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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have rekindled their romance after calling off their engagement in August.

“They’re dating again,” a friend of the actress reveals.

A big tip-off that this is true: Hayden was spotted leaving Rachel‘s house one week ago.

Rachel has been busy shooting BFF & Baby alongside co-stars Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, Jason Biggs, Ivan Sergei, and Geoff Stults.

ARE YOU HAPPY to see Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen together again?

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90 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!”

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  1. 51
    jackie Says:

    I read a comment from a poster who has a good attitude about celebrity couples. She said it does not matter if they look “unhappy” to other people, what matters is how they feel themselves about their relationship. Basing whether they are “happy together” or “not happy” together on random photos from a moment in their lives does not mean that they are not happy with each other, especially when we do not even know them. We do not know what goes on when they are with each other in private. And seeing Rachel with a guy in a photo during the day means she was with a guy, he could have been someone from the movie set, a friend, relative, business associate. It does not mean she is “dating” the man, simply because she was seen with him. Women do not date every man they are seen with in public. Why not let Hayden and Rachel worry about their relationship, instead of dissing them because they might be together again? They are grownups, with family and friends to look out for them if they need advice about their relationship, or lack of one.

  2. 52
    nyop Says:

    How are they back together when he’s gay?! SMH

  3. 53
    Shanda Says:

    @jackie: Don’t Agreed with you on that. Rachel has alway dated guys behind haydn’s back when he went back home.This no different. Like last year when he was making his movie she a guy at hotel and other guys too. think this just a rebound relatinship. Like the other guys she was with this year.The friend who said that they wasn’t hiding told a lie. Rachel either wasn’t there or she stayed in the house while he leftt and called the paz when he left.He looked surprisd when he was leaving there.And when the next day came she was with another guy and they wnt shooping together instead are hayden. He must have left and went home or he don’t stay with her. Rachel don’t need no one to take care are nor does hayden. Rachel really didn’t need to have this to happen. The paz was always takng her picture anyway. I don’t know why Rachel would want to go with hayden anyway. When she already has something going on with her anyway. A movie and tv show. No one said that hayden was moving to la with her.All they would say that was the cause are their break-up. He still lives in canada don’t he? They never said that he was moving to la.They just dated while he was visiting la and the place where shel lived and he left.I thikm it was only a fling and she didn’t want no one t know that she just slept with him and he left her and ent back home.

  4. 54
    @ Shanda/the truth Says:

    You need to get your mind out of the gutter, girl! You have no idea what Rachel Bilson or Hayden Christensen does, or why, so stop acting like you sit on their shoulders and observe everything they say and do! It does not mean Rachel was cheating on Hayden because you saw her photo with a guy, lol! What does it matter if they are dating or not? You don’t even know them, stop making up stories about them.

  5. 55
    Jen Says:

    @Shanda: Oh Shanda, I just laughed so hard at your comment. This is what I mean by how ridiculous some of you are. Just because your seen standing next to a guy/ or a girl does not mean your obviously doing them. You don’t know CRAP about Rachel, nor Hayden so why don’t you keep you idiotic comments to yourself honey.

    How about everybody on here can just have a heart and wish them the best? How rare is it that two celebs that break up end up getting back together? I hardely know any that do, so obviously Rachel and Hayden really love each other for the fact that they are willing to give there relationship another try.


  6. 56
    crazy Says:

    Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Bring Out The Fake Romance Thing Again

    With both of their careers barely hanging on, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have decided to enlist the help of Kneepads to make people think they are dating again. Of course using the word again would imply they were dating previously. Which they were not. Come on. Really you two? Can’t you just find someone else and be real? Rachel, you must have guys ask you out, so go out with them. I promise they will give you as much publicity as this showmance. And you, Hayden, come on. If you need some publicity go sign up for some Star Wars conventions. That would generate as much interest as you coming out of Rachel’s house some random morning. It is not like paps stake out her house so it had to be you or her or one of your people who called People. See, how that last sentence worked? Well, I thought it was cute.

  7. 57
    crazy Says:

    Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth

    Are Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Friends or Are They Friends?

