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Chris Brown: 'Boing' Song Premiere!

Chris Brown: 'Boing' Song Premiere!

Chris Brown‘s new song “Boing,” which is off of his next DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, In My Zone 2, has premiered!

The 21-year-old singer has been releasing a lot of new music recently! Over the weekend, a track of his called “Between the Lines,” featuring his producer Kevin McCall, debuted.

On the new track, Breezy sings, “We’ll be bouncing like the springs on the bed, and I love it when you give me some. Let’s switch and let me do you instead, cause I love the way you give it to me, boing.”

Chris Brown: ‘Boing’ Song Premiere
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  • Emma

    I love the song..BOING!!! You know Rihanna is gonna peep this since JJ endorses her bigtime on this site…LETS US KNOW HOW U LIKE THE SONG RIH!!! Ha…sounds like Skin.

  • TeamBreezy

    Chris always comes with the hits….YASSSS WE LOVE U CB….Shiittt is FIRE!!!! Keep it it comin Breezer… #TeamBreezy

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    WOMAN BEATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Say no to violence against women and children. What a pig. What if it was your daughter, sister, mother, or friend? Chris Brown=woman beater.

  • http://boots boots

    Chris is awesome, he is perfect!



  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    So sad, in America, like in Afghanistan and some of the most backwards countries when it comes to women’s rights, people condone men who commit violence against women. So sad. Say no to violence against women and children. America: stand up and be the example to the rest of the world that we DO NOT tolerate men biting, hitting, punching, abusing, assaulting women. Violence against women must STOP and we must stop excusing the Charlie Sheens and the Chris Browns simply because they are famous. Disgusting.

  • alex

    He was so young… everyone has the right to have another chance at this age, i’m sure all young people makes mistakes and i’m pretty sure, the way to become an adult is more complicated when you are overexposed

  • deadpool

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Would you STFU already?As if America can be compared to Afghanistan, at least women in the uS have right you stupid tard. Besides women share in the violence. Most of those cases never get reported.

  • Sandra_Sunflower

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga……You have a lot of passion for domestic violence. So, STOP ranting online and call up their hotline (1-800-799-SAFE) and volunteer your services. Please be proactive and not just kneejerk reactive. smh By the way, “BOING” gave me my best laugh of the night. I love the way Chris was being silly in this one. I cant wait until Black Friday to get “In my zone 2″. Its about to be ……All Breezy….All the time….No Shade…..Just Shine……

  • soso

    i like it and i love chris brown soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Elaina

    It SUCKS. BOING! Ridiculous.

  • http://joker star

    Simply a woman beater

  • Sweetness

    he’s a woman beater and it’s only makes those who support him seem pathetic.

  • Opasni Darveta

    Nice song played by a young singer. What so you do not like?

  • MattKemp Is An Idiot

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    They had a fight idiot..and she has forgiven him…There is no bad blood between them so I suggest you get over yourself. AND HE WAS 19 WHEN IT HAPPENED…..SOOO STFU!!!

  • Please No

    Loves It!!!

  • ihateph

    F*ck chris beat a chick cause i have no balls brown

  • ihateph

    is boing the sound he makes when he hits his chicks over the head lol

  • Annie

    I cannot stand this arrogant woman beater. Chris your career is over. I would never buy his music ever again. You should have just walked away like real men do when women push their buttons. He is such a loser.

  • Keesha

    I am trying to figure out how people who don’t even know him seem to just know that he is a bad person. I’ll never understand that. And also, if you cannot stand somebody, why would you even come on a post that is talking about that person? I also agree with the person who said that if you are so against domestic violence, go volunteer at a shelter. I know that Chris himself is going to be working with an anti-domestic violence organization called ‘Man Up’ so I wish him the best with that.

    Anyway, although I am a huge fan of Chris’, I don’t like the song. It’s more silly than it is sexy, seeing as how I laughed the entire time I listened to it. I still downloaded it though, because it was free. If it was an actual single though, I would not have been purchasing it, regardless of how big of a fan I am of Chris’ music.

    And for all of the other Chris’ Brown fans, you honestly have to be real, this song is not good, at all. It’s silly, but I am pretty sure that Chris knows that and that is why this song is only on a mixtape and not on his upcoming album, F.A.M.E. That is what I am anticipating.

  • Well,


    The ones who love this song makes it interesting.
    Seriously? Boing? Sex is Boing? we move to an over sexed heteronomative male in all his songs, singing about his penis, and what he wants to do to the girl. His melodies are mono, no variation, poor hook, and this will only sell in America. Forget Rihanna, and theviolence. His limitations are clear in his melodies and ideas of what the public love. His mind is single tracked. He clearly masterbates frequently to get that high that eludes him, then fakes it in music. He will continue to sing about sex, and America will continue to buy it. Hence maintaing his false sense of famous emptimess

  • lynette

    it is okay to sing about the humorous side of life, i think breezy is just enjoying life, i can’t understand why an individual would comment on a person that they loathe, why waste your time? @ the end of the day breezy stay on your grind!!


    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    what if it was your brother, dad, or friend that did it? Would you forgive them. Grow up.

  • Mike

    Yes his actions were/ are inexcusable but everyone needs to move on. Rihanna sure has. Christianity is all about forgiveness and second chances, so he is doing his time, and if he never does anything horrible again, then fine..rehabilitation is key. obviously a second time I wouldn’t be so forgiving. This happens everyday, and it is terrible and more needs to be done to educate people that domestic abuse – male OR female is wrong, but I can bet you anything a lot more people would be willing to let the people involved in a non celebrity domestic abuse case get on with their lives and not act so childish towards them. Chris has a lot of growing up to do, but so do people like @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga, who just seems to have a screw or two loose. Don’t really like this song or Yeah 3x but I did Love I can transform ya…this song just seems gimmicky

  • nicole

    lmao @ the person who said “boing is the noise it makes when he hits girls across the head” …seriously though Chris, you need to stop making these porno songs! This is so dirty!

  • karen


  • Whostands

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    He was sentenced. Justice served. Over 800 days has passed.


    @sweetness…… does it makes us seem pathetic just because we listen to his music…i mean if it makes me happy listening to it then i’m going to keep listening to it regardless of what anybody has to say about him….so if you don’t support then why the F*** are you listening to his music…..Ummmm kinda stupid don’t you think?!!