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Rachel Bilson: Three Days Left on 'BFF & Baby' Shoot!

Rachel Bilson: Three Days Left on 'BFF & Baby' Shoot!

Rachel Bilson arrives at the set of her new movie, BFF & Baby, on Monday (November 8) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress spent time with co-star Kate Bosworth as she got her hair and makeup done for the day!

The cast is almost done with work on the movie after a quick shoot – the official BFF & Baby Twitter‘s most recent entry reads, “Phew. Massive week, finally a well-earned day off today for most of our hardworking cast and crew. The next 3 days are huge – then wrapped!”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Mod skinny jeans by Nobody.

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rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 01
rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 02
rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 03
rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 04
rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 05
rachel bilson kate bosworth hair makeup bff baby 06

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  • George W

    Bosworth & Bilson..LMAO!!!!!

  • JC

    I’ve never seen the production of a movie nobody cares anything about get so much attention.

  • LisaM

    Must be hard work for Bosworth to sit around on her bony ass!!!!

  • Cole

    Didn’t they just start filming?

  • Kate

    So excited! Love Rachel!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool

    Rachel Bilson is beautiful!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Chris Nolan better get some talent if he expect the next Batman movie to top this award winning movie!!!
    I see an Oscar!!! LMAO!!!

  • Clue

    I love how PR sits on this board and does corrective measures based on negative posts. The boards have been filled with comments that’s she’s wearing a weave or wig. Hence we get a shot of her getting her hair done to dispel any rumors. Beigeho doesn’t eat….we get her holding a stunt burger. Why the H*LL doesn’t it work when we say she’s never gone??? Isn’t she supposed to be in Tokyo soon to film Lost Hoes in Lust Hotels? Her existence is truly an Unsolved Mystery.

  • OMG- Not Even a 60 Day Shoot?

    Man this guy makes Ed Wood (the director, not the excellent film made by Tim Burton) look like James Cameron. Move over, Plan 9 From Outerspace! At least Plan 9 From Outer Space had a real star in it. Bela Lugosi died during filming but that didn’t stop the legendary Ed Wood from finishing the film anyway but he (Bela) still had way more screen presence and acting ability than bald moronic Kate Bosworthless and talentless entitled Ratsh*t Bilgeson.

    I seriously doubt that BFF & Baby could ever achieve the charming awfulness of Plan 9 From Outer Space and we know that it won’t be half as funny. It will just bore directly onto DVD and into a video store out-of-business sale near you.

  • Butter_Fly

    Thank you Lord Jesus! I bet tomorrow you will post about it being 2 days left of filming! Tell the truth! Don’t lie to me!

  • Look at the PhotoShop Work

    ….on those images again. Even with a long lens and Photoshop they still can’t make her look like her legs are even average in length. Her head looks tall and that’s about it.

  • dreamer

    The only movie that has to be promoted on JJ 24/7 pretty sure they will be back on here again looking for a free distributor.

  • George W

    The makeup dept. must be working overtime on those two!!!

  • Leni

    JARED NO ONE F*CKING CARES!! I truly tried to ignore these BOUGHT AND PAYED FOR posts, but these nobodies basically owns your site now. At least some gossip-blogs tries to be a little bit subtle, off the bookmarks you go..

  • anna

    Back in the day when she was promoting Jumper, when she thought she could make it as a “serious” actress, Rachel said she aspired for the kind of roles that went to Kate Winslet. So now she’s doing a movie with Kate… Bosworth.
    And Lauren Conrad.

  • Bunnyk

    Kate Bosworth is what happens when WASPs inbred.

  • seton

    The blonde chick in the makeup chair is Kate Bosworth?

  • wild

    This is funny.

  • Love


    it’s weird though…the movie is already wrapping. they’ve been shooting for what…..3 weeks maximum? what kind of movie is this going to be. HAHAHA jeez. BORING

  • seton

    She looks like Kate Bosworth’s mother.

  • mickey

    KB=ugly chick

  • Comic Con

    @dreamer: Just Jared will exclusively cover the Direct to DVD premiere.

  • reality

    They should post the twit pics of Ryan Kavanaugh’s set visit.