    In its uncanny style, accompanied with all the emotion of a Beverly Hills housewife’s face, People declared that Rachel Bilson and her hunky ex-boyfriend Hayden Christensen are back together and “dating again,” according to an unnamed friend to the former O.C. actor.
    People goes on to gush that Bilson and her onetime fiancé Christensen, whose career seems to have taken on a distinctly unblockbuster taint after his Star Wars flicks, “aren’t hiding it, either.”
    This statement was backed up by the fact that Hayden was recently seen leaving Rachel’s Los Feliz house. Well, we have unnamed sources, too, girlfriends, and this is what one close to Hayden has to say:
    “Yeah, they still talk. They still see each other. But are they back together?” asks the (also handsome) pal to the extremely handsome Canadian actor, “I wouldn’t say that, exactly.”
    So what the hell does that mean, exactly, we pressed.
    “Let me just put it this way: In a time when Jake Gyllenhaal is going on ice cream dates, yeah, Rachel and Hayden are back on, and they’ll get married, too!”
    For real?
    At this point, our not-so-tight-lipped Hayden chum got sick of our questions and suddenly zipped it. Hmmm. Did we press too hard?
    Or better yet, does anybody really care here? Hey, we love romance and breakup (sex) stories just as much as the next lovesick reporter, but we’re just asking!
    Anne Hathaway, would you like to start off the discussion? You did so well with Jake.

  8. 58
    maya Says:

    OMG i’m so happy for them i just wish that’s not a rumors and that’s true i wish them best things together they really are a cute couple <3

  9. 59
    maya Says:

    where’s my comment :-(

  10. 60
    Shanda Says:

    @Jen: he did cheated on hayden when they was together the last time. And you all know this. why are you arr depending her like this? You know what rachel is all about.Rachel the attention that it give gives@@ Shanda/the truth: An for you you don’t know rachel yourself? why does you and jen wants haydento be back with her anyway? He needs someone that will be nice to him when he leaves and go home Not nobody that sleep with anyone an anybody to get her way.Idon’t make up stories about them. It true an you know both know this. What possilble reason rachel would want hayden back. After all tte things she has done to hurt him. I’m not wishing good luck at all. I see the same thing happening again. When he gets project she’s going to get mad with him about it.chel don’t love nobody but rachel bilson.You don’t know if they are back togetther or not. Don’t get mad when Hayden opr rachel break-up again.You both don’t tell me what to do. Are you the jen that run hishis site? I will never be hayden’s fan again. thought he had better sense than than.Hayden supposely have went and not get his self mesed up with rachel again. Oh you think that rachel is better for ghim? why didn’t she find someone els top date instead are messing with hayden like that .You already know that rachel is a ***** at heart She will sleep with hayden and any other man that will give he attention.And you both know that. Hayden is just a few are the men ,she have sleplt with before she got back talking to him.what’s next for them?Hayden has mesed up his career again for her. She wouldn’t have done it for him.I thought hayen wasgoing to leave the past behind him and start fresh with his career and fans. I see that he lead people on and that’s wrong for him to have done.Hayden has let down his fans once again. Jen and @ you know that it was wrong for hayden to do that to thisto his fans. And you know that I’m right about that. Why are you both getting mad about what i say. Hayden has turned his back on his fans like they wasn’t anything to him when he started messing around coming to la for no reason and messng around with rachel again. I don’t see the point in that. Maybe you both do.Jen and @ you are just a ***** just like rachel and hayden. All he do is lied to people and use them just like rachel do.Hayden had no business messing with when she had been sleeping with other men when they had broken-up.She didn’t think about no career when they was together. Now that she so called working she think that people should like her. And yes she did cheated on him while she was with him last year and fixed it for her so nobody wouldn’t think she was cheating on him.You damn don’t know what you’re talking about. Rachel did cheated on hayden an he’s doing it again te same way. This just a rebound lir thn othes Grow-up youtwo whores

  11. 61
    Brightside Says:

    IMHO CDAN is right on the button on these things esp. the last part.

    It’s all about the publicity…

  12. 62
    Jen Says:

    @Shanda: LOL, okay Shanda, okay. :)

  13. 63
    crazy Says:

    Rachel Bilson should apply her famewhore energy into something worthwhile

    About four months ago, I didn’t really have any strong feelings about Rachel Bilson. I thought she was cute and harmless and boring, and likely engaged to a young actor who beeped significantly on my gaydar (Hayden Christensen). Then, seemingly all of a sudden, Bilson was an old-fashioned, Paris Hilton-type famewhore. She was going to the opening of an envelope, walked every red carpet, and making sure she got herself pap’d every other day. Along the way, she and Hayden split up and Rachel somehow played that into even more “candid” paparazzi shots and appearances at fashion shows, random gossip pieces and red carpets. And before you say “She wasn’t calling the paparazzi on herself” – please. Like anyone would give a sh-t enough to say “Hey, I hear MOVIE STAR Rachel Bilson is going to be walking her dog today!” She’s not Angelina Jolie. She’s not even Jessica Biel. She’s like a less talented Ashley Greene, and that’s saying A LOT. Anyway, what did all of this famewhoring get her? A part in a movie. With Kate Bosworth. And Bosworth got top billing. Yeah… it really doesn’t seem worth it.

