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Britney Spears: Back in the Studio This Friday!

Britney Spears: Back in the Studio This Friday!

Britney Spears does a little shopping at a Neiman Marcus store on Tuesday (November 9) in Canoga Park, Calif.

The 28-year-old pop princess is going into the studio on Friday to record a new song for her upcoming album with producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

Brit‘s manager Adam Leber tweeted on her account saying that the song is destined to be a smash!

Max is the man behind such Britney hits as “…Baby One More Time” and “If U Seek Amy,” while Dr. Luke produced her song “Circus.”

Can’t wait to hear the new song!!!

Last week, Britney did some shopping in Beverly Hills and also picked up some CDs at a Barnes & Noble store.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears shopping at Neiman Marcus…

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britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 01
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 02
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 03
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 04
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 05
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 06
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 07
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 08
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 09
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 10
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 11
britney spears neiman marcus shopping spree 12

Photos: Flynetonline, GSI Media
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  • laverdadduele

    Why bother? They can create her voice using computer software, auto-tune, etc. Isn’t that what they’ve been doing all this time?

  • Katie

    Her legs are so freaking hot in those leggings. She may not be the best-dressed celebrity, but her body is BANGIN!! No one can disagree with that!

  • Katie

    FOR ALL THOSE WHO (STILL) THINK THAT BRITNEY’S VOICE IS “MADE BY PRODUCERS”, I highly recommend this David Foster video. He worked with WHITNEY HOUSTON, PAUL MCCARTNEY AND CELINE DION. And that’s what he says about Britney’s voice: < BOW!

  • Katie

    For all those who still think that Britney’s voice is “made by producers” *sigh* I just highly recommend this video with David Foster, a man that worked with Whitney and Celine Dion, talking about Britney’s voice: watch?v=IxXtOmu4_JY < BOW.

  • Milo

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • marisa

    i can’t wait any longer for her new album!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Britney needs to slow down and enjoy her success!

  • hello there!

    @laverdadduele: ugh, u should save that comment for a Ke$ha post sweety. Britney has an amazing voice, PERFECT for Pop Music. Cant wait for her next album!

  • little monster

    WTF??? I thought Britney was back in the studio since her last tour back in 09? they lied to me? OMG! How long do i have to hear lame generic katy perry and kesha sh*t on the radio? Pop music is boring w/out the Queen miss Britney Spears.

  • jobromileyfan

    Such an amazing performer/entertainer! I cant wait till her next album so that she can perform for the 2011 VMA’s and actually give a REAL performance, somethin no artist since Britney herself has done since 2001.

  • rocky

    Absolutely stunning!

    Keep it up baby, and hurry with that album!! :)

  • kls

    I can’t wait for Godney to bless us all with this new album! You guys.. she has been working on this one for so long, it will undoubtedly be her best one yet! Just you wait!!! :)

  • last shot

    I love Britney’s turned up nose! Can’t wait for new songs

  • LastWord

    Bang out those hits Brit Brit

  • Ali

    she needs a stylist – she always looks trashy, even if she is wearing something from Neiman’s.

  • Oscar

    OMGGGGG her ass is sooo beautifulll her body looks great i soo wanna bang that..

  • Hire a stylist girl

    Find is funny that she is always shopping yet she looks trashy. She need to stop wasting her money shoping and hire a stylist.

  • nome

    Britney WHO? She will steal Kesha , katy and GAGA sound and she will fail because she is way too old .

  • Anonym

    Watch out other artists, pop princess Britney will rock 2011

  • someone slap nome

    @nome: ugh, Britney Spears invented Pop music back into the 2000′s u dumb bimbo! Britney Spears is the Queen of Pop, every other female artist has already copied every lil bit of her.

  • miley

    [red] Simple queen!

  • BaBy Perfume

    Britney doesn’t require the services of security anymore..I thought I saw a lady on welfare..

