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Miranda Kerr: Nude Baby Bump for 'W' Magazine!

Miranda Kerr: Nude Baby Bump for 'W' Magazine!

Miranda Kerr poses nude for Patrick Demarchelier in this shot from W magazine‘s family issue, featuring cover girls Katherine Heigl and daughter Naleigh!

The 27-year-old model and mommy-to-be is expecting her first child with husband Orlando Bloom early next year.

Miranda also recently showed off her baby bump in a PSA to fight fistula, a childbearing injury that can cause death to babies and incontinence to mothers. Watch the video below!

Miranda Kerr – Fight Fistula
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: Patrick Demarchelier
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  • Iffy Miffy

    Why the yellow tape across her breasts Jared?!!! For f sake?! The human body is a beautiful thing and that is one beautiful, artistic photograph of a pregnant woman, a celebration of life. Not to mention you can’t see anything anyway and you put a yellow strip over her breasts?!!

  • laverdadduele

    Really, what’s the point?

  • @ Iffy Miffy

    You can thank the censors for that strip. Here in the “Land of the Free” we must keep covered up so as not to shock the innocent children with images of the human body.
    Regarding the article: Miranda is a beautiful pregnant woman.

  • callmeprude

    MK sure likes showing off her body doesn’t she? Wonder what the “baby” will think of this pic in about 12 years? But then, I doubt the baby is the first thing on her mind here.

  • LastWord

    I’m sure Bloom is loving the filled out baby feeders.

  • From Paris with Love

    Whoa for now her pregnancy only shows on her belly and face ! her arms, thighs and butt seem tiny !
    She is one of my fav models currently plus she seems sweet. She has that angelic/sexy duality in photos that makes her very hot.

  • liz

    I wonder what Orlando really thinks about all these nude shoots? I doubt he’ll ever say a word, but I can’t help remembering how he talked about being embarrassed when doing the almost-nude scene with Diane Kruger for Troy, and how they couldn’t look each other in the eye for days. Miranda, on the other hand, seems to love flaunting her body.

  • @7

    Yeah, unlike Demi and others, she doesn’t even attempt to leave anything to the imagination.

  • cece

    very tasteful shot

  • babou

    Am I the only one who finds these pics hohum. I personally think the posing naked while preggo from celebs (and I use this term loosely about her) has been overdone and is now boring. Seriously, who honestly cares to see this except the father of the baby?? It’s no longer art, because they all do it. So many celebs act like they are the ONLY one to have ever gotten pregnant. We all know what a preogant belly looks like so we don’t care that these people insist on showing us theirs. Yet in their narcistic brain they think we care *shakes head*.

  • Butter_Fly

    I think it’s a great picture! Just because one is photographed in the nude doesn’t make it nasty.

  • DarkEmpress


    You are so right!

  • DarkEmpress

    @@ Iffy Miffy:

    Its not to prevent innocent children from being shocked. Its not about what you as an individual are comfortable with. Its about what this society as a whole views as acceptable. Every society has different standards on what level of exposure is acceptable. In North America we may think its going too far to see topless women, In other countries its too much for a woman to expose her ankle. I live in Toronto and women are legally able to go topless but 95% of women do not even though they have the right. They do not feel comfortable doing it yet in many parts of the world women go topless.

  • concerned

    but why?

  • rupert


  • Iffy Miffy

    @DarkEmpress: I’m from Europe btw if that means anything. Every society has different standards for a great many things, that doesn’t mean they are right. Some people find child brides acceptable. I find it ridiculous that in the 21st century female breasts are apparently some huge deal that they need a yellow tape over them. Just as I call out those who are fine with (the extreme) child brides, I’ll call out this fake morality of covering female breasts. It’s fine to have blood baths of violence but not nipples?! Ridiculous.

  • Helena

    You’ve got to be kidding me? Censoring her boobs? This isn’t JustJaredJr!

  • Courtney

    Miranda looks great pregnancy suits her. sure she’s not the first celeb to pose nude while pregnant Melissa “Half Pint” Gilbert was about 25 years ago get over it. pregnancy is a moment in a womans/couples life to be celebrated

  • Two cents

    What a famewhore. Miranda and Orlando are really about the attention, no? Do they still work for a living?

  • Brightside

    I love this photo. I think it exemplifies the beauty of pregnancy. It’s a beautiful and elegant photo. I would have this hanging on my wall to remind me of what a beautiful experience pregnancy is…and how beautiful women are when a new life is growing inside them. Forget it’s Miranda Kerr and just see it as a woman going through the most beautiful experience of her life and cherishing it. Wonderful.

    And I see nothing wrong with showing nipples…but then I see nothing wrong with showing the whole of an unclothed man either. The human body is a beautiful thing…all of it…male and female, especially when tastefully portrayed as this is.

  • wow

    Such a beautiful photograph.
    It looks like a painting.
    Gorgeous little mama.

  • Topless in Toronto?!

    Seriously? You can just walk down the street like that? Yuck. Sorry, but I don’t like it at all when men walk around shirtless in public places (except the beach, of course. It’s so tacky. Seeing a woman on a city street or grocery store would be the same. I am glad I don’t live in Toronto to see that 5%, bleeech.

