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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have rekindled their romance after calling off their engagement in August.

“They’re dating again,” a friend of the actress reveals.

A big tip-off that this is true: Hayden was spotted leaving Rachel‘s house one week ago.

Rachel has been busy shooting BFF & Baby alongside co-stars Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, Jason Biggs, Ivan Sergei, and Geoff Stults.

ARE YOU HAPPY to see Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen together again?

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90 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!”

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  1. 26
    rly Says:

    who the fff cares about these 2 mice looking dlisters

  2. 27
    Tj Says:

    I’m sure they’re reps will be contacted soon for confirmation of this rumor.

  3. 28
    Chelly Says:

    All break-ups have a go back to the ex time when they’ve been together a long time.

  4. 29
    GML Says:

    They always seemed very sweet together. I wish them the best.

  5. 30
    C3 Says:

    Oh cry me a river. Can’t believe Rachel would be so gullible to get back with this dude! Makes me want to puke. Yeah she’s just sitting there considering whether or not she should or shouldn’t. Guess what? She already did. She opened her door again to him. That’s the first mistake. Now she’s goes out in public with him. What a yo-yo. I might think she’s cute. But she’s a fuquing sucker for getting her heart torn out and feelings all stomped on and still playing his doormat. Women who dig the kinds of guys that go in and out of their lives (in front of the public) and still fall down like a submissive dog at a guys feet when he comes crawling back for more saying “but I love you” are dweebs.

    Chick if you want to make a clean break you should just break away from him. But when you let him take you by your emotions he’s just going to wrap you all around his finger again. Yo-yo. Next time, and I’m sure there will be a next time, you and Christensen say good bye I won’t feel sorry for you.

    Christensen fans have fun. I know you will do your best to rip Rachel to shreds. But you guys got give some credit where credit is due here. Christensen sure doesn’t mind playing the mind fuque on Rachel right in front of all of you. And he’s out there parading it for you. He knows how much you hate it. But either way you have to accept it. A couple of months on and a couple of months off. He wants you to play his game. Hope it wins him some more Hollywood attention. He’s proved he gets that much at least from all of his whoring around and mind fuquing Rachel. And she’s just proved how dumb some women are. Yeah good luck to the both of them. They’re going to need it. Hope you all love the media games Christensen is playing. Oh yeah. Don’t forget to thank Just Jared for staying on top of it all. Aren’t they incredible? Way to go Jared.

  6. 31
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Glad to see Rachel came to her senses and realized THIS is the closest thing she’ll have to a career! She’s better pop out some Baby Vaders so she can really have a hold on him!!
    JJ I’m sure the credit card companies and Rachel’s mortgage company is happy she’s back with him. I highly doubt HER WORK could pay all the bills and pay for all that shopping!

  7. 32
    Lily Says:

    they are the cuttest couple ever! And they look so in love with each other
    I`m so happy

  8. 33
    angie Says:

    Well, I think they are a cute couple, and I wish them the best, if this is true. It was one of Rachel’s friends that told People about this, and it was one of her friends that told about the “taking a break” back in June. I think it was Rachel that called off the engagement the first time, she never made wedding plans after a year and a half. That is a long time, and it is usually the girl who starts that. If they love each other, it makes sense that they would try to work things out, after being apart for awhile. The sightings of them together also make sense, then, as well. Hope things work out for them!

  9. 34
    Ryansgirl Says:

    Well shame on her the first time shame on him the second, yea reliable sources really a friend please. Won’t claim it’s not true but, sometimes the second time around can be the last. Several HW couples tried a second time many didn’t make it after a few months. Some do hard to say here since he never really gave her much attention or showed he really was all that into her I still say nothing will change. HEY maybe they are going to couple therapy with her I still think it’s a game they play with the press they never really said they wouldn’t date they just said they won’t marry. Friends with Benefits maybe that’s the only way they work no commitment come and go when they both please.

