shy but I see where you are coming from!! Well, at least Jon Goslin pretty much went away. He was really milking his 15 minutes and it’s just a matter of time before Kate is fired for making boring reality television! Who else…now if that stupid Jersey Shore would just fade away I would feel so much more positive about the direction reality television will go in the future. It disgusts me how Snooki had to get slapped by the Situation in order to be famous…so disgraceful!!

  • DarkEmpress


    Who is brad???

  • so judgemental

    Why are people re-writing history?

    Nick put up with a lot of crap to be with Jessica and he never cheated on her. She was the architect of her own misery and divorce.. along with her father. That marriage had three people in it 24/7.. four if you count the camera. Nick was the only person who took his/her career, money and marriage seriously.

    If anything the man is a serial monogamist. He dated Jess forever while she was a virgin and patiently waited to marry her. After they divorced his first relationship was Vanessa and they have been together this entire time and now getting married.

    If anyone is a tramp it would be Jessica.. Bam, Knoxville, Levine, Mayer, Romo and now newly divorced new guy is quite a few notches on her belt compared to her ex.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think that a lot of ppl were really harsh on Nick after the divorce from Jessica. As far as the rumors go they both cheated. Im not going to fault nick for getting $5 million from Jessica when he was entitled to $18 million plus spousal support. When women demand half the assests in a divorce no one thinks they are being greedy. When he takes less than a third of what he was entitled to by law I think that is reasonable. Jess and Nick were very much in love with each other. The marriage is over so they both can move on and be happy with other ppl. I hope he and Vanessa have a nice life and Jess and whoever her Mr. Right is have a nice life.

  • Lisa2


    It was Jessica that wanted out, Nick took the breakup much harder than she did at the time.

  • Lisa2

    @so judgemental:

    I think you are right that Jessica’s father had lots to do with their breakup. He was too into Jessica’s life and career for Nick and she to have a marriage. I remember a few episodes on their show where Nick did like the way she would spend money. I believe it was an episode of her buying linen for their bed that were thousands of dollars which he thought was foolish. I just remember him shaking his head when she was opening the package they came in.

  • Lisa2


    ooops… I had a typo…. I meant to say “didn’t like the way she spent money”

  • coko

    does she have fake boobs?

  • coko
  • Jan

    How do they make a living? Do they WORK???

  • Laura

    boring couple

  • Lisa2

    I think she is hosting a new show on E! or Style soon, since I know I have seen some kind of commercial, plus I think she is still modeling? You all are forgetting she was a Teen USA winner years ago. I am not too sure what Nick does though? He does have ownerships in some sports teams and every now and then I see him on a commercial, but other than that, not too sure what he has been doing? Who knows? Maybe he has a show in th works too?

  • R.J.

    #30, thanks for reminding us of that nasty photo! lol. I sure hope Vanessa fixed her wonky implants since then and shaved her out of control bush! Vanessa has always been a trashy golddigger. They are such an odd looking couple. You can tell she has the b@lls in the relationship and Nick has the money. They both need jobs and rehab.

  • dakila

    why the pun on her nationality? i hope those who did will bite them trillion times!
    my congratulations to both nick and vanessa.

  • Dana

    Congratulations to Vanessa and Nick. May they have a lifetime of happiness and a lot of beautiful children together. Best wishes to them. Vanessa and Nick is a beautiful couple :-)

  • British Latin American

    At least Nick looks hot again!