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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have rekindled their romance after calling off their engagement in August.

“They’re dating again,” a friend of the actress reveals.

A big tip-off that this is true: Hayden was spotted leaving Rachel‘s house one week ago.

Rachel has been busy shooting BFF & Baby alongside co-stars Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, Jason Biggs, Ivan Sergei, and Geoff Stults.

ARE YOU HAPPY to see Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen together again?

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90 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Dating Again!”

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  1. 76
    Go Go Lainey Says:

    Last week Christensen was photographed leaving Bilson’s house by a lone pap. The photos are exclusive to one agency. So the lucky dude just happened to be sitting there, casing the joint, and snapped those shots.

  2. 77
    She's Ring Shopping Again Says:

    This is deja vu all over again. Its no more real this time than it was last time but both seem to get more work when they blatantly exploit what’s supposed to be their private lives for the publicity. It used to be vulgar and tasteless. Now its just pathetic. I always knew they would have to appear to be back together. As neither has either talent or a willingness to work hard to improve their skills in their profession, garbage jobs are all they can get and you need garbage press to keep you in the public eye long enough to get them.

  3. 78
    angie Says:

    @ 75 Hayden’s friend never said that they were just friends. He said they still talk to and see each other, and that they are not back together “exactly”. Rachel’s friend said “they’re dating again”. The two sound like they are saying the same thing, depending on your definition of “dating”. You talk to and spend time with a person when you date, but that does not mean that you are going to stay with or marry the person you are dating. So, Hayden and Rachel are dating again, but that does not mean that they are “back together” the way the were before they broke up the engagement. You have a guy’s perspective of what they are doing, and a girl’s perspective. Saying “they’re dating again” is a simpler way of saying what Hayden’s friend said. They are trying to see if they can work things out by “seeing each other” or “dating”, whatever you want to call it. After 3 years of a relationship, it is not surprising that they would do so, many couples do. I agree with another poster, doing all this just for PR does not make much sense, there is no reason to, they have no movies together coming out. They both have been getting publicity from movies they have done (Rachel’s current one). Of course they may get attention briefly, but in the long run, who really cares if they are together or not? They are not Brad and Angie.

  4. 79
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Untill it is confirmed by either of their reps, more like both of their PR reps then it is just a rumor people.
    A rumor that comes at nice timing for Bilson’s new movie no one cares about really.
    Both Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth have been doing everything they both can to get the maxium ammount of attention to this film.
    Even showing up at the same presswhore events together now.
    I am not going to hate on Rachel there isnt any point but I am calling it like I see it.
    This is just a rumor started by her people to help their girl’s upcoming dud film. Simple.
    Girls do not shop for their own engagement rings in public especially by themselves and especially not when you know you are being watched.
    Honestly a rumor comes out you are back with your ex and the first thing you do is run and shop for jewelry with the papparazzi following you?
    I think not. Common sense. Unless you are doing it all on purpose.
    This rumor is being stretched out as much as possible although it seems to only be worth a mention on the internet and hasnt made waves on television etc around the world.
    You know why? Because like someone said they arent Brad and Angie and secondly no one believes this rumor.
    Untill you see these two hanging out in person next to eachother alot it is just a rumor.

    Also the fact that Hayden Christensen is no longer doing Jumper 2 and was removed from the cast list on IMDB for the upcoming project seems to point at Rachel and Hayen NOT being back together.

    If their “problem” was not gettting to spend enough time together in the past( which I doubt highly because they always seemed to avoid eachother sadly for months on end) then doing Jumper 2 would of been a good way for Rachel and Hayden to spend alot of time together again and get paid for it.
    But that isnt happening,
    So I find it highly strange Hayden leaves Jumper 2 or Jumper 2 left behind Hayden and suddenly this rumor starts,
    A rumor that is now dead because Hayden and Rachel havent been seen together as of yet. He was seen leaving her house but she was nowhere in sight.

    Interesting quote:
    Morever, E! Online recently had a chat with sources close to Hayden who said that Rachel and Hayden are still in touch. “Yeah, they still talk. They still see each other. But are they back together? I wouldn’t say that, exactly,” one pal teased.

    Pressed on what could the statement mean, the source went on, “Let me just put it this way: In a time when Jake Gyllenhaal is going on ice cream dates, yeah, Rachel and Hayden are back on, and they’ll get married, too!” However, the source was later tight lipped when asked if it is for real.

    Basically the source was saying that Jake Gyllenhaal has been seen with Taylor Swift alot lately after Rachel tryed to link herself to him and Jake’s people laughed off the rumor rudely back at Rachel.
    So Rachel’s people are trying to save face with Jake picking a fake relationship with Taylor over Rachel by hinting she might be back with Hayden.

    Its all hype people. For Rachel’s movie and to save her face publicly.

    Im not going to hate on Rachel because this is mostly her peoples doing trying to get their girls name out their.
    But it is so predictable at this point and getting old and smells of desperation on her peoples part..

    The whole thing is BS and boring. Most likely when this rumor has been milked for all its worth Rachel will be linked to some guy on set from her latest film or something of that nature, Predictable.

    Also I noticed in all this rumor mongering no one tryed to get a comment from Hayden or Rachel’s reps. Nor was any source quoted on Hayden’s end of things.
    Unnamed sources in tabloids are just that people unnamed sources that are often someone’s publicist telling them what to leak and nothing more,
    Common sense.

