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Taylor Momsen: MTV EMAs 2010 Red Carpet

Taylor Momsen: MTV EMAs 2010 Red Carpet

Taylor Momsen steps out in chic Alexander McQueen boots at the 2010 MTV EMAs held at La Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain.

The 17-year-old The Pretty Reckless singer and actress presented the award for Best New Act at tonight’s ceremony!

“Presenting at the EMA’s then playing the after party tomorrow, then back to the U.S. for rehearsals for the UK!!” Taylor tweeted yesterday.

“I love Madrid,” she added. “[T]he airport is decorated with Picasso”.

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Credit: Gavan/Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • dragonfly

    seriously? ugh…would someone please shoot her in the face!

  • annie

    Where are her parents?

  • David

    Stop with the “I’m so bad ass” crap. You were in Cat In The Hat for God’s sake.

  • Mary

    WOW, talk about trying too hard.

  • Marta

    i’m sorry but she just make me laugh..

  • littleapple

    Barajas Airoport is NOT decorated with Picasso. By the way, how old does she think she is?

  • Marcelo P.

    She looks like Dakota Fening a little bit.

  • http://boots boots

    Taylor is such a poser, she thinks she is so hard core, fact is all these Disney tweeners are more hardcore than her, Taylor is just pathetic

  • Paulo

    Gross outfit

  • Whatever

    Does this fool not realize people are laughing at her? She looks and acts ridiculous!!!!! Trying to be all punk is such a joke. Seriously, when you have to TRY this hard honey, it’s just not worth it. Take a bath, get your shots and wake up already. Massive FAIL here!!

  • LD

    Is it possible to get second hand embarrassment? The girl is going to want to fall into a hole in a few year when she realizes what an idiot she looks like.

  • M

    What the hell is that?

    She dresses like a wh***, if she thinks she looks badass, then she needs serious help.

  • Status Quo

    ………wow. Wtf….There’s a fine line between edgy female rock star and drugy SHEmale crack head…. Thumbs down. I’ve seen crack heads dress better than that.

  • Mony

    What is that?

    How about she has some self respect.

  • danielle

    Yikes. What a mess. And not a hot mess.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Can’t believe she was once in The Grinch with Jim Carrey. Ugh. Who does she think she’s fooling?!? For God’s sake, she comes off as a poser, a try hard, whatever $hit you wanna call it. I guess she’s not mature enough to realise it. After all, she’s only 17, people. I have to say I also was once in that period of my life when I “needed” to dress like a slvt and all… I grew up since then. And when I look back, of course there are things I wouldn’t have done if I were given the chance to go back then. But as they say, no regrets. The difference between her and I though is that I was not in the spotlight. :) So she’ll may be regretting some things like this awful hooker outfit! Oh and that make up. *big ass CRINGE*

  • lol

    eww her face

  • Jessica

    Even 17 years old seems tooold to be going through this lame type of faux rebellion. If she was 13 or 14 then maybe I could understand. She’s going to be embarrassed as hell five years from now.

  • madde

    “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” That’s all I can say about her……

  • n_s_23_23

    that girl makes me sick….

  • julie1981

    is she on drugs or what????? seriously she’s like the female version of marylin manson

    she’s scared me

    she was so beautiful a few years ago… what happened to her??

  • monica

    halloween is over mate. put off your costume!

  • JC

    This girl has perfected the f@#$ you pose for the camera. Too bad she looks more like a $5 dollar tramp instead of a bad ass.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Does she know it’s not Halloween anymore?? She looks like she’s trying to be a vampire!!

  • Bree

    Trashy, MUCH?
    Stop embarrassing yourself, vampire/panda.

  • emmaa

    @David: Actually that was Dakota Fanning. Taylor was in The Grinch. Lot’s changed since then…she actually scares me.

  • Kel

    why does she always look so miserable?

  • Just

    ugly as hell

  • G23

    Wow, she is an incredibly classy and elegant young lady! Doesn’t look like a sullen and moody teenager at all!

  • smiley miley fan1

    wow she scares me i think i might hav night mares. nd does she thinks she is tough by doin tht? wow where r her parents??????

  • anon

    You people are fools. I’m 55 and I’ll let you in on a little secret; YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO THINGS LIKE THIS WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG. The irony is when you are older you realize that that part of youthful foolishness which you feel embarrassed about in your maturity is also what contributed to your success. All fortunes, all creations, all successes DON’T come with maturity. They come with the reckless drive, naive sense of self and the earnestness and energy of youth. She is doing exactly what she is supposed to do. I will be very surprised if she is the same person 5 years from now.(that’s called growth)

  • Kelly

    Even Alexander McQueen can’t make her look ‘chic’, are you joking? She’s honestly worse than Miley, it’s disgusting.

  • tia

    yeah… no.

  • trailerskank

    been thar’ …done dat..
    bitch PUH-leeeze !

  • Kim

    One word – T R A S H Y

  • Lynne

    LOSER – she seems to actually pride herself on being the “anti-role-model” we were all moody teenagers once but never once did I try to pull of the “Rapunzel on smack” look. Everything she wears and does annoys me – and I haven’t even heard her speak – although I doubt I am missing any words of wisdom there!

  • brr

    barajas airport is not decorated with picasso!!

  • George W

    It’s a zombie!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNZZZZZZ!!!!!!

  • bk

    Who the hell do you think you all are you friggen twits?? She’s just being her fking self, your all a fking joke, is it so bad thats she’s not afraid to wear what the hell she wants and be herself instead of being the nice, brain washed disney freaks? there’ve got more problems than her!

  • jesus christ

    that’s a joke or what?
    does she thinks to look original or sexy in these clothes? she looks like a common tacky prostitute and that’s it.
    there’s nothing extravagant about it, no person of any self-respect would leave his house dressed like that.
    beyond gross!

    to the previous poster: sweetheart, trust me, nobody is himself dressed like that.

  • bk

    are you fking serious ‘sweet heart’ she is being herself, she obviously doesn’t care what people think off her, at least she’s bringing rock back into the world instead of all this fking pop shit thats going around.

  • Francesco

    ahahahah. And they call MILEY a slut.
    Look at this.

  • Liz

    Im so sick of looking at this girl she’s trashy and slutty and always looks so damn miserble! Please someone get this poor girl some pants!

  • mandy

    ding…ding… ding… we found our new lindsay!!!

  • Jokergurl

    I’m wondering where her parents are and yes they should be slapped upside that head for letting her wear this.

  • Dee

    Wow she is so punk-rock, bad-ass, and best of all she exhibits an “I don’t even care” attitude.

    Ten dollars that she buttoned it up correctly the first try and then thought it wasn’t hard core enough.

  • Luiisa

    she looks horrible :o
    Taylor! WAKE UP! you look like a monster
    my english is horrible … sorry

  • DiamondTreasure

    She looks hot IMHO. Sexy goth chick. Haters-SHUT YOUR MOUTHS

  • Jackie

    Personally, I think she looks beautiful. I love how the coat completes her look and the makeup complements those nice eyes.