  • jesse

    britney is the queen, she makes more money than those other losers! sorry but briney fans are what keep her relevant!

  • LastWord

    @nome: Britney has a cult following she will never fail. 28 old. Really???

  • Masoud


  • Caitlyn

    @nome: 1. She is 28 2. Britney basically invented that sound and made it commercially successful.

  • tut


  • pathetic

    she has rough arms,legs,not a pretty face..she invented music?are you ok?producers invented it..she has no brain,no talent,no beauty..just plain normal woman….if the new song is like 3 i think she must go away..why she shops and always look dirrty,cheap,unwashed?


    Kick ass and take names…………………
    TCOB to the fullest……………………………
    YOur the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Your the Best and dont you forget it!!!!!!!!!!

  • elenka

    Beautiful girl. Very love it.

  • Lisa

    She is white trash ugly as hell. I mean if I’d see her walking down the street, I would think her as ugly and disgusting. Her FAT NECK!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf is up with that?

  • DJB

    Let’s see who is around actually “singing” in 20 years. I still say they must pay the sound engineer mega bucks to make her sound like a “pop” star with the voice she has.

  • Faye

    Am glad shes in the studio, however I hope she makes some music that is more mature and stop using so much auto tune in her voice. Her music has never change into something more adult, shes been doing the same thing since shes been 19, shes 28 now, the songs that shes been singing from her last two album some of them suit being for someone like Miley Cyrus then her, the only really mature album shes done is the In the Zone thats my best album of hers, her management need to stop marketing her as a teenager. Also since she had the breakdown they have been using so much auto-tune to her voice, she hasnt got the best voice, but her voice is good enough that it does not need to be messed around so much like other arists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Before her fans start to get upset its my opinion and am a fan also I just want her to do something different.

  • smh

    Lmao!…at the amount of ppl who think Britney Spears is a legend???…um creating auto-tune puts u in a legend category??…since when??…If she is a LEGEND then ke$ha, Miley Cyrus & Bieber are all LEGENDS in the years coming!

    Wow!…the music industry is about TALENT not abotu artists who have bubblegum music, auto-tune & ass showing!…smh!

  • LoriLori

    why is she covering her stomach with the bag?? another oops!!

  • Caitlyn

    @smh: Britney actually had talent when she debuted…none of those do

  • Jbo

    Like NeYo says if you need auto-tune YOUR NOTE A REAL SINGER! Take off the training wheels and prove your a REAL singer britney… I’m sure when she sings only one song live at her concerts, it’s one she practiced a million times with a singing coach.

    She’s still all smoke and mirrors and a product of the industry. She’s not a REAL singer – she’s a PERFORMER.

  • Swaggerofchampions


    GODNEY! <3

    Your faves could never!

  • kkkkkkkkkkk

    @Swaggerofchampions: ur not josh. he doesnt write like that.

  • Swaggerofchampions


    LISTEN B!TCH, you’re obvious a hating d!ck headed b!tch, but still your hating ass needs to recognize, Britney is the real Queen B and thats a fact
    Men lie , Women lie, NUMBERS DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She officially SOLD 100 million records worldwide, has 18 number one songs all over the world, grammys, emmys, vmas, emas, amas, billboard awards, a star on hollywood walk of fame, her last tour made 150 million $ and it wasn’t even a real world tour, it simply had a few dates on the major European cities + Canada + Russia. If she toured Asia, Egypt, Africa, South America, i grantee your ass seh would have the BIGGEST and MOST GROSSING TOUR EVER BY A FEMALE.

    So B!TCH stop lying to yourself and bow down. Now go cry over your miserable existence TROLL.