  10. 35
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    What “sightings” of them?? Hopefully he’s let her know he’s on to her media whoring tricks and no longer believes the paps stalk her like Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears!!

  11. 36
    searlus Says:

    Well maybe if Manakin’s next movie called Vanishing something would be about to be shown next year, they would be reported to People that they had break up once again; remember, it was also the same magazine who reported the 1st time that they’re dunzo – someone must have another “connection” on that tabloid. Poor gullible fans, Manakin just got PUNK’ them to adore him once again & to see his movie Takers!

  12. 37
    antwacky Says:

    That goes to say that HE cant get another beard while SHE cant also get another actor to beard on; i.e. Jake Gyllenhall, Ryan Gosling, Adam Samberg, Chace Crawford – they we’re all DENIED her as they had much better taste.

  13. 38
    Love Says:

    “They’re dating again,” a friend of the actress reveals.
    HAHAHAHA yeah that’s right. HELLO, she probably told Jared herself that she’s back on with Hayden. no friend involved LOL

  14. 39
    Chelly Says:


    I agree with you there…I think she was the one who called it off. As a new bride, I was so excited and planned right away. She probably tried to drag it out…

  15. 40
    cw Says:

    not again, ugh

  16. 41
    Brightside Says:

    Ah the drama of on-again off-again! I wonder how many times they are going to do this? And how long it’s going to last this time? Still Rachel’s PR team must be rubbing their hands with glee…

  17. 42
    nico Says:

    No, I’m not happy, because from the outside she doesn’t seem to be his perfect match. But what do we know, really? If they’re happy…

  18. 43
    Deborah Says:

    Yeah. That’s right! I did see her with another guy the day after. These two should not be together. They don’t have anything in common. They are totally mismatched. He deserves someone who is caring more about his happiness than her own. She should be willing to live in a barn with him if that makes him happy. She should be willing to not call the paparrazi every moment. Anyways, like what was said before, we don’t even know it’s true or not. Wait until we see them together. Also, how do we know he was at her house. He could have been somewhere in canada or in another part of L.A. where his brother lives when they spotted him. We can’t believe everything we read from the media.

  19. 44
    dreamer Says:

    He was at her house last week that much is self evident Deborah the only thing is nothing about these two adds up let alone make sense. Don’t hold one’s breath hoping PR will confirm this. If I remember right her PR agent made claims that he didn’t reveal his clients personal live..yea he was full of it. Just figure he will get tired of LA and she won’t live in canada for long so they will be back to square 1 again.

  20. 45
    zooey Says:

    OMG this is bad news!!!!he is hot…..

  21. 46
    juniper Says:

    @ They’re dating again,” a friend of the actress reveals.
    And that friend is her PR agent nothing more nothing less.
    Coz just look at “whom” is doing ALL the news leaking huh?!
    First up that they’re supposed to be breaking up and now supposed getting back again. The oc-smurf really got a 24 hr. hotline in the tabloids!

  22. 47
    rose Says:

    wow ! it’s great ! really love this pretty couple! hope their love will last

  23. 48
    love it Says:

    i agree with: YAY!!! Congrats to them, there adorable together. They obviously love each other if they decide to get back together. JJ commenters, why don’t you just be happy for the couple!

    I sure am

  24. 49
    Trish Says:

    @32 Show me one picture where they look “so in love”. In most of their pictures they look like they can’t get away from each other fast enough.

  25. 50

    Okay Lexie and Brightside said they love Jennifer Garner. News Flash!! A brand new thread on Jennifer Garner.. Gee…Not one post from Lexie and Brightside giving their idol Jen the love. Yeah!!! It is because they are spending all their time here bashing Bilson. So obvious by the Darth Vader babies comment from Lexie she is so jealous of Bilson.
    I told you Hayden and Rachel would probably be back together. Yeah…I bet Lexie will cry us a river when Bilson is having Darth’s babies. LMAO ^_^

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