  • jenMS

    I gave up on Perez because I was sick of his hate and stupidity. Don’t make me break up with you too. SInce when did you become the PR for these 2 has been’s and lets not forget the coverage you give to Leann Rimes. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

  • franknbeans

    These two losers again?
    They must pay well.

  • Waiting with baited breath

    For the next 3 days worth of meaningless posts about this doomed over PR’d, strait to DVD disaster.

  • trish

    Does anyone know how much these 2 chicks pay JJ to be on this site every day?..Can we set up a paypal account that everyone can contribute to to pay JJ to NOT post anything about them?!!

  • anna378

    LMAO!!!!! seriously…I can’t wait to see when these two win an Oscar for their performance in this incredible deep and serious movie ;););) :D

  • Jenna S.

    Umm, didn’t production start last week? WTF?! Even 30 minute TV shows take more than a week for a single episode. Oh wow, I doubt this movie will ever make it to the big screen. It’s either going straight to video or to make it seem somewhat more legit, it’ll air on ABC Family. Bwahahahaha, LOSERS! Both Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson thought a week’s work on a crappy and shitty movie means that they’re “working actors”. It’s back to “running errands” (a la Just Jared”), which is basically going shopping and eating at Little Dom’s for these losers all over again next week. Oh wait, Rachel has that new “Ghost Angels” (Can the title become any less cliche) show coming out soon. If it takes her a week to film a 2 hour movie, I wonder how much time it’ll take to film that episode that I guarantee won’t make it past it’s pilot. Seriously, I think these two should retire from acting, but then again, they haven’t worked in a while, so they’re somewhat retired now. At least if they retire now, they’ll save face. I honestly don’t know why any producer or director would want to hire them. They’re overrated and can’t act their way out of paper bags.

  • Jonne

    Didn’t see this much coverage on a real movie 3 Musketeers with real star Orlando Bloom.

  • Massive PR Overkill

    Real films with anticipated box office appeal and a future outside of direct-to-DVD release NEVER EVER have this much papparazzi coverage in the filming stage. Neither KB nor RB have worked in so long that they have to call the papparazzis every day they’re on the set to call attention to the fact that they’re ‘working’ and won’t have to be kicked out of SAG for not being working professionals. And you know George Lucas took longer as a student to produce THX 1138 than 3 weeks. I can’t think of any film that ever did anything that took only 3 weeks to film. There isn’t enough usuable footage to edit into anything but a 2 minute TV commercial, esp considering who the actresses are. Now it might work if we never see the actresses at all except their hands, arms, legs and feet and focus entirely on the baby. But Bilson’s voice will have to be dubbed because it’s terrible and no one wants to listen to that childish squeaky voice prattle for more than 10 seconds.

  • trish

    I don’t think they had enough money in the budget to hire a real baby- that’s what the puppy last week was for….

  • glen v

    rachel is so freaking hot!!!! gorgeous girl her body is freaking amazing love her cant wait to see this piece of her

  • Ryansgirl

    This is massive over kill #31 reason is b/c it is hard to take RB seriously she has trouble just learning simple lines without cue cards for assistance, taking the director into OT and re-shooting. The only claim to fame she truly has is self promotion. Trust me she will be back on the internet webpages walking the streets trying to make herself look marketable. Any movie worth it’s weight will work for more then 6 weeks. Only a rare few that could do it in 2 weeks, that was Sofia Coppola when she did Lost in Translation. Big difference is that Sofia has a family rep in directing and writing plus a history in directing herself. I don’t know enough about Ritter but, honestly she got a cheap cast reason RB was offered a job. I don’t doubt that RB isn’t paid much if anything for this since most of what it sounds like is on a donation, basis, bring your own clothing to the shoot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to do their own hair and makeup. Maybe the lead is the only one who got the makeup artist.

  • vivi

    I’m Loud Because I’m The Only Girl In The World

  • v

    OH wow… is this going to be the next Gigli? HAHA… wow what was this filming like 3 weeks?

    Wow JJ what are you going to do for updates now? Your cash cows are going to be back doing absolutely NOTHING!

  • Wow

    @Massive PR Overkill,
    Perhaps this movie will be on the B lister Lifetime chanel…..three weeks of a shoot…that sounds about right lol!