  • yo sista

    Haters? Time to get some education about the QUEEN before you hate. And stop being ignorant and jealous:

    Damn Jive should update her album sales, cause according to Sony germany these are her sales, but as I heard they counted het GH:MP wrong, cause according to billboard and Rollingstone, it wold over 8 million. Anyway her album sales are around this:

    Baby One More Time: 28,150,000

    Oops!…I Did It Again : 22,310,000

    Britney 15,620,000

    In The Zone 11,250,000

    Greatest Hits: 5,950,000

    In The Mix: 541,000

    Blackout: 3,120,000

    Circus: 4,520,000

    TSC: 652,000

    Estimated Album Sales: 92,113,000

    TOTAL SALES: (singles+albums)= 170,132,000

    anyway She get’s over 100 million anyway, something Beyboringce never could come close.

    Britney is a Living Legend at age 28, as much as people get angry about that, it is the true! She is a legend: GODNEY!

    Don’t be mad that your faves arent legends.

  • yo sista


    You mad? Well; check this, it will make you ever more mad:

    Haha did you say Britney was a flop 2009?

    Awards in this year: 112
    4th Best Video of All Time Womanizer
    NRJ Music Awards
    Female International Artist of the Year
    Video of the Year “Womanizer”
    Popjustice Readers’ Poll
    Best Single “Womanizer”
    Best Comeback
    Best X Factor Performance
    Los Angeles Times
    Best Celebrity Websites
    Playboy Magazine
    Sexiest Music Video “Womanizer”
    MTV Women of the Year
    6th Place
    MTV Australia Awards
    Best Moves “Circus”
    Bravo A List Awards
    A-List Artist of the Year
    A-List Album ” Circus ”
    A-List Download “Circus
    NewNowNext Awards
    Always Now, Forever Next Award
    Teen Choice Awards
    The Ultimate Choice Award (received for having more teen choice awards than any other Artist; 16+ and her extraordinary contributions to the music industry)
    MTV Video Music Awards
    Best Pop Video – Womanizer [2]
    Guinness World Record
    Youngest Female Artist To Have Five Of Her Albums Reach #1 On The Music Charts.
    MTV Video Music Brasil 2009
    International Artist Of The Year
    Billboard Awards
    Best Album
    Best Sound Mixing in a Video – Womanizer
    Philippines Pop Music Awards
    Best Single
    Best Artist
    Best Video
    3rd Best Artist of All-Time
    Glammy Award
    Best Beauty Buy of 2009 – Curious
    Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica
    Best Fan Club Venezuela
    4 Music
    World Greatest Popstar – Runner Up
    Fuse TV
    Best Video Of The Year – Circus
    Virgin Media Music Awards
    Twit of the Year
    Best Solo Female 2009
    Best Live Act of 2009
    Billboard 200 Albums of the Year “Circus” – #6
    Billboard Hot 100 Artists of the Year – #7
    Billboard 200 Artists of the Year – #6
    Top Artists of the Year – #7
    Hot Pop Song Artists of the Year – #4
    Hot Digital Song Artists of the Year – #8
    Hot Dance/Club Play Artists of the Year – #1
    Hot Digital Songs of the Year “Circus”- #1
    Hot 100 Songs of the Year “Circus” – #2
    Hot 100 Songs of the Year “If U Seek Amy” – #4
    Hot 100 Songs of the Year “Womanizer” – #3
    Hot Digital Songs of the Year “Womanizer” – #3
    Hot Radio Songs of the Year “Circus” – #4
    Hot Radio Songs of the Year “Womanizer” – #4
    European Hot 100 Singles of the Year “Womanizer – #7
    European Top 100 Albums of the Year “Circus” – #4
    Canadian Hot 100 Artists of the Year – #5
    Canadian Hot 100 Songs of the Year “Circus” – #15
    Canadian Hot 100 Songs of the Year “Womanizer” – 3
    Canadian Hot 100 Songs of the Year “If U Seek Amy” – #6
    Canadian Hot 100 Songs of the Year “3″ – #1
    Top Canadian Albums of the Year “Circus” – #5
    Digital Songs “Womanizer” – #2
    Digital Songs “Circus” – #5
    Most Improved
    Best Workout Song of 2009 – “3″
    Rolling Stone
    Song of the Decade “Toxic” – #4
    Album Of The Decade “Blackout” – #7
    Pop Song of the Decade “Toxic” – #2
    Pop Artist of the Decade – #1
    The Times
    Best Pop Album of the Decade “Blackout” – #5
    Most Important Recordings of the Decade
    In The Zone
    LA Times
    Top Grossing Tours of the decade – Circus Starring Britney Spears – #19
    Ask Jeeves
    Most Searched Person of the Decade
    UK Newspapers
    Most Popular Celebrity of the Decade – #3
    Top 200 Albums of the Decade “Blackout” – #3
    Top 200 Albums of the Decade “Oops!…I Did It Again” – #6
    Top 200 Albums of the Decade “Britney” – #4
    Top 200 Albums of the Decade “…Baby One More Time” – #8
    Top 200 Albums of the Decade “In The Zone” – #4
    Holiday Album of the Decade (Now That’s What I Call Christmas – single “My Only Wish This Year”) – #2
    Artists of the Decade – #8
    Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade – #2
    Billboard Hot 100 Artists of the Decade – #3
    Pop Song Artist of the decade – #8
    Digital Song Artists – #14
    Dance/Club Play Artists – #12
    Top Touring Artists of the Decade – #21

