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Cobie Smulders Covers 'Maxim' December 2010

Cobie Smulders Covers 'Maxim' December 2010

Cobie Smulders strips down in a sexy shoot for Maxim magazine’s December 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 28-year-old How I Met Your Mother actress had to share:

Did we read that you had some background in musical theater? “If you read that, it was probably a lie. my musical theater experience includes singing ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ in a high school production of Singin’ in the Rain. ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ isn’t even in Singin’ in the Rain! My mother, who’s a delightful British woman, came up to me after the play and said, ‘Oh, Cobie. You were wonderful. You couldn’t sing a note, but you sang it anyway!’”

We love your show because it has a raunchy sense of humor without being crass. “That’s due to our eight o’clock time slot. You should come to some of our table reads.”

Your character has dated all of the available men on the series. “Almost. Now I’m hoping to start a lesbian relationship with Lily on the show. Alyson Hannigan is foxy!”

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Photos: Matt Jones
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  • gaby

    Wow! How can a mother to a child look that hot ! she really beautiful.. literally!

  • yassss

    this is so demeaning to women. regular females s!ut it up so they can be seen as sexy for 5 mins. Wh0res for propaganda. smh

  • raena

    she looks kinda like jennifer connelly, and gorgeous!

  • Thai

    Did she have a head transplant? Coz she totally ressembles JENNIFER CONNELLY.

  • From Paris with Love

    I like her, she IS beautiful and i love HIMYM but as #2 said i wish she and any other actress/actor wouldn’t stoop to this. I know it can be classy, it’s not porn and there is way worse but still it is part of the whole over-sexualized culture. Are they actors or lingerie models? It’s sad that if you are famous, sooner or later you will pose naked.

  • shell

    @yassss: she’s actually really beautiful. Do you also say the guys with their shirts of for GQ are demeaning themselves as well or are you totally for that because it’s eye candy for yourself?

  • shell

    @yassss: she’s actually really beautiful. Do you also say the guys with their shirts of for GQ are demeaning themselves as well or are you totally for that because it’s eye candy for yourself?

  • ModestMouse

    @raena: I was about to say that same thing. I thought it was Jennifer Connelly. I think that’s just the photoshop talking, though.

  • LastWord

    I like Cobie she is normal beautiful meaning she is probably the hottest chick in the bar, but under the radar on the red carpet. She is also a good comedic actress.

  • MlleF

    So this is the way it works now, you’ve got to sell your nake body to try having some roles….ridiculous.

    By the way, Gaby, it’s stupid to think that a “mother” cannot have a beautiful body.
    Everything is about money, I’m losing weight for months, and it cost so much money than eating sh…it.

    Celebrities got the money to have good doctors, sport coachs, and good food, and the time to work on it.

    Nothing to do with having children or not.

  • LastWord

    #2 and #5 women are allowed to feel sexy once and a while. Cobie isn’t showing anything you don’t see at a beach. If you bust your butt in the gym you should show off the results. It’s no different from a doctor with 6 diplomas on his/her wall.

  • MlleF


    It’s not a bikini, stop with that “beach” argument.

    The lingerie is directly linked to sexuality !

    Men don’t buy lingerie on the valentine day to their girlfriends or wives to go to the beach ! Be honest !

  • nepenthes

    “Now I’m hoping to start a lesbian relationship with Lily on the show. Alyson Hannigan is foxy!”

    Omg, hahahaaaaaaa.
    Yes please!

  • anna

    posing for maxim is just really sad, even if these photos are a bit classier than normal.

  • http://www. N.E.R.D

    ummm WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leila

    DAMN GIRL! werrrk :)

  • J

    Her body is ridiculous and her eyes are absolutely stunning.

  • angelina

    she’s beautiful but stop photoshop because I don’t recognize her

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s very beautiful and talented. Not sure why she’s doing Maxim. She doesn’t need to resort to this.

  • mld9199

    hey jealous fat chicks….stop whinning about her posing for Maxim..who cares? if she decided to do it than good for her…she is looks amazing and the ugly girls need to get over it!!!

  • loo

    I agree with the above comments. It seems that every female celebrity is posing naked or semi-naked these days. Just take a look at music video clips. It just reinforces this idea that women have to be slutty/semi-naked to be considered sexy. Hey, guess what? We all have boobs but I think it’s far sexier and not to mention classier to leave things to the imagination. And posing in lingerie in a men’s magazine is especially tacky and has totally changed my perception of this actress. Women who pose in these mags are either desperate for male attention because they are insecure or will do anything for money including disrespecting themselves. Why can’t we have celebrity women who are successful and manage to keep their clothes on? So much for the women’s movement.

  • Daniel

    “She doesn’t need to resort to this.”

    What do you mean “resort?” Maybe she enjoys the attention. I’m a man, so I’ll try to think of the male equivalent.

    If I were better looking and muscle-bound, I would strutting my stuff all over the cover of every magazine that would have me. I’d want to show it off.

    Cobie Smulders is drop-dead gorgeous, and I for one am glad to see her wearing as little as possible.

  • billy

    So there are no actresses with class? All actresses and actors have done similar shoots. So what if they wanna show their bodies for all to see. If I was in better shape I’d be doing the same damn thing.

  • D

    @yassss: Does substituting numbers for letters make you feel like you arent actually typing the words you are? Grow up.

  • Carol

    “Almost. Now I’m hoping to start a lesbian relationship with Lily on the show. Alyson Hannigan is foxy!”

    Hahahah, I lov Cobie, she’s awesome!

  • Bravo Six

    Were these Photos taken after her Pregnancy? If it is she looks great!
    She’s a very talented Actress and i love how she plays out Robin on the show :)

    @ all the comments about women posing for mags?
    I’d rather see Actresses like her pose with less clothes rather than nothing at all.. If she DID pose for a Nude Mag then I’d lose abit of respect for her…

    Good for her though, more exposure for future jobs :)