  • Brightside

    Haha…LOL. I was just thinking that for a movie about three best friends and a baby we never actually saw a baby. You would have thought that there was at least one shot of them, for promotional purposes, holding the baby in question. Or maybe, as you say, the budget couldn’t run to hiring a real baby.
    Is this one of the shortest shoots in the history of Hollywood? Does anyone know of any films where the entire kit and kaboodle was wrapped up after only 3 weeks?
    I have a terrible feeling that this is…
    a) going to be a one joke film…playing on that joke every chance it gets,
    b) going to feel like an extended episode of some comedy-lite TV series rather than an actual film,
    c) going to be, quite frankly, a big pile of cr*p.

    It has nothing going for it and the baby, even if it’s a dummy, will probably turn out the best acting performance in the movie.

    As for these three working hard….LMFAO! 3 weeks of anyone’s life is not working hard and I certainly haven’t seen any pics of them working at all.

    In the truly bizarre category, RB’s torso is almost as long as her legs….I didn’t think that was humanly possible. Another pod person?

  • Hannah

    @ Brightside,
    Sienna Miller’s movie ‘Iinterview’ was filmed in ONE week. It was RUBBISH & FLOPPED!!! Judging by the story line, budget and cast of Bff & baby, its success is going to mirror that of Interview. I like Rachel, just dont think she’s a good actress.

  • trish

    @George W:
    I don’t think they have a makeup department- they’re probably using the neighborhood Avon lady!

  • Brightside

    On an entirely different note….I do not know why but I keep expecting Kate Bosworth to rip aside her mask and reveal the lizard woman underneath. There is something about her face that makes me think of ‘V’ and how she would be a perfect candidate for one of the alien imposters.

  • Lake

    This is exactly what happened with Rachel’s last attempt at acting, “Waiting For Forever.” Still waiting. And waiting. And waiting…….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Leslie

    There are pictures of Krysten and Rachel holding the baby. I don’t know if it was here or on another site but there are pictures of the baby with the cast.

    JJ isn’t the only site posting photos and stories about BFF and Baby as much as you all here would like to give that impression.

  • Awwww come on!!!!

    Wow…the movie just started and it’s wrapping already!! Must be one of those 30 minute joints!

  • Leslie


    Small independent films get made and recognized. When they do get made that in itself is an accomplishment. If you get to act in an any film large or small you get to grow as an actor. The experience is not wasted.

    People reading comments here need to know not to take everyone’s word as fact. Flop can be a relative term.

    Budget was $41,000. It made $1,038,442 worldwide.
    It was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead
    London Critics Circle Film Awards -Nominated, ALFS Award
    Steve Bucemi co-wrote, directed and starred.

    Waiting for Forever in theaters February 2011.

  • Ryansgirl

    Gee get that information off a popcorn bucket big difference between that movie and this, good chance there are talented actors and director who might be well noted for other work. This movie is like speed dating where ppl are given a different picture many times a day of these so called BFF’s.


    Not to say your wrong but I have checked other sites and in fairness JJ is the only one who is body slamming ppl with this many shots of a so called Independent movie. I don’t see RB on too many other sites in regards to this movie.

  • Annie

    This movie is without doubt going straight to the 50% off DVD bin at Walmart. The only place anyone has ever even heard of this movie is at JJ (probably the only advertising they could afford) Throw in terrible screenwriting (seriously, how many times has this Best Friend and Baby theme been done before), an all D-list cast and the fact that it was all shot in about 2 weeks.

    @Brightside – Kate totally looks like she might be a shapeshifting reptilian! OMG.

  • evathediva


    What other sites are posting about this movie? KB’s own personal site, RB’s own personal site…X17 who, is posting, scene by scene pics and stills.

    Oh and BTW Leslie(kate) please don’t ever let them take your photo froma side angle or profile, it really shows your true age. You look really terrible in that photo Kate Bos.

  • Annie

    @Leslie, yes SOME super low budget movies become cult classics, but for that to happen they need to have a thought provoking plot and amazing acting. This movie has a cliched, formulaic plot and terrible wooden actors.

  • @Ryansgirl

    Was Lost In Translation really filmed in two weeks? That’s amazing!