  • zzzz

    I think the picture is beautiful and a celebration of life. I do have to wonder, though, why most of these celebrities are only willing to be shown around their 6th month or so, not 9th month. do they, or society, not consider a full-term woman to be beautiful?

  • to Iffy Miffy

    Please be careful with your remarks abut the U.S. If you don’t like it here you are free to return to your native country. Be grateful for what you have. Beatch.

  • Madge

    And yet she claims she values her privacy so much….

  • @6

    I think her thighs have got quite a bit larger (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and that may be why the photo is cut off where it is. Her arms are marginally less thin too.

  • http://me Madge

    did she do the photo for charity or just for money?

  • 5ive

    Am sorry but she looks disgusting!!

  • @27

    Maybe she’s doing it to show a few conspiracy theorists on a certain site that it’s not a fake pregnancy.

  • Where is Ralph Malph?

    @Madge: Don’t be fooled, they don’t want privacy.

  • 5ive


    Obviously for money!

  • preggirl

    She looks weird pregnant but beauuutiful

  • patrice

    she is a model. a VS model. they arent shy about their bodies. they cant be or they would have measely little paychecks like all the rest of us here commenting. get over it! nudity when done right (as this is) is very beautiful!. Its not like some Playboy looking photo. chill out! This is coming from someone who isnt even one of her fans. lol I just dont see a problem. High fashion models are always showing their T&A in the pages of Vogue Paris. For decades actually. Nudity is nothing new in the modeling world lmao. Go do some research. take a look at some of the most iconic modeling photos. Half of them are nudes. gtfo!

  • sunny

    She is a beautiful woman and I wish her and Orlando the best! Hope they are blessed with a healthy child along with all the other expecting moms out there. Cherish the future it’s OUR CHILDREN! Spread love not hate.

  • Gaia

    America is the country with big double standards – they complain about nipples at a pregnant woman but in no other country are sold so many pornographic magazines.

  • Joonne

    RE:Two cents @ 11/09/2010 at 1:48 pm
    Posing sans clothes is Miranda’s work and she’s beautiful!
    Orlando is working on films :
    Saoirse Ronan, Orlando Bloom and Imelda Staunton have all signed on for the biopic “Effie” reports Production Weekly.
    The Three Musketeers (filming) Duke of Buckingham 2011
    The Good Doctor (post-production) Dr. Martin Ploeck 2011
    Main Street Harris Parker 2010
    Sympathy for Delicious The Stain 2010

  • sheep

    Im a fan of Miranda Kerr because I think she’s so lovely, friendly and has a big heart. She has posed for charity which is so appreciable. I didnt even know about this issue. This proves that she cares for others rather than just for her baby bump and money. Im not surprised at people telling shes beautiful. She has a privileged physical appearance and heart.

  • ?

    Ohhhhhhhh! Sooooo ORIGINAL. Demi Moore never done this before!!!

  • @28

    Pregnant women are beautiful, not “disgusting”.
    You really need to grow up.

  • k

    Pregnant women is HIDEOUS always! MK gets some decency.

  • @25 madge

    I agree she just loves it all i just know she was going to do this.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @to Iffy Miffy: Talk about having blinders on. Do you think only people from the US speak English or comment on this site? I don’t live in the US, so there is no need for any ‘return’. I sure hope this is not how you greet immigrants though – go along with every single thing we say or get out – not a pretty picture but thankfully, am more than aware that the majority of the people who live in the US do not have your idiotic attitude.

  • ima

    Looks like she couldn’t stand being out of the spotlight even long enough to have her oh so cherished “little one.”

  • Miranda Kerr Fan

    Nice classic pic of pregnant women, love all of them

  • BettyBoop

    She implies in the magazine that the baby was planned – “decision to start a family not complex at all,” but then can’t figure out why she had been sick so much until she finds out she’s pregnant. Why wouldn’t she have suspected that was the reason for being sick if she had truly been trying to get pregnant? She can’t even keep the story straight in the same interview.

  • Lovely

    Beautiful picture!

  • DarkEmpress

    @Iffy Miffy:

    Your argument is non sequitur. You cannot compare child brides to nudity. It is a ridiculous comparison. In North America there are strict rules about when people can legally drink, in Europe it is socially acceptable for teens to drink. What is right for European society is not what is right for North American society. Here most teens start driving when they are young and pairing that with drinking is a bad idea. Let our society decide what we want and you continue to live in Europe with what you want.

  • @27

    I did notice that, but it could have happened like that. Suppose they’d decided to have a baby just by letting it happen when it happened, rather than closely monitoring the dates and waiting each month to see if she was pregnant. Then it would be possible to get sick without remembering at first that pregnancy was a possibility. The sickness didn’t feel like I expected it to feel at all.

    Or she could be telling the truth about planning the baby and being at a Jil Sander shoot, but making up the bit about being sick because it’s a catchy story. Who knows?

  • european

    darkempress stupid topic…sorry but Europe is not like you believe!where do you live?in a pilgrim village?in Europe is not so socially acceptable for teens to drink how you think.what’s wrong about a beautiful pregnant woman that is not scared of showing her body?human body is wonderful and we should not be afraid of it.

  • Kel

    @5ive: Don’t be sorry she’s a pig, this is all she does now.