    Anyway, People Magazine has a stupidly suspicious piece about how Rachel and Hayden are back together now.

    So what’s this about? Did they both come to the understanding that two irrelevant people somehow make a barely relevant couple? Is this some kind of famewhore negotiation process, where they’re both just in it for some extra press? How about this: instead of calling the paparazzi on yourself week after week and getting your publicist to plant items in People, you just get some work and focus on it. Keep your head down and work on your craft. What’s that? Your “craft” is walking red carpets and pushing stories about who you’re hooking up with? Maybe she should even leave Hollywood for a year or two, and go do some stage work, or even charity work. Oh… wait. Famewhoring is all that Rachel is capable of, right?

  14. 64
    S Says:

    It seems the haters have overcome their initial schock and are now posting their usual selves, LOL!

  15. 65
    Ryansgirl Says:

    @ Brightside

    Seems that HC himself doesn’t admit to much but he never has one would guess TC column could be right on the money I think so. My guess is as long as he spends his time in LA for however long is however long they will last. As mentioned they are “Friends” with some benefits who knows exactly what it will be I don’t foresee them as some long lasting couple there is too many differences here. Also they didn’t mention that any wedding was back on only “DATING” please something I guess they never really tried. Reality is nothing would change for long he still won’t move to LA and she isn’t going to be any Canadian mounty girl. So there is the bigger issue and much harder to bridge.

  16. 66
    ellie Says:

    S, if you really want to know what Hollywood insiders think of Rachel, I suggest you check out the crazydaysandnights website.

  17. 67
    S Says:

    It is just one website , does not mean Hollywood insiders. Besides, who cares really, if people love Rachel, websites do not make any difference.

  18. 68
    ATLqueen Says:

    *claps* for #51 Could not have said it any better myself.

  19. 69
    ellie Says:

    Ted Casablana is another website, Celebitchy is another. They also have nothing positive to say about her. Lainey as well, and she used to adore Rachel before. Not anymore.

    If Rachel is really “loved” as you say, why does she have enormous difficulty booking roles. People talk about her private life and her clothes but when was the last time she got positive notices for her acting?
    And that is why she doesn’t get any respect in the industry.

  20. 70
    S Says:

    How could she get positive notices for her acting, when she has enormous difficulty booking roles?

  21. 71
    Nadia Says:

    nooo :(
    she’s so wrong for him.
    he deserves so much better!

  22. 72
    C3 Says:


    Jen, how about you allow Shanda and the rest of the population express their view. These photos are here so that you can make your comment. You can say whatever you want. You’re opinion is no better than Ms shanda or any other girl or dude here. Tell you what Jen it’s ridiculous for someone to come to one of the number one gossip sites and tell everyone under a photo capturing a moment NOT to say their opinion. This is the internet, this is a gossip site and people have a right to say whatever is on their mind about anyone Just Jared posts photos of. This is not sunday school princess. If you don’t want to read everyone’s opinion of these two how about you go to sunday school and clean up your own crap instead of putting people down for coming here and doing exactly what Just Jared posts photos for. I might not agree with more than half of these people, but I’m not going to tell them what to say and what not to say. Church lady! LOL

  23. 73
    Anonymous Says:

    That’s so great there trying out there relationship again. I think it’s wonderful to know that they have recognized that they need to get together and talk things out. FINALLY mature people in Hollywood! I respect them both and their commitment to their careers and to see if their relationship can be saved or not. Either way, it takes guts and maturity to find out and I applaud their efforts.

  24. 74
    Jokergurl Says:

    Hayden Christensen seems pretty normal and so does Rachael Bilson, if they’re happy, that’s great. Neither seems high maintenance.

  25. 75
    Ryansgirl Says:


    Guess again RB is very high maintenance check all the shopping she does that is all she is known for on these gossip sites how often she shops, hangs with friends. Sounded to me like HC hasn’t changed the criteria of their friendship if we are to believe his ppl then it’s not dating it’s just friends which they have always claimed to be. Sure it will change when he chooses to return to Canada or they find new ppl.

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