  • the truth

    @smh: comparing Britney Spears to Bieber, Kesha and Katy Perry is fu*king ridiculous! u must be a 13 yr old kid who listens to those genric losers. Britney Spears created Pop music for this generation dumbass!

  • smh


    u are a delusional STAN!…If u don’t know what that is GO look it up!…What QUEEN??…I didn’t know she was a singer like Beyonce. Umm…any artist who puts out a greatest hits album and they are not done with making music is a RETARD!…a lot of u are obsessed with this chick who shaved her head and who was on drugs and now she is trying to rekindle her lost has been career.

    Sorry, It’s a new game now!…too much young ppl to compete with she doesn’t even look fit to compete with rihanna, bieber, miley cyrus and others. I am not a fan of them i am ONLY saying it how i see it.

    Now, CRAWL out BRITNEY SPEARS azz crack!

  • smh

    @the truth:

    I am not 13 years OLD!…but that’s what young kids born in the 90′s are listening 2!…Britney Spears did not invent nothing!…she invented bubblegum music, auto-tune and belly tops!…Hello!…I am OLD enough to remember whne she 1st came out!…Oh Please Britney Spears has influenced poor girls like Miley Cyrus to be a sex symbol at such an early age.

    I don’t care about this washed out has been singer who can’t sing LIVE to save her LIFE!…Every performance she had she LIP-SYNCS live…that’s a waste of MONEY!…I would never pay to see her lip-sync that’s all she does and she can’t even dance good any more.

    A lot of u are STANS very DELUSIONAL stans she ain’t MJ she did not invent POP wake up!…ppl y’all are gonna call Miley Cyrus a ICON soon just wait!

    ppl use these words too loosely “talent’, “legend” etc. Look it up!…We are not talking about Aretha Franklin HERE or Stevie Nicks!

  • smh

    @the truth:

    OH!…Read next time before u make a comment…u sound stupid i never called Bieber or Miley a LEGEND go read my comment again…Beyotch i am a 80′s baby okay!…Read NEXT!…time u stupid STAN!

  • Kim

    @yo sista: People like you are why celebs need 24hr protection. Your over obsessed, serious get a life.

  • Christy

    What is she hiding behind the Neiman Marcus bag? Is she pregnant?

  • Yasmin

    I always liked her songs but I only fell in love with her last year.

    I’m obsessed :3 Her personality is absolutely ADORABLE and FUNNY. She is so special, my god watch her interviews people……….you will fall in love.

    I’m planning to buy this album, hopefully it’s good…I’m tired of the state of pop music right now.