  5. 80
    Ruth Says:

    WOW! HAYDEN and RACHEL such a beautiful couple, I think this is FANTASTIC. I have been a HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN fan since 1998 and became a Rachel fan after I saw them together in JUMPER…ssoooooo sexy, so Hottttttttt! You go guys and don’t listen to anyone else (as I know you don’t) but listen to your hearts.

  6. 81
    Ruth Says:

    WOW! HAYDEN and RACHEL such a beautiful couple, I think this is FANTASTIC. I have been a HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN fan since 1998 and became a Rachel fan after I saw them together in JUMPER…ssoooooo sexy, so Hottttttttt! You go guys and don’t listen to anyone else (as I know you don’t) but listen to your hearts.

  7. 82
    Ruth Says:


    HAYDEN AND RACHEL ARE SO A-DOR-A-BLE together!! My goodness I didn’t think HAYDEN could get any sexier and hotter but guess I was wrong! I believe they WILL make it through and we will see a couple of the MOST GORGEOUS children ever! Look out Suri…

  8. 83
    Sherry Says:

    @ Miss Anthropica It does not sound like you have seen the X 17 Online Video from Novemeber 11th last week when a pap asked Hayden himself about the rumor if him being back with Rachel was true. He was walking with his manager in LA. The wind was blowing, it was hard to hear what he said, but you could hear him say he “did not want to talk about it”, which the pap accepted and then asked him about making movies, etc. Hayden did not deny or confirm that they were seeing each other, or dating,whatever you want to call it. That is not surprising, he has always liked it when people speculate. But he had the chance to,stop the rumor, and he chose not to. If it bothered him that this rumor was going around, he could have stopped it very easily, himself. Gossip Cop asked for a comment from their reps, I don’t know if they got one, I doubt that they did. And the story about them was on ENews on TV twice, and there is a video on ENews Online about them starting to date once again. So it was given attention on TV as well as on the internet. Their reps have not denied the rumor of them dating, but they never confirmed officially when they got engaged. Time will tell if they are back together, they are probably taking things slowly this time, if they are dating again. But Rachel is not the only one letting this rumor run, if Hayden had the chance to stop it, and did not.

  9. 84
    Relax buddy.. Says:

    Heyy C3, how about you relax? you`re telling Jen not say what she thinks about Shanda’s comment, yet you`re your always bringing down everyone else.. quit contradicting yourself buddy.. you`re confusing. All you do is sit behind the computer screen acting “boss” everyone is entitled to say what they want to say. Shanda, you do sound ridiculous, Jen you are right.. personally i think Shanda and The Truth are the same person. Haha. I am happy for Rachel and Hayden, wish them the best<3

  10. 85
    dusk Says:

    It obviously wasn’t working before, otherwise why would they have ended it in the first place. Whether he’s bi or gay, it doesn’t matter, Hayden needs someone in his life who he loves and who will bring him joy.

  11. 86
    Carla Says:

    I’ve never really been a Rachel fan because she across an airhead to me plus after the break up I read things that strengthened my dislike for her but he seemed really happy with her and really bummed when they called quits back in August. For his sake, if its true, I hope it works out this time.

  12. 87
    momo Says:

    REALLY?? Rachel Nooooooo!! what are u thinking… hes so not her type… I dont think they make a good couple at all….. her n adam brody were made for eachother… however, given that that ship has passed.. Id like to see her with someone else… who doesnt look so far up himself & totally uninterested in rachel! OMG!

  13. 88
    C3 Says:

    @Relax buddy..:

    Then how do you like them apples? Jen wastelling some other person what to say and not say. So what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I was right and that’s all I care about. Could be that you are Jen and whole lots of other screwy chicks here you think? No way you can say.

    Hayden Christensen is such a loser. Rachel hasn’t woke up yet. But one day she will and see just how stubborn headed Christensen is. If he’s not going to show the world his love for her now I don’t think he ever will. He just isn’t capable of it.

    All his fans are starting to lose faith in him not just because of his inactivity but because he’s lazy and passes up on opportunity after opportunity. Pretty sad for an actor.

    I’ve seen his fans call him a liar, washed up, wooden, no good, lazy, greedy. I’ve seen Christensen’s fans accuse him of not doing enough to keep their hopes up for him. He comes from a screwy family who everybody used to think was perfect. You cannot sugar coat the truth. And the truth does come out. He’s turned down way too many opportunities and his brother Tove is living off of him and holding him back. He comes from a Mormon mentality family. I think his entire family lives off of him. It comes from that hippie communal life his mum and pop lived. Point is Christensen is almost 30. If he’s going to change this pattern or rut he’s in I don’t see it happening. His is not a pattern of success. For an actor it’s pretty sad. Takers is Not a Hayden film. And I wouldn’t call it the best kind of film for him. He’s fuquing wasting any talent if he does have any. And he’s fuquing with Rachel’s life by keep showing up. These kinds of long distant relationships don’t work.

    Rachel should know better. He’s going to have to do something significant to prove his love for her. If he doesn’t then it will not last. He is such a sap. She deserves better.

  14. 89
    sethandsummer Says:

    no..i want her with adam brody!! seth and summer all the way

  15. 90
    david Says:

    Sorry, but isn’t he rumoured